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Storms, High Winds Leave 100 MH Homes Without Heat

January 26th, 2017 Comments off

Unrelated damage around the city of Tracy, CA. Credit: Tracy Press.

Rough weather in the central valley of California caused a major gas service outage for residents at the Morehead Park community in Tracy on Monday.

Per the Tracy Press, a storm caused a 60-foot-high tree to fall, dragging a gas main line out of the ground with the roots.

For Morehead Park resident Melissa Neal and her grandmother Christine Rojo, they were huddled in front of two electric space heaters, along with Neal’s two young sons on Monday morning as the temperature in their home dropped to 43 degrees.


Space heaters in Melissa Neal’s home. Credit: Tracy Press.

There was a gas leak, so (Pacific Gas and Electric Co.) just turned off all the gas,” said Neal.

Morehead Park owner James Abbey, working with contractors and an inspector from the state Department of Housing and Community Development, which regulates the community, were reviewing the damage and working to figure the best way to restore heat to over 100 homes.

What we’re trying to do is reroute the gas, above ground,” said Abbey.

Evan Gerberding, deputy director of communications with the Department of Housing and Community Development, said the inspector acted as quickly as possible because people were without heat.


A home in the Morehead Park community. Credit: Redfin.

It’s pretty typical when it’s something like this, when it could be a danger to the residents,” she said.

Abbey said that he believed the contractor might be able to finish the rerouted line by midweek.

Then the system has to be pressure-tested,” said Abbey.

We have to check all the gas meters. Cap everything.


A map of the area. Credit: Google.

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. spokeswoman Brandi Ehlers said that once the work is done, a utility worker will be able to restore gas very quickly.

For Melissa Neal, that cannot happen quickly enough.

My little 4-year-old is getting sick. I’d like to get a hotel room, but —” said Neal, as she and her family were preparing for another night in their home. ##


RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

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Bridge Collapse Strands Community Residents

June 19th, 2013 Comments off

A sinkhole on a bridge at the Pine Haven manufactured housing community in Marietta, GA left residents who relied on the only vehicular access to the community stranded on Monday, June 17. Some residents needing to go to work relied on cabs or friends to take them; others waited for repairs to be completed. While several residents said it is not the first time the bridge has broken down, manager Randy Iaquinto stated RHP Properties acquired Pine Haven in January, and he was unaware of previous problems. Heavy storms during the night likely led to the collapse, which was discovered around 4 AM, according to what cbsatlanta tells MHProNews. Iaquinto said he expects temporary passage to be set up by Monday evening. As we reported April 16, RHP Properties acquired 71 manufactured housing communities for $865 million. It was not immediately know if that acquisition include Pine Haven.

(Photo credit: cbsatlanta–Pine Haven manufactured housing community)

Modular Epoch Homes Honored Twice

October 29th, 2012 Comments off

As Melodika tells MHProNews, the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) Building Systems Council (BSC) awarded Epoch Homes first place for the best 3,001-4,000 square foot modular home at their Jerry Rouleau awards Showcase. Epoch also won first place for Excellence in Design-Green Building. With numerous honors under its belt, the company built this ocean front home on Cape Cod, Mass. in conjunction with Old Harbor Homes, incorporating structural elements to take advantage of the expansive view as well as to resist strong storms. John Ela, Epoch CEO stated, “We often say that modular should be viewed as a construction technology that saves time and money, rather than a particular look, or a cookie cutter design, and this home is a great illustration. Our long history of building award winning homes has gone a long way to dispel old myths and misunderstandings about modular homes. (They) are faster, lower cost, higher quality and lower risk, than other construction technologies.” Now in its 30th year, Epoch has been a trailblazer in the green technology modular home movement, including LEED Certification and the National Green Building Standard Emerald level.

(Photo credit: Epoch Homes–Cape Cod award-winning house.)

Homes of the Future: More Factory-Built

May 17th, 2012 Comments off

Writing in Vancouver, Canada’s North Shore News, Kevin Vallely states homes of the future will be more economically and environmentally sound. Noting the decline of the McMansions in favor of quality over quantity, he says homes will be smaller as energy-efficient, cost effective technologies and building practices incorporating greener alternatives become the norm. He describes factory-built homes as “prefab-ulous” for their cutting-edge, bold, contemporary styles, and says we will utilize screens, sliding doors, and moveable partitions to achieve more flexible floor plans. Advances in technology are allowing more people to work from home; and as we continue to live longer and age in place, our homes will need to become more accessible to wheelchairs and other assistive devices. In addition, has learned houses will be more resistive to earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, and other natural occurrences.

(Photo credit: Inhabitat)