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Some Katrina Victims just now Receiving Housing Assistance

August 29th, 2015 Comments off

katrina_cottage__sunherald__john_fitzhugh__pearlington_ms_2008Ten years after Hurricane Katrina took out some 60,000 homes, the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) has determined the federal government poured over $3.2 billion into permanent homes for state residents, according to what sunherald tells MHProNews. Former COO for MDA’s disaster-recovery division, Jon Mabry, said, “When we received the money, there was no playbook, so you had to start with a blank sheet of paper and design programs.

The first round of funding, $1.4 billion, went towards rebuilding efforts for homeowners who had insurance. The second round of funding, $381 million, went to people who did not qualify for the first round, and included workforce housing and the modular Mississippi Cottages, two of the ten housing programs that assisted victims of the devastation. Some communities objected to the Cottages, calling them mobile homes because they arrived on wheels, and would not let residents occupy them as permanent residences.

Community groups, like the non-profit Neighborhood Home Program, were advocates for residents left out of the initial housing-recovery programs.

What we saw was an enormous effort, an enormous amount of money thrown at homeowners, quickly, out of the box,” said Reilly Morse, a Coast attorney at the Mississippi Center for Justice who monitored the programs and prodded the state to assist those with the fewest resources.

For some, it took a hard fight for them to even be recognized. There are people, this month, who are getting Katrina damage repaired or reconstructed. I see the reports. I see the pictures. I know who they are. Largely, these are the very last to be processed under the Neighborhood Home Program.” ##

(Photo credit: sunherald/John Fitzhugh–Mississippi Cottage being towed to its homesite in Pearlington, MS, 2008)

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Some State Residents Embarrassed by Beauty Pageant Contestant

September 16th, 2013 Comments off

At the Miss America Pageant, contestants were told to introduce themselves in a catchy way. The South Carolina entrant said, “ From the state where 20 percent of our homes are mobile ’cause that’s how we roll, I’m Brooke Mosteller, Miss South Carolina.” Many of her fellow residents were evidently not amused, and let their feelings be known on social media, as informs MHProNews. While Mark Dillard, Executive Director of the Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina (MHISC) did not think she was funny either, says, “I think our reputation is about 30 years behind the product itself. And actually, cases like this are an opportunity for us to get out the word and talk about that.” He adds manufactured homes are built to the same safety standards as site-built homes, including fire safety standards; and in the interest of accuracy, 17.9 percent of homes in SC are factory-built homes. Dillard says one reason the state has so many manufactured homes is because of the cost effectiveness of their construction. He notes, “They’re built in a factory. You can buy your wood and your fireplace inserts in big quantities, so they can save 25, 30 percent right off the bat.”

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