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Russians Build Truly Mobile, “Mobile Home” – Lighter Side Videos Spark Serious Topics

February 8th, 2019 Comments off


In a matter of days, the first video below of a Russian designed and built “mobile home” cottage has widely surprised the total of all the views of all the videos that the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) produced and published in late 2017.


The videos are in Russian with an English voiceover.  As of the time the Daily Business News on MHProNews started this article on 2.8.2019, in just about a day, the “Bathhouse – First Drive” video published on 2.7.2019 had already had some 28,629 views.


Part one of this video “Building a mobile home on an UAZ platform – will it drive?” was published on published on Feb 4, 2019, and it already has 61,224 views.


Outside of the U.S. or Canada, there are many possible meanings to the term “mobile home.”  In Canada, they have Z240 standards for manufactured homes.  That’s their version of the U.S. HUD Code for manufactured housing code, which went into effect on June 15,1976.  Before that date, millions of mobile homes were built. Some of those pre-HUD Code mobile homes in the U.S. were built to ANSI, UL, or other inspections and standards – or were absent such standards – depending on the jurisdiction that they were crafted.  



The terminology matters because
the terminology determines the
construction standards a home was
built to,” Steve Duke, LMHA.


The genius of the HUD Code – on paper – is that manufactured homes offers numerous consumer safeguards.  Those consumer protections are not found in far more costly conventional housing.  A sense of that reality is found by clicking on the text/image box and the report linked from it.


Exposé! Heartbroken Conventional Housing Buyers? Dare to Compare Site Built with Modern Manufactured Homes


HUD Code manufactured homes are built in a controlled environment.  So long as you can get to the factory or production center, weather has little impact on building.

Building materials don’t sit outside for days or weeks on end, getting rain, snow, wind, or other weather impacts.  Loss of materials to theft is dramatically reduced.  Waste in building is cut down to as little as a pair of 55-gallon drums, much ‘greener’ than conventional building.

You can find commentary like that pointed towards the trades from MH publishers and bloggers. Post that on Facebook, and dozens or hundreds of industry pros will ‘like’ it.

But where are such points found promoted by MHI are their own website? To the mainstream media?  Where are the viral videos about how manufactured homes are answer to the affordable housing crisis that promotes the good being done by the industry?

Instead, MHI spends thousands of dollars on hiring attorney(s) to rattle sabers against a pro-growth publisher. MHI surrogates ponder “boycotts” and plot ‘what can we do to stop them [MHProNews]?’

These low viewer level MHI videos – vs. what is occurring with these new Russian mobile home videos – are a stark reminder of the potential vs. the realities that exist in manufactured housing.

  • Tiny houses have a serious following. 
  • Mobile home lovers do too.
  • RVs – there are clubs galore.

Where’s the love for manufactured homes?  What is the Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington axis and their allies doing to promote real solutions beyond the silo of the industry’s modest numbers of professionals?

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Arsons in Manufactured Home Community, Fear, Spark Investigations

July 16th, 2018 Comments off

Collage by MHProNews. The visual evidence suggest some of the homes involved may be pre-HUD Code mobile homes, not a true manufactured homes.

State police and Somerset Borough officials are investigating the 11th arson since May in a Pennsylvania manufactured home community. 


The latest fire was in a vacant home on Sunday, at Cherry Lane Estates, per the Tribune-Review.

Police Chief Randy Cox said the blaze was “definitely arson,” per the Tribune Democrat. It’s the 13th blaze that appears to be arson in the community since 2016.  Somerset Fire Chief Michael Livengood has provided briefings to the local media about the string of allegedly connected arson-related fires.


Alerted by the community’s manager, a couple of residents – Ashley and Mike Wheatley – began to look for a person who appeared to be acting suspiciously. “You guys up? Look out the window,” the text from the manager read, said Mike Wheatley. 

My wife and I came out and started looking down between [the homes],” Wheatley said. “As we were down there, I could see the back window had an orange glow. I said, ‘It’s already burning. Call someone.” 

The Wheatleys have lived at Cherry Lane Estates for roughly a year. They don’t plan to move, but are taking extra precautions. 

Neighbors at Cherry Lane Estates have formed an ad hoc neighborhood watch in response to the arsons. 


Still from video below. The video was done prior to the 11th arson in the community since May, 2018.

I just wish somebody’d get caught already,” neighbor Jody Whipkey said. “We thought it was over and done with. Now we’ve got to worry about sleeping, got to be up all night,” Whipkey said. “I work. I work at 4:30 in the morning, you know, and it’s just, it’s hard.” 

Whipkey live across the street from Saturday’s fire. She said some are looking to move. 

We’re looking for a place. Everybody in here’s looking for a place to go, trying to find somewhere else to go because we’re afraid,” Whipkey said.

The reports have drawn a significant amount of local media, much of it using the common, but errant, terminology of “trailers” and “mobile home park.”  Its all part of the “other image campaign,” spoken of by MH industry professionals Marty Lavin, and others.

Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for any information that leads to an arrest in the case.

Their number is 1-800 -4-PA-TIPS. All callers can remain anonymous. “We Provide, You Decide.”  © ## (News, analysis and commentary.)

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Harvard Study, Baby Boomers to Spark Affordable Housing Boom

January 17th, 2017 Comments off

Credit: FOX Business.

As “baby boomers” eye retirement in large numbers, builders believe that they could jumpstart an affordable housing boom.

Per FOX Business, a report by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing finds that by 2035, more than one in five people in the U.S. will be aged 65 and older and one in three households will be headed by someone in that age group.

The report, entitled “Projections and Implications for Housing a Growing Population: Older Adults 2015-2035,” notes the growth will increase the demand for affordable, accessible housing that is well connected to services beyond what the current supply can meet.

Current census data shows that incomes drop significantly after the age of 75, from an average of $54,000 per year to $36,000 per year. Data also shows that this segment spends more than one-third of their income on housing.

Right now, more than 19 million older adults live in unaffordable or inadequate housing, and that problem will only grow worse in the next two decades as our population ages,” said Lisa Marsh Ryerson, president of AARP Foundation.

When asked what these numbers mean for the real estate industry, Lukas Krause, CEO of Real Property Management provided this response:


Lukas Krause. Credit: Real Property Management.

People currently over the age of 55 have saved only $150,000 for retirement, per Fidelity and Vanguard estimates. This savings amount will generate only $500 per month in income, if the recommended 4% withdrawal standard is followed,” said Krause.

Social Security pays an average of $1,294 in benefits to retirees, so average monthly income will be $1,794 or $21,528 per year. If 34% – 38% is spent on housing, the average retiree will have a housing budget of $610 – $682 per month – half of todays average apartment rental cost of $1,100 per month. This means cohabitation and new forms of housing will be needed in the future.  It also means that retirees who have not already purchased a home, will be unlikely to afford one.


Manufactured Housing to the Rescue

As Daily Business News and MHLivingNews readers are already aware, manufactured homes provide the ideal solution to the challenges of affordable housing by delivering high quality quickly, and at significantly less cost than traditional site-built houses.


See the video and report by clicking the image above. Photo of Lois Renquist. credit: SFChron. Text credit, MHLivingNews.

Overcoming the challenge of the stereotypes that plague the industry are now front and center in light of the rapidly retiring baby boomer population. Lois Renquist, a poet laureate who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, has had to deal with those stereotypes in response to her recent downsizing.

I’m downsizing for the second time, and some folks think I’m ‘stepping down,’” said Renquist.

Rancho Benicia is a highly rated and gated retirement community (55 and older only), very well kept, with a pool and hot tub, a clubhouse and many activities for the residents. It’s almost crime free. It’s a mobile home park. A block from the Benicia Marina, it’s often seen as another world.

‘Trailer trash? Is that what you’ve come to?’ someone asked.

‘That’s really stepping down,’ my brother, who lives in Idaho, said.

You can find the full story, along with the story of Terry Reynolds, whose home is located in a development with conventional houses that he says range from $300,000 to $400,000, double or more what he has invested in his home. Yet visitors to his home can’t tell the difference between his residence and that of others in the same location, linked here. ##

(Editor’s note: those same stereotypes that hamper manufactured home acceptance with boomers are slowing millennials from accepting manufactured housing too, see a report, linked here.

Fortunately, their are industry leaders who seek to change those realities.  For some examples, see the new report, linked here.)

(Image credits are as shown above.)


RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.