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Manufactured Homes Repurposed in Costly Housing Market

May 31st, 2017 Comments off

An unrelated manufactured home in Sonoma County, California. Quality and affordability are keys to housing those in need. Credit: Press Democrat.

In a story that the Daily Business News originally covered here, the Village Mobile Home Park in Sebastopol, California is going to help provide housing to those who are at risk of, or are already, homeless.

Back in March, the city committed to invest $258,000 into the project to create a mix of affordable manufactured homes and apartments.

According to the Press Democrat, the community was purchased by the city 10 years ago, and has partially emptied out over time as the adjoining Laguna de Santa Rosa campground was closed and converted to parkland, with the intention the remainder of the property eventually be turned over to recreational use, as well.

But an agreement between the city of Sebastopol and the non-profit agency West County Community Services will utilize the community to provide housing to between eight and 12 additional people and families who are in need.

West County Community Services has also committed to provide a case manager and support services to any current or new residents who want help learning to manage and stabilize their lives, connecting them with treatment, health services or food programs.

CityInvestsinManufacturedHomesforAffordable HousingcreditSonomaWest-postedtothedailybusinessnewsmhpronewsmhlivingnews

Credit: Sonoma West.

The idea, of course, is to help them move up and onward,” said Tim Miller, executive director of West County Community Services.

But they can stay as long as they want.”

But, even with the dollar committed, the project will still be dependent on the ability and willingness of charitable residents to donate eight usable manufactured homes, although four units have already been acquired.

Organizers say they are hoping for the donation of a used construction unit that can be employed as a classroom, social service office and meeting place for the community.

Then there are the challenges facing the city.

The loss of campground revenue and diminished manufactured home occupancy forced the city to operate the community at a deficit approaching $75,000 a year, mostly for site and property management, while considering future options.

Even so, city officials have increasingly been reluctant to do anything that would eliminate a local source of low-cost housing that has no emergency shelter, and happens to be one of the most expensive places to live in the country.


Credit: Google.

The new plan is a win-win,” said Gale Brownell, a longtime Sonoma County housing advocate and member of the Group of Advocates in west Sonoma County.

While Brownell was instrumental in bringing the players together to develop the plan for Village Mobile Home Park, she gives credit to a Sebastopol woman named Darrin Batch, a regular at City Council meetings, and well-informed about city policies and budgeting.

She thought that was a terrible thing, given the fact that people were homeless,” said Brownell.

Currently, 65 people currently reside in the 18 home community.

And for 48-year resident Marjorie Wallace, age 90, knowing that there’s some stability is a huge relief.

Two of her sons, now in their late 50s, live with her. A third, who has cancer, is with her as well.

All are partly dependent on my Social Security income, so the uncertainty about what would happen if the park closed has been profound,” said Wallace.

For more on manufactured housing providing quality, viable solutions for those in need, including recent cases in Hawaii and British Columbia, Canada, click here and here. ##

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RC Williams, MHProNews.

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VA MH Community Charged with Violating the Fair Housing Law

May 25th, 2016 Comments off

photographersdirect__creditFour Latino families have alleged that Waples Mobile Home Community and its management company, A. J. Dwoskin & Associates in Fairfax, Virginia, violated the Fair Housing Act, the Virginia Fair Housing Law and the Manufactured Home Lot Rental Agreement. They claim the community owners refused to renew the leases of households who have family members without a Social Security card or other proof of legal residence.

They have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the landlord, as fairfaxtimes informs MHProNews. Ivy Finkenstadt, the Legal Aid Justice Center who represents the plaintiffs, said it is the first time a fair housing law case has been brought against a private landlord.

Finkenstadt said the community has long had a policy of requiring residents to prove they are legal residents, but the community owner did not enforce that provision until 2015.

All the families involved in the lawsuit have children born in the U. S. and at least one adult has a Social Security number. The justice center is being assisted by the law firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP.

One of the plaintiffs, and former resident of Waples, Rosy Giron de Reyes alleges she was told she had to leave even though her husband and son could stay.

A representative from Waples declined to comment on the case; A. J. Dwoskin & Associates was not immediately available for comment, according to fairfaxtimes.

MHProNews has learned A. J. Dwoskin & Associates has three other manufactured home communities in Northern VA. ##

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Government Shutdown Hinders some Manufactured Home Loans

October 3rd, 2013 Comments off

The government shutdown will immediately stifle approval of thousands of mortgages because lenders cannot access Social Security numbers and tax transcripts. If it lasts longer than a week or two it could dampen the slowly recovering housing market, according to what Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) CEO David Stevens tells “If it’s a short-term shutdown, it’s a story about these employees put out of work. If it’s long term, it’s a broader story about the adverse impact to the economic recovery.” In August 2013 ground was broken on 891,000 residences, still two-thirds short of the past 20 years’ average. Similarly, home prices are 21 percent below their high point in June 2006. Only 67 of FHA’s 2,972 employees are working through the shutdown, and nearly half are dealing with loan endorsements and property preservation. Title 1 manufactured housing, reverse mortgages and home improvement loans will not be processed during the shutdown, which economists estimate will cost the country approximately 0.1 percent in economic growth. A bigger concern would be the inability to raise the debt ceiling: That would cause all U. S. debts to default, and would likely cause mortgage rates to rise sharply, hampering further the housing market, as MHProNews understands.

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Delaware Manufactured Homes Registered as Autos

April 16th, 2013 Comments off

Following up on a story MHProNews posted April 12, 2013 concerning a Delaware initiative to provide up to $5,000 to help manufactured home owners in financial hot water, we have learned Del. manufactured homes are registered through the Dept. of Motor Vehicles like automobiles, a throwback to the early days of pre-HUD Code homes. As WBOC-16 notes, this makes it difficult to obtain mortgage assistance. Often, especially for elderly residents, if a spouse dies and the survivor loses the deceased’s Social Security, it can become catastrophic to pay for the home and the site. Rep. Ruth Briggs King, who represents a district with numerous manufactured homes, and whose uncle owns an MHC, was one of the early supporters.

(Image credit: Wikipedia–image of Delaware)

WSJ Misses the Mark

February 12th, 2013 Comments off

An article in NuwireInvestor refutes the charge in a Wall Street Journal piece from Dec. 11, 2012 that the manufactured housing market is declining while the site-built market is rebounding. Of the 50,000 MHCs in the nation, 45,000 serve as affordable housing for those who pay around $500 a month for site rental and house payment. This segment of the population is the fastest growing demographic in the market, especially as 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 each day with an average Social Security check of $1,200 a month. The other 5,000 communities are lifestyle choice MHCs that offer many recreational and social amenities and run around $1,000 a month for site rent and house payment, a business model that does not apply to 90 percent of the factory-built housing market, but often used by the media as an example of MHCs. As MHProNews has learned, as long as apartment rents average $1,000 a month and those with lower incomes do not suddenly become prosperous, bottom tier apartments and manufactured housing communities present a viable option for those making under $20,000 a year.

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Manufactured Housing Looms Large in House Race

October 17th, 2012 Comments off

Following a story we last published Sept. 24, 2012, concerning a race between two women for House District Seat 37 in southeastern Delaware, Cape Gazette Village Soup has posed questions to the candidates. Republican Briggs King is the incumbent and vice president of the county realtors association. Democratic challenger Beth McGinn works for the Social Security office and lives in an MHC. Each candidate was asked what they would do to improve the lives of manufactured homeowners. King stated manufactured homeowners need to apprise the attorney general’s office of any violations. McGinn stated she would encourage the attorney general’s office to impose stiffer penalties for violating the Manufactured Homeowners & Community Owners Act. She also would ask for a designated staff person to hold regular meetings with a committee of homeowners and landowners, and she intends to introduce legislation to protect homeowners from unjustified rent increases. MHProNews has learned Ms. McGinn wants leases for manufactured housing to include a provision that rent never exceeds 30 percent of household income.

(Photo credit: sussexcountian—Briggs King, left, McGinn on right)