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Beautiful, Harsh, Priceless Realties from a Master Builder, Monday Morning Marketing, Sales, Meeting

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There can be a bit of fun at times saying something that others think is politically incorrect. Because sometimes politically incorrect things need to be said. They are essential in debunking today’s inconvenient truths, so you might as well enjoy doing it.


Because there’s plenty to debunk.

For example.  On social media, it’s common to find positive thinking ‘uplifting’ and ‘feel-good’ messages. Many of us have shared, read, and enjoyed them. Among them are variations on the following theme.


If you keep and hold positive thoughts,
then positive thoughts and
positive things will come back to you from others.’


At the heart of every error one can often find a kernel of truth. That’s the case with the above. So, what follows is what refutes – but also clarifies, and painfully confirms – the above.

Jesus of Nazareth was a carpenter, more precisely in the Greek, a tekton, a worker in stone and wood. He likely built housing, as well as furnishings, tools, and such. In fact, one of Jesus’ parables was about building a home on a proper foundation. Because, as the Nazarene explained, a house with a faulty foundation can readily collapse.


The Proper Foundation

The right foundation is a key to much in life, not just home building. When someone is building on misinformation, for example, the higher the degree of misinformation, the lower the success rate will tend to be.  I’ve seen and visited numerous sales centers and communities that did so much correctly, but were underperforming.  Sometimes, only a few things – often in the mind or will – that some might think little were missing.

Billions globally profess some level of belief, however imperfectly, that Jesus was both a human and Divine person. This God-Man, admittedly an affront to the faith of some others, was said to be sinless, perfect.

That perfect person taught love, forgiveness, and charity in its original sense. He greeted others with “Shalom,” ‘peace be to you,’ which has its Jewish and Muslim variations. In the ancient Hebrew sense, “Shalom” was a prayer or wish for all that is good – more than peace – it meant the blessings of good health, spiritual, social, and financial.

So, follow along.  Here’s this perfect person, Jesus, who:

  • healed people,
  • encouraged others to be their best,
  • corrected those who erred,
  • never harmed another soul,
  • held the powerful of that time and place to account,
  • feed the hungry,
  • taught mercy and forgiveness,
  • forgave sins,
  • and taught others to do the same.

How was this Jewish Carpenter – a tekton, a builder like many of our readers – greeted by His contemporaries?

The reactions were mixed. Some adored Him, others despised Jesus, and others still played ‘wait and see.’  Human nature is now what it was then.

In the end, that perfect person – who by definition had perfect thoughts – was put to the most horrific death then known to mankind. That’s where that social media meme paraphrased above fails.  Jesus crime? To speak His Truth to earthly power, and not back down from it.  Christians surprisingly often forget that Jesus overturned the tables of the moneychangers. He was strong, a tekton, a man’s man, not a milquetoast. 

Jesus was disruptive.  He had friends, enemies, and those in between.

He challenged the status quo, but the adult from Bethlehem didn’t do so with what we’d normally think of as weapons.  Because the weapons the Nazarene used were words and deeds.

Back to the paraphrase above from social media. Those who sincerely believe that if you send out good thoughts, that they will automatically come back are both right and wrong. The perfect example is Jesus. He suffered and died for those good thoughts and actions. But then and since, billions believe Jesus was raised from death, and in time, ascended into heaven after showing numbers of others that death isn’t the final word.

There is no victory without sacrifice. In the gym, they say, ‘no pain, no gain.’ That’s far closer to the truth than the notion that nice thoughts alone will save the world.  Nice thoughts, must be followed by the proper deeds.




The first job for each of us is always the hardest, and it is always ourselves, and done interiorly. We work must work on our own understanding. We must strive to discover the true and the wonderous. We must work on our own weaknesses.  That takes humility, as the followers of Jesus learned.  To do that, we need God, but we also need each other.

From the penniless to the world richest man, all of us will someday die. That’s not negative, its reality.

What do we do with this gift of life between now and then?

If we think that something good will happen without sacrifice, that sounds like a nice meme on social media, but at that simplistic level alone, it would be mistaken.

Please check back to see the Masthead later today or Tuesday, because it very much relates to what individuals and locations in our industry must do to reach their potential and thrive.

But suffice for now this point. That everyone in management, sales, ownership, executive, investor, public official, or whatever level you care to think of must ponder.

Pretty words without their proper deeds can mask a harsh reality.

Noble, honest words matched by honorable deeds will in time achieve the greatest reward. But that never happens without time, effort, and sacrifice. That’s the ultimate lesson. With the right foundation, with proper understand and effort, we can achieve good things, even if it does require some pain and sacrifice, because it will.





That’s reality. And it’s beautiful. Learn and do what’s right, because more often than not, you’ll benefit others, and by doing so, you will profit yourself and so will the world. Integrity is the foundation for sustained success. But that doesn’t mean you won’t suffer some for it along the way.



Let’s be clear.  Martin Luther King Jr. was a man, and he had his flaws and errors too. But he also helped change the nation, by standing up for specific principles. Many of those principles were predicated – built on the foundation – of faith and sound reason. The lesson is you don’t have to be perfect to do good, and help improve the world. Start wherever you are.


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Sunday Morning Weekly Recap Manufactured Housing Industry News, October 22 to October 29, 2017

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Featured image credit, MHProNews.

Tony, every week there is so much that happens, this [The Sunday Morning Headline News Recap] is an easy way for me to review the news, thank you for this [feature] and your team’s coverage of factory-built housing.

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That’s $36,000 plus shipping. While HUD Code homes are still a better cost per square foot, will growing demand reduce the price of such competitors? Isn’t that the lesson of production – more demand, more production, costs decline – with all products?

October 22nd, 2017

SoheylaKovachManufacturedHomeLivingNewsManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews-(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)
Submitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News for

Teens plan saving for a new home instead of buying video games, a New Study says it’s true!

October 30th, 2014 Comments off

teens-inman-shutterstock=credit-posted-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com-The 13- to 17-year-olds of “Generation Z” believe homeownership is more important than graduating from college, getting married or having children. Inman reports to MHProNews that teens in the survey indicated that they’d give up perks like video games, eating out, social media or music downloads if it meant affording any house they wanted. That’s per results to an online survey of 1,000 teens conducted between July 18 and July 29, commissioned by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

We have a clear view of tomorrow through our millennial consumer research — now it’s time to look at the day after tomorrow,” said Sherry Chris, president and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

The study suggests good news for home builders, but not so good news for realtors.

97 percent of respondents expect to own a home in their lifetime. Only 41 percent expect they’ll find their future home with the help of a real estate agent, which if true, is a clear departure from the 89% of home shoppers today who say that using an agent yielded helpful information in home buying. 19 percent said they are likely to purchase a home online. No surprise that while some realtors found the study interesting, they’re not buying the results.

Here are survey results from the NAR research study:

In the future, which of the following steps of the home buying process, if any, are you likely to do online?

Response Percent of respondents
View home listings 85%
Take a virtual tour 71%
Video chat with real estate agents 29%
Sign paperwork 19%
Purchase the home 19%
None of these 5%

Source: Wakefield Research 

On-line comments to The Better Homes and Garden Real Estate study was primarily from real estate agents stressing the importance of the service of a Professional Realtor. An Atlanta realtor responded on-line with this reaction.

Oh how I try not to be cynical….but this business makes it so very hard. Surveys of 13-17 year olds? Really? Are we at that point now? I have one of those and one just past that, ask them the same “survey” every day for a week and you’ll get seven different results.”

Does this study suggest opportunities for manufactured housing?

The opportunity to forge a new image with the younger generation can’t be missed,”  said L. A. Tony Kovach, managing member of LifeStyleFactory Homes, LLC, parent company to MHProNews  and “They are ready to be different. We offer a home that is similar – yet different! – with manufactured and modular homes.” ##

(Photo credit: Shutterstock/Inman)

michael-francis-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com-(Submitted by Michael Francis to Daily Business News – MHProNews.)


Kinzler: MH Production Status Quo is not Acceptable

June 23rd, 2014 Comments off

In an article on MHProNews, Ross Kinzler, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Housing Alliance, noting in the three years immediately following implementation of the HUD Code in 1976, one million manufactured homes (MH) were produced. The next million took four to five years to produce, and more recently, twelve years would pass for the total to go from seven to eight million homes. At the current rate of 60,000 homes a year, which some in the industry think is the beginning of a resurgence, it would take 17 years to reach nine million homes.

Kinzler, a multiple award-winning and respected state executive, says for April, 2014, 19 states reported increased shipments, four states showed no change and 25 states declined, indicating the increased shipments to several states skews the numbers in a wider range of states. Additionally, the number of HUD Code plants has fallen from 550 to 123.

He suggests setting a goal of at least doubling current production, and fueling customer demand by changing the word “need” for MH to “want” by increasing independent retailers, and spreading the word about the quality and up-to-date design of new homes through social media, a decidedly inexpensive method of promotion. For the full story, click here.##

(Image credit: Ross Kinzler)

Movie Star’s Two Million Dollar Manufactured Home Masterpiece Creates Teachable Moment

September 2nd, 2013 Comments off


Following up on a popular story from last Friday, is showcasing Saw move star Betsy Russell’s $1,999,999 luxury pad overlooking the Pacific in posh Malibu, California. Numerous media outlets picked up on the real estate listing in exclusive Pointe Dume Club manufactured home land lease community. But LAist, TMZ and others often missed the point or disrespected a home and lifestyle they were simultaneously gushing about. “We have an opportunity to turn this into a teachable moment for the media and public.” trade publisher and consultant L. A. “Tony” Kovach said. “Check out this story and dazzling photos at this link, but also share it via social media and your media outlet!   This is an opportunity to sell more homes in your market, because some of those who may see your emailed link, Facebook post or Pinterest pin could realize the quality and appealing lifestyles that our industry is all about.” ##

(Photo Credit: MLS/Redfin)

Zeman Homes Announces Their New Affordable Living Blog

February 15th, 2012 Comments off

Is social media important? Zeman Homes thinks so. The Midwest manufactured home provider has launched a new blog with a focus on affordable living on their website. Headquartered in Chicago, Zeman Homes is a regional operator of over thirty manufactured home neighborhoods throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. “Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at Zeman Homes. Our hope is that through this blog, the Zeman Homes website will become a one-stop-shop with answers to any questions customers may have regarding manufactured homes,” says Dee Pizer, CEO of Zeman Homes. The blog will cover topics such as descriptions of different Zeman neighborhoods, tips for furnishing and decorating manufactured homes, Zeman Homes’ promotions, renting and buying information and everything in between. Zeman Homes also has social media pages on Facebook and Twitter and says the company will soon develop into the launch of an entirely new, more-up-to-date website and brand identity.

(Image Credit: Zeman Homes)