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European Modular Housing Builder Overwhelmed by Demand

August 12th, 2015 Comments off

Migrant_modulars_in_Czech_Republic__ap_photo_Petr_David_Josek__creditAs sltrib informs MHProNews, the influx of some 200,000 migrants into Europe this year has benefited the modular housing division of Paris-based Touax Group in Supikovice, Czech Republic, which is trying to keep up with the demand from Germany to house those fleeing war and poverty in their native lands.

Marketing Director Jan Petr said 30 percent of this year’s production of 75,000 square meters will go to Germany, a number that is expected to increase to 60 percent next year. Located in the northeastern part of the country in the Jeseniky Mountains, the plant employs 250 workers, 30 of them recent hires.

Petr said they have been unable to keep up with the demand, and are now expecting orders from Sweden as well. “We think this will go on for a year, year and a half but meanwhile we are also registering demand from other countries,” he noted.

Currently working on an order from Hamburg for eight apartment buildings with 30 units, the modular structures can be used for offices, schools, and shops as well as for homes and hotels, and are simple to assemble. Orders from Sulzbach and Munich will be next. Germany is building seven centers with housing for 20,000. ##

(Photo credit: Associated Press/Petr David Josek-modular plant in the Czech Republic)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

Bill Establishing Manufactured Housing Task Force Filed

February 24th, 2014 Comments off

Following up on an article published Feb. 18 regarding the possible closure of the Applewood Park manufactured housing community (MHC) in Midvale, Utah, state representative Tim Cosgrove (D-Murray) has introduced HB 108 that would establish a task force to identify issues dealing with manufactured home ownership. Noting 10,000 seniors retire every day, he says manufactured homes could be part of the solution for affordable housing for retirees, according to Cosgrove also says no new MHCs have opened along the Wasatch Front–the north central part of Utah concentrated around Salt Lake City where some 80 percent of the state’s citizens live—in 20 years, and he wants to open a dialogue consisting of home owners and community owners.

Rick Bills, owner of American Heritage Retirement Community, an MHC in West Valley, favors the task force but says the measure introduced by Cosgrove is lopsided in favor of residents. “We’re actually in favor of a task force,” he said. “We just want to make sure it’s balanced.” ##

(Photo credit: MHVillage–Mountain View Community)

Residents Fear Manufactured Housing Community Will close

February 18th, 2014 Comments off

The mayor and city council of Midvale, Utah, just south of Salt Lake City, sent a letter to ICO Multifamily Holdings LLC, owner of Applewood Park manufactured housing community (MHC), asking that Applewood not be closed to make way for an apartment complex. Most of the residents of the 56 homes at Applewood are seniors on fixed incomes who cannot afford to move their homes. Recent increases in rent may force some residents to just walk away from their homes, says the Utah Coalition of Manufactured Homeowners, but Bolton Property Management owner Cory Tanner, who oversees the community, says rents are still 13 percent below market rates.

In response to the letter, he says ICO is not pushing anyone out, according to “Whether this property remains a manufactured-home park or at some point becomes quality affordable housing of another form, we want it to be a great place to live,” the letter said. “We can assure you that if a change is contemplated, we will provide you at least a two-year advance notice.” At the time ICO bought the property in Dec. 2011 it alluded to a plan for a 186-unit apartment building on the 7.7 acre site, as has learned. Mayor JoAnn Seghini says the property is zoned for high-density residential, suitable for ICO’s concept, although nor formal application has been submitted.

Residents recently formed a homeowners association and inquired about buying the property as a co-operative but were told the property is not for sale.##

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Couple Sue MHC Owner

January 11th, 2013 Comments off

The sltrib tells MHProNews Steve Anderson and his wife, residents of Cottonwood Coves MHC in Murray, Utah just outside Salt Lake City allege the owner, Terry Robison, unilaterally changed the terms of the contract they signed in 2004 without their signature. Initially, sewer and water fees were included in the rent but a May, 2012 notice from management said those utilities would now be metered separately for each home in the community. Management offset the increased cost by dropping site rents $18/month in the 168-site community. Robison also dropped the grace period for paying rent from ten days to five, and increased the late payment charge from ten percent of the rent and $2 a day to $100 and $5 a day. In addition, rents are set to increase to $537/month on Feb. 1, a $39 a month rise for the couple. A breach of contract lawsuit they filed was dismissed by the judge, so they have re-written the complaint. Robison, who has owned the community since 1999, when asked about the increases said, “It’s just business, it’s what we have to do — it’s what landlords have to deal with all the time.” He feels certain he will prevail in the upcoming lawsuit as well. Steve Anderson is past president of the Utah Manufactured Homeowners Action Group and serves on the executive board of the National Manufactured Home Owners Association.

(Photo credit: Francisco Kjolseth/Salt Lake Tribune–Nancy and Steve Anderson)

Manufactured Home Owners Turned Back Again

March 2nd, 2012 Comments off

For the past several years MHC residents have sought legislation in the Utah legislature to help deal with community owners who they allege threaten to evict them if they try to organize a homeowners association, sltrib tells The Republican dominated House Business and Labor Committee voted along party lines, 9-3, to kill a bill introduced by Democrat Rep. Janice Fisher that would force meetings between homeowners and community owners, shortly after residents complained that Republican members only listen to community owners. Calling it a communications bill, Rep. Fisher says “the rights of Utahans who live in mobile home parks are being trampled.” Rick Bills, part owner of the American Heritage Retirement Community, says the bill hinders MHC owners from operating their communities as they wish, and that earlier versions of the bill contained rent control provisions. Democrat Rep. Sue Duckworth, saying lawmakers are weary of seeing this bill year after year, told residents and community owners, “You get together and fix this problem.”

(Photo credit: Francisco Kjolseth/The Salt Lake Tribune–Rep. Janice Fisher at press conference)