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Gizmag says top sustainable housing includes prefabricated homes

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top-sustainable-models-includes-prefabricated-homes-credit=gizmag-posted-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com-Having a sustainable green home in today’s housing market can mean more than just having solar panels. It can often mean technology and better quality building components.

With sustainability and energy key buzz words, homebuyers are often looking to minimize environmental impact and total financial outlays. This can be done by using sustainable technology and materials, resulting in a boom for those seeking to drive architectural innovation.

According to a survey by Gizmag  of sustainable homes, a new line of high-end prefab houses called Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes (PATH) are emerging.

Designed by renowned French designer and architect Philippe Starck who recently teamed-up with Slovenian prefab firm Riko, one such PATH home line features multiple shapes and sizes, and a bold exterior boasting plenty of windows. Optional features using sustainability includes a roof-placed solar array, roof-based wind turbine, rainwater collection and filtration system.

The Fall House located on California’s Big Sur coastline, was designed by San Francisco’s Fougeron Architecture. This stylish home is also practical. The two story home has energy efficient windows includes automatic windows. A copper facade twill weather and patina over time given exposure to nearby ocean air. The copper is also offers a degree of fire-protection.

The Waste House gets its name because it was built from mostly re-usable materials that came from household and construction waste. For example, materials utilized in Waste House originally came from such items as toothbrushes and used carpeting. It is a sustainable construction project installed at the UK’s University of Brighton.

The Tighthouse is said to be the first certified passive house in New York City. Tighthouse is actually a 100 year old row home. Now completely renovated, it features energy efficient building materials, including solar panels and a heat ventilation system.

These are just a few examples of innovative pre-fab and remodeled housing which can be stylish and energy efficient for their home owners.

Factory built housing professionals tracking developments in green building, such as California based Modular Lifestyles off-grid homes, will want to explore how trends continue to evolve and impact the market and thus the manufactured and modular housing industries. ##

(Photo collage credit: Gizmag)

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