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Community Spared Sewer Loss

June 3rd, 2013 Comments off

Following up on a post MHProNews published May 22, 2013, regarding sewer service at an MHC possibly being shut off June 5 because of a $17,884.35 bill, mymotherlode reports a sign was posted at the community saying, “The sewer bill has been paid,” and signed, “Management.” Jim Clayton (not the founder of Clayton Homes of Maryville, Tenn.), owner of Columbia Mobile Home Park in Columbia, Calif., had previously said the bill would be paid before the deadline. A call to determine if full payment was made did not elicit a response.

(Photo credit: Kris Persson/mymotherlode–sign on office door )

Water Set to be Shut Off

May 22nd, 2013 Comments off

MyMotherLode tells MHProNews Columbia Mobile Home Park in Columbia, Calif. east of San Francisco, may lose its water and sewer service June 5 unless a $17,884.35 overdue bill is paid. A notice to that effect was posted May 21 at the community which has 63 homesites, 13 of which are vacant, according to Robin Sumerlin, who lives and works at Columbia. She says the owner assured her that the bill will be taken care of by the due date.

(Photo credit: Kris Perssons/mymotherlode—notice posted at Columbia Mobile Home Park.)

Planning Commission Moves Beyond Jurisdiction

September 8th, 2012 Comments off

The vagazette informs MHProNews compassion led the Planning Commission in James City, Virginia to take a step beyond the legal border of the Public Service Area (PSA) and recommend extending sewer service to residents of the Greensprings Mobile Home Park. The two-and-a-half hour meeting saw several of the 80 residents in attendance overwhelmed with emotion as they described their plight of dealing with the failing septic system. Greensprings owner John Franklin is willing to pay $600,000 to run the sewer lines into the community, but a special use permit is required. County planning staff recommended denying the request out of concern for setting a future precedent. The Planning Commission voted unanimously in favor of the permit and rezoning application and sent it on to the Board of Supervisors for review.

(Image credit: vagazette)

MHC Behind on Utility Fees and Taxes

August 20th, 2012 Comments off

mlive tells MHProNews the Swartz Creek Meadows MHC in Lennon, Michigan has until Aug. 31 before the Clayton Township Board of Trustees initiates legal action for unpaid water, sewage, and property taxes totaling $167,697.73. Swartz Creek owner MHPI Inc., does not deny it owed the township, but a misunderstanding at a meeting in October, 2012 led MHPI to believe part of the money in arrears had been forgiven when in fact it was not. Clayton Township Treasurer Clayton Gehringer says the township has the right to cut water and sewer service to the community, but that presents a moral dilemma because the MHC residents have likely paid their bill to MHPI, but that money has not been passed on to the township. In addition, the township government is required to collect these monies by law and on behalf of other citizens who do pay.

(Photo credit: Ron MacArthur/Cape-Gazette)

MHC Ownership: Good Retirement Income

December 22nd, 2011 Comments off

Frank Rolfe, CEO of MHC owner American Home Communities, LP, writes in NuWireInvestor that buying a small manufactured home community for retirement income is a feasible way to maintain a reasonable standard of living. Given that safe investments only give you a return of two percent, you need $3,000,000 in order to earn $60,000 a year. Noting that only 60 percent of Americans have sufficient resources to comfortably retire, Rolfe suggests buying a 30-100 homesite ‘”mobile home park” valued at $500,000 with 5-20 percent down can return an income of $60,000. Many communities have close to 100 percent occupancy, and it’s an affordable housing market for which the demand, especially in a recession era, is ongoing. He says you do not have buildings to maintain and upgrade, only water and sewer service to keep flowing and roads to keep solid. Noting the importance of being fair to the residents, it nevertheless costs $3,000 to move a manufactured home; and even if you do lose a few, raising the rent $20 a month on a 50 unit MHC will bring in $1000 more each month. The days of a ten percent return on your IRA or mutual fund investment are gone.

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