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MH Community Redevelopment Done Right? “Mission Trailer Park” Transformed into Modern Factory Built Homes

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For years, Mission Trailer Park provided an affordable place to live in a city with high housing costs, but it deteriorated over time and residents faced problems such as occasional sewage backups and an old, shoddy laundry room,” said the Tribune News.


John Belsher with The Obispo Company helped former residents relocate to other housing. A longtime resident, in the community, Craig Steffens, told The Tribune in 2015, how pleased he was with how the situation was handled.

I’ll give Belsher this — he did a pretty good job of relocating everyone,” Steffens said about the process at the time. “He managed to get the homeowners of the park relocated to units that were two to three times bigger than they had before.”

And (with) the renters he went way above and beyond because you only have to give them a 30-day notice, but he gave them all kinds of assistance with moving and security deposits.”


The old units were replaced with modern, prefabricated housing like the ones shown in the featured image at the top.

We’ve had to store the manufactured units off site and then we install them using a crane,” Belsher said. “We can install four of them in about two days.”


Instead of the black eye to the industry that often results from redevelopment, the reports in the Tribune suggests that Belsher’s approach made for a relatively smooth transition for those involved.

The redeveloped property is called Downtown Terrace, and touts the following bulleted features:

·         With a walking score of 97, Downtown Terrace is a walker’s paradise!
·         All units are equipped with their own combination washer/dryer unit.
·         Close proximity to public transportation.
·         Brand new prefab construction.
·         All units are outfitted with heat and AC – a rarity in San Luis Obispo.
·         Steps away from Thursday night Farmers Market.
·         Close to local hiking trails and parks.
·         The homes embrace a modern aesthetic with designer selected finishes.
·         Walk to work or a night out on the town!
·         Enjoy a community living atmosphere.
·         15 minutes from local beaches.

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Affordable Housing – In the Eye of the Beholder?

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Credit: Noozhawk.

Throughout most parts of California, almost everything is expensive.

That includes housing. But, in Santa Barbara, one developer believes that he’s solved the city’s housing shortage.

According to NoozHawk, project architect Jan Hochhauser and developer Ed Clark purchased the property, a former manufactured home community, out of bankruptcy.


The plan? To turn it into 40 new tiny home rental units to tackle the city’s affordable housing crisis.

Affordable” in this instance, is in the eye of the beholder.

It’s a market-rate rental project, but is affordable by design,” said Clark. “The two bedroom units will be rented out at $1,500 to $1,800 a month. The rental market is there.”

About a dozen of the tiny homes have already been put into place, and come in at 550 square feet. Once delivered, they install on top of a permanent slab that sits 3-to-4-feet above the ground. The entire property sits on a flood plain and is near a creek.

Clark says that due to California state guidelines, manufactured home communities are under the purview of the Housing and Urban Development Department. With state guidelines less stringent than city ones, the project has been able to move quickly.

We expect to be done by December and begin renting units in January,” said Hochhauser.

Each home will also have a small, one vehicle driveway and communal areas for events. And, while each unit has a full kitchen and washer and dryer, they are specially sized for the homes.


Why Not Manufactured Homes vs. Tiny Houses?


MHLivingNews has covered the “tiny home” movement extensively, including the potential for big legal trouble for owners and a detailed side-by-side comparison with manufactured homes, highlighting function and value versus fashion.

And, several manufactured housing professionals who believe that those fascinated with tiny houses ought to be thinking manufactured homes instead.


Brian Cira, photo credit, MHProNews.

Anybody with a brain in their head would look at a manufactured home,” Brian Cira, president, Fairmont Homes, Nappanee, IN said.

We do it much more efficiently, much more smartly. We’ve been doing this for decades. … We could build these [tiny houses] all day long.”

For more on the growth of tiny homes, including nearby San Luis Obispo’s effort to use them for their own housing crunch, click here. ##


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Quality of Manufactured Homes Praised in Letter to the Editor

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mhi photo credit mh under productionIn a letter to the editor of sanluisobispo, Bob Vasholtz writes that while we support low-income housing, we mostly do not want low-income people living next door. He states manufactured housing is “the lowest cost form of quality housing” because the homes are built indoors, consistently, using standardized production procedures.

Noting that many years ago, mobile homes were inexpensive, small, depreciated quickly, and because their production was not regulated, some were not well made, as MHProNews understands.

Today, their production is regulated and the homes are certified to meet certain standards, and have evolved “into the most advanced housing in the world, producing quality homes for half the cost per square foot of typical site construction.”

He says new manufactured homes are bucking centuries of tradition and regulation, and no new communities are being built in cities like San Luis Obispo because they are not welcomed by the city elders who speak for the people. ##

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