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Manufactured Housing’s Labor Day, Celebrating Those That Do the Work

September 3rd, 2018 Comments off

Manufactured housing trade media often gives attention to owners, managers, executives, investors, and experts. Policy-makers, advocates, attorneys, elected or appointed officials are among those that get attention too.  Sales people get articles…but what about general or office ‘labor?’


So, it’s fitting that on this Labor Day, that the Daily Business News on MHProNews acknowledges with respect and thanks those that work:

·        inside a factory,

·        preparing a home site,

·        transporting,

·        installing a home, 

·        service, refurb, or repair,

·        maintaining the grounds,

·        installing or updating infrastructure,

·        doing utilities,

·        inspections,

·        or any other office, indoor, or outdoor work…

…today’s the day to celebrate the workers.


With the markets closed today, this seemed like a fitting time to publish an article with a simple yet sincere message. 


Hats off to those – in companies of all sizes – who do the doing. 


Without skilled labor provided by tens of thousands of good people like you, there would be no manufactured home – or any other – industry.

At MHProNews, we salute you and your work! ##   (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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State Fund for Aging Factory Built Homes Available

August 30th, 2017 Comments off

Featured image credit, Sussex West.

Some 70,000 Delawareans live in manufactured homes, per the Delaware Public. At least 10 percent of the housing stock in the state is manufactured housing.

Many of the state’s factory built homes are older, and in need of repair.

In Kent and Sussex counties, there are fewer people renting homes than there are people who own manufactured homes.

In Kent County, manufactured homes make up 15 percent of owner-occupied housing. In Sussex, the figure is 18 percent.

56 percent of the state’s manufactured homes sit on leased land, according to the 2014 Delaware Housing Needs Assessment.


Kent County to Sussex County in Delaware. Image credit, Google Maps.

Due to aging, many of the pre- and post-HUD Code homes throughout the state need some major repairs.

Unfortunately, most emergency housing programs that could help with the cost of repairs are not available to that 56 percent of homeowners who lease their land. To help these families find some relief, $100,000 out of a new $600,000 rehabilitation and emergency home issues program was set aside specifically for manufactured housing.


Delaware Governor John Carney, Jr. Image credit, Wikipedia.

As the Daily Business News reported, the program was launched in March by the Milford Housing Development Corporation. The funding came from the Delaware State Housing Authority.

This is not a hand out, but a hand up by helping those in emergency situations. Public-private partnerships like this help leverage our resources to assist as many people as possible,” said Governor John Carney.

According to Delaware Public, more than half of the homes repaired through the program between April and June were manufactured homes, of which the majority were on leased land.


Susan Eliason, Director of Housing Development for the State Housing Authority. Image credit, NCSHA.

Because that is a pretty big problem statewide, because the mobile and manufactured housing stock is aging,” said Susan Eliason, Director of Housing Development for the State Housing Authority. “If history is anything to go by, that’s where a lot of the calls come in: people who have mobile homes.”

Most repairs made so far have pertained to leaky roofs and plumbing issues.

This is just another way that we’re able to to help people in homes that may have had an emergency situation and get them back to where they have pride in their home,” said Milford Mayor Bryan Shupe. ## (News.)

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MHC Residents to Receive Assistance for Home Repairs

April 15th, 2017 Comments off

Trailer Haven residents Maxine Ventura (right) with her daughter. Credit: East Bay Times.

In a follow up to a story that the Daily Business News originally covered in December, residents of the Trailer Haven community in San Leandro, California, will be receiving assistance for home repairs, via a one-time $150,000 grant, approved unanimously by the San Leandro City Council last month.

Per the East Bay Times, the grant is being funded by city tax revenue collected from the community, and it will be administered by Rebuilding Together Oakland East Bay.

Rebuilding Together plans to establish an on-site presence in the weeks to come,” said San Leandro Community Development Director Cynthia Battenberg.

They will be reaching out to all residents and handle all aspects of managing the program. The minor home repair program is being offered to the residents as a way to assist them in needed repairs.”

Cascade Corporate Management, a Sacramento, California-based manufactured home community and RV park Management Company that oversees the Trailer Haven operations, notified residents of the rent increase in September, which averages about $117 per site, along with a $45 sewer and water charge.

Based on the response and the communication between our resident meetings, I can understand the impact that it’s going to have,” said Cascade Corporate Management quality control director Brock Kaveny to the city council back in December.

I think it’s going to be nominal compared to some of the public concern. I think some of the concern was amplified with residents who weren’t even residents of our mobile home community.”


Trailer Haven RV and Mobile Home Park (marked.) Credit: Google.

Almost $100,000 in city taxes collected from the property’s transfer to the new owners, along with almost $50,000 in projected property tax revenues for the next three years, will be used to fund the minor home repair program exclusively for Trailer Haven residents.

I think that people deserve to have help, and I think that folks who work in the nonprofit area, as well as people in government, are the new safety net,” said Rebuilding Together Oakland Executive Director Lisa Shulman Malul.

People do everything right; they bought their mobile home [sic] and they live there but then, all of a sudden, something happens — their savings goes away, they have health issues or whatever that is. People need help, and I think they’re really rightly entitled to it.”



Malul says that the Rebuilding Together staff plans to meet with Trailer Haven residents in the coming weeks, and conduct assessments of possible repairs and make recommendations on the scope of the city’s home repair program and number of projects that can be done.

Repairs for individual mobile homes [sic] likely will be ranked based on available funds; there are no plans to subsidize the program beyond $150,000,” said Malul.

The Daily Business News covered resident protests at Trailer Haven, including the push for rent control as a solution. That story is linked here.

For an industry legal commentary on why rent control is the wrong move for local governments to enact, please click here. ##


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RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

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Agency Offers “Mobile Home Improvement Loans” for Communities and Homes

January 6th, 2017 Comments off

Credit: The Missoulian.

A  Montana and Idaho nonprofit agency has launched a program to help people who live in what they called “mobile homes” to make repairs and improvements without having to resort to taking out high interest loans.

Missoula based Montana and Idaho Community Development Corp. (MICDC) is rolling out the new Mobile Home Improvement Loan Program, per the Missoulian.

As Daily Business News readers are aware, most references to “mobile homes” by publications are incorrect, as the last mobile home was built in the U.S. in 1976.

In this instance, about 20 percent of the homes in Montana and Idaho are pre-HUD code homes, which means that they technically are mobile homes. Of course, that means the other some 80 percent are manufactured homes. For a more detailed history on the journey from mobile to manufactured homes, please click here.

Missoula resident Laila Huson was the first person to be approved for the program, and took out a loan of 3200 dollars. The amount the borrower pays monthly on the loan is on a sliding scale and based on monthly income and expenses.

Every year, we go up on the roof to try to seal the leaks, but it’s an aluminum roof with the hot and cold expanding and contracting, it’s a regular problem,” said Huson.

Most places where I could get a loan would charge a 36 percent interest rate and require me to use my car as collateral. If I missed a payment due to illness, I could lose my only means of transportation.


David Glaser. Credit: The Missoulian.

Dave Glaser, President of the MICDC, says that mobile home owners tend to have a significantly harder time with financing for home repairs, which can lead to uncomfortable and unhealthy living conditions.

He also decided to take the extra step of having his staff go door to door in Huson’s community to share information with residents about the program. The loans can also be used by communities for things such as playgrounds, lighting, signage, and landscaping.

These are really low interest rate loans,” said Glaser. “The exact interest rate depends on the borrower, but it’s far better than what they could expect to find elsewhere. The idea is to help them afford these upgrades and make them affordable to their cash flow on a case by case basis. We take a look at the family’s income and help them decide upon an interest rate and a loan amount they can afford.

The program is available to residents in Montana and Idaho. For more information, homeowners and communities can contact Julie Ehlers at 844-728-9235 ext. 225. ##


(Editor’s note: for a fun look at extreme “mobile home makeoversclick here or the image above.)

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RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

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Repairing Your Manufactured or Modular Home – Facts, Myths and Clarity

December 17th, 2016 Comments off

Credit: Seeking Alpha.

Way back in the 1940s, when Arizona’s population really took off, manufactured and mobile [sic] homes helped provide housing for new residents, and today there are still many developments of manufactured housing scattered throughout the state,” writes Rosie Romero, an Arizona based homebuilding and remodeling expert, in the Green Valley News.

Romero makes a good point: manufactured or modular homes today are vastly different than those of the past. Older communities were created when building codes were different, in some instances with very narrow homes and small pads.

Today, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a manufactured or modular home and a site built home. Even so, old stereotypes still exist.


Credit: Rosie On The House.

Some repair people and contractors may shy away from working on modular,” said Romero.




Owners of these homes tell us they have trouble having pipes or electrical equipment fixed or windows or porches replaced. Some contractors say that’s because the plumbing and other systems in these houses can be very different.

Manufactured and modular homes must comply with the same building codes that other homes in the state follow,” said Neal T. Haney of NTH Property Management in Mesa, which has clients throughout the state.

Contractors and remodelers need to recognize that today’s manufactured and modular homes are built to the same standards and can easily be repaired. Sometimes the plumbing may be installed under the home in a slightly different way, but it’s very accessible.

Romero notes that while it may be hard to find parts for some older homes, there are websites that carry them online, in addition to stores throughout the state.

If a home is kept in good shape and has regular upgrades, owners can often resell their home to new owners,” said Haney. “But when an owner lets a home deteriorate, the cost of repairs becomes more than the value of the home itself.


Credit: MHLivingNews.

MHProNews and MHLivingNews have provided extensive coverage around the subject of manufactured housing and how it compares – and often exceeds – the required standards when compared to site built homes, constructed faster and less expensive in a controlled environment.

The video and related story pictured above is linked here. ##

(Note: This writer recently visited a five-star manufactured home community. Once inside, I could tell no discernible difference between the manufactured home I was visiting and conventional site-built housing.)

(Image credits are as shown above.)


RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

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