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Affordable Housing Focus Group – Manufactured Home = Page, 1, #2 Google Result

March 16th, 2018 Comments off

Click here or above to see the Affordable Housing Focus Group article and short video.

The Affordable Housing Focus Group article posted just days ago on Manufactured Home Living News ( yielded impressive search results on Google.


The result was page 1, number 2 out of about 1.66 million possible search outcomes.  That’s a positive note for the industry, in an educational/image building way.


The focus group was conducted with residents who volunteered from Key Allegro Villas, Fairhope, AL at a nearby restaurant, and the project was sponsored by Sunshine Homes of Red Bay, AL, whose homes will be featured at next week’s Tunica Show.

The Key Allegro property is just minutes from the in-demand Gulf Coast beach resorts, such as Gulf Shores, or nearby Pensacola, FL.

The search results under the popular Google Image search category also yielded some surprisingly high results.  The same key words were used, “Affordable Housing Focus Group.”

Note that because of the methodologies used by Google’s algorithms, search results can vary significantly:

  • by location,
  • time,
  • date and
  • even by device.

These results were all performed on a laptop computer.


When the words, ‘manufactured homes’ was added to the search result, 10 of the top 15 results were on MHLivingNews, with 3 more found on the website.

Because the search result points to a story and part one of a focus group video that shines a positive light on the manufactured home industry and manufactured home living, its good news for the industry.  And of course, its good news for those specific operations spotlighted.

Another episode from this focus group video is planned for April.  ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)


First Things First in Manufactured Housing

Affordable Housing Focus Group, Comparing Housing Options, Rent, Conventional, Condos, Manufactured Homes

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Steve Nadel, Executive Director of ACEEE, Marking “Energy Efficiency Day”

October 5th, 2017 Comments off
E:\MH\Daily Business News\6.20.2017\National Home Ownership Month\NationalHomeOwnershipMonthSunshineHomesRedBayALPostedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews.png

Photo credit, Sunshine Homes, Red Bay, AL. Photo from the Digital Journal, but also found on dozens of other mainstream media and special interest websites.

Today is the second annual Energy Efficiency Day, a time to celebrate the incredible benefits of saving energy,” said Steve Nadel Executive Director of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

Energy efficiency is the cheapest, quickest way to meet our energy needs, lower consumer bills, reduce pollution, and boost community resilience,” Nadel told MHProNews in a statement today. “Plus, it’s an economic engine, supporting at least 2.2 million US jobs in manufacturing, construction, and other fields.”


MHProNews – along with our sister trade media site, MHLivingNews – have promoted the benefits of energy savings, and “green” construction in manufactured homes for years.  Editorially, we’ve also noted and respected the rationale of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), which has pointed out the need for consumers and the marketplace – not federal officials – to determine what level of energy savings vs. initial costs makes sense for a given household.

Green, Energy Star HUD Code Builders

There are numerous HUD Code manufactured home producers – such sponsor Sunshine Homes, of Red Bay, AL – that build Energy Star ® rated homes.  Sunshine boasts building only homes that meet those higher standards, while offering residential style homes that are about half the cost of conventional building in the markets they serve.


Other, like the report linked here, are promoting solar units, which are more pricey, but still are finding a market niche.


Photo credits are as shown above, collage and text credits, All third party content is shown under fair use guidelines.

Millennials prefer green, but studies make it clear that there is no age or demographic group that is looking to pay more for utilities.

Hundreds of organizations and companies from around the world are participating in today’s event. More than a dozen cities, counties, and states—from coast to coast—have officially declared October 5th as Energy Efficiency Day,” Nadel said. ## (News, commentary, analysis.)

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Stunning Post Harvey Economic Activity, Manufacturing Report

October 3rd, 2017 Comments off

Insulation is being blown into an Energy Star rated multi-sectional being built by Sunshine Homes at their Red bay AL production center. Still from video, click here or above to see model home, tour, and interview clips.

Various federal agencies and associations are reporting significant growth in the U.S. economy, according to recent reports compiled by the Daily Business News (DBN) on MHProNews.

Data from the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) states that some 12 percent of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is tied to manufacturing.  NAM cites the Bureau of Economic Analysis as a source for their information.  Reuters provided a similar number, but was unclear on the source of their data.

In a release to MHProNews, Timothy R. Fiore, CPSM, C.P.M., Chair of the Institute for Supply Management® (ISM®) provided their latest Manufacturing Business Survey Committee report.

Per Fiore, 17 of 18 tracked manufacturing industries are rising, with only furniture and related products contracting last month.

But for those who are monitoring the debate over the potential Gross Domestic Product here in the U.S., the following by Fiore was under-reported. “The past relationship between the PMI® and the overall economy indicates that the average PMI® for January through September (57.1 percent) corresponds to a 4.4 percent increase in real gross domestic product (GDP) on an annualized basis. In addition, if the PMI® for September (60.8 percent) is annualized, it corresponds to a 5.5 percent increase in real GDP annually.”

Investopedia says that in this context, PMI® is the Purchasing Managers’ Index®.

Daily Business News readers will recall a recent report that pegged the U.S. GDP for the last quarter at 3.1 percent, which is a significantly better rate than during the Obama Administration years.  CNBC opined that third quarter GDP may contact due to the 2017 hurricanes, but that 4th quarter GDP could spike.


Sept 2017 ISM ® Snapshots, by the Numbers

In looking at the statistics shown, keep in mind that ISM ® states that “A reading above 50 percent indicates that the manufacturing economy is generally expanding; below 50 percent indicates that it is generally contracting.



PMI® is soaring in the months since President Trump’s election, per the ISM® report.



Watch for more employment related information, especially as it relates to manufactured housing, here on the Daily Business News on MHProNews.


Still from video inside Sunshine Homes, Red Bay AL production center, click here or above to see model home, tour, and interview clips.


TimothyRFioreChairInstituteSupplyManagement®DailyBusinessNewsMHProNews326x690Fiore’s report will have significance for the manufactured housing industry on a variety of levels.  Among the quotes from various sectors, per ISM’s new report, are as follows.

What Respondents Are Saying …

  • Hurricanes causing supply chain and pricing issues.” (Chemical Products)
  • Business levels continue [to be] strong; usually by now, a seasonal downturn begins.” (Machinery)
  • Energy sector (oil and gas) continues to be strong. Price of oil appears to be beginning to stabilize.” (Computer & Electronic Products)
  • We’ve had a very good year and we are forecasting continued strong demand for our product in 2018.” (Miscellaneous Manufacturing)
  • Business is strong. However, we are concerned about price increases due to the hurricanes.” (Plastics & Rubber Products)
  • We are closely watching the Houston events as many of our production chemicals are produced in the Gulf region. Some tightening of supply and/or price increases expected.” (Paper Products)
  • Labor shortages continue to haunt operational capacity both at [the] local plant [level] and up and down the supply chain.” (Transportation Equipment)
  • Hurricanes Harvey and Irma will have significant effects on input costs. Disruption in supply chain. Concerns of transportation.” (Food, Beverage & Tobacco Products)
  • Hurricane Harvey, and now Irma, have impacted the business (building materials). Increasing sales but also causing significant price increases on input raw materials.” (Nonmetallic Mineral Products)

Among the challenges that manufactured housing producers face is the labor issue. An informed source told MHProNews last night that a Texas producer is boosting pay to their workers to keep them from “jumping ship,” for more money workers might make by heading to Houston, and other storm impacted areas.

ISM says their data is considered to be highly reliable.


Still from video inside Sunshine Homes, Red Bay AL production center, click here or above to see model home, tour, and interview clips.

Per their website, “The ISM® Report On Business®, Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing, are two of the most reliable economic indicators available, providing guidance to supply management professionals, economists, analysts, and government and business leaders.”

Their monthly reports come with this ISM® qualifier, “However, the reports are not meant to be the only barometers consulted by those interested in tracking the economy – they should be used in conjunction with other measurements.”

The DBN will revisit this report in the days ahead, as manufactured housing navigates the opportunities and challenges created in post-hurricane America in the Trump Administration era. ## (News, analysis.)

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Publisher Rebuked! Doubting Doctor, Skeptic Stunned!

April 18th, 2017 Comments off

ASharpRebukeLindseyJohnBostickStanPoseyMickeyDickEnnisDrHeatherShortStanDyeManufacturedHomeLivingNewsIn the latest episode of the popular Inside MH Road Show series, a doubting doctor and a real estate professional are among those featured in the interviews.

The manufactured housing industry often – and understandably – touts to lawmakers and public officials that the industry provides safe, quality housing for people of low income. Given the growing affordable housing crisis, that makes sense.

As award-winning manufactured home retailer Stan Dye has said, the industry has always served that niche, and should continue to do so.


Stan Dye, Star Homes, Cullman AL. Photo credit, still from Inside MH Road Show video.

But Dye points out that most of their location’s buyers have previously owned a site-built house.  The entry level VOG (vinyl over gypsum) isn’t what those upscale shoppers are looking for; qualified buyers usually want a home that looks residential. 

As several recent reports have highlighted, there are trillions of dollars in opportunities for providing homes to those in the middle and upper classes.  While a VOG style house might be selected by that demographic group, the far likelier option is for well-qualified home seekers to purchase a residential style manufactured home.

Want to watch the publisher get rebuked?  Want to see what the skeptical doctor had to say? The latest episode of the Inside MH Road Show is linked here. ##

Image credit is as shown above.

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Sunshine Homes to Unveil Next Gen Tech for Home Shoppers at 2017 Louisville Show

January 17th, 2017 Comments off

Sunshine Homes logo is their intellectual property, and is provided here under fair use guidelines. Collage credit,

3D Virtual tours have become a next-generation standard in digital real estate marketing.  So much so, that millions of conventional house, condo or townhouse buyers have come to expect them.

Considering the fact that new and ‘existing’ (pre-owned) site-built houses out-sell manufactured homes by millions of units annually,” said veteran industry consultant and trade publisher, L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, “factory-built housing professionals who haven’t already bought into this new technology should take a first or second look.”

brad-nelms-manufacturedhomes-com-credit-mhpronews-comSources tell the Daily Business News that Sunshine Homes will be unveiling their new iPad kiosks at the 2017 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show.

MHProNews is told that Sunshine’s branded iPad kiosks will be provided to select independent retailers/communities after the event.

Those iPad kiosks will clearly set a sales person showing a qualified customer 3D images apart from those sales agents who are only showing a prospect a photo copy of a floor plan,” said Brad Nelms, with

With the Sunshine Homes branded iPad kiosk, Manufactured Home Retailers and Community professionals can provide a visually rich and engaging 3D virtual tour of dozens of models that are available,” Nelms said.

That can be done at the fraction of the cost of more complex systems,” Nelms said. 

This next-gen system extends any retailer or community’s impact and options for demanding buyers. Regardless of the number of models you normally stock, this technology allows you to effectively demo other floorplans and designs that aren’t currently in your inventory.  It’s a total no-brainer for retailers, and home shoppers love it.


From Sunshine Homes website, provided under fair use guidelines.

Building on a Tradition of Service

Sunshine Homes has a long-standing tradition – dating back to their founding in 1971 –  as one of the industry’s most successful independent producers of residential-style, Energy Star ® rated manufactured and modular homes.


Jerri Lynn Campbell.

They’re the best,” said Jerri Lynn Campbell, an award-winning retailer at Southern Colonel Homes.  The Campbells themselves own a Sunshine Home. Her husband George told MHProNews that Sunshine Homes gives their retailers unparalleled service, and does the same for their retail home buyers.

Sunshine Homes gives an independent every opportunity to succeed,” another Sunshine retailer said in a video interview. View that MH veteran’s comments, linked here.

What is Affordable Varies By Customer

Affordability obviously varies by customer, their income level, and ability to pay for or finance a home,” Kovach said. “One reason we periodically publish articles that point out that the rich, famous and screen stars are buying upscale manufactured homes (see a recent millionaires and manufactured home report, linked here) is because that opens the eyes of other potential buyers at every income level.”  

“But another reason is that there are actually more well-qualified buyers than there are those with weak or poor credit.  Once more, the proof is in the numbers,” said Kovach, a multiple award-winning industry veteran, who is a nominee for the RV/MH Hall of Fame.


Good credit is far more common than bad credit, says Kovach – and this graphic by Value Penguin is one of hundreds of such charts that prove it. “RVs outsell manufactured homes by 5 to 1, and yet that is an optional purchase for most RV buyers. Manufactured homes serve a basic human need, quality affordable homes. So why do RV dealers see so much good credit, and manufactured home sellers see so much poor credit? It’s due to the kind of marketing and customers being attracted,” Kovach said. 

There were over 5 million existing real estate home sales in 2016.  There were over 500,000 new single family site-built houses sold vs. some 80,000 new manufactured homes. Those better qualified buyers tend to shop with realtors, builders, and by owners. So manufactured housing sellers see a disproportionate number of prospects who have trouble getting financed.”

“What Sunshine is doing is providing independent retailers and communities with the tools that normally only major corporations offer,” said Nelms. “They are leveling the playing field for independents, by offering their retailers, builder/developers and communities tools and professional coaching that help motivated sellers reach more and better qualified customers.


New single family home sales in 2016.  Credits, Trading Economics, based upon U.S. Census Bureau Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rates (SAAR).

Tight Conventional House Inventories Spell Opportunity


Stan Posey, Sales Manager, Sunshine Homes.

In an new article by Stan Posey, sales manager at Sunshine Homes, quoted Myles Udland, writing for Business Insider.  Udland said, Earlier…we wrote at length about the decline in US housing inventory being, in effect, the next crisis for the housing market.

Udland said, “the lowest price points in the market are being disproportionately affected, preventing millennials from buying homes and pushing up rent inflation.”

That challenge for real estate agents and housing shoppers spells opportunity for those MH retailers and communities who specifically target and prepare for engaging those conventional buyers.

Those better-qualified buyers often interact differently than less-qualified customers, who are often looking for the cheapest house on the market, which may happen to be built in a factory. See Posey’s new article that spells out the ways Sunshine Homes supports independents, so they can tap into more of those cash and good credit buyer opportunities, at this link here.

Is there a place for entry level, ‘shade-and-shelter’ product that attracts entry-level customers? Of course,” says Nelms.  “But the biggest future growth potential is in the residential style manufactured homes, and that’s what Sunshine specializes in.”

We’ve worked with several retailers and communities who now sell more upscale, tape-and-textured model homes – and at a better margin – than they do VOG, ‘shade-and-shelter’ product,” Kovach said. ” If you are a community operator, do you want that well-qualified resident or the one that is just barely able to qualify?”

“If you keep doing the same thing, the same way, well – you know you’ll get the same type of results,” said Nelms. Growth comes from embracing new and proven methods, without throwing out what already works.”

Exaggerated Claims?


Image credit, Better Business Bureau (BBB), provided under fair use guidelines.

Are glowing videos and reports about service by Sunshine Homes to their retailers and home owners exaggerated?

Not according to the to findings of the independent Better Business Bureau, which gives Red Bay, AL based Sunshine Homes their top rating, A+.

The family-owned and operated firm has sold over 88,000 homes through a network of independent dealers that operate in protected territories in about half of the United States.

The Sunshine Homes model home display, including their new, branded, iPad kiosks, are located next to the exhibitor booths, to the left of the main show floor entrance, see map and arrow below. ##



Gary Dobbs, l, Lindsey Bostick, c, John Bostick, r, with Sunshine Homes at a ball game.


For a recent article on attracting Millennials, including insights from Sunshine Homes’ Lindsey Bostick, click here.

For a Cup of Coffee with John Bostick, owner and president of Sunshine Homes, click here.

For a Cup of Coffee with Lindsey Bostick, click here.

(Image credits are as shown.)

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2017 Millennial Housing Revolution. What About Manufactured Housing?

January 5th, 2017 Comments off

Realtor’s ® image credits on this page are provided under fair use guidelines.

AOL Small Business, and the Washington Post are two of several mainstream media sites reporting an anticipated surge of millennials into the housing market.

The millennial generation is now the nation’s largest age group, according to the U.S. Census Bureau,” Arkansas State University said in a marketing report. “These young adults, between the ages of 18-34, are digital natives with enormous social influence and purchasing power. Millennials dominate the workforce and the consumer market.”

Realtor ® did a study in the last quarter of 2016, revealing what their research suggests will be the trends to look for with this increasingly important demographic group.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) research states that more than half of all first-time home buyers will be a millennial.


In sharp contrast with 2016, when only 33% of people planning to buy a home were first-time buyers,” said Realtor’s ® writer Cicely Wedgeworth, “52% of buyers with their eye on a home purchase next year will be first-timers. And 61% of those are under age 35.”

“Oh, Shift…”

This represents an ‘Oh, shift’ moment in housing,” said Jonathan Smoke, chief economist for ®.


With so many first-time buyers in the market, competition will be even fiercer next year for affordable starter homes in the suburb,” said Smoke. “Those looking to buy may want to consider a winter home purchase in order to avoid bidding wars and higher prices spurred by a potential increase in millennial buyers.”

For years, the Daily Business News has reported to MHProNews readers the various factors that have kept the largest demographic group from entering the housing market.


The hardest location to place a manufactured home would be in dense, urban areas. The other locations are far easier locations for HUD code manufactured homes to be installed. So the trends this report could be good news for manufactured home buyers and professionals, notably if the incoming Trump administration – with Dr. Ben Carson planned to lead HUD – enforces enhanced preemption for manufactured homes, as the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000 requires.

Many of the challenges facing millennials read like a list tailor-made for manufactured housing. Greener, affordable, customizable…


RC Williams.

Unfortunately, millennials are among those reluctant to be connected to the “trailer house” or “mobile home” image, as RC Williams detailed in a report, linked here.

That’s one of many reasons why using the proper terminology ought to be a must for professionals, says consultant and publisher, L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

MH Millennial, Talking about Millennials…

As conventional housing prices and mortgage rates continue to rise, the Millennial generation and others are looking for smart options,” said Lindsey Bostick with Sunshine Homes. “Many desire to move from renting to owning, but often struggle to find that a real possibility in the current site built market. The manufactured housing industry can offer a solution to that problem.


For a video interview with Lindsey, click the image above.

Today’s manufactured homes can look and live like a conventional, site built house, and can be half the price of new construction. Additionally, many manufactured homes are Energy Star rated, so they are more efficient than older existing homes,” Bostick said.

Bostick was previously interviewed in-depth, including a video, at this link here. She is being groomed to take over the family business, as the interview linked above reveals. Bostick is a believer, for good reasons.


Energy consumption is an important factor to many people today, especially the Millennial generation. I know the benefits of purchasing a manufactured home because, as a millennial myself, I live in a residential style manufactured home that I purchased last year.”


Realtor ® is one of the mainstream sites that has provided favorable coverage for manufactured homes. See the article linked from the image above. Photo credits, Sunshine Homes – Red Bay AL, by ManufacturedHomes.

Smoke said, “But the increasing preference by millennials represents a shift from the more urban locations where many of them have been renting.” Rural and suburban locations – where manufactured homes, at least in theory – can be more easily cited are the option preferred by this growing generation.

Will manufactured housing professionals do more to tap the largest – and increasingly important – demographic age group?  ##

(Editorial and Event note: Lindsey Bostick will be at the Louisville manufactured housing show, where she anticipates discussions and questions from retailers, communities and builder-developers about the millennial market.)

(Image Credits are as shown above.)

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