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Major MH Event draws praise and launches new Video

November 1st, 2011 Comments off

MHProNews has learned that praise for the new early March show date and support for the Great Southwest Home show continues to grow.  “The Great Southwest Home Show is one of the best investments we make each year. We have fun while we work.” said Mike Harrison, President of QuikBrick. Triad Financial Service Regional Manager, Julie Dwyer, said Time and time again, the Great Southwest Home Show has proven to be a strong supporter for the manufactured housing industry. “ Dwyer added, “Growth and prosperity in this industry will continue with the dedication and commitment from industry manufacturers and exhibitors that showcase their products and services  to businesses across the region.” Retailer Bo Radley, President of Aspen Homes stated that “Attending the Great Southwest Home Show does help me keep in contact with key people in the industry and meet new contacts that I otherwise wouldn’t have met.  Most of the people I do business with today are people I met at trade shows. The Tulsa show features trade days March 1st and 2nd, followed by public days March 3d and 4th, where homes are sold direct to the public and hundreds of leads are created for exhibitors. Last year’s attendance was up over the previous year, and over 2000 attended public days. The video shown was just released, and more information on the show can be found at this link. Tulsa’s annual show has become one of the top 4 major Industry events for the year, an ongoing achievement by all those involved.

(Video credit: Great Southwest Home Show and MHAO)


2012 Great Southwest Home Show Deal Approaching?

August 1st, 2011 Comments off

Great_Southwest_Home_Show_QuikTrip_Center_photo_by_Tony_Kovach_posted_MHMSM.com_MHProNewsInformed sources tell that organizers for the Great Southwest Home Show (GSWHS) are close to making a new deal for a 2012 event.  “We are now reviewing a contract at the Expo for March 1-2 for Trade and 3-4 for public days.” one source stated.  “March 1 & 2 (are) the new dates… Expo Square!”  Yet another source told us that discussions with various manufacturers and with Expo Square, where the QuikTrip Center is located, led to what looks like a creative soluton that is nearly a ‘done deal.’  The essence of the plan was to move the show between the dates of the Louisville and Tunica shows, early enough in the season to capture spring sales.  With an early March show date and an all indoor facility, the threat of winter weather would be minimized. “The QuikTrip Center allows us to expand the show over time, we can have a hundred homes there if we wanted to do so.  The Tulsa Convention Center would have limited us to no more than 24 homes.  We believe the new date at the QuikTrip and an easy Tulsa travel destination can lead to a show that will grow over time into a great Industry event.”

(photo credit: Tony Kovach)

Pre-opening Glimpse of the 2011 Great Southwest Home Show in Tulsa OK

April 28th, 2011 Comments off

TULSA, OK – April 27, 2011.  Jeff Templeton and other members of our team are at the QuikTrip Center in Tulsa OK before the Great Southwest Home Show opens on April 28.  A record crowd is expected Thursday and Friday for the World’s Largest Indoor Home Show.  Sponsored by the Manufactured Housing Association of Oklahoma, the show features dozens of hot new model homes, regional and national vendors, suppliers – plus lenders with exiting new finance programs, seminars to help you protect and promote your business and more!  Enjoy a look around the QuikTrip Center before the show begins!


Tulsa OK Trade Show Will Welcome Home Buyers April 29-May 1

April 18th, 2011 Comments off

The Daily Oklahoman reports the 2011 Great Southwest Home Show (GSWHS) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, begins Thursday, April 28, at 9 AM, open to the trade until 1 PM Friday.  At 3 PM Friday, April 29, the doors will swing open to the public for FREE, through Saturday and Sunday.  The QuikTrip Center at Expo Square will display 29 different models retailers can buy and then sell to the public, or take orders.  Doug Gorman, Home-Mart, Inc. retailer in Tulsa, in his third year as chairman of GSWHS, says the new homes have the quality and features you previously saw only on site-built homes, inside and outside.  Traditional builders tell people $90-100 a square foot.  Gorman says he quotes them $30-40 a square foot for a factory-built home.  If the buyer does not have a site yet, Gorman says: “If a guy wants to go find a piece of land, we can pin it all together in one note.”  This marks the third year for the show in Tulsa.  As Leon Russell says in his song: “I’m going back to Tulsa one more time, I’ve got home sweet home Oklahoma on my mind.”  For more on the show, see The Great Southwest Home Show 2011. Takes a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the 2011 Great Southwest Home Show

January 26th, 2011 Comments off
The first half of the year is the season for home shows, and 2011 is proving to be a milestone for those featuring manufactured housing. Following the successful Louisville Manufactured Housing Show in Kentucky, work is underway to bring the return of another event featuring the economy and innovations of the industry to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Closing the Convention Center doors of the Kentucky Exposition Center behind him, Publisher L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach headed for Oklahoma to meet with the team doing the groundwork for a successful event in that state. “This is the world’s largest indoor manufactured housing event, and it promises to be one of the best yet,” Kovach says, adding that making it great requires intricate planning. “When you have some 30 homes and 50 booths, plus seminars, contests, incentives and much more, you have to plan for everything—that includes on-site registration, traffic flow, timing, security, ease of set-up and more.” The Great Southwest Home Show will be held April 28 to May 1 at the QuikTrip Center at Expo Square in Tulsa, Oklahoma. More behind the scenes details are available at: Registration information and other details are available at