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Video Interview Documents Quality of Sunshine Manufactured Homes

June 12th, 2015 Comments off

brent_bolding_and_LA_Tony_kovach_at_sunshine_homes__mhpronews_creditMHLIvingNews and MHProNews publisher L. A. “Tony” Kovach interviewed Brent Bolding, head of quality control at Sunshine Homes in Red Bay, Alabama. The interview documents the steps a manufactured home producer must go through in assuring the product is made correctly.

Bolding, a former self-employed businessman, now in his tenth year at Sunshine, says IBTS (Institute for Building Safety and Technology), a third-party contractor with HUD, comes in a couple of times a year to make sure the homes are built to federal standards. “A local inspector comes about every third or fourth day, depending upon our production. He does a report each week that he sends to HUD to let them know we are meeting the guidelines we are supposed to follow.

If he finds something that does not follow the standards, he can pull the label and stop production on that home until it is addressed. But Bolding says the company has been around long enough that that rarely happens. He says there is a check list for each floor that has to be fully filled out, and each house is thoroughly inspected before it is delivered.

I walk this factory front to back everyday looking for any possible violations,” says Bolding. “If I find something that is not right, we fix it right then, we don’t put it off until the next day. It makes us a better company.” As Kovach says, the goal is to make that home conform exactly to the order placed by the customer.

sunshine_home_employees_june_2015The sales slogan for the Packard automobile in its heyday was “Ask the man who owns one.” The same could be said of Sunshine Homes. The company CEO, John Bostick, the general manager and the line supervisor all live in Sunshine Homes. That speaks to the quality of their product.

Bolding says the employees are proud of what they do, they go above and beyond the federal standards to build a home as defect-free as possible. That quality assurance is critical to the HUD Code home buyer and to the overall MH industry. For the video interview, please click here. ##

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Dirty Water

October 2nd, 2012 Comments off

Widespread environmental management problems at 73 manufactured home communities led to the imposition of a $1,339,000 penalty for violating state and federal clean water and waste treatment statutes. All the communities are connected to Frank Perano of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, who has signed a consent decree to pay, pending court approval and a 30-day public comment period. The result of a multi-year investigation found 5,200 violations of state and EPA drinking water and sewage standards in 45 communities in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The various corporations of Perano have been cooperative, according to investigators, and have agreed to the required upgrades. As MSNBC tells MHProNews, a third-party environmental consultant will periodically perform quality control audits at the communities to assure compliance.

(Photo credit: Localism–Melody Lakes Country Cub Estates, one of the communities affected))

House Designed, Built on Site

August 29th, 2012 Comments off

Using a 3D computer model to design every aspect of a house, Facit Homes brings its high-tech machine to a site where it fabricates a digitally designed dwelling on the spot to the homeowners exact specifications, down to the placement of every electrical outlet. Gizmag tells MHProNews utilizing a compact computer controlled cutter to slice the engineered spruce plywood sheets to desired dimensions provides on-site quality control, predictability, cost effectiveness, speed, a low carbon footprint and flexibility. Claiming to be the first company in the world to digitally fabricate a home on site, each Facit home is airtight by virtue of a thermal envelope, and can be outfitted with a solar thermal system and photovoltaic panels. The 2,153 square foot home shown needs only four kW for the heating system.

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High-end Modular Hotels Down Under?

August 27th, 2012 Comments off

WaToday reports from Australia modular construction techniques have been used in mining camps and other remote areas to house workers, where materials and labor are expensive to import for onsite construction. Modular methods have also contributed to the development of public buildings and social infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and economy budget hotel chains. With room shortages being reported in most capital cities, the scale is tipping in favor of modular construction for larger high-end hotels due to the faster delivery, cost savings, greater quality control, and improved on site safety of current modular techniques. MHProNews has learned Australia could follow the lead of European hotels in reducing the shortage of desperately needed hotel stock.

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