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Presidents Day Facts and Video Quiz

February 18th, 2019 Comments off



In the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.

– Warren Buffett, per Industry Week.


That’s Buffett quote is one that our publisher agrees on 100 percent. MHProNews’ publisher was a multiple award-winning history major, in high school and college.  So, there are days like today that he likes to have fun shaking it up and testing a reader’s knowledge.

The video below describes some policy positions.  Then it asks, which party was the president who held those policy views?  Spoiler alert, the answers may surprise you.


Praeger University videos routinely takes up hot button questions, puts an expert or well-known person on camera familiar with the topic, and uses nettlesome facts – often politically incorrect ones – and then layers on still more fascinating and thought-provoking facts.

As political independents, we stress the following.

  • We respect the right of people to be in whatever political party they wish, or no political party.
  • The reason we are not affiliated with any political party is because each, in our view, has held policy positions that are problematic for America, and out of keeping with the best interests of the vast majority of Americans.
  • On affordable housing, we believe that is a non-partisan issue. Thus, we relish the opportunity to spotlight occasions when Democrats and Republicans come together on the issue of manufactured homes as an important solution that is hiding in plain sight.  An new example of that can be accessed by the linked text-image below.


Democrats, Republicans Agree – “Manufactured Homes Can Play a Vital Role in Easing” the Affordable Housing Shortage




Political Posturing

Politicians and political parties say and do things that are often a mix of accurate and inaccurate information. Thus, we believe and strive to practice the time-tested notion of separating “Wheat from Chaff.”

When a person, party, or other organization is spinning reality, that’s a warning sign.  If someone knowingly distorts reality on subject A, why are they to be trusted on another topic?

Distortions of history or facts are usually done with an agenda in mind.  Put simply, the agenda is often designed to benefit one group vs. another.

President John F. Kennedy’s economic platform worked, as did former Democrat, Ronald Reagan’s.  Set aside the lightening-rod hype on both sides about President Donald J. Trump – another former Democrat – and one sees some similarities between the economic policies of all three of those presidents.

Clearly, there were differences between those three leaders too.

Fake news has become such a common mantra that awareness of just how agenda-driven various news outlets are is thankfully becoming more commonplace.  The graphic below is one way to check the possible political views that influence their reports.



Full Measure’s Sharyl Attiksson’s media bias chart is useful in sorting out the agendas behind various headlines and news sources. 


Presidents are obviously people, and no president has been perfect.  But America has had some amazing leaders, that cross the left-right divide.

There is much to learn from these leaders.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

–        Theodore Roosevelt


Good public policy matters.

There is  no market report today, on Presidents Day. That’s tonight’s manufactured home “Industry News, Tips, and Views Pros Can Use,” © where We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)


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POTUS Speech: Public, Media, Markets Applaud

March 2nd, 2017 Comments off

Credit: NY Post.

Leading up to his speech to a joint session of Congress Tuesday evening, many were curious as to exactly how President Donald Trump would approach the moment and what his message would be.

Post speech, the responses, and where they came from, were quite interesting.

This will be a very well-received speech for Donald Trump,said MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow.

I think it’s fair to say it’s a product of expectations that he’s not seen as somebody who necessarily gives a good formal speech.”

According to The Hill, media analysts estimate 40 million to 45 million people watched the address Tuesday night.


Credits: The Hill, CBS This Morning.

He said from the beginning he was going to speak from his heart, and I certainly think he did that,said Gayle King of CBS This Morning.

I thought it was by far the best speech I’ve ever heard Donald Trump give,” said Chris Wallace of FOX News.

It was one of the best speeches in that setting I’ve ever heard any president give.


Polling from CBS News showed that viewers nationwide strongly approved of the President’s speech, with many Democrats joining Republicans in calling it “presidential” and positive in tone.

The polls also showed Republicans and Independents found the speech “unifying,” and the President gained support for his policy plans among viewers on the economy, immigration, terrorism, crime and Obamacare.


Credit: CBS News.

While half of Democrats reportedly found the speech “divisive,” about one-third of them also said President Trump was “specific” and “knowledgeable” in his speech, and there is agreement across party lines that he is trying to do what he said he’d do during the campaign.


Credit: NY Times.

During the speech, commentators, along with the Daily Business News, noticed the divide amongst the Democratic and Republic sides of the chamber. While this is usually standard fare, it should be noted that even in the moments where the President spoke about unity across party lines, that only a handful of Democratic representatives acknowledged the need.



The Markets Respond 

According to CNBC, President Trump’s speech hit a cord with the markets, as U.S. equities surged to all-time highs yesterday, with the Dow, S&P 500 and NASDAQ all posting their best days of the year.


Credit: Getty Images.

The major positive from the speech is he delivered on his ‘America first’ message, but he did so in a positive and uniting way,” said Zhiwei Ren, portfolio manager at Penn Mutual Asset Management.

If his message of ‘America first’ can succeed, this could be positive for the economy” in the near term.

The Dow finished the day up 303 points, with the NASDAQ, S&P 500 and Russell 2K index, and indicator of small and mid cap stocks, all gaining over one percent.

The speech’s tone has gone a long way for the market,” said Quincy Krosby, market strategist at Prudential Financial.

It assuaged fears that his agenda was not going to be able to be passed.


The MH Industry


Credit: MHProNews. Click here for Kovach’s full letter.

As Daily Business News readers are aware, a growing economy and more jobs, less regulations, and proposed changes to Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), are all reasons for Industry Optimism with respect to President Trump.

The Trump Administration has made it absolutely clear that one of its key priorities will be to reduce baseless regulatory burdens on American businesses that needlessly increase the cost of American products and undermine job creation,said MHARR President and CEO M. Mark Weiss.

Dr. Ben Carson, whose up/down vote as HUD Secretary is expected within the next few days, has been warmly greeted by MHARR, MHI and MHProNews, as a leader who grasps the manufactured housing industry’s importance to the realization of the American Dream.

I do see manufactured housing playing an important role in providing affordable housing in rural areas. I think it’s important to ensure HUD’s policies promote access to this valuable resource,” said Carson.

MHProNews and MHLivingNews publisher L.A. “Tony” Kovach penned an open letter to Dr. Carson, which is linked here.

For more responses from MH industry professionals on the election of President Trump, click here. ##


(Image credits are as shown above.)



RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.

Campaign 2016 – Hillary’s 911 and Manufactured Housing

September 13th, 2016 Comments off

Credit, New York Post, as seen on the Drudge Report.

Presidential campaigns often revolve around policies and personalities.  Related issues like character, health and others also arise.

Manufactured housing professionals mirror to some extent the views of the broader nation. There are Democrats, Libertarians, Independents and Republicans. Look hard enough, and a supporter of Jill Stein and her Green Party are sure to be found.

But the runways front runners are Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic Party’s nominee, and her billionaire businessman and political newcomer GOP rival, Donald J. Trump.

Just a month ago, Trump was being written off by pundits in the various political camps.

But the campaign shakeup that brought strategist Kellyanne Conway and Breitbart leader Steve Bannon in has resulted in more sharply focused messages by Trump, a sound live forum with his rival performance last week and a steady narrowing of the gap. The two – prior to 9-11 – where in a statistical dead-heat.

Because of the electoral college map, the advantage still favored Clinton, who supports positions such as retaining Dodd-Frank, ObamaCare, favoring higher taxes and more regulations.

But odds-makers in London, who can legally put their money on the line, now give a 5-4 edge to Donald Trump.

Trump, as MHProNews has previously reported, favors – repeal of Dodd-Frank, wants common sense regulations, lower taxes, to protect borders and American producers – aiming to create millions of jobs through strong private sector growth.

His son, Eric Trump has direct ties to factory built housing.  The former reality-TV star has addressed the NAHB in positive and well-reviewed terms, speaking to them as fellow builders.


Credit – headline, New York Times. 9.13.216.

The illary questions…

Rumors and speculation about Clinton’s health have dogged her for months. The near collapse on 9-11, prevented by others catching her as shown in the videos below, reveal that health – and a lack of transparency about health and other issues – are going to be campaign issues.


Credits, Twitter, Breitbart.

There are open mentions and backroom discussions about possible backup plans for Democrats if Clinton’s campaign starts to sink.


Credits, Twitter, Breitbart.

In what some say was a subdued response, Donald Trump has wished her a speedy recovery “I hope she gets well soon,” saying he looks forward to debating her in roughly two weeks.

New video with reverse angle, plus original view
– click to skip ad.

In the LATimes Daily Tracking poll, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump surged to a 3-point lead over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. Trump leads Clinton 45.8% to 42.8%, the largest lead the GOP nominee has had since Aug. 31 and a 4.4% spike since Sep. 11. ##

(Editor’s note – the GOP is advancing a pro-growth agenda, see Joe Dyton’s report, linked here.)

(Image credits as shown.)


L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach is the publisher of and

Submitted by L. A. “Tony” Kovach to the Daily Business News,

Rep. Jeb Hensarling Opens the Semi-annual CFPB Hearing

September 30th, 2015 Comments off

Jeb_Hensarling   wikipediaThe House Financial Services Committee (HFSC) tells MHProNews the committee’s chairman, Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), delivered an opening statement in advance of the hearing on the semi-annual report of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) with CFPB Director Richard Cordray.

Noting a recent series of hearings before the HFSC revealed how the Dodd-Frank Act, and its spawning of the CFPB, has harmed consumers and low-income Americans, Hensarling said the big banks are bigger and many smaller banks no longer exist, which has stifled competition, reduced consumer choices, and resulted in higher prices. Moreover, it has reduced access to mortgages, bank accounts and credit cards, making it more difficult for low-income Americans to achieve financial independence.

Rep. Hensarling says it is presumptuous for one person, who is not accountable to Congress or potus, to decide whether small dollar, short-term loans will be available to low income Americans. Referring to Director Cordray, Rep. Hensarling says, One man will decide whether he will permit Americans to resolve contract disputes more efficiently outside of the courts or allow the regulatory capture of his bureau by wealthy and litigious trial attorneys.

He says it is “insulting, degrading and an affront to social justice” that low-income Americans cannot be trusted to make decisions for themselves, or have the right to make their own financial choices.

He says, “Today they find themselves at the mercy of an arrogant, overgrown, distant and unaccountable Washington bureaucracy. Instead of the equal protection offered by the impartial rule of law, they are today dictated to by the arbitrary rule of regulators, and Exhibit Number One is the CFPB director.

He says it is essential to reform the CFPB in order to allow consumers the opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve financial freedom. ##

(Editor’s Note: Congressman Hensarling’s comments in many ways echoes those in the video interview with MH Finance expert, Marty Lavin, the video is posted in the article linked here).

(Photo credit: wikipediacommons–Rep. Jeb Hensarling)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.