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Modular Designer begins in U. S., Flourishes in Canada

July 4th, 2013 Comments off

Hive Modular of Minneapolis suffered mightily during the recession, but the company has been growing in Canada, enough to have three locations: Altona in Manitoba, Toronto, and one will be set to the east in Quebec. Hive started as a “night job” in 2005 by Paul Stankey and two friends, and has produced 25 custom homes. As MHProNews reported Sept. 21, 2012, a highly energy efficient, 2,075 square foot green house with three bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths was sited in Calgary for around $160 a foot. Hive offers custom made modulars to fit lot sizes and conditions, and the modules arrive on site complete: Painted drywall, electricals, fireplace, flooring, windows and kitchen. One feature offered by Hive is Plyboo cabinets—plywood-like material but made from bamboo with exposed edges that resemble marquetry. According to the globeandmail, one customer says, “You’d start getting pictures and half your house was built.”

(Photo credit: Paul Stankey/theglobeandmail)

Materials sometimes Lacking for Home-building

June 24th, 2013 Comments off

Shortages of building materials may be significant in holding holding back a more robust return of the housing market, says the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Chief Economist David Crowe. According to a builders survey, 22 percent reported short supplies of oriented strand board (OSB), 20 percent said wall board, and plywood and framing lumber each noted an 18 percent shortage. On the lumber dealer side, shortages were more pronounced except for the wall board: OSB and plywood were in 37 to 38 percent short supply, framing lumber was 36 unavailable, and 12 percent reported shortages of wallboard. Not counting concrete products, almost double the number of lumber dealers than builders reported a price increase in the last six months. Builders said the cost of materials for a house rose, on average, 5.17 percent, while as MHProNews has learned, the lumbermen said their prices increased ten percent average.

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MH Component Maker Expanding

January 28th, 2013 Comments off

WoodworkingNetwork reports Okaply Industries, a producer of plywood, vinyl laminated panels, MDF, particleboard and mouldings for the manufactured housing and commercial modular industries, is opening a fully-equipped moulding dept. at its facility in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Based in Opa, Quebec, just north of Montreal, Okaply opened the plant in Calgary in April, 2012 to better service its western Canada customers. MHProNews has learned Okaply is celebrating its 46th year in business.

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Modular Mini House Assembles Quickly

August 30th, 2012 Comments off

Gizmag tells MHProNews the Mini House from Sweden is a prefabricated modular home that arrives flat-packed and can be assembled in two days. Creator Jonas Wagell says all the modules can be recycled or combusted except the sliding glass door that opens on to the terrace, which gives a larger living space to these homes that are currently used as summer getaways in Scandinavia. The polystyrene core is clad with plastic laminate or plywood for insulation and the windows have no trim. Designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, on the drawing board are modular kitchens and bathrooms for a larger model that will also have photovoltaic cells as an option, as well as attachable modules for additional space.

(Photo credit: Lars Petter Petersen/Gizmag)

Canadian Component Manufacturer Goes West

April 11th, 2012 Comments off has learned from Calgary, Alberta, Canada Okaply Industries has opened a new factory in Calgary. Based in Oka, Quebec, just north of Montreal, Okaply manufactures pre-finished gypsum, MDF, plywood, particleboard, shelving and moulding for the manufactured and modular housing industries. The company services clients in Canada, parts of the U.S., Chile, Argentina, and Peru. In business for 46 years, HoustonChronicle says the company also purchased robotic feeds for their lamination production lines in Okla and in Calgary. Company president Craig Starke says, “We are one of the companies in the supply chain that is benefiting from the rise in commodity prices for raw materials such as oil, and precious metals. Setting up shop in Calgary is part of our plan to be closer to our customers and grow our business.”

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