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Plans for Floating Modular Cities, “Seasteading” is Becoming Reality

December 20th, 2017 Comments off

FloatingModularCitiesSeasteadingYouTubeDailyBuinessNewsManufacturedModularHousingMHProNEwsThe billionaire founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, is one of the driving forces behind the Seasteading Institute, which has announced it has struck a deal that can yield the first floating city by 2020.

The Drudge Report, Britain’s Daily Mail and a host of media are covering the announcement that this first semi-autonomous floating city-state, will be built in the Pacific Ocean, off the island of Tahiti.

Floating islands would feature aquaculture farms, healthcare, medical research facilities, and sustainable energy powerhouses,” per the Daily Mail.

The videos shown are by the Seasteading institute.  They don’t specify that the housing will be modular, but a related article on Wikipedia stated that modular construction is what will be used.

The nonprofit Seasteading Institute, which hopes to “liberate humanity from politicians,” stated the Daily Mail.  What are the odds of that happening?

Its founders point to the Kevin Costner movie, WaterWorld, as part of the inspiration for the environmentally sustainable plans.

A feasibility report by Dutch engineering firm Deltasync said the square and pentagon platforms would measure 164ft (50metres) in length and they would have 164 ft-tall (50 metre) sides to protect buildings and residents,” per the Daily Mail.

From 250 to 300 people will be the first residents, and the platforms that will hold the structures are projected to last for up to 100 years.

Theil was a noted supporter of then candidate Donald J. Trump in the 2016 election cycle. ## (News, analysis, commentary.)

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Developer Plans to help MHC Residents Transition

April 21st, 2017 Comments off

A view inside the Chesterfield Mobile Home Park. Credit: STL Today.

Just outside of St. Louis, Missouri, a developer is dealing with the reality that sometimes, trying to do the right thing isn’t always enough.

In a story the Daily Business News originally covered here, the city of Chesterfield’s only manufactured home community, Chesterfield Mobile Home Park, had rumors swirling about a potential sale of the community, and the development of almost 300 apartments where it currently sits.

According to STL Today, Mike Lang, who leads developer Amerwest Development LLC of West Palm Beach, Fla., wants to minimize disruption of the families in the community and provide the help necessary for residents to transition should his bid to buy the site go through.

We would be as equitable as possible,” said Lang.

I’m sensitive to the fact that they’re there. I’m not interested in creating huge upheaval.”

The area has become a hot bed for developers, as large companies such as Monsanto, Bunge, Reinsurance Group of America and Pfizer are building new employment centers in Chesterfield. The city is one of the region’s most affluent suburbs.

Yes, we’re going to disrupt people’s lives,” said Lang. “But the question is: Am I going to do it, is someone else going to do it?”


Credit: Google.

With zoning hearings coming in the near future, Lang’s ability to purchase the community is still far from a done deal. And some residents in the community are gearing up for a fight.

Some residents gathered last week at one of those zoning hearings at Chesterfield City Hall to state their case.

We’re trying to get a solid front,” said Edward Ernstrom, a chiropractor who has lived in the community for 10 years. “They didn’t give us a whole lot of time to mobilize.”

Ernstrom says that many of his neighbors may struggle to afford another home in town.

There’s people there that don’t have an exit plan,” said Ernstrom. “That was the living style they could afford.”

Ernstrom also said that while community residents understood that something like this might happen because they don’t own the land under their homes, he wants to see some form of compensation to help residents relocate.

As situations like the one in Chesterfield continue to play out around the country, leaders in the manufactured housing industry provided MHProNews their take.

jay-hamiltong-executive-director-georgia-manufactured-housing-association-gmha-posted-mhpronews-com(1) (1)

Jay Hamilton, credit, MHProNews.

As communities become surrounded and engulfed by restaurants, Hilton Hotels, stadiums, big box stores, airports, residential and commercial developments,” Jay Hamilton, Georgia Manufactured Housing Associations’ executive director told MHProNews, “property taxes begin exceeding the total revenue from renting spaces.”

The struggle over community owner’s property rights vs. land-lease community resident rights continues. Equity LifeStyle Communities Chairman Sam Zell’s view, published exclusively on MHProNews on that topic, are linked here.

In commenting on such cases, ROC USA President Paul Bradley told MHProNews,  “How can we promote homeownership and sell new homes on leased land and at the same time close communities? It’s like selling tickets to a zoo where ‘only 1 in a 100 are eaten by the lions!’”

paul bradley roc usa founder cedit

Paul Bradley. photo credit: Fosters.

Bradley believes that the community sector should identify those communities that may be subject to closure and redevelopment, and differentiate them between those land-lease locations that have no plans to be anything but a manufactured home community. See his statement, linked here. ##


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RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

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Planning Board Reviews Manufactured Home Community Expansion

April 20th, 2017 Comments off

Credit: Village Soup.

In Belfast, Maine, members of the city’s planning board are reviewing plans to expand a manufactured home community.

According to Village Soup, the community is owned by Connecticut Property Management and sits on 22 total acres. The community currently has 21 homes, and the proposed expansion would create 31 additional homesites.

As a part of the expansion plans, Connecticut Property Management has committed to upgrading existing utilities, including water, sewer and electric services. They would also develop an estimated 22,000-square-foot recreational area with picnic tables and grills, which would be made available to residents.

The sewer system would drain to a private wastewater system pumping station within the park [sic], which would then direct the waste to a city-owned pumping station at the intersection of Congress Street and Airport Road,” said Tom Fowler, the project’s engineer.

The expansion will also require constructing nearly 2,100 linear feet of new road to serve the additional lots in the park [sic].

Fowler also explained that the expansion would impact about a third of the five acres of wetlands on the property. Maine Department of Environmental Protection and Army Corps of Engineers are reviewing an application for a permit to disturb the wetlands, along with one addressing storm water management. A decision is expected in mid June.

Credit: Google.

Connecticut Property Management says it does not plan to develop all of the new sites at once, but instead will do it in stages.

Planning board members were generally in agreement with the plan as presented, and said that they would not require Connecticut Property Management to conduct a traffic study. No one addressed the plans during the public comment period.

The application is expected to face additional scrutiny at a future meeting in late May.

It’s been a long time – almost 30 years – since the city fielded a a mobile home park [sic] application,” said City Planner Wayne Marshall.

In the early 1990s, the state mandated that towns identify areas where mobile home parks [sic] are allowed.” ##


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RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

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Factory Goes Modular – Plans Thousands of Homes

April 12th, 2017 Comments off

Credit: The Telegraph.

In the U.K., a prefab bonanza is taking place, and another company has decided to get in on the action.

According to the Telegraph, a Docklands factory will be the first of its kind in London, and will eventually provide 3,000 new modular homes.

As the Daily Business News covered here, the U.K. Government has been focused on prefab housing as a practical way to solve the nations housing crisis. Modular homes can be built in sections and then assembled quickly on site. Currently, around 15,000 new homes are produced this way each year.

Developer First Base has announced that it has brought on the global engineering consultancy firm Aecom to help with plans for modular homes, and the factory would deliver homes up to nine months faster than traditional site built homes in the country.

The company says that their factory is expected to become operational later in the year, producing two-bedroom homes.


Credits: Companies, England Net.

The Daily Business News has covered modular and prefab housing in the U.K. extensively, including China National Building Material Company (CNBM), Barcelona Housing Systems and U.K. housing association Your Housing Group (YHG) joining forces to build six prefab factories that will deliver 25,000 energy efficient homes per year by 2022. That story is linked here.

Also active is insurance giant Legal & General, which owns a modular housing factory capable of building 3,000 homes per year in Leeds, U.K., and has been active in the manufactured, modular and prefab industries, including increasing its stake in builder Cavco Industries.

Speaking on the Farmer Report by Cast CEO Mark Farmer in November, which called out modular housing as a solution to the U.K. housing crisis, Paul Stanworth, managing partner at Legal & General, commented on the company’s plans.

This review sets out a clear way for the construction sector to reinvent itself in order to meet the ever-growing demand for homes and infrastructure,” said Stanworth.


Paul Sanworth. Credit: UK Infrastructure Investment.

Legal & General is helping to address this problem by investing in a modern factory to produce homes using manufacturing processes seen in the production of cars and other consumer goods.

This construction method is safe, clean, and fast, providing a high level of consistency and durability. We sincerely hope that Farmer’s review galvanizes the entire sector to invest in innovation and secure its future.

For more on Legal & General’s plans, click here. ##


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RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

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Buffett Supports Trump Picks, Soros Has Other Ideas

January 23rd, 2017 Comments off

Credit: Newsmax.

As President Donald Trump enters his first full week of office, his cabinet picks remain the front and center topics of discussion.

But, there’s one well-known mogul who sees them as the right choices.

I overwhelmingly support President-elect Donald Trump’s choices for cabinet positions,” said Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett.

Buffett made the comments last week at the premiere of a documentary about his life.

I feel that way no matter who is president. The CEO — which I am — should have the ability to pick people that help you run a place.

Buffett then doubled down on the CEO comment.

If they fail, then it’s your fault and you got to get somebody new,” said Buffett.

Maybe you change cabinet members or something.

While Buffett supported Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during the election and called President Trump out regarding his tax returns, once the election was over Buffett told CNN that people could disagree with the president-elect, but he “deserves everybody’s respect.

According to Newsmax, Trump’s popularity is the worst for an incoming president in at least four decades, with just 40 percent of Americans saying they have a favorable impression of him, according to a Washington Post-ABC poll published January 17th.

Buffett doesn’t believe that matters very much.

It’s what you go out with that counts – 20, 50 years later what people feel you’ve achieved.” Said Buffett.


A Stark Contrast


George Soros at Davos. Credit: CNBC.

Another mogul has a vastly different idea.

Billionaire George Soros also supported Hillary Clinton, to the tune of almost $10 million to super PACs. Additionally, Soros has also been connected to the funding of Black Lives Matter and other organizations.

Over the weekend at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Soros made his position crystal clear.

I personally am convinced that he is going to fail,” said Soros.

Failure will come not because of people like me who would like him to fail, but because his ideas that guide him are inherently self-contradictory and the contradictions are already embodied by his advisors.

Soros then elaborated on his comments.

I have described him as an impostor and a con man and a would-be dictator,” said Soros.

But he’s only a would-be dictator because I’m confident that the Constitution and the institutions of the United States are strong enough. He would be a dictator if he could get away with it, but he won’t be able to.

Most recently, Soros has been connected to over 50 groups that he has either funded or has close ties with who participated in the “Women’s March on Washington.”


Asra Q. Nomani. Credit: Washington Post.

Soros has funded, or has close relationships with, at least 56 of the march’s ‘partners,’ including ‘key partners’ Planned Parenthood, which opposes Trump’s anti-abortion policy, and the National Resource Defense Council, which opposes Trump’s environmental policies,” said Asra Q. Nomani, a former Wall Street Journal reporter.

The other Soros ties with ‘Women’s March’ organizations include the partisan (which was fiercely pro-Clinton), the National Action Network (which has a former executive director lauded by Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett as ‘a leader of tomorrow’ as a march co-chair and another official as “the head of logistics”). Other Soros grantees who are ‘partners’ in the march are the American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.


Credit: NBC News.

Nomani, an immigrant of the Muslim faith, voted for Donald Trump and received national media attention.

Impact of Trump Administration on MHVille

While the pro-Hillary Clinton side of the media spotlights the Soros-backed “rent-a-riot” protests, businesses are planning on investing billions more in the U.S., based upon President Trump’s economic policies.  Tim Williams told MHProNews that, “I am deeply encouraged that less than 24 hours into President Trump’s term, he has frozen new, potentially burdensome regulations.”  For his full comments, click here.

MHARR CEO, M. Mark Weiss, JD, told MHProNews similar thoughts, see the story, linked here.

As Daily Business News readers are aware, Berkshire Hathaway is the parent company to Clayton Homes, 21st Mortgage, Vanderbilt Mortgage and other factory-built housing industry suppliers.

For the most recent closing numbers on all Berkshire Hathaway – and all MH industry-connected tracked stocks – please click here.  ##

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RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

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Complaints Continue in Ireland about Delays on Modular Homes

March 8th, 2016 Comments off

Dublin_protesters__homeless_modular_housing_ballymun__rte_dot_ei__creditFollowing a story MHProNews has reported on numerous times, the last being March 3, 2016, about Dublin, Ireland’s plans to erect 500 modular homes in several different areas of the city to house the growing number of homeless families, one Councillor had harsh words to say about the delays.

Slamming the Department of Environment for the 22 homes for Ballymun that were supposed to be ready by Christmas as part of the first step, but now will not be ready until next month, according to player.98fm, Councillor Cieran Perry said, “The simple solution of building 22 modular houses in Ballymun can’t be completed given some rubbish excuse about a one day protest holding it up until the end of March is absolutely ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous!”

As MHProNews reported Jan. 26, 2016, inclement weather and physical threats against some of the staff and the equipment also played a part in the delay. ##

(Photo credit:rte.ei--protesters stop work at the Ballymun site in Dublin, Ireland)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.