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The Apprentice – Proper Understanding, Planning, and Execution – Monday Morning Manufactured Home Marketing and Sales Meeting

April 30th, 2018 Comments off

Do you want the welder with one class worth of experience, or do you want the welder trained under and expert, and who’s been an apprentice for several months, or a year?  Doesn’t more training produce better work and results?

Let’s summarize what clear data (facts), Frank Rolfe, and MHVillage’s Darren Krolewski statements should be informing all manufactured housing professionals, owners and investors.


Modern manufactured homes are widely misunderstood. If this weren’t true, you’d be selling many times more manufactured homes at your location(s) than is currently true.

That summary is an important element to understanding how to grow sales in your local market. For the details per Frank, Darren and the relevant data, click here.

Because the problem – ignorance, prejudice, bias, NIMBY, and misunderstanding are well known – the highly profitable solution becomes clear. It’s simple, yet profound.

The solution is market-based, local-level educational efforts. 

Education must be on two levels. Professional education, plus the education of the public including  opinion influencers. 

Well qualified home buyers, which routinely describes those buying conventional housing, shop for weeks or months (sometimes, years) before making a decision.  They may only call, message, or come out to look after they’ve been doing their homework online or doing drive-by-looks for weeks or months. That means your online strategy must account for that reality. 

For the personal engagement with consumers, if you handle them professionally, they may make what seems to be rapid decision. But remember – in fact, they’ve been shopping for quite some time.  If they come to you, that often means you have to screw up to not sell them. 

So don’t screw up.

Every location that wants to grow sustainably needs one or more apprentices. 

The investment in the correct online, video, and sales coaching/training is tiny compared to the ROI.  It’s common sense.  It’s honorable and ethical, and thus sustainable. Once understood, its less stress than many current sales models. To learn more, click or call.  To see the relevant data and comments from Frank, and Darren, click the link below. ## (Marketing, research, educational, data, analysis and commentary.) 

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Planning Board Reviews Manufactured Home Community Expansion

April 20th, 2017 Comments off

Credit: Village Soup.

In Belfast, Maine, members of the city’s planning board are reviewing plans to expand a manufactured home community.

According to Village Soup, the community is owned by Connecticut Property Management and sits on 22 total acres. The community currently has 21 homes, and the proposed expansion would create 31 additional homesites.

As a part of the expansion plans, Connecticut Property Management has committed to upgrading existing utilities, including water, sewer and electric services. They would also develop an estimated 22,000-square-foot recreational area with picnic tables and grills, which would be made available to residents.

The sewer system would drain to a private wastewater system pumping station within the park [sic], which would then direct the waste to a city-owned pumping station at the intersection of Congress Street and Airport Road,” said Tom Fowler, the project’s engineer.

The expansion will also require constructing nearly 2,100 linear feet of new road to serve the additional lots in the park [sic].

Fowler also explained that the expansion would impact about a third of the five acres of wetlands on the property. Maine Department of Environmental Protection and Army Corps of Engineers are reviewing an application for a permit to disturb the wetlands, along with one addressing storm water management. A decision is expected in mid June.

Credit: Google.

Connecticut Property Management says it does not plan to develop all of the new sites at once, but instead will do it in stages.

Planning board members were generally in agreement with the plan as presented, and said that they would not require Connecticut Property Management to conduct a traffic study. No one addressed the plans during the public comment period.

The application is expected to face additional scrutiny at a future meeting in late May.

It’s been a long time – almost 30 years – since the city fielded a a mobile home park [sic] application,” said City Planner Wayne Marshall.

In the early 1990s, the state mandated that towns identify areas where mobile home parks [sic] are allowed.” ##


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RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

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