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Dramatic Reversal, City Passes Urgency Ordinance Effectively Banning Manufactured Homes, Front & Back Stories

February 26th, 2019 Comments off



The message below was sent from MHProNews publisher, L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, was sent this morning to Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) General Counsel, Rick Robinson, JD.


Several MHI members, and independents were among those BCC’d in this message.


The email below was sent to MHI SVP and General Counsel, Rick Robinson. Photo provided under fair use guidelines for media.


— Email to MHI VP and General Counsel, Rick Robinson —


Subject Line: Rick, on or off the record, your thoughts for publication on this MH issue please


Rick, if you have 15 minutes? 

Then read:



MHI was no where to be found in this matter. Nor were the state execs.  We asked, locals answered. The facts are what they are.

In about 2 days of mostly electronic efforts, the city went from banning manufactured homes, to reversing themselves.

On or off the record, I’d like your reaction. Email for our accuracy in handling.

Please note that there are several BCCs, including MHI members. We plan to do a write up, perhaps as soon as midafternoon, so a prompt reply is welcome.

If you can’t reply by then, and we publish first, you or MHI are welcome to provide a reaction to our reports, for the record.

Thank you,


L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach||


—end of message —


To our professional readers, investors and those Cavco Industries (CVCO) pursuing plaintiff’s attorneys. Ponder this question. MHI purportedly postures action, but where is the evidence of their results?

Read this local media report first, then read the article which outlines some of the motivations that sparked the dramatic reversal of the city officials. That tells a tale that should remind manufactured home industry pros a similar reveal to what occurred in Washington, IN last year. The city officials are quoted on-the-record in the linked article above.

If MHProNews’ publisher – in concert with aligned nonprofits – could accomplish a dramatic reversal in two days of mostly electronic communications, why can’t MHI routinely do the same?


See related reports, below the bylines and notices.



MHProNews looks at the facts, considers the sources, and follows the evidence. Earlier last year, and for years before, MHI routinely replied promptly to all of our inquiries. But since we’ve spotlighted various problems and concerns, they’ve gone silent. Why? If the facts are on their side, why not make offer a cogent explanation?


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MH Dealer Bill Passes House – What Does it Mean?

March 2nd, 2017 Comments off

The Indiana State Capitol building. Credit: Shutterstock.

In the great state of Indiana, a bill recently passed in the state house regarding manufactured housing dealerships that has a rather interesting twist.

House Bill 1119 was passed 94-0, and it places Manufactured Housing Dealers back into Indiana law.

According to the Indiana Manufactured Housing Association (IMHA), State Representatives Doug Miller (R-Elkhart) and Wes Culver (R-Goshen) co-authored the bill that moves dealers from their “voluntary status” to one that is recognized in Indiana statute under the Indiana Secretary of State Dealer Services Division.

Previously, manufactured home dealers were considered in statute, when the dealer services division was under the control of Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

When the division was moved to the Secretary of State, dealers still existed but dealer licenses were only voluntary.

The IMHA says that the bill became necessary because the industry has drastically changed the way that it sells homes, and manufacturers are now requiring those who sell their homes to be licensed dealers.


Credit: Manufactured Homes Directory.

In the past, manufactured homes were sold by dealerships with large inventories like an auto dealer, but now the vast majority of homes are sold in communities rather than from a dealer lot.

MHProNews has observed that nationally, the majority of manufactured homes are still sold by retailers, although the percentage going into communities has been rising for several years, often as rental units for larger MHC portfolio owners.

But in Indiana, the number of independent retailers plummeted after the 2008 crisis. For more insight, we reached out to IMHA Executive Director Ronald L. Breymier.

This legislation will only apply to Indiana, and yes, Indiana has very few traditional MH retailers left. The majority of MHs sold in Indiana are sold through manufactured housing communities,” said Breymier.


Photo credit:

As mentioned in the article, this changed sales environment requires state administrative adjustment to reflect the physical location of the ‘dealership’ selling from communities.

Those few that still operate as traditional dealers will still be operating in that fashion, but there will likely be different rules and regulations and requirements adopted to distinguish ‘in community sales centers’ from traditional MH dealerships. This is an initiative pushed and supported by our association.

Due to the evolution in business practice, Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson began working with the IMHA to prepare a rule that would reflect changes of this type.

The challenge that prompted the bill, however, was when the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) told the Secretary of State that dealers must be in statute before they can approve the rule. Therefore, IMHA had HB 1119 introduced to rectify the situation.

With the recent vote, the bill now moves on to the Senate Committee on Commerce for a hearing on March 9th.

Once the bill is approved, the Secretary of State will pursue administrative rule changes to modify the business requirements for manufactured homes sold by dealers located in manufactured housing communities. ##


(Image credits are as shown above.)



RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.