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“Trailer Parks,” Presidential Candidate, Prior HUD Secretary Julian Castro on MH Community Operators, Residents Not Knowing Their Rights

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If you don’t think that manufactured housing could become a 2020 campaign issue, as part of the broader affordable housing debate or otherwise, then the video below is just one of several reasons why it could be.  Perhaps even why it should be.



Credit, Wikipedia. Note that MHProNews coverage of a candidate at this stage should not be construed as an endorsement. However, MHProNews will later discern and recommend specific candidates in each of the major parties that we think is the best candidate from that party for our industry and consumer’s interests.

Don’t forget what the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver viral hit “Mobile Homes” video launched – and revealed.

For example, as an upcoming report will reflect, the word heard from statehouses to Washington, D.C. is that the HBO satirical assault on specific manufactured home firms is sparking political debate.

That storm cloud could spell problems for manufactured home industry independents. And with HUD Code shipments already down, for 7 straight months.  It begs the question, will the Oliver video have an impact sales too? What is certain is that ignoring the political warning signs that could become business impacts is not an option for savvy professionals and investors.

In that context, at a minimum, this first video below is a reminder that affordable housing is an ongoing issue. Manufactured homes have a role to play in that scenario. Prior HUD Secretary Julian Castro acknowledged that in the video in his own words.



Castro did not put down manufactured homes, even though he could have done so in this agenda-driven video interview. At the same time, Castro raised issues that are not so different than the ones John Oliver’s errantly namedMobile Homes video raised.



You must meet people where they are. Terminology must be taught and caught. Make a habit of using the correct terminology. Share correct terminology with others, because it matters.



The terminology matters because
the terminology determines the
construction standards a home was
built to,” Steve Duke, LMHA.


Castro’s Favors to MHVille?

It may sound odd from a pro-industry publication, but former Secretary Castro may have done the industry a dark favor, by speaking out frankly on topics that Oliver’s “Mobile Homes” has made an issue too.  ICYMI, or need a refresher on the background to the Oliver video, see the report linked below.


Prosperity Now, Nonprofits Sustain John Oliver’s “Mobile Homes” Video in Their Reports


What will the manufactured home industry’s independents and other leaders do to fix the harmful stereotypes and vexing problems?

In the Manufactured Housing Institute’s (MHI) favor, and to their ‘credit,’ they obtained the Castro video below, while he was HUD Secretary.  It should be married up with the OZY Media video, above, compared and contrasted.



Note that MHProNews coverage of a candidate at this stage of the 2020 race should not be construed as an endorsement. However, MHProNews will later discern and recommend specific candidates in each of the major parties that we think is the best candidate from that party for our industry and consumer’s interests. If significant independent candidates enter the 2020 White House race – such as Howard Schultz – we likewise reserve the right to discern and potentially endorse an independent in the race for 2020. Rephrased, we expect to have a candidate among Democrats that we will say is the apparent best from that party for the interests of the MH industry and consumers perspective. We expect one candidate from the GOP, and possibly one from independents and/or minor parties. That will maximize manufactured housing’s independents and MH homeowners potential influence on the 2020 race.

That said, why didn’t the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) successfully and sufficiently engage back then with Secretary Castro to get him to use correct terminology in a video like this?  That’s but one of several possible questions.  Frankly, the terminology is arguably less Castro’s miss than MHI’s.  Why?

Recall, it is MHI that claims to represent all segments of factory-built housing.  They have taken on the mantle of the industry’s post-production national trade association.  That makes it their job.  They should do their job properly, change their claims, or get out of the way.

MHI also claim to be promoting the industry and regulatory conditions in their IRS Form 990 filings. Those IRS forms are 990s are signed by Richard ‘Dick’ Jennison under penalties of perjury.

The Castro video was obtained years ago.  Is that more than enough time to post it on the MHI website?



The HUD Secretary Ben Carson speech has been missing from the MHI website, but so too is this one from HUD Secretary Castro. Doesn’t this once more prove the point of equally controversial Frank Rolfe?


Rolfe is a prominent – and controversial – MHI member.


This is the tip of a proverbial iceberg. Will enough MHVille professionals learn from the 2009 fiasco?



For a more complete understanding of the issues at play, and for a new report that goes in depth on a public site that you can share with others, see the link here and below the byline and notices.  During an affordable housing crisis, MHI is seemingly asleep at the switch as manufactured home shipments have dropped for 7 straight months. These are reality checks – stark wake up calls.



As a pro-ethical growth, pro-industry, pro-consumer trade publisher that is the runaway #1 in manufactured housing, it seems apparent after years of mild to modest challenges that question MHI’s leadership, that more direct and serious efforts are arguably needed. See the related reports below for more insights and details.


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Ozy Media’s ‘Trailer House Nation,’ Corrections Needed

May 7th, 2015 Comments off

pine_haven_mhc_charlotte_buchen__ozy__5__15The Pine Haven manufactured home community (MHC) in Moss Bluff, Louisiana in the southwestern part of the state (just north of Lake Charles) has been sold and the 35 homes, some of which appear to have been built before the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) established standards for their construction in 1976, have to be moved. Some of them likely cannot endure the stress of being hoisted onto a flatbed truck.

Professional MH mover Kathie Clement and her staff have come to the community to move all the homes. Some of the residents have found other communities for relocation, others are still making phone calls. The background music in the five minute video is turgid, the commentator’s voice is woeful and fraught with foreboding, and the script says “Pine Haven residents, like nearly half the mobile home residents in America today, own their home, but not the land beneath it,” according to ozy’s “The Great Eviction. In fact, two-thirds of all residents of manufactured homes own the land on which their homes sit.

Article author Shannon Sims says in Louisiana landlords can evict residents within five days, “and while the time periods are greater in some other states, nearly all of the nation’s 20 million mobile home dwellers are in a similarly precarious situation.” Some states require community owners to give a year’s notice. In any case,”nearly all of the nation’s 20 million…” is blatantly false, since two-thirds own their land.

She also states “almost no one has expertise or even knows much about mobile home law.” She certainly has not done her research. Community owners, for one, generally know the laws that affect their communities, as do many city and county officials, MH inspectors, and lawyers who practice in areas where manufactured homes are prevalent. Sims appeal is obviously to those who do not know.

The community owner sold the land for $600,000, and the residents have been given ten days to move. Mark Judson, executive director of the Southwest Louisiana Law Center in Lake Charles, says they have no alternative but to leave. He agrees Louisiana law is stiff. “Even wealthy people would have a hard time moving in 30 days. And here they’re getting 10,” he says.

The residents of Pine Haven eventually received several more weeks in which to move. Sims calls it an “eviction,” implying the residents have not paid their $145 monthly site rent, or have some legal right to the land. “Evictions like these are quietly becoming more common across the country,” she states without any documentation to back it up. Nor does she seek the definition of the word in a dictionary.

Meanwhile, as MHPronews posted in a story Dec. 25, 2013, the Lake Charles area is beginning to boom as the South African company, Sasol Ltd., will build an ethane cracker and gas-to-liquids facility near Westlake. Sims adds that the petrochemical industry is bringing many high-paying natural gas fracking jobs in East Texas to the area.

The author’s tale of low income people being forced to move from their neighborhood is sad, but the appeal to heart-tug drama and the inaccuracies in her story do not lend themselves to quality journalism. For an attempt to set the record straight, please click here. ##

(Photo credit: ozy/Charlotte Buchen–Pine Haven MHC)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.