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Manufactured Housing Association Benefits Survey

September 26th, 2017 Comments off

Photo provided by Andrea Reichman upon MHProNews request.

The Ohio Manufactured Home Association (OMHA) tells MHProNews about their new survey of members that asks some key questions, including:

  • what association benefits do you currently use,
  • and what benefits would you like to see that aren’t currently offered?

This is an interesting topic for consideration, not just for OMHA, but for any association – or potential association.

P.E.P. = The Heart of a Good Association?

An award-winning association executive told MHProNews some time ago that every good association focuses on three core principles:

  • Protect,
  • Educate, and
  • Promote.


Beyond those 3 core focal issues, the OMHA survey asked their members about the following:



Credit, OMHA.

MHProNews would be interested in hearing from not only OMHA members, but that of any association on what benefits professionals believe are the most useful in the manufactured housing industry.  While it may include those items noted above, there are numerous others that could be mentioned too.


To report a news tip, click the image above or send an email to – To help us spot your message in our volume of email, please put the words NEWS TIP in the subject line.

Please use the link above for News Tips and include in your subject line, “Good MH Association Benefits.” ## (News, Analysis.)

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Fearful Residents Ask, “Are There Murderers Living Here?”

June 21st, 2017 Comments off

OakLawnMobileHomeArsonMurderPoliceArrestGerardoAlonsoCrimeReportsDataResearchDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsThe Chicago Tribune reported earlier this month on a suspicious fire in an Oak Lawn manufactured home community. Two deaths were reported.

When law enforcement ruled the matter an alleged case of arson, it made the deaths apparent murders.

Are there murderers here?” – resident Mary Grochola said, per the Tribune, “A lot of people have children, and they’re scared.”

Cook County’s medical examiner’s office ruled the deaths of the mobile home occupants as homicides caused by a gruesome combination of thermal injuries from an incendiary fire, plus sharp-force injuries.

While local media played the incident up, couldn’t this sort of mayhem happen almost anywhere?

Management was contacted and asked to comment for this story, but has not responded as of publication time. The community projects itself as a quiet, family owned property, “where residents stay and second generations return.”


Deadly Tragedy was in a True Mobile Home, not a Manufactured Home

Given the hoopla taking place in Ohio over pre-and-post code homes and fires, MHProNews decided to dig into details of this case. The visual evidence suggests that the blaze was in a true pre-code, mobile home.  Regular MHLivingNews and Daily Business News readers know that pre-code mobile homes have a much higher incidence of fire than conventional housing or manufactured homes.

FireArsonAccelerantsInterFireGasOrOtherFuelsUsedINArsonpostedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsBut given that the fire was apparently arson, it could have been a multi-million dollar house with fire suppression equipment in Chicagoland’s highest price neighborhood, since“accelerants were apparently put to their destructive – and in this case, deadly – use.


Other photos from the community in question.

Murderous Motives?

They weren’t fighting or nothing. They were just sitting up there having a nice time,” Grochola said.

She said the community’s residents were tight knit and often left their doors unlocked, which suggested that the property had little normal reported crime.  “Everybody takes their keys and locks up (now).” she said.

They were good guys. Good neighbors,” said Brian Kasper, another community resident. “They didn’t bother” anyone.


Other photos from the community in question.

Management Reportedly Cautioned Residents

Reports indicate that management cautioned residents to be on the lookout for a man. Police later arrested Gerardo Alonso, 30.  Alonso was taken into custody on Saturday, and was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, per an Oak Lawn Police Department statement Sunday.

Oak Lawn police did not provide more details regarding how Alonso is alleged to have killed the men or any motive for doing so.

After High Profile Tragedies, Industry Pros Cautioned

tim williams exev vp ohio mfg homes assoc

Tim Williams, OMHA.

While the initial part of the case has been apparently wrapped up quickly, industry professionals should take note of the lessons being learned from Tim Williams and the Ohio Manufactured Home Association’s (OMHA) rapid and robust response to the push back in their state that came as a result of tragedies there.

It is also worth noting that a study by William McCarty, Assistant Professor of Criminology, Law and Justice – linked as part of another report, here – indicates that manufactured home communities are no more crime prone than other neighborhoods.

Click image to learn more.

As calm slowly returns to Oak Lawn residents, another community operator in the area told MHProNews, “Regrettably, this happens in every neighborhood, regardless of economic structure.  I seem to recall a double homicide in Beverly Hills, circa 1994,” an apparent reference to the case of the murder of O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife and her male companion in a luxurious neighborhood. ## (News, Analysis.)

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Matthew Silver.

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OMHA, Manufactured Home Residents Ratchet Up Pressure

May 19th, 2017 Comments off

Credit: OMHA.

In a story that has put the importance of good governance front and center, manufactured home residents in Ohio, along with the Ohio Manufactured Homes Association (OMHA) urged state senators to keep the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission (OMHC) active.

As Daily Business News readers are already aware, the Ohio House of Representatives passed Substitute HB 49, the “State of Ohio budget bill” on May 2nd, restoring the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission (OMHC), consistent with present law. That bill is now under review in the state senate.

The saga began when the Ohio Fire Chief’s Association sent a letter to lawmakers at the end of March supporting a provision in the state budget to kill the commission. The Daily Business News covered the response from the commission in a story linked here.

Commentary from the association, and the state fire marshal, was inflammatory.

30 people died in 1,208 manufactured home fires between 2012 and 2016,” said the letter from the Association.


Credit: Media Nation.

Ohioans are 4.2 times more likely to die in a manufactured home that caught fire than a one- or two-family home,” said state Fire Marshal Larry Flowers, who cited a four-year study of state data showing there are more fatal fires in manufactured homes in Ohio than in any other surrounding state.

This commentary was followed up with a move from Governor John Kasich’s office, as the Governor’s Executive Budget legislation included a provision seeking to eliminate the OMHC and move its duties into the Department of Commerce.

And that spurred serious action.

Burying the regulation of the manufactured homes program in a bureaucracy is ill advised,” said Evan Atkinson, the OMHC Vice-Chairman, to members of the Senate Finance Subcommittee on General Government and Agency Review.

The Administration has exhibited a lack of understanding regarding the comprehensive nature of manufactured homes regulation throughout these legislative deliberations.”


Credits: Official Photos, OMHA, OMHC, Digital Imaging Reports, Ohio EPA.

James Demitrus, member of the residents’ association and former resident appointee to the OMHC, also shared his feelings on the importance of the commission during the hearing.

The Commission today inspects 100 percent of home installations. The Commission’s requirement that every home be inspected was a revolution in the industry,” said Demitrus.

The Commission was the residents’ best hope of ensuring that they can live in communities that are safe and well-maintained.”

Frank Pojman, President of the Association of Manufactured Home Residents in Ohio, also testified at the hearing, providing a unique perspective.


Credit: OMHA.

Pojman once opposed creating the Commission, but now supports keeping it focused on its safety and inspection mission, separate from the Administration’s control.

Then I did not understand how it could help the residents of Ohio. But after all these years of experience with the Commission we obtain quick and reliable service for our residents, especially involving home safety and park [sic] living,” said Pojman.

Governor Kasich’s blanket negative statements about the quality and safety of manufactured homes are demeaning and disrespectful, and I will remind the Senate Committee that nearly a million Ohio residents live in a manufactured home,” said Pojman.

I think the Governor has been misled by the state agencies that want to assume the Commission’s duties.”

tim williams exev vp ohio mfg homes assoc

Tim Williams, OMHA Executive Director.

In an exclusive discussion with MHProNews, OMHA Executive Tim Williams explained why the battle taking place in Ohio is important for the industry as a whole.

When our homes and their superior building and fire safety are misrepresented it hurts our businesses and residents. We must always stand up for the truth about the affordability and superior fire safety of manufactured homes for our customers and industry,” said Williams.

The truth always matters. We must never let others define us with false representations. We provide the most affordable, quality and safest homes of any sort today. The world needs to know that. Our opponents can have their opinions but they are never entitled to their own set of facts.”

For more on the battle in Ohio, click here. ##

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RC Williams, MHProNews.

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Passages – MH Industry Veteran Elliott dies, RIP

September 14th, 2016 Comments off

Photo credit, OMHA, Legacy.

JACKSON, OH — James “Jim” Elliott lived life to the fullest — every single day of his 73 years. To say he had a zest for life would be an understatement, said Legacy.

Jackson passed away in his home on Saturday, Sept 10, 2016, with his family with him, the Daily Business News learned from the Ohio Manufactured Homes Association (OMHA).

Legacy states that “…there were not enough hours in the day for Jim to squeeze in all of the things he was so passionate about. Jim loved working hard, playing hard, and spending time with his family and friends. His four grandchildren were his absolute pride, and the source of his greatest joy.”

OMHA sends it deepest condolences to the Elliot Families on the passing of longtime member Jim Elliott of D&W Homes,” Andrea Reichman, Assistant Director of the OMHA said.

Jim had a legendary work ethic, was an early riser who earned a business education degree from Marshall University.

First as a primary educator, later in the family appliance business, he happened into the manufactured housing industry when the late Terry Johnson encouraged him to work at Johnson’s Mobile Homes.

Elliot was hooked.

Jim lived by the credo that if you love what you do for a living,” says Legacy, “you will never work a day in your life. He definitely loved his work and built a thriving business in D&W Homes, which he owned and operated for 40 years with his friend and business partner, Bill Miller. Jim took great satisfaction in helping people realize the dream of home ownership, serving the tristate area from five locations in southern Ohio and West Virginia.”

Speaking about family and friends, Reichman said, “Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.”

Elliot is survived by his partner, Karen Eachus; daughter Gwen Elliott; stepson Michael (Suzanne) Eachus; brother Larry (Linda) Elliott; sisters Lynn (Don) Mega and Eleanor (Harold) Trout; and four grandchildren, Samantha Elliott, Gabriel Elliott, James Elliott and Lauren Eachus, stated Legacy.

The MHProNews  team wishes to extend our sincere condolences to all touched by Elliot’s loss. ##

(Image credit, OMHA)


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Passages: Beverly Williamson, Bob and Marge Dunnington

April 5th, 2016 Comments off

bob_and_marge_dunnington__obit__omha_creditBeverly Williamson, longtime member of Ohio Manufactured Homes Association (OMHA) and owner of Williamson Mobile Home Park in Cleves, Ohio passed away suddenly on March 29, 2016. Her son, Guy Williamson, and daughter-in-law, Brooke Williamson, will continue her business affairs.

Also, Bob and Marge Dunnington, who owned Oakwood Acres MHC in West Jefferson, Ohio both passed away within two days of each other—Bob on March 20, 2016 and Marge on March 22. Members of OMHA, they were both avid golfers as well as heavily involved in community affairs.

MHProNews sends its most heartfelt condolences to the families and friends touched by these losses. ##

(Photo credit: Ohio Manufactured Homes Association-Bob and Marge Dunnington)

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MH Industry Updates to be Offered by OMHA Executive Director Tim Williams

March 15th, 2016 Comments off

tim williams exev vp ohio mfg homes assocTim Williams, Executive Director of the Ohio Manufactured Homes Association (OMHA), will be the featured speaker tonight, March 15 at 6:00 PM at the Spring Joint Chapter Meeting of the OMHA in Kent, Ohio. He will discuss industry updates, as MHProNews has learned from OMHA.

Back by popular demand this year will be the Community Manager/Legal Series (CML) course led by OMHA General Counsel Elizabeth Birch, offered at three different levels of expertise. The courses will cover all aspects of community operations from evictions and tenant screening to consumer protection and long-term planning.

The first class offered, at the intermediate level, will be CML 201 on March 17. Successive classes will be May 19 and Sept. 22. For more information please contact the OMHA office at 614 799 2340. ##

(Photo credit: Ohio Manufactured Homes Association)

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Passages: Mary “Irene” Younkin

December 8th, 2015 Comments off

mary_irene_younkin__ohio_manufactured_homes_associationLong-time manufactured home retailer and community owner Mary “Irene” Younkin, 95, passed away in Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 5, 2015. She was chairwoman of Greenlawn Realty, and co-founder of Greenlawn Mobile Home Sales as well as Greenlawn RV Center, and several land lease communities. Inducted into the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana, she and her late husband pledged funds for what is now the Floyd E. and Mary Irene Younkin Theatre at the Hall.

The Ohio Manufactured Homes Association (OMHA) says Mrs. Younkin, a dedicated supporter of OMHA, often made facilities available for OHMA sponsored educational and industry-focused events.

Honored as Ashville, Ohio’s 2000 Woman of the Year, her philanthropic generosity included a public library in Ashville, Ohio State University, a new 4-H Center, Order of the Eastern Star, and the Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation.

MHProNews offers its deepest condolences to her family and loved ones. ##

(Photo credit: Ohio Manufactured Homes Association)

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Trump, Kasich, Shale and Manufactured Housing

November 18th, 2015 1 comment

Utica_shale_development_in_the_Appalachian_Basin_wikipedia__creditIn the fifth edition of its shale economic development chart, Bricker and Eckler report a 51 percent increase in total investments since a year ago in Ohio’s oil and gas-related projects, amounting to nearly $33.7 billion. In information provided to MHProNews by Ohio Manufactured Homes Association (OMHA), there has been $5.7 billion in infrastructure investments since the prior report was published in May, 2015.

The evolution of Ohio’s shale boom has moved beyond the rush to lease oil and gas mineral rights into midstream and downstream phases involving the storage, transportation and processing of oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids,” according to shaleohio.

While the report covers development in some 40 (mostly eastern) Ohio counties, the investment has had a significant effect in Mahoning, Stark, Monroe, Trumbull, Columbiana and Belmont Counties, and includes adding oil-and-gas-related degree, research and law programs at several schools. Many of the projects cover multiple counties.

In addition to new motels and hotels, railway expansion projects, infusion of capital into local banks, drilling and pipeline building and support facilities, increased retail operations, and thousands of new jobs, the region has also seen the acquisition and upgrade of manufactured home communities, in particular by UMH Properties, Inc., as reported by MHProNews in several posts. Modular and MH retailers are also benefiting from the increase in employment and subsequent housing demand in the Marcellus Shale boom in western Pennsylvania and New York, as well as West Virginia. However, the Ohio portion is believed to be richer in oil, condensate and natural gas liquids, according to wikipedia.

The development and subsequent investment has also entered into the banter of the presidential debates, with Donald Trump telling Ohio Gov. John Kasich that he got “lucky” with rising employment because of the oil shale boom. Kasich agreed Ohio has benefited from the shale but that the state has a diversified economy.

To see the Bricker and Eckler list of developments of well over 100 projects that are impacting eastern Ohio, please click here. ##

(Map credit: wikipedia commons–oil and gas development in the Appalachian Basin)

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Ohio MHA Succeeds in Removing Objectionable Legislative Language

October 20th, 2015 Comments off

tim williams exev vp ohio mfg homes assocOn May 14, 2015 MHProNews reported Tim Williams, Executive Director of the Ohio Manufactured Homes Association (OMHA), testified against objectionable EPA language in the Ohio state senate’s budget legislation that would require a manufactured home community owner to escrow 15 percent of the cost to update a water system if it was found to be deficient. The legislation would also allow rental income to be seized in certain situations.

MHProNews has learned the Ohio State Senate and the House of Representatives did remove the objectionable language in their final votes on the state budget legislation.

On another matter involving manufactured home community owners and retailers wrongfully charged with civil rights and fair housing complaints, on April 28, 2015 MHProNews reported Williams testified in support of Senate Bill 134 that would at least allow recovery of legal fees in such instances. This bill, and now a companion bill in the State House, HB 149, are still under consideration.

In addition, OMHA is proposing amendments that would give MHC operators more discretion in evaluating and disposing of abandoned manufactured homes. ##

(Photo credit: Ohio Manufactured Homes Association–Tim Williams)

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Objectionable EPA Provision may be Removed from Ohio Budget

June 24th, 2015 Comments off

tim williams exev vp ohio mfg homes assocThe Ohio State Senate passed the state budget June 18, 2015 less the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) provision that would require manufactured home communities (MHCs) to escrow 15 percent of the cost of a replacement water system, though not to exceed $250,000. It would have also allowed rental income to be seized in special circumstances, according to what the Ohio Manufactured Homes Association (OMHA) tells MHProNews.

Tim Williams, Executive Director of OMHA, testified for the removal of the objectionable EPA language before the state’s Senate Finance Committee May 12, 2015, as well as on March 26, 2015 before the state’s House Finance Committee.

While the House voted to remove the language during passage of the state budget bill, the Senate/House Conference Committee is reconciling the budget before it goes to Gov. Kasich for his signature.

Williams said there are several barriers to get around before legislators vote on the final budget bill. Amendments can be added during the conference committee negotiations, and the state EPA continues to lobby to have its original language reinserted, although they were previously unsuccessful in the House and Senate. ##

(Photo credit: Ohio Manufactured Homes Association Exec.Dr. Tim Williams)

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