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Oregon Legislator Wants to Preserve Manufactured Home Communities

June 24th, 2016 Comments off

Oregon_springfield__kvaltv__MH_communityIn an attempt to preserve affordable housing, Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek (D-Portland) convened a gathering at Portland City Hall to discuss what steps can be taken to preserve manufactured home communities (MHC), in the throes of a hot real estate market that sees them potentially jeopardized with redevelopment.

Noting the importance of strong community that MHCs provide, Kotek suggests local government and non-profits collaborate in order to be prepared should another MHC go on the block. The Lostinda Woods in East Portland closed, and when the Oak Leaf MHC in Cully threatened to close, which would have displaced many low-income people, the owner eventually sold it to a nonprofit that is seeking to develop it into a co-op owned by the residents.

Both community owners failed to follow a 2014 law requiring community owners to notify the state and community residents of the intent to sell. Lostinda residents said they would have tried to buy the land under their homes if they had known of the law. However, state law does not have any enforcement of that provision, as portlandtribune informs MHProNews.

We have to follow the rules that we have,” Kotek said. “And there should be consequences if we don’t.”

Noting there are no proposals to take to the legislature for the next session, and the real estate market that is red hot, Kotek said, “I don’t think we have a year to figure it out.” ##

(Photo credit:kvaltv–manufactured home community in Springfield, Oregon)

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