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“Whose Got a Problem?” Coach Lou Holtz Wisdom = “If Enough People Care”

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The video quality isn’t world class on the first short flick below, but the message is thought provoking and challenging in a positive way.  The second video from the Wall Street Journal is just fine, and both complement each other in maybe 7 minutes total.


All progress comes not from acceptance of a status quo, but from challenging what’s wrong.  That can begin with the question former Razorback and Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz asks during this short video.  “Who’s Got a Problem?”



Our publisher L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach has periodically shared an item that hangs in the wall in his office, which has 3 Lou Holtz “Rules.”

  • Rule #1. Do What’s Right.
  • Rule #2 Do Your Best.
  • Rule #3 Treat Others Like You Want to Be Treated.

It is followed by “Three Questions People Ask About You


  • Can I trust you?
  • Are you committed?
  • Do you care about me?


In the bottom right, in smaller type, it says Lou Holtz of Notre Dame.

From the first video’s YouTube Page:

IF ENOUGH PEOPLE CARE illustrates Lou Holtz’s firm belief that satisfaction and organizational success — in football or business — “can’t come from the job you’re doing… but from how well you’re doing the job.” Sprinkling his impassioned presentation with personal and professional anecdotes and humorous stories, Lou Holtz expresses his seven essentials for success.

In the second video from the Wall Street Journal is this video with WSJ’s Jerry Seib at CEO Council.

1)    Have a Vision.

2)    A Plan to How to Achieve the Vision.

3)    Lead by Example.

4)    Hold People Accountable for the Choices that they Make (“most important” – says Holtz).  There is commentary or examples with each of these principles, in this one, Holtz says you have the right to fail, but you don’t have the right to cause other people to fail.

5)    What are your core values?

Coaches may be kidders or whatever, but each coach has a certain kind of discipline and toughness.


Coaches have to be both inspiration and pragmatic to be winners.

Those are great qualities for business leaders too, aren’t they?

Holtz ends the second video with a joke that pokes fun at himself.

Both short talks are worthy shares.  This evening, we’ll Keep it Simple (KIS) and wrap on this positive note. That’s this evening’s “Innovation, Information, Inspiration for Industry Professionals.” © where “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, commentary.)



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Control Shares Statute may Protect Skyline from Cavco

October 2nd, 2014 Comments off

Ethiopian_Stop_Sign.svg wikipediaFollowing a story MHProNews has posted recently regarding Cavco Industries, Inc.’s attempt to acquire competitor Elkhart, Indiana-based Skyline Corporation, Indiana’s Control Shares Acquisition Statute makes a hostile takeover difficult. However, if the raider can persuade a majority of non-interested shareholders (meaning everyone besides management, and the raider) to give it voting power because it will boost the financials of the target company, and therefore its stock price, the takeover can be accomplished. The 28 year-old statute protected CTS Corp., also of Elkhart, from a hostile takeover by Dynamics Corp. of America in 1987, and the U. S. Supreme Court upheld the law in that case. According to, manufactured and modular housing producer Skyline has reported annual losses for seven straight years, losing $122 million in that time, leading an independent auditor to state the company could not likely continue to operate.

While Skyline has signed a letter of interest to sell its RV division to Evergreen Recreational Vehicles of nearby Middlebury, Indiana, it has not responded to Cavco’s offer of a 29-percent- to-66 percent premium above the $2.71 share closing price of Sept. 24, other than saying Cavco’s offer is undervalued and it will examine it further. Indiana was the first to enact a control shares statute, but 26 other states have since passed similar laws, according to Tim Anderson of New York-based Bernstein Research. He says the law is designed to protect the state’s interests over those of shareholders. Corporate law professor Julian Velasco of Note Dame says control share statutes benefit target companies more than shareholders or acquirers. ##

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