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Reaching for the Sky, Multiple Level HUD Code Manufactured Homes

February 21st, 2018 Comments off


Near Houston, in a residential style neighborhood off Atascocita Road in Humble, TX is Classic Pine Estates.  It was a seen as a hot property when it was developed.

Among its bragging points?

A full two-story HUD Code manufactured home, reportedly built by Fleetwood Homes, circa 2002.  According to Zillow, it is 3 beds2 baths, 2,112 sq ft and worth about $149,236.


The home can be seen from the Google street view, and also from the Google Maps 3D view, off Grand Prix Drive, less than a city block off Atascocita Road, near the entrance to Classic Pine Estates.  While arguably not as stylish as the homes at the in Newport Beach or near Cincinnati as shown, it was an example of what could be done with HUD Code manufactured housing.  Note that the distortions in the photo below are from the Google street view imaging process, those windows would be level.


Note that the distortions in the photo below are from the Google street view imaging process, those windows would be level.

That two story home was reported installed on it’s foundation system near the height of the boom, when about 250,000 manufactured homes were being produced a year, compared to less than 93,000 installed in 2017.  At the peak, over 372,000 new HUD Code homes were being built.

It’s a reminder of the days when manufactured homes were literally reaching for the sky.


A finished upper level was accessed from the living room stairs in the Cape Code style home, located in Sunset Village, north of Chicago, IL. Photo spread at this link.

The featured photo at the top of this post is from CityScapes At The Mills of Carthage, near Cincinnati, Ohio. It was featured in MHLivingNews at the link below.

CityScapes at the Mills of Carthage; Boston and other cities, are you Listening?

The article was written in response to an editorial a few years ago in the Boston Globe, that called for manufactured and modular homes to be allowed into the city of Boston.

That Boston Globe editorial began as follows, “THE TERM “manufactured housing” tends to invoke a 65-by-12-foot mobile home plopped down in a trailer park. But the industry has evolved to the point that many housing units assembled in factories are indistinguishable in looks and quality from homes built on site.”


In Newport Beach, California you can see multiple level homes that the developer used, which fetch over $300,000 – a bargain. The Daily Business News featured that property previously, in comparing it to the most popular house on Realtor  for 2017.

Most Popular Home of Year Goes To…Shotgun like ‘Single Sectional’ – Think “Lido” Manufactured Home

MHLivingNews did a video interview with a resident of a multiple story manufactured home that is set on a foundation in the golf-course style neighborhood, in the article linked below.

The Greens of Vista – HomeOwner Interview – Manufactured Home Living


High Rise Multiple Story “Racks” of Manufactured Homes

But decades before any of those projects are the design concepts envisioned using single-sectionals built on rack-type structures.  The vision was to maneuvered units with a crane, as one does with modular sections.  The concept was seen as a way of creating several stories of single level homes that could literally be made like a high-rise apartment, only at a lower price.

As HUD considers what reforms to make to the manufactured housing program, one-point ought to be stressed to regulators.  With a performance-based code, the sky is the limit.

Neither the industry’s professionals,

  • nor regulators,
  • nor investors
  • or others researching the modern HUD Code manufactured housing industry ought to think of the industry as limited. One of the points that MHProNews would editorially agree with the recent, controversial Urban Institute studies is this.




The industry could rapidly be ramped up.

HUD Comment Letter – FR-6075-N-01 Regulatory Review of Manufactured Housing Rules

With hundreds of billions of dollars in capital being freed up domestically, or that is returning to America, the sky is the limit for visionaries with a long term view of the industry. ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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Most Popular Home of Year Goes To…Shotgun like ‘Single Sectional’ – Think “Lido” Manufactured Home

December 22nd, 2017 Comments off

NestedTourShotgunVictorianLikeSingleSectionManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsAre millions of housing-hunters still asleep at the switch?

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) ® in a release to MHProNews drew attention to their hyper-busy website’s most popular house of the year.

Was it a multi-million dollar mansion?

A coastal mansion?

A mountaintop chalet?

As the headline, suggested, it was a ‘shotgun’ style home.

And as manufactured home industry pros must be thinking by now, it looks like a two level Victorian style single sectional. For those who’ve studied the Lido Peninsula, you already know that there have been two level manufactured home single sectionals produced.

The Manufactured Home Lesson from Lido?


NAR’s Claudine Zap said, that 624 S 7th St, Waco, TX was their top viewed house in 2017.

Price: $950,000

The median price per square foot of home in Waco hovers below $100,” says Zap, “but this place is asking for a whopping $905 per square foot.”

While San Francisco Bay Area and Manhattan home shoppers may be accustomed to paying nearly $1,000 per square foot, we’re talking about Waco here. No disrespect, but the Gaines-based premium on this place seems way too steep a mountain for a buyer to climb,” NAR’s writer said.

Zap also said the home comes fully furnished.  At the price listed, duh, of course?  


Think again about the lessons from Lido…

Don’t misunderstand the point.  Which is this.

If the Lido project can sell manufactured homes at prices well above that of conventional housing prices, why aren’t more manufactured home pros selling more residential style manufactured homes, which are well UNDER the price of conventional housing?

What Should This Tell Manufactured Housing Pros for 2018 Inventory, Sales and Marketing Plans?

When you consider this home, it is a good reason to consider again the point Barry Noffsinger made in the video seminar linked below.  The pond where the most fish are, would be the more upscale part of the manufactured home business.

Manufactured Housing Monday Morning Sales Meeting: Finance & Industry Facts, Figures, Sales Tip$ Improving Best Practice$

MHPros?  Are you thinking that for 2018, you should stocking, promoting, and selling more residential style manufactured homes?

The NAR stats don’t lie. ## (News, analysis, commentary.)

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Survey Predicts Good News for 2013 Housing

January 4th, 2013 Comments off

According to BloombergBusinessWeek‘s survey of 15 economists and housing analysts, existing home sales will increase 7.2 percent in 2013 to 4.98 million, the most since 2007. Prices will move up 3.3 percent this year, a slight retreat from the 4.5 percent rise in 2012. The loss of inventory in 2012 will lead to a 24 percent spike in single and multifamily housing starts this year of 967,000 units, again the best number since 2007. These are median estimates of the respondents polled. MHProNews has been informed 17 analysts have predicted 448,000 new single-family houses will be sold in 2013, an increase of 23 percent. Mark Kiesel, of Pacific Investment Management Co. in Newport Beach, Calif., who predicted the 2006 bursting of the home price bubble, says, “Residential investments potentially could grow between 20 percent and 30 percent” in 2013, adding as much as 0.75 percent to U.S. gross domestic product growth.

(Photo credit: BloombergBusinessWeek)