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Clayton Provides Homes for Next Step

September 4th, 2013 Comments off

The nation-wide nonprofit Next Step has assisted over 100 families obtain new, energy-efficient manufactured homes, often replacing energy-sucking, deteriorating factory-built homes from pre HUD-Code days. The organization has partnered with industry giant Clayton Homes to open the door to home ownership of Energy Star qualified dwellings, projecting residents will save nearly $4 million on their energy bills, and $12.5 million in interest over the life of the 30-year loans. Founder and CEO of Next Step Stacey Epperson grew up in rural Kentucky where dilapidated manufactured homes (MH) were much the norm, and she decided to do something about it, initially steering people away from buying MH. After hooking up with Clayton, she realized the value of quality, affordable homes for the people she served, according to the Christian Science Monitor. In one case, the utility bills of an elderly woman who received a Next Step home fell so dramatically from her old factory-built home the power company thought she had passed away. MHProNews has learned the homes the organization has provided so far has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 9,000 pounds.

Maine Offers Energy Star Manufactured Home replacement plan for pre-1976 Mobile Home owner/residents

August 26th, 2013 Comments off

maine-state-housing-authority-MaineHousing’s tells MHProNews about their pre-1976 Mobile Home Replacement Initiative, which provides income-eligible Maine residents with an opportunity to replace the pre-1976 mobile home they own and occupy as their primary residence with a new Energy Star-certified manufactured home. The initiative combines an amortizing, interest-bearing MaineHousing mortgage loan with a $30,000 MaineHousing grant to be used to help get residents into a new energy-efficient home in the same location where they currently live. Down payment and closing cost assistance is available through MaineHousing’s Advantage option. MaineHousing spokesperson Deborah Turcotte told Maine PBN that “Persons interested in this program may meet with one of our partners throughout the state – the list is on our Web site – to get the process rolling.” ##

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Program to Help Residents Replace Aging Factory-built Homes

August 21st, 2013 Comments off

According to the Curry County Assessor in Oregon, 25 to 30 percent of all the housing stock in the county is manufactured housing (MH), and roughly half of those were built before 1980. While the Housing and Urban Development—HUD Code–standards took effect in 1976, minimum regulations that initially covered MH were hardly sufficient to make the homes last three decades, especially in an area like Curry that gets a lot of moisture. Rotting floors, extensive mold and poorly insulated homes create health risks for the occupants, according to the local health department. The Environmental and Energy Study Institute reports manufactured homes built before 1980 use 53 percent more energy than other types of homes. In July, the county forged a partnership with non-profit NeighborWorks Umpqua to begin an initiative called reHome Oregon, with the goal of replacing 25 aged MH with new, Energy Star models. The collaboration will use grant funds to remove and demolish the old units, and will seek discounted home prices and transport costs from manufactured home producers, as informs MHProNews. Finally, reHome Oregon aims to help residents purchase the new homes through the U. S. Department of Rural Development Housing Program and the Network for Affordable Housing.

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State will pay for New Mfg. Homes

February 26th, 2013 Comments off

Recordonline informs MHProNews owners of pre HUD Code homes in Fallsburg, NY, just south of the Catskill Mountains may have their homes replaced with new, energy efficient manufactured homes. Under a state grant, up to ten aging manufactured homes will be replaced, providing the applicant owns the home and the land on which it sits, and meets the income guidelines.

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Tax Credits for Factory-built Homes Reinstated

January 2nd, 2013 Comments off

The Manufactured Housing Institute informs MHProNews that the passage of the legislation by Congress to avert the “fiscal cliff” included extension of tax credits for Energy Star manufactured and modular homes. The New Energy Efficient Home Credit expired at the end of 2011 and has been extended to Dec. 31, 2013. It provides builders of Energy Star-qualified manufactured homes with a tax credit of $1,000 (per home) and builders of modular homes with a credit of $2,000 (per home). MHI President and CEO Richard Jennison stated that “MHI is very grateful that Congress and the Administration recognize the importance in ensuring that energy-efficient Energy Star manufactured and modular homes remain affordable for millions of low- and moderate-income families across the nation. Extension of this vital tax credit guarantees that manufactured and modular homes can remain on the cutting-edge of energy efficiency without sacrificing their affordability.” He added MHI will continue seeking resources for builders of energy efficient HUD Code and Mod homes.

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Improvements Made to Affordable Community

August 21st, 2012 Comments off

The LongBranch-EatontownPatch informs MHProNews the Pine Tree Manufactured Home Park in Eatontown, New Jersey has added a playground for children, the Borden Foundation Playground,  another improvement the Affordable Housing Alliance has made since acquiring Pine Tree in 2007. In addition to a new water distribution system and replacing outdated oil and propane heating systems with gas mains, 14 pre-HUD Code homes have been replaced with six new Energy Star HUD Code homes, and more are on the way for this community that is home to 130 low-income families. A community center built in 2008 provides a place for residents to do laundry, hold meetings, have family celebrations and other types of entertainment in this east New Jersey town near the Atlantic. Donna Blaze of the Affordable Housing Alliance said, “It’s a very family-oriented community. Living here gives people a sense of ownership and it’s as cost effective as renting.”

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Energy Efficient Tax Credits for MH/MOD Defeated

March 15th, 2012 Comments off

From Washington, D.C. the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) tells the Stabenow amendment to the Senate’s surface transportation reauthorization legislation (S.1813), which would have extended the energy efficient tax credits for MH and Mod, did not get the required 60 votes needed for passage. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) led the opposition to a 49-49 deadlock. MHI says proponents will regroup and begin working with legislators including Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME), Sen Max Baucus (D-MT), and Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) to renew the six credits. Under the New Energy Efficient Home Credit, manufacturers of ENERGY STAR homes received $1,000 and modular home builders received $2,000, but that expired Dec. 31, 2011. MHI strongly suggests contacting your representative in Congress to support the extension.

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Program Replaces pre-HUD Code Homes with New MH

January 26th, 2012 Comments off has learned of a program in Montana to replace pre-HUD Code mobile homes with new, Energy Star-rated manufactured homes in the Great Falls area. The Sun Prairie subdivision outside Great Falls has 240 factory-built homes, many of them older models, where NeighborWorks Montana conducted an open house displaying a new manufactured home. With a $50,000 grant to administer the program, NeighborWorks buys the homes directly from the manufacturer in Idaho, provides technical assistance in removing the old home and setting the new one, and can help arrange financing. Owning a pre-HUD Code home and the land where it is sited is a prerequisite. The plan is to replace 33 aging homes in the Great Falls area. “Our goal is to improve the quality of houses and help homeowners get into homes,” said Ron Duncan of NeighborWorks. According to GreatFallsTribune, there are 22,000 mobile homes in Montana built before 1976.

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