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Frightening! Halloween – Monday Morning Manufactured Home Marketing & Sales Meeting

September 10th, 2018 Comments off



The Labor Day holiday was still on, but the displays in thousands of retail stores from coast-to-coast were already promoting Halloween. 


Before Halloween arrives, there will also be Thanksgiving displays in stores. 


Christmas is more than 3 months away, but there are holiday promotions underway for that grand date too. Retailers know how crucial that is, but how about in manufactured housing?


There are retailers and communities that do a fine job of tying marketing to upcoming seasons and events. A well known mid-sized midwestern retailer we worked with had, for example, baseball season and related contests and promotions.  

Others arrange for various parties and events. It puts people into a festive mood. In some cases, it will put people into a buying mood. 


Tie-Ins and Connections

Using tie-ins and connections can be effective in marketing and sales. Savvy shoppers don’t want artificial pressures to close now. That’s what a motivated sales professional wants, the deal today, not next month or next year.

But serious home shoppers have their own deadlines and motivations.  

Some of those spoken or unspoken deadlines in a customers mind are seasonal or event related. 


Every year, millions of Americans are on the move. In your market, on average, you can guesstimate that one in 7 (+/-) will be making a housing move in your market(s) THIS YEAR.  That’s a ton of opportunities.  

For some of those making a housing change, they’ll want their family moved into a new home ‘before the holidays.’  


Like your family, the Kovach family does things together.  Tamas and Soheyla, near top right. Shopping, events, and MH inspiration for the muse are all in the mix.

You know what is and isn’t possible with your suppliers that could make that type of deadline possible on a custom order. But if someone selects a home from inventory, that Thanksgiving or Christmas in your new home is a much easier deadline to meet.

There are good reasons to – or not to – use event tie-ins to marketing. But one thing is certain. To get a different result than what you are getting now, you must do things differently than you have been. 

Often, it’s only a modest adjustment that a manufactured home retailer or land-lease community needs to make in order to profitably go from a low volume into a higher sales level.  

The higher your price-point, the more sophisticated your approach ought to be.  The higher your desired target audience, your marketing, sales, and follow though systems will need to be increasingly sophisticated.

There are certain services that we don’t provide. As we mentioned last week, we’d suggest someone else on displays and merchandising. But for those with a budget, done correctly, the right merchandising can be very profitable. 

Manufactured Home Retailers, Communities, Is Your Merchandising Nordstrom’s or Salvation Army? Monday MH Marketing, Sales Meeting

But we can help give operations of all sizes another, objective and successful set of eyes with which to evaluate your marketing, sales and satisfaction follow-ups.  

As or more important, for those willing to invest in their future success, we provide a proprietary that we provide under agreements with our clients:

  Sales Recruiting,


  Sales Coaching/Training Systems unmatched in manufactured housing. 

We do so on a confidential basis. We share specific results only when we mutually agree to do so.

For those who wanted results shared, growth rates many times that of the industry’s have been achieved. 

Yes, there’s an investment. But it doesn’t so much cost, rather, when properly implemented changes occur, it pays.

For those who discipline themselves to follow a proven methodology, we truly can help you Dominate in Your Local Market. See related reports, email sign up, and contact info below.  Call or click to learn more. ##  (Manufactured housing related marketing & sales news, analysis, and commentary.)

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Code of Conduct – Good or Bad News, and Home Selling – Monday Morning Manufactured Housing Sales, Marketing Meeting

May 28th, 2018 Comments off


To do a good job of marketing and selling, one must first have a sense of the broader, and local market elements. We’ll share some examples today that are essential for a marketing or sales professional in manufactured housing to understand in order to be effective with qualified prospects. We note that in all of our coaching sessions, good ethics and customer satisfaction must be understood as the given background, and the goal must be for the good of all.


Crain’s Detroit published a story that explained just how far manufactured housing nosedived in their state from the peak of 1998, until the recovery from the bottom hit in 2009 began in 2010. While it has positive elements, that report also raises questions for a savvy shopper or investor.

The Urban Institute did a report in January on manufactured homes, which was largely positive for the manufactured home industry, at least by mainstream news standards.

Several mainstream media (MSM) outlets have been spotlighting the need to protect manufactured home communities from destruction, because they are so important for affordable housing.  We’ll plan to spotlight one of those, sent to us as a news tip, hopefully this week here on the Daily Business News

The first takeaway is that there are some positive news stories carried by MSM and by third party researchers. These are examples of the kinds of stories industry professionals should prefer to see more of – and it is in part, up to pros like you – to make that happen in your market(s).

That said, the sad reality is that beyond press releases, most media coverage about our industry tend to be negative. Ignoring that reality costs the industry billions of dollars a year in new HUD Code manufactured home sales.  That means, mostly negative media coverage likely costs your location millions of dollars a year in additional manufactured home sales that your business would otherwise make.

The two screenshots of Google search results below are recent examples. See for yourself the ratio of bad news to good news stories.



There are times when none of the top 8 to 15 MSM news stories about MH are positive. Do you think that pattern impacts home buyers?  The third story from the top, above, is linked here.


Let’s be clear. A large percentage of the time that we at MHProNews engage with the mainstream media, the reporter will use better terminology, and will try to work in some of what was said. Reporters are people, they usually want to be fair. Are there exceptions? Sure, but many will strive to get some balance into their report. For MHVille, more balanced reporting represents progress, every time it is done.

That in a nutshell explains a significant part of why manufactured home (MH) sales are still at historic lows, in spite of a raging affordable housing crisis.  But for the savvy MH marketer, that’s opportunity in disguise. Keep in mind that the MH Industry squandered a historic opportunity in the late 90s and early 2000s.  We’re being given another such moment in history.  Let’s make the most of it, shall we?


A savvy, visionary MH marketer sees the problematic trend since 2000 as opportunity in disguise.  To tap that opportunity requires work, but the reward is significantly higher levels of new home sales that result in happy customers.


Story Telling, Defining Yourself, Media Engagement, and Code of Conduct 

To tee this up, as a volume retailer for many years with happy homeowners, I never waited for someone else to define my business or my products. I didn’t wait for an association, a manufacturer or anyone else to do what our team could do best.

That’s not to say that associations, builders or other third parties can’t play a role. Indeed, they can and should.  But I didn’t hold my breath, waiting for that to happen. 

Because if you or I’m waiting for someone else to define and boost business, what if they delay? What if they do a poor job?

We set sales records, and hit the top ½ of 1 percent of all retailers in the nation by making things happen.  We synergized with others, as much as possible, but we also did what we needed to do, come rain or shine.  

So, akin to what Sam Landy, president and CEO of UMH Properties told MHProNews, we did our own marketing. It was wildly successful, and that occurred during tough times when dozens of new home retailers in our state vanished. 

The are many beautiful aspects to manufactured housing.  One such point – if you make it appealing in your market(s) – is this. Affordability is always going to have a clientele. Nor does affordability have to be the lowest rung on the ladder client. Good times, or bad times, a motivated retailer, community, developer, or producer, can sell, sell, sell. They can do so honorably, with good CSI, and happy homeowners who send their friends.   

After my first few years in the manufactured home business, I learned by trial end error how to successfully engage the media. Do that in your market, and forge that habit.



Here’s an example of a radio show I was recently invited to do. This was for a regional talk radio station, so imagine this in your market.


Notice that the topic sounded negative. Indeed, in one sense, it was, but it was dealing with a local reality. Don’t run from tough topics! Dive in! Push back with the facts, and the truth properly told! Make a difference!

This part of the radio show is about 20 minutes on air, with maybe half of that – near the middle – included me.  If you listen carefully, every caller had something good to say about manufactured homes. Even though the others on the air may have misused the terminology, I hit key points using the correct industry lingo, while also explaining briefly the industry’s evolution, and appeal to all economic groups.

Click the arrow to play back the audio.


Make a habit of using the correct terminology. Encourage your team to learn it and use it too. It pays.  

I’ve never stopped reading or learning about the industry, and how it fit into the broader housing market. We use that with our coaching clients, and with publishing.

Rephrased, we practice what we preach. 

Why? In the long run, it works best. Short-term thinking produces short-term results.  


Code of Conduct

The mainstream media story linked here makes an important point, and this is one that associations can, and ought to play a useful role in.  


Jay Hamilton, Executive Director, Georgia Manufactured Housing Association (GMHA).

Jay Hamilton, of the Georgia Manufactured Housing Association (GMHA) would not make a specific comment to that media about a specified series of bad-news stories that involve one or more members. But he did speak to the reporter (a plus), and Hamilton explained to the reporter what the GMHA’s ethical principles are (another plus).

Hamilton spoke about the GMHA’s code of conduct for members. That’s something members stipulate to, when they join the association. 

When a code of conduct is enforced in the way the GMHA executive director outlined, arguably that would make it clear to readers that the majority of the industry – or at least that membership organization – care about honest business practices.

That in turn is good for honorable association members.

But if an association fails to take action against a member that crosses a line who won’t repent, its arguably harmful to all.  

The code of conduct should be rigorously enforced, regardless of who it is. 

Mistakes happen. Corrections can and should be made. When they aren’t, let the members or board vote to expel an unrepentant offender for cause. If that became a habit, anywhere that took place would – over time – would likely see more sales growth among member companies.  Because consumers want ethical companies to do business with.



Do your best. Don’t wait for others. If you are part of an association, and bad news strikes about a member who won’t repent or do right by their customers, press for an enforcement of the code of conduct. Enough said for today. ## (Manufactured housing related marketing & sales news, analysis, and commentary.)

(Third-party images are and content are provided under fair use guidelines.)

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Time, talent, treasure. Why not put your money, as we do, where your mouth is?

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Doing Third Party Correctly and Profitably, Monday Morning Manufactured Housing Sales Meeting

April 23rd, 2018 Comments off


A manufactured home industry marketer for a well-known firm made a number of interesting admissions the other day.  We’ll touch on that later below.  But first, let’s start with the principles, and then move to the details.  Keep in mind that we not only raise important issues for manufactured housing, but also like to point to potential solutions when we do. 



Just the FACT$

News can help make or harm your business or location. That’s true for most any industry, but we’d argue its particularly true for manufactured homes, for reasons we won’t go into today. Almost anyone who has been in the manufactured housing industry for a year or more can tell you what you likely know yourself.

News can help or harm almost any business.


You can love the news, hate it, or be “meh” about some news item. But “News” has been thoroughly woven into the fabric of American – and most industrialized – societies.

So as you read this today, use TWO HATS. The first, is your marketing hat, and the second is your consumer of news hat.  This article, like so many others on the Daily Business News is for THINKERS who want to do more, profit more, and sell more – instead of whine more.


News and Marketing Hats

News done properly is absolutely essential for the advancement of our industry, and it can be highly important to almost any sized company, organization, or location in manufactured housing.  When bad news hits even a giant company like Facebook, and sends its stocks dropping by billions of dollars in lost value, what do you think that means for a relatively small industry like manufactured homes? 

Odds are good, the industry’s thinkers get it.


If you are wise, you want as much positive media as you can get.

But if you have a strong, keen mind, you know that even ‘negative news’ can – properly handled, or with the right “spin” – can at times be turned into something that’s at least useful – and surprise! – at other times, profitable.

Before diving into how you can engage your targets audience via “News” to significantly grow your business, let’s first draw an important distinction. 


Blogging vs. News

There are some bloggers and operations who claim the mantle of ‘news’ in our industry.

But upon closer examination, what they routinely do is some form of dressed-up marketing. We’re not criticizing them, just saying “it is what it is.” When third parties to our industry see those blogs, sites, or newsletters, they mentally label them for what they are. They are NOT seen as news by most savvy media, or by savvy housing shoppers, and others researching our industry. 

For years, and for a variety of reasons, we tackled stories on the Daily Business News that include bad news too, not just good news.  Rah-rah will only go so far.

Our doing a balance of news enhances credibility. and it also provides a ‘morality tale’ for those who might be tempted to do wrong. Not many want to be spotlighted with bad news, right?  You don’t have to read the linked article below, but it gives you an idea of what we are talking about here, one example of many over the years.

“Jail Him!” NPR’s “Mobile Home Park Owners Can Spoil An Affordable American Dream” Refuted

Against that backdrop, as an MHI member organization executive said during the Louisville Show, “Tony, yours is the only real game in town.” 

What that industry veteran was talking about was news.

Again, not slamming the others, but that wasn’t a throw away line or being polite by that one executive. Here’s proof. At Louisville and Tunica, the very attractive magazines printed up drew almost no pickups by attendees. Why? We’ve not done a survey, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that industry readers don’t find it to be must-reading. If it’s marketing, and someone wants to be sold something, then you pick one up.  By contrast, even those that don’t always like what we report or comment on, are reading here routinely.


This example is not meant to exclude others who blog, etc. that have precisely the same response from most industry readers. Nor is this example meant as anything other than, ‘it is what it is.” The photos don’t lie.

If MH Industry readers aren’t moved by this kind of content, why would anyone else be?

An MHI member exec wrote to say the following, “It is pioneers like you, Tony, that change our tired image…Pioneers are the ones with the arrows in their back.”

By contrast to the rah-rah-writers, in a digital era the all digital MHProNews and MHLivingNews have dominated for years. There are over a thousand LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements yours truly has been given, over 99% of them unrequested.  Those I did ask for one from a client, they gave us a glowing one, in writing.  By the way, kind words to me are a reflection on the team, and those clients who work with us.  I’m the front guy, the face, but it takes a team to make this work. So those kind words reflect on all – clients included – who’ve made this possible.



L. A. “Tony” Kovach doing a presentation in a packed room of industry professionals.  The presentation was widely praised, as is our marketing and sales training and coaching.

Arguably, no one knows the industry better in media than MHLivingNews and MHProNews.

There are deep pockets folks who will prop up some of those other pubs and glossy magazines. Fine, it’s a free country. But they don’t usually show up in searches, and if they do, they are quickly seen for being what they are. They are often seen as thinly veiled marketing.


The very fact that MHProNews and our sister site takes on controversial issues is part of what has given us credibility and influence with others.

Most of these searches are from a mobile search, as Google has often said that Mobile searches are rising, or dominant. Research in 2016 said mobile was at 50-60 percent of searches being done then, and was rising. BTW, this article is being drafted on a mobile device.

The point is that none of the industry sites came up on these searches, meanwhile, our work did on page one of Google.


Do you ever compete against Clayton Homes? Would you like to score (rank) well in a search results where you are competing against Clayton Homes? We know how, it doesn’t work every time, but it works plenty often, as these examples demonstrate.

There are numerous topics where our articles are page one, top of fold.

The same can be said for those doing videos searches.

We’ve invested nearly a decade in developing these two trade media platforms. and will not be easily replaced or supplanted unless there is massive spending by someone willing to buy traffic.  Until that happens, we’re a dominating force in manufactured housing news.

Which means our clients routinely get lower cost, better ORGANIC search and service results.  We won’t teach competitors the secret sauce, but its legit and works. It is common sense that you want to have good news about your location.  We know how that’s done, and deliver that for our clients on a routine basis.  We can do so in a variety of ways.  When you are ready to do more, let us know. 

Closing thought, which was the opening thought. That marketer, who does a good job for their operation, is right. The shakeup of Facebook, looming problems for Google and others could spell opportunities in disguise for those who want to do ORGANIC search results, instead of paid ads on Google and Facebook, etc. Again, give us a message or call when you’re ready to learn more or take the next step.  Odds are good, you’ll be glad you did. ## (Marketing, sales, management, media engagement, tips and strategies.)

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Before You Close, Sell or Quit, Why Not Try a Test? Test Market Marketing & Sales, Monday Morning Manufactured Home Sales Meeting

March 5th, 2018 Comments off


Who does the better job selling? A smart person, or the simpleton?


As with many situations, that depends on the details. An example will clarify.


When the wise are using their wisdom to objectively test, analyze, refine and improve, those may lead to superior results.

But let’s imagine the case of a very simple-minded person, who learns something that works. It works routinely. It works often enough, where you get all the business that you need. They learn that, and in a simplistic fashion, I’ve seen locations where a simple program outperformed far more complex ones.

That may not seem like it ties into the headline theme, but it absolutely does.

Because tests all come down to people, how they are coached, motivated, trained or retrained. In our marketing, coaching and consulting work, we’ve seen previously failing sales pros who get retrained, and then soar in their results.

It can all be part of a broader test…



‘Test Market’ Marketing and Selling

There are some who don’t understand that a test marketing project can produce relevant information, even when the project itself doesn’t appear to be successful.


No two projects are alike. But sometimes, as in the cases reflected above, we obtain good local and/or regional media coverage. Such third party media can be part of a bigger transformation for a propery or retail center.

Some people need results, and need them fast.

But others – billionaires like Warren Buffett – have a long-time horizon.  They can and do see and do things differently.

When a company and/or organization has a multi-year horizon – 5 years, 10 years or longer – any accurate data could prove to be useful to them at some point.


Ross Kinzler, ret. Exec Director of the Wisconsin Housing Alliance. MHProNews.

Meanwhile, what may have looked to outsiders like an effort to accomplish Result A, could in fact have had a different desired outcome entirely. A public test-marketing effort may or may not have as its actual goal, the publicly stated goal.

Another possibility is that a test marketing project’s stated goal was accurately, but failed to achieve its desired outcome.

Now-retired Wisconsin Housing Alliance (WHA) executive director Ross Kinzler raised such a point that is referenced in the article linked below.

Kinzler’s point is noteworthy, because while the Urban Design Project he cited failed to move the market, this writer and our team worked on a marketing project that did something similar in a major urban metro that was successful.  Note: we’re mentioning the above from a purely marketing and results perspective, not one related to industry politics.


‘Over Target’ Reactions, WHA Exec (ret) Ross Kinzler, Won’t Defend MHI Policies & Points to Prior MHI Failure


Among the lessons from the Urban Project lesson linked above is this.

The bigger organization doesn’t always get the better objective result in test marketing.

We’ve taken small-to-mid-size operations, and taught them how to outperform far bigger and more successful ones.  We’ve done that with communities, retail, HUD and modular producers and financial services companies too.



Testing and Improving, Before Selling, Firing or Closing

Let’s say you have 10 locations. 8 are profitable, 2 are not.

In MH Retail, there are those who after a sustained period of losing money, understandably close or sell such a money-draining sales center. Taking Kevin Clayton and Berkshire Hathaway at their word, they’ve closed about 100 sales centers in recent years.

Each such retail sales center closure can be costly, amounting to several hundred thousand dollars per ‘dealership.’

But before you shut a retail location down (because it can cost big bucks),
or before you sell out for less than what a profitable center is worth – why not use that as an opportunity to test something brand new?

  1. The worst that happens is that you test something that may not work for you.  The investment by comparison is minimal.
  2. But the upside is, you may not only avoid losing money, plus take a losing center and turn it into a profitable one.
  3. The good news is that for those who listen and do what’s suggested, the batting average is amazing, as some quotes on this column reflect.

When we do projects for larger operations, we often suggest taking 2 or 3 locations that are way behind the others in performance. As a consultant, you can’t make a client do anything.  Clients are free to listen to what they want, and ignore what they want. But for those who listen and do such a test with us, the results can be impressive. Sales can profitably rise several hundred percent.  That’s happened in ‘1 to 5 star’ types of locations.

By the way, we routinely do confidentiality agreements in such cases.  We only publicize results after X years, unless the client and we both agree to publish results sooner.



Real Turn-Around$, That Were Losing Before

In doing such a test with a larger MH Communities client, we dramatically increased traffic, and increased closures on the highest priced manufactured housing products – highest priced home, and highest cost land-lease in that market.

The project created record results for the organization. Sales soared by hundreds of percent, using the same budgets that were previously being spent.

Our test had numerous disadvantages that the Urban Project’s test Kinzler mentioned didn’t have. To rephrase, by comparison, the odds were stacked against us.

Yet the work we did was praised in writing by the owner of the company.  By contrast, Kinzler notes that the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) backed project failed to achieve its stated result.



MH Communities, MH Retail, MH Lending, MH Production….

…including a Clayton Homes Sales Center

Some years ago, this writer was assigned an interesting test case. It was a Clayton Homes retail location, that was slated for closure.

Within weeks of taking charge within the mandate, it went from worst to near first in that market in new deposits and new deals. Some of the staff was turned over, but others were retained, re-trained, and thrived under new leadership.


Takeaways and Bottom Line$

There are many takeaways from every experience, especially for those who have a long-time horizon.

Given the affordable housing crisis, manufactured housing is poised with an opportunity for tremendous growth in most every market we’ve looked at, from border to border and coast to coast.  ‘Tremendous,’ as in 400 percent to 1,000 percent growth or more.


But the key(s) for achieving sustainable growth may or may not be what the larger companies or organizations believe it to be.

You don’t have to try to figure out why someone does X, to learn from their failures or successes yourself.

Before you close a location which can cost a lot of money, or turn over staff, why not bring in a new set of eyes?  Why not test something brand new, and see how that works? The results of doing so may profitably surprise you.  ##  (Monday morning marketing, sales, management tips, analysis, commentary.)

(Third party images, cites are provided under fair use guidelines.)

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9 Quick Tips, Plus Your Website – Monday Morning Manufactured Home Sales Meeting

January 15th, 2018 Comments off



We’ll start with the website insights, and then move onto the 9-quick manufactured home marketing, training, educational, inspirational, and sales tips.


Over-simplifying, there are in manufactured housing today, 4 kinds of websites:

  • Non-existent. As hard as it may be to believe some 2 decades after the websites came into being, there are still some manufactured home companies – notably among communities – that have no website presence. They may be on someone else’s site, but have no website of their own. If you have vacancies, or are selling wholesale or to the public, doesn’t it make sense to fix that oversight?
  • Outdated. Websites can get dated within 3 to 5 years. It isn’t just a matter of adding new content, that’s obviously needed. Research shows that you only have 5 to 10 seconds to win the interest of a website visitor. After that, many are gone. An outdated website lowers your odds of having a visitor beyond those 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Modern, Cool, but Missing Something. Hundreds of websites that we see fall into the category.  This type of website will land that first-time visitor.  But they may not attract back the repeat visitor, which is critical if you are trying to sell a big ticket item, like a new or not-cheap pre-owned manufactured home.
  • Engaging, Appealing, and Informative Websites. These do what bullet 3 does, but have certain features that attract back those better qualified buyers.  If you see us in Louisville, stop and ask for details, or call us the week following the show for a complimentary website review.

Now, the 9 Tips 

It’s a federal holiday, right? So if you’re checking these out,

  • your either one of those operations that are open, or
  • you are a go-getter.  Either way…

The tips are found in the 9 different articles linked below.  If you’re new to the Monday Morning Sales Meeting, or just realize that you need a refresher on a topic, click a link below and dive in!

Atmosphere, and Super-Charging Results – Monday Morning Sales Meeting


Clayton Homes Praise for Pro-Industry Trade Media – Monday Morning Sales Meeting

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Monday Morning Sales Meeting, What Warren Buffett & President Donald Trump Profitably Agree On

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Monday Morning Sales Meeting – Living the Dream by Serving Others Well

Monday Morning Sales Meeting – Living the Dream by Serving Others Well


Manufactured Housing Monday Morning Sales Meeting: Finance & Industry Facts, Figures, Sales Tip$ Improving Best Practice$

Manufactured Housing Monday Morning Sales Meeting: Finance & Industry Facts, Figures, Sales Tip$ Improving Best Practice$

KYPs, and the $64 Billion Dollar Question-Monday Morning Manufactured Housing Sale$ Meeting

KYPs, and the $64 Billion Dollar Question-Monday Morning Manufactured Housing Sale$ Meeting

My smartphone will be on silent mode in Louisville, but I will check messages and return calls, as possible.  832-689-1729Or email me at this link. If you’ll be on the road, safe travels and prosperous travels. ## (Sales, marketing, management tips for manufactured housing professionals.)

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How Much for Lunch? Millions!

June 4th, 2013 Comments off

For the 14th consecutive year Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett is auctioning off a power lunch for eight on E-bay, his annual anti-poverty fundraiser that fuels the San Francisco charity GLIDE. The non-profit provides some 800,000 meals each year to the hungry, and has received $15 million since the auction began in 2000. CNNMoney tells MHProNews an anonymous donor last year won the bid for nearly $3.5 million. Bidding began Sunday evening June 2 at $25,000 and reached $130,000 by Monday morning. One of the world’s wealthiest and most generous men, Buffett intends to give away the bulk of his wealth, much of it to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He has pledges from over 100 billionaires around the world to leave half of their net worth to charity. Berkshire Hathaway is the parent company of Clayton Homes, North America’s largest producer of manufactured homes.

(Photo credit: Clayton Homes)