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Put Taxpayer Funded Comments to Work for Your MH Location, Monday Morning Sales Meeting

April 2nd, 2018 Comments off


It isn’t every day that a U.S. Senator tells America that he grew up in a “trailer park” [sic], and later bought a “mobile home.”



And it isn’t every day that a world-famous brain surgeon tells America that manufactured homes are “amazing.”


Everyone in sales or marketing ought to understand the power of third party testimonials.  What some may – or may not – understand is that the testimonial doesn’t have to be specifically about your location or business.

The video below does both of those points. We posted this revised version of this video on YouTube, which you are hereby authorized to use so long as you don’t alter the video – which means that you can post it to your website.

The embed code your web developer needs is shown below.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

This is simple, and common sense. For maximum benefit, you’ll want to post it prominently on your website, and on social media.

Every major decision – and buying a manufactured home is a big one for most people – involves a ‘weighing process.’  There are the reasons to do something, and other factors that point to not making the same possible choice. It’s stating the obvious. With all of the negative media about MH, you want as much positive to be seen by your prospects.


A video like this could be one more reason to that might tip the scales in your favor. The taxpayers pay these gents salaries. Let those tax payer funded comments go to work for you. ## (News, business tips, analysis and commentary.)

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“Mission Impossible” – Monday Morning Sales Meeting

March 12th, 2018 Comments off


 If pretty pictures, high traffic, great websites or tech alone would lead to more sales, manufactured housing would be 500 to 1000 percent  higher than it is today. 


That’s not an hype or exaggeration. 

It’s reality, as a number of exclusive and third party studies reported in the Daily Business News in recent mo the revealed. Because when you do the math, 8.3 million affordable homes needed nationally, plus the ongoing housing needs, means there are numerous LOCAL markets across the land that are ‘begging’ manufactured home professionals to dramatically boost their sales.


Yes, there are big competitors which may have more funding, fancier sales centers, better financing, and all sorts of advantages that alleged ‘monopoly power’ gives them.

But there are savvy ways that others have proven can work at fighting back.


No Two Markets are the Same

No two markets, no two communities nor any two manufactured home (MH) retail sales centers are precisely the same. 

That’s why all marketing always comes down to local marketing.

It is also why – as a rule – homes are sold one-at-a-time.

In automotive, for example, while you get national commercials to promote a brand, you then see lots of dealers promoting their specific location(s).

Which is why even a larger operator like UMH Properties said to MHProNews that ultimately, each company and each location must promote itself.

For over 20 years, this writer/consultant has accepted manufactured home marketing and sales projects where an also-ran is looking to improve their results. 

Working with existing staff, managers, and owners, we routinely achieved increased growth and profit levels some previously never believed possible. That happens with high customer satisfaction. 

Besides saving previously struggling locations, we’ve also demonstrated how to grow results at already performing communities and retail centers.  It may sound like ‘mission impossible,’ but given the correct mind set, plan and action steps, it’s been done and is being done.


The Principle is Simple

Manufactured housing pros – from large, medium or small locations – are often blinded to reality. Ego, fear, frustration, and other psychological or sociological factors make the trap of accepting the status quo easy. ‘It’s always been this way,’ or ‘you can’t fight city hall’ kind of mindsets are self-limiting.

Any positive change happens as a result of specific formulas being understood and applied.  But they are outsold in market after market, as the report linked here reveals.  So-called monopoly power doesn’t mean they can’t be outperformed, given the correct strategy.  We’ve done it with clients, and some do it on their own.

The first step in making positive change a profitable reality is to accept the simple notion that by analysis of the local market and competition, a strategy can be created that leads smaller firms into local market dominance.

There is a growing realization reported across the political spectrum that monopoly power sadly exists in America today.  Third parties, and industry sources, say it exists in manufactured housing too.  While the solutions to the challenges aren’t going to be covered in this article, one step ought to be crystal clear.  You must develop and execute a plan that will work in your favor in the market(s) you serve.  We’ve done and do this kind of work with clients from border to border.

Why not put experience outperforming larger players on your side? Click here to learn more. ## (Manufactured housing marketing sales management, analysis, commentary.)



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DEADLINE! Invest 1 Hour NOW to Secure Brighter Future – Monday Morning Sales Meeting

February 26th, 2018 Comments off


Sales meetings are important.  But there are some things so urgent, and today could be one of them, that requires that the meeting be pushed back for the moment.


Get More MH Lending…from HUD?!

Yes, you can…

The opportunity to open up more good loans from FHA Title I and FHA Title II lending is arguably a faster solution for the manufactured housing industry accessing more and potentially better lending than the GSE mandated Duty to Serve (DTS ) program is likely to be.  Of course, DTS also ought to be pursued.  But sadly, its been largely marginalized/sidelined for the next few years – another issue, for another time.

Few understand all of the possibilities that the FHA program could produce,

  • if the 10/10 rule on Title I,
  • and the leasehold hurdle for Title II were both modified – or better yet, eliminated.


FHA’s manufactured home loan program could be a relatively quick fix, given these facts:

  • HUD’s request for comments on their top down review of the manufactured housing program,
  • combined with the pro-growth,
  • pro “forgotten Americans,”
  • and pro-business, regulatory rollback mindset of the Trump Administration.

Whether or not you have sent comments to HUD yet, our understanding of the rules indicates you can send a supplemental submission. There doesn’t seem to be anything on the comments page to prohibit that, and a HUD spokesperson’s statement to us indicates they want the maximum feedback from the industry and others.


TIPs on Submitting Comments to HUD, Due by 11:59 PM TODAY…


  • Please DON’T send a form letter.  If you see comments from others that you like, link them up, and say that you are including them in your own.’s own guidance, suggests form letters aren’t as useful as a unique letter that YOU write in YOUR words.
  • In the subject line, show the following:

RE: Docket No. FR-6075-N-01, and Executive Orders  13771, and 13777, according to HUD’s request for comments related to the manufactured housing program.

According to guidance, one unique comment that makes one or more important points can carry more weight than many form letters.

So take 30 minutes, an hour, whatever it takes and speak your mind on digital paper.  Then submit them to HUD, at the link below.!submitComment;D=HUD-2018-0006-0001


While federal rules make it clear this isn’t a vote, there is little doubt that if HUD hears from several pros on FHA Title 1 and Title II, on issues like enhanced preemption and following the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000, it is likely to have more of an impact than some form letter.


Other Important to MH Pro Topics

 If you’ve been in the industry for even a few years, odds are good that you’ve heard or complained yourself about HUD’s

  • regulatory overreaches – think on-sight completion rule, frost free foundations, and more in the document linked below.
  • failure to enforce enhanced preemption, which by itself could open up zoning issues that could lead to tens or hundreds of thousands of new manufactured home sales annually, in local markets coast to coast.
  • Following the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000 precisely

Some links with ideas and resources to fuel your thoughts are found below.

Deadline Looms! Federal Request for Comments on Manufactured Housing Program, and You

Getting More Manufactured Home Financing Options?  HUD Comments Provide Unique Door,

YIMBY vs. NIMBY, Obama Admin Concept Could Unlock $1.95 Trillion Annually, HUD & MH Impact

HUD Comment Letter – FR-6075-N-01 Regulatory Review of Manufactured Housing Rules

Federal Manufactured Housing Program Review Comments Due Next Week, 2.26.2018


Take one hour, or whatever is needed, right now. The deadline for comments is 11:59 PM tonight, 2.26.2018.

There will likely be only a few hundred comments sent, if the pattern of history holds up. Your comments would therefore carry more weight than the thousands who for whatever reason(s) fail to invest one hour in their future.

Take Nike’s slogan to heart.

Just Do It. ## (News, Business Building Tips, Marketing, Sales, Management, Monday Morning Sales Meeting.)

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ProperPlanningUnderstandingMotivationDisciplineTimeTalentTreasureExecutionPreventsPoorPerformanceLATonyKovachManufacturedHomeMarketingSalesManagementBy L. A. “Tony” Kovach, managing member, LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC DBA and,, providing manufactured home industry professional business development, expert witness, and consulting services.)

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“Crushing the Competition” – Independents and the American Way – Monday Morning Sales Meeting

February 19th, 2018 Comments off


Independents vs. Corporate Giants. What’s the traditional American Way?


Last week, two experts sounded off on that issue, at the link below.


It’s a timely question, because those experts argue that there’s a routine struggle avoiding the modern version of the “robber barons” – witnessed over a century ago. Then or now,  it tends to be individuals – the “mom-and-pop” entrepreneurs –  that have been the main catalyst for innovation, job creation and wealth-building.

Anti-monopoly (anti-trust) laws exist precisely to protect the economy and the millions of other Americans from the harmful economic, social, and political effects that occur when mega-powers dominate given industries.


Clayton Team Mate Sounds Off

A Clayton Homes team mate messaged MHProNews recently to say, ‘what’s wrong with crushing the competition?

Every independent needs to be aware of the origins of that mindset.

It begins with Warren Buffett, is echoed by Kevin Clayton, and picked up by many (but not all) of the members of Team Clayton.

Crushing the competition is part of the mandate, is what Buffett himself has said. Listen to how Kevin Clayton expressed that in his own words in the linked video/article below. 

Kevin Clayton Interview-Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, Clayton Homes CEO

Presuming they mean what the say, every forward-looking independent must consider the question;

  • how does one survive and thrive long term against an operation that has already taken over roughly half of the industry nationally?
  • How do you succeed long-term, when some states reportedly have 60 to 70 percent of retail sales from Clayton or using Clayton products?

The answer varies from market-to-market, and must be based upon the specific circumstances of a specific retailer or selling community.

As a Clayton Homes retail rival tipped MHProNews last year, the Berkshire Hathaway brands routinely have access to financing advantages outreach don’t. 

Zero Down Payment – not Land in Lieu – Manufactured Home Chattel Lending Program

The first reality is you must know reality. You can’t win in a battle where only one side realizes it’s is in an economic, competitive “war.”


Jiu Jitsu 

Specific plans are done for consulting clients, for a fee. But let’s lay out one of several basic concepts on how a retailer at the margins can learn how to beat a giant competitor, Clayton Homes, and/or any other.

It’s simple. Emphasize what you do that they can’t, don’t, or won’t do. To rephrase, you apply the principles of jiu jitsu.

Jiu Jitsu is the martial arts concept that takes the apparent power of an opponent, turning the energy or strength of the larger aggressor against them. 


As a historic analogy, imagine the initial success of the Nazi blitzkrieg during World War II. The French were conquered, the Brits fled Dunkirk for he safety of the British Isles.

But guerrilla warfare tactics broke out in France. They used those to occupy tens of thousands of superior Nazi forces.

The Brits in turn supplied the French, as did later the Americans. The Allies put their unique advantages to work, and what at one point looked like an unbeatable opponent was utterly crushed in the end.


Sailing the River Nile?

There are retailers and communities that, according to some of their industry peers, are ‘sailing the river “de Nile,”  a.k.a. denial. That’s from a long-time retailer that says, if other independents don’t realize they are in a life-and-death struggle, “they are sailing in the river of denial.

Perhaps your organization is a pretty good size, or perhaps your a mom-and pop. Never forget that 20 years ago Fleetwood and Champion we’re battling for 1 and 2, with everyone else as also rans.

About a dozen years later Clayton was buying Fleetwood retail out of bankruptcy. The prior MH Giants had fallen. 

Vertical integration has helped some, but will it prove to be enough in the face of a monopolistic ‘crush the competition’ monolith?

Again, look at Fleetwood/Clayton 20 years ago for historic clues.

That said, individual locations are out-performing Clayton today in specific locales. It’s doable. Our clients are among those doing it. In fact, it is a fact that Clayton is growing at a slower pace that the industry at large is, per national statistics and the last Berkshire Hathaway annual report.

To succeed, you must have a short, medium and long-term strategy; because Kevin Clayton has said that Warren Buffett would be okay with losing money for several years, so long as their Moat – think market share – is getting wider. Be prepared! ## (Monday morning marketing, sales, management tips, analysis, commentary.)

Related: When you are engaged in combat, you have to be able to spot the proverbial Trojan Horse.

“Scientia Potentia Est” Monday Morning Sales Meeting

(Third party images, cites are provided under fair use guidelines.)

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“Scientia Potentia Est” Monday Morning Sales Meeting

February 12th, 2018 Comments off


Scientia potentia est,” is a maxim from Latin translated as ‘knowledge is power,’ or ‘knowledge is potential power.’ In the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, one of those 7 habits is ‘seek first to understand, then to be understood.’


Understanding and knowledge, these are widely understood as critical for professional success.

Knowledge knows no political or other bias. I’m as happy to learn from someone who thinks differently than one who believed every single thing the same as I do. Facts matter. Your biggest competitor or enemy may know something you need to know.

That said, truths are also eternal. Some claim ethics can change; that’s nonsense. People may ignore or keep ethical principles, but truths such as honesty, integrity, keeping one’s word, etc. – those are timeless and necessary in a sustainable business.

That said, several weeks ago, we had a post where rivals POTUS Donald Trump and Warren Buffett agreed on a principle. What is their success tip?  It pays to know all that you can about your profession, or a subject that impacts your career or business.  The two are opposing forces in politics today, but they agree on that point. Interesting, isn’t it?

If manufactured or modular housing is your career, it pays to know all that you can about it.  That kind of knowledge does evolve, but ethical professional principles are still eternal.


What hall of famer Mickey Mantle said about baseball applies to manufactured housing too.

But if you did one thing that would transform your profession and success, what would it be? More knowledge. Scientia potentia est.An ever deeper understanding.  The willingness to learn, and keep on learning about your career and industry.

If you added to that another success principle, what would that be? In a word? Discipline.

It takes a balance of motivation, confidence, and humility to be sustainably successful. Knowledge with discipline are part of that process.

If you aren’t today where you want to be, guess what? Others before and after you have been at the same age and success (or lack thereof), and later turned their career or business around. For example, Colonel Sanders and Ray Kroc weren’t spring chickens when they found their niche.  But Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s are global brands today.

Kroc stumbled upon McDonald’s. He was open-minded enough, disciplined enough, to learn and do something similar, yet new to what he was doing before.



Understanding the Manufactured Housing Industry Today

When I was younger I stumbled across the manufactured home industry. It wasn’t on my radar.  My then-new career began in the retail side of the business, but evolved over time.

But all that went before my new career in manufactured housing proved useful.  Time in as an award winner in the restaurant business, time as an award winning insurance agent, etc.

The manufactured home retailer I first worked for had nada as a training program. Zilch. Here are the keys, there’s the inventory price sheet, here are the credit aps, a receipt book for deposits, and your purchase agreement. Here are the keys to the houses. Maybe 3 minutes. “We take ups in a strict rotation,” and  “Go get ‘em tiger.”

So, I read and listened to all that I could about selling, especially big ticket sales.  I observed what others did, discerning what worked well, or avoided what went badly. When I discovered the MH Merchandiser Magazine, I read it and read it some more. All that I learned, day by day, was applied to manufactured housing.


“It’s the Man…”

My personal study, motivation, and grit set me apart from others hired at the same time. I sold quite a lot – writing up my very first prospect – and kept at it.  I was promoted quickly into a lot managers roll. That lot I was assigned to started to roll after my arrival there. The location was the same (no difference before or after my arrival), the inventory had the same brands and kinds of homes, no different inventory after I arrived than before. As a later mentor once explained to me, “It’s the Man, not the Land.”

Once you learn how to do X, then you look anew, and say, ‘how can that be refined until we achieve X plus 1, 3, 5, 10, etc…’

I left that first employer’s firm for another and then another. That third company taught me a few valuable lessons, which in hindsight seemed simple, but at the time, were pure gold.  Example, got a lot full of prospects?  Find the ones that “are ready, willing. and able to buy.

After a few years of managing for others, I was ready for my own business. It wasn’t a one-man band, others were involved. Because success is routinely a matter of team work, I like to use the expression “we” to describe that reality.

We opened at a terrible economic time, but we reasoned that good times or bad, people need affordable homes. So after a few weeks of initial struggles, prayer and persistence paid off.  3 cash buyers in one week, on top of the comparatively slower processing time on financed deals written, made the difference. Once the corner was turned, we never looked back, other than to give thanks.

When we’d recruit sales people, we looked for souls with no manufactured home background. Some had never worked outside of the home. We trained them in a simple yet profound system. In days, we could take a newcomer, and have a newbie selling as many homes in a month as some rival sales centers did with a team of seasoned sales veterans.  Ethics and principles, discipline and motivation all mattered. “Scientia potentia est.

While the system we developed adapted with technology, the basics are still the same. Others outside of the MH industry use a similar system. But other than those we’ve taught via our current consulting, recruiting, training and business development services, to this day, we not met anyone in MH doing something quite the same as what we do.

Simple yet robust. Happy customers, happy staff.  It works.

I’ve used that system in MH Communities and in MH Retail at locations we coached from border to border. It works.

But it all started with research, and study. “Scientia potentia est.


Your Turn?

Now, it’s your turn.

You can’t sustainably thrive in this industry without the qualities mentioned above of study, ethics, and discipline. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been near locations over the years where con types sold a bunch of homes by ‘jigging’ deals, and lying through their teeth to customers.

For example, I recall a developer in Texas who sold a bunch of homes like that (i.e: unethically), using FHA loans. All the talk in Texas at the time was how those guys were making a bunch of money. Only one problem. In time, he and others ended up getting charged with violations of federal law, and where sentenced – 5 to 10 in a federal pen.

Was it worth it, what they did, and how it ended up?

Clearly, not.

You don’t have to lie, cheat, or mislead people to sell a lot of homes. Quite the opposite is true.  You want honesty, that attracts good, well qualified buyers, who will send their friends.

I’ve toured offices were people had bibles on their desks – when that bible meant something to them. But in other offices I’ve visited, where a bible was a mere prop as part of their con. The same could be said about those who wear a cross, etc.

There are some who never wear or have any obvious outward sign of faith or morals, but who were so clear moved by their faith to do what’s right, that a neon sign could not have made it any more clear.  It wasn’t words, it was their deeds that were powerfully inescapable.

That sales center I owned never had a single retail customer’s attorney call, much less a law suit.  We did what we said we’d do, and documented everything promised.  We became #76 in the nation, the top 1./2 of 1 percent, per third parties, only 3 years after it was opened. At the time there were 10,000 retailers in the country. We were based in a fairly small town of 4,500 souls, about an hour’s drive into the biggest city. There were some big names in the industry that came to say they wanted to back an expansion of our operation into other states and locations. Lenders told us our repo rate was lower than competitors (I didn’t know until that lender said that to me, that lenders tracked a retailers or communities repossessions rates).

That retail center (dealership, in those days) was profitably sold instead of expanding as others wanted me to do. I moved onto consulting, spent some time doing RVs and trade shows, but always circled back to manufactured housing. We’d contract out management to a location, hands-on, not just coaching. There were boat loads learned from each of those other experiences.

At my retail center, we hit 30 sales one summer month, at a time when 80 percent of the other retailers in the same state folded up. “Its the man, and the plan, not the land.” We did even better with some of our better equipped clients. Later, as noted above, I worked with land lease manufactured home communities, long before others saw that pattern about to rise.

Each – retail center or communities – can have their own benefits.


Standing Room Only presentations by L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

The overarching point of the above is that reading, learning, experience, ethics, were all foundational.

You can’t possibly achieve your potential in this industry without devoting a heavy dose of reading and the right kind of viewing.

Professional coaching helps, because it gives you new eyes that can quickly spot what is working well, and objectively sees what needs improvement. We all need doctors, attorneys, tax advisers, etc. Consultants are just as useful, if not more so, because the right consultant can grow your bottom line with more happy customers. Our success to failure rate is extraordinary, so the ROI is good. By the way, the success rate we’ve learned is predicated on a simple principle.  Will you and your team listen, learn, and apply what your taught?  Our MH system simply works, every time it is used. Period.

We disagree with Mr. Buffett and his political or some of business methods, as many of our readers know. But he’s 100 percent correct on the value of reading, research, and study. That’s priceless. “Scientia potentia est.

Buffett’s also correct that knowledge is how you reduce risks.


Success in MHVille Today…


Standing room only presentations by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

You can’t possibly navigate the manufactured home industry today without understanding how it really ticks. I’ve spoken personally with those who’ve experienced the kinds of tactics we’ve reported on in articles like the second one linked below.

Invest one day, not an hour, a day, in reading not just the original posts linked below, but each of the links from the post. Watch that Kevin Clayton video interview first, then do the reading.  Once you finish the reading, watch that Kevin Clayton video again. Do this on an evening, a weekend, or other day off. You must be focused, so you don’t want to be distracted.

Warren Buffett is right about this too.  Most won’t invest the time.  That means that those who do, benefit, while others miss out.

You can’t achieve your potential, even in the best of systems, when you don’t fully understand your industry. Read the first article and the linked state association letter.  It may not seem to have anything to do with sales, but it has everything to do with understanding how the industry works today.


State Associations, Companies Quit Membership in Manufactured Housing Institute, (MHI), One Explains in Writing, ‘Why?’


Then read the following post, and please do so in the following fashion.


Was the Urban Institute Misled, Duped, or Part of a Manufactured Housing Industry Scam?


  • Watch the Kevin Clayton video, and take notes.
  • Then read the related articles, and take notes.
  • Then watch that Clayton video, one more time, taking more notes.
  • Then, re-read the letter from that association that quit MHI.

Do those things, take a fresh look at the industry around you.  Odds are really good that your understanding of manufactured housing will likely change forever.

Do that, and your ability to profit and obtain sustainable success with ethics held high in this industry will likely change forever too.

Scentia Potentia Est. Knowledge is potential power. The potential once tapped, with discipline and ethics simply works. ## (Marketing, sales, management, coaching, consulting, training, tips.)

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Facts Matter! Improving Your Manufactured Home Location(s) Conversion Ratios, Monday Morning Sales Meeting

January 22nd, 2018 Comments off


Facts Matter. 

Reality is what is, not what we wish or hope it to be. 

Every successful business uses numbers to measure their success, such as profit and loss statements.  These are black and white issues, not a matter of subjective opinion.  A few quotes and four bullets from ‘the man’ may help.

1)    “All professional success comes down to learning and applying systematic behaviors that result routinely result in a positive outcome.” – L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

2)    “Once you learn what works, you keep doing it, while you refine those processes for ever greater effectiveness.” – L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

3)    Part of what the quotes above imply is that records must be kept, and results must be measured.

4)    In marketing and sales, results are measured by “call ins,” “arrivals,” “conversions,” and “closed business with happy customers.”  You can’t manage what you don’t measure.  You can’t improve, what you don’t measure and determine how to improve it.

MHVillage makes their statistics available, which is useful for an example of this lesson.  They’re the biggest at what they do, so this should not be construed as a slam.  Rather, it’s a look at the cold, hard facts that they themselves have produced, and what those facts might mean or imply.

And what they imply are low conversion numbers.


The industry needs to wake up to reality.  It’s not the total numbers of visits, its how many of those visitors end up buying.  

Millions” of visits occur a year, says MHVillage.  But only several thousand actual sales take place from those visits.  Doesn’t that clearly indicates a disconnect between an interest by shoppers, and closed deals?

We’ve spoken with retailers who unlock homes, and let people wander.  For those that keep a head count, they routinely report very minimal sales results; for example, one retailer self-reported that 1 out of 70 walk-ins is sold.


Consider these facts.  Something like 80 percent (+/-) of shoppers have checked your location out online before walking in the door.  If you use the National Association of Realtors ™ (NAR) data, its closer to 94 percent have visited your website, and/or have done other on-line research, before they call you or come in.

The fact that they walk in means they are ‘half way sold.’  So using the example above, if only 1 out of 70 bought, that means something didn’t happen for 69 of those guests that the customer was expecting.  How many millions of dollars in lost sales volume did that cost that MH retailer?

#5 If you can’t write up at a minimum, at least 1 out of every 4 or 5 such arrivals, isn’t something wrong?

We teach our own proprietary sales systems, so we won’t dive into that today.  If you have a sales system that is doing #1 to #4 above and giving you solid results, that are routinely improving, then stick with it.  If not, then give us a call to discuss how that could be improved.

Our research and experience suggests that many MH retailers and MH Communities could increase their sales by up to 850 percent in the markets they are in.  It’s a process, it won’t happen overnight, but for those who understand and commit to the process, the results are impressive.

Our system isn’t high pressure, it’s all about attraction.  The guest wants to do business with you with our system, you’ll invite them to do so.  So you get a nice steady stream of referrals too, so long as you service the customer well.

What we will do today is share a video with a client who self-reports that their sales grew over 400 percent as a result of using the very basic parts of our system.

We have more advanced methods than what they are currently using.  But they’re doing so well with their current results, and getting product from the factory has restricted them to their currently high levels.  So, they are just fine where they currently are, based upon all those factors.

Anyone can take out a smart phone, and turn on the video function, and do an ‘interview.’  But not everyone gets to have a third-party media outlet come and do that interview for them.

Client results and third-party research indicates the impact of our approaches are tremendous.  This is something no one else we know of in MHVille is doing as we do it.  Even if they started today, we have the advantage of years of content that validates the visitors’ impressions and those interviewees experiences.

When you’re ready to invest in your own business to take your results to the next level, click here to give us a call or send a message. We’ll show you where you can maximize what you are doing now, and work with you to improve whatever is needed so that your systems become more productive and profitable. ## (Industry results, marketing, sales, tips, analysis, and commentary.)

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Atmosphere, and Super-Charging Results – Monday Morning Sales Meeting

January 8th, 2018 Comments off


Have you ever walked into an office or store and ‘felt’ the atmosphere?

For example, it might feel:

·        upbeat, or
·        …oppressive.

Shoppers and visitors to your location can often detect or ‘pick up’ on the atmosphere of your business.

If you are a retailer, does your office ‘feel’ high pressure? Or does it feel disengaged? 

Balance is essential in life, and in an office. Either extreme – the high pressure, or the disengaged team member(s) – can be perceived as a turn off to a savvy shopper.

Another quick example.

If you are working in a manufactured home community, and a few residents were stopped at random by a visitor, would the report or feedback they give the guest be:

·        positive,
·        neutral, or
·        negative? 

What do you do when you have issues like those noted above at your location?  (Hint: there are proven ways to turn most negative community residents over-time into happy, cheer-leaders. Some people, frankly, you may never make happy, but you should still try).


MHMarketingSalesManagement provides high ROI contract services you can turn to in these and a variety of other industry-expert areas.  

Today – and at no charge to you – let’s oversimplify with the following tip, and focus for the final few moments of this session on just your team members.

Because your team members are an elemental part of what creates a good, bad, or indifferent atmosphere a your location. 

When you have a problem with one or more team members, there are fundamentally three choices. 

  • 1) Terminate. If this is the option you pick, then questions that remain are how, and when –> and what you do to replace them with someone better.
  • 2) Education/Reform/Mold them.
  • 3) Do nothing, and expect the problem to continue.

While you can have a combination of the three above, can you think of an option not covered by those three?

Spotlighting point #2, above.  All types of education, formal and informal, should always – always – be supplemented by follow-up reading and/or related videos, when available. 

MH industry field reps tell us they see a common problem in manufactured home retail and community locations.  It’s a lack of training and motivation among the industry’s team members.  Ouch.

But there are locations where the reverse is reported, and that’s equally revealing.  Well-trained teams not only perform better, but they tend to create a great office atmosphere.

Under performers can be costly to you, while performers pay in a variety of ways.

ThereAreOnly2WaysToLearnOwnOthersExperiencesLATonyKovachManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNews-575x235Formal training – be it in person, or via webinar based education – can super-charge your bottom line, by putting your team into the right balance between pressure and disengaged. Your team has to be able to “read” each prospect, and give them the tailored, individual support that particular prospect merits.

Done properly, prospects love it.

When you team earn commissions, they like earning more commissions too. Several big commission checks can do wonders to get their ‘serve the public with excellence’ juices flowing.

Third-party research reveals that educated, properly-engaged, and well-formed team members routinely outperform those who lack that same training.  Research also reveals that companies that invest in their team see less turnover too.

Let’s close today’s session with a tip that links back to a prior – and popular! – Monday Morning Sale Meeting theme.  Not only are readers, leaders – but those who read – and view the right videos – tend to out-perform their peers too.

Monday Morning Sales Meeting, What Warren Buffett & President Donald Trump Profitably Agree On

The combination of formal training and reading can transform the atmosphere at your location. 

As a closing thought, even if you have a formal trainer at your location – and sadly, not many in manufactured housing do – when your contract trainer works with management (instead of undermining management), that makes trainers better, and the results improve for all involved.

If you’re looking for training and inspirational presenters in 2018, give us a call. Our reviews suggest you’ll be glad that you did. Because we know manufactured housing, from a 360 degree perspective that can be profitable to your location(s). ## (Marketing, Sales, Management, Training, Recruiting, Development, Commentary.)

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Clayton Homes Praise for Pro-Industry Trade Media – Monday Morning Sales Meeting

January 1st, 2018 Comments off

80-20RuleLeagueLegendsDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsBefore we get into the featured image at the left, and the headline above, some background will be useful to tee-up this Monday Morning Sales Meeting.

Messages, calls, visits, and inquiries from marketers are among the common visitors to and

So, perhaps it’s no surprise that a marketer for Clayton Homes recently reached out to publisher L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, to praise the “thought leadership” of these pro-industry trade media platforms.

The manager had specific requests and proposals for working between Clayton Homes and the MH Industry trade publications owned/operated by LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC.

More on that outreach from Clayton in the days ahead.

But next, another factual note.

Among the larger-to-giant industry companies, are hundreds of employees and/or contractors who communicate and exercise ties to MHProNews and/or our sister-site.


Many of those professionals are naturally on board with what their respective MH company’s leadership do. Others have doubts or concerns. In a pluralistic society, that’s natural.


But what some other business owners, and executives, are telling MHProNews is similar to what that Clayton marketing manager recently said.

MH Industry leaders are seeing:

  • Thought Leadership,” or much needed
  • Institutional Memory,”
  • Street Cred,” or
  • one of the few voices,” along with most and notably “including MHARR,” willing to challenge the often “dead ends, false, or disproven claims of those who have sold the industry’s independents out.”

New Year, New Resolutions for Backing Away from “Dead Ends”

Among recent messages was an independent who said that the recent “Smoking Gun” reports were a wake-up call.

Killing Off 100s of Independent Manufactured Home Retailers, Production Companies – Tim Williams/21st Mortgage “Smoking Gun” Document 2

Another independent, expressing a thank you in a message about that same “Smoking Gun” subject said that those independents who don’t take the threats and controversies seriously are “in denial.”

In the closing weeks of 2017, MHProNews’ in-depth and cross-referenced reports has drawn attention from media, legal, public officials, and other researchers.

Note: that kind of research by media, legal, or other researchers is often a slow dance.

Long-time Daily Business News readers recall that when MHI did their Dick Ernst interview with PBS NewsHour, it was many weeks before PBS produced and, aired and then promoted that ‘news report’ on what they sadly labeled a “Bad Bargain.”

What PBS NewsHour Missed About Manufactured Home Living

One may or may need not agree with the politics of Warren Buffett or now President Donald J. Trump to agree that knowledge is potential power.

Monday Morning Sales Meeting, What Warren Buffett & President Donald Trump Profitably Agree On

It pays to know.

That knowledge ideally includes past (“institutional memory”), as well as recent events.  Then, that knowledge must be translated into an actionable plan, which must then be followed by the points noted in the graphic below.


3 Point Monday Morning Meeting – The Takeaway – for Starting 2018


Some in the industry reject the “80-20 rule,” saying that leadership and result are are more “90 – 10” or even “95 5.”


  1. Leaders Learn, and they keep learning through research, as well as testing.


  1. Leaders invest in developing their team. Jim Clayton told MHProNews that his mantra includes “Learn, Earn, Return.” They develop future leaders. Clayton invested time, talent, and  treasure in Team Training.


  1. True leaders don’t let labels, or other people’s often wishy-washy opinions, stop them. A search for truth and useful knowledge is there for those willing to question, test, and discover everything.

Ladies – Love, Lunacy, Leadership, and those “Laddies”

The bottom line is that there are leaders and future leaders who have embraced what MHProNews and the MHLivingNews site’s do for the factory-built home industry, notably for those companies or organizations that have worked directly with us.

As an example, a larger company said about their competitor in 2017, “Tony, you guys have made Sunshine Homes the best known independent in all of manufactured housing.”  While there are other factors to their growth, Sunshine’s sales manager said last year, that positive exposure is a factor that led them to strong growth with positive CSI in the past 2.5 years.  That growth was far higher than that of the industry at large, and it was achieved by attracting and serving the cash and stronger credit home buyers.





Think about it, and you’ll see the wisdom of the quote above. Warren Buffett is long term. Donald Trump is long term, and never quit. Research, understanding, followed by the action points noted above, can lead to long term sustainable growth, and profitable success with happy customers.

2017 Monday Morning Recap

If this is your first Monday Morning sales meeting, you can go back through the 2017 sessions in reverse order, starting from the link below.

Manufactured Housing’s “Duh!” Monday Morning Sales Meeting

From the independents, small to mid-sized == or Clayton and other giants, investors and others == they are on the pages of daily by the thousands.

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Only 2 Choices – Media Engagement, Manufactured Homes, & You – Monday Morning Sales Meeting

December 11th, 2017 Comments off

HarvardUnivManufacturedHousingYouMondayMorningSalesMeetingDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsAs we approach Christmas – and begin to wrap up 2017 – let’s keep this Monday Morning Sales Meeting hyper-simple today.

Almost everyone in the industry agrees that mainstream news-and-entertainment industries impact – mostly harmfully – the manufactured housing industry.

A Harvard report predicted that the first decade of 2000 would be the decade that manufactured housing overtook conventional home building. 

Imagine that, more manufactured homes being sold than site built homes.  Per a Harvard University study. 



At the time Belsky made this prediction, manufactured homes were selling over 300,000 new units per year. This year, we’ll not reach 1/3 of that total. What happened?

What happened?


While there are plenty of factors causing the slide vs the expected climb MH.  We’ll focus today only on the media aspect of the issue.

What do you do when negative news hits in your market?

There are two, and only two broad categories of possible responses.

1) Do nothing, say nothing.
Most of the manufactured home industry has done that “let’s let this blow over” approach for about 4 decades. How’s That Working for you and the MH industry at large?  The answer isn’t a matter of opinion, its a matter of fact, shown in the graphic below.


Graphic provided by Ross Kinzler when he was then the executive director of the Wisconsin Housing Alliance (WHA).

2) Do Something In Your Market to Respond to the Negative News. 

After you see the results of option 1, this option should be an obvious, “Duh, right?”

If you don’t respond in your market to negative news, of course it will negatively impact you. We have clients who’ve “beaten the odds,” and are growing faster than major competitors.

How?  In part by doing local PR educational/marketing – via media engagement – that’s done properly.

2 Examples of Responding to Negative/Problematic/Controversial News:

When the New York Times published their article about Frank Rolfe’s “Mobile Home University,” numerous industry pros took it as harmful to the industry.  It’s controversial, some argue the Gary Rivlin/New York Times article the other way too.

So, we published a ‘response’ article. If you do the Google search below, our response still does well, years later.


By the way, articles like this one on MHLivingNews are among the easons why clients of MHLivingNews are doing better than many others in MH sales growth. Those clients say so themselves.

Example 2. It’s not the NYTimes, but a reader sent me a message recently saying how he hated the terminological misuse in mainstream news articles, and he sent me a link with his comment.  We looked, and agreed with the reader.

The response we did to the story the reader linked is now published.  You can see that response at the link below.  The screen capture below the link is a composite from the problematic article in Sarasota Magazine.  Read it carefully.


Once you’ve read it, then have your team do the same, and discuss it with them.

Ask your team to discuss – give you feedback – to the question:  

Isn’t some informed response which challenges prejudices and bias
against manufactured homes better than no response? 

There are only two choices when bad news hits in your market(s). 

Do nothing, or do something.

We believe, and history has shown, that only doing something can work.

Final Thoughts for Today’s Meeting

As an FYI, after some efforts like the letter to Robert at Sarasota Magazine linked above, writer’s often get the message.

So, why some in media won’t care or change, others will try to get it right going forward.

After all, if you were Robert in the article linked above, wouldn’t you be more careful the next time you wrote an article about manufactured homes?

ICYMI, last week’s sales meeting is linked below.  If you missed it, and check it out, benefit and enjoy.


MH Industry News, Tips, and Views Pros Can Use.” © ## (Analysis, commentary, fact checks, news, trends.)

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Deadwood, the Manufactured Housing Revolution, and You

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By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.
Kovach is the managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC,
parent to MHProNews, and
Both are #1 in their categories. 


Powerful Takeaways from Automotive, RVs for Manufactured Home Professionals, Monday Morning Sales Meeting

December 4th, 2017 Comments off


Today’s Monday Morning Sales Meeting (MMSM) offers lessons, that similar to last week’s, are simple yet profound.

There will be 3 actionable takeaways.

We’ll use as a starting example the automotive world. We’ll begin with a series of facts, and then, make the point relevant for manufactured housing professionals.


There’s a car dealer out of Tampa whose ads are heard on the radio here in Lakeland, FL (about an hour’s drive).

Last week, that operation announced how many vehicles, total units, they will have sold at retail in 2017.

The total will be around 38,000 cars, trucks, SUVs, and other automotive vehicle types.

Think about that number. One operation, Tampa metro, 38,000 units.

Manufactured housing is projected to finish 2017 with some 92,000 (+/-) total new HUD Code homes. So, realize that one metro automotive operation’s total this year is more than 1/3 of the total number of units for all new manufactured homes that shipped nationally in the same year.

Stating the obvious, cars aren’t manufactured homes.  Neither are towable and motorized RVs.  But the RV business is a luxury item for most buyers, and they outsell manufactured homes – and housing is a necessity – by some 5 to 1.  Millions of vehicles have a similar price and/or payment to retailed manufactured homes.

State of the Manufactured Home Industry, Comparing RV vs. MH Data

Takeaway #1.  Manufactured Home Professionals ought to be humble, coachable – and motivated – enough to admit that they can sell far more than they’re currently doing. That’s a fact that can be demonstrated many different ways, as in the examples above.

Don’t believe it?

Then ICYMI, you need to go back to the MH industry sales and marketing facts 16 minute video seminar shared by award-winning industry veteran, Barry Noffsinger on the page linked below.

Manufactured Housing Monday Morning Sales Meeting: Finance & Industry Facts, Figures, Sales Tip$ Improving Best Practice$

Setting Higher Goals, That Make You Stretch

There are entire books written on the power of the mind; on the power of positive thinking and affirmations.

They’re useful.

That’s said, it’s a fallacy to believe that positive thinking alone is enough.  The can-do optimist, when he sees the rain, or knows rainfall is in the forecast, takes an umbrella.  If positive thinking alone truly worked, there would be no poverty, crime, war, or any of the host of challenges that face our world today.

Feel good thoughts, not backed by appropriate action, amounts to wishful thinking.

As an MH pro correctly said in a recent meeting, “hope is not a plan.”

Hope, and positive thoughts are potentially good. But hope requires the proper discipline, understanding, resources, a plan – and the right execution.

Zig Ziglar is among those legends in sales who said that it takes thirty days of daily repetition to start forming a new habit.


Wise Ben Franklin observed that we all have the same 24 hours in a day. How do you use your 24?

Takeaway #2. Properly Manage Your Time, Talent & Treasure

Don’t Misunderstand This Following Example!

Some, for example, diligently post on social media. That can be good, and done properly, it may produce positive results.

But are you measuring the results of your social media — or any other effort — weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually? Is X – whatever X happens to be, social media work or anything else – bringing you the results you need?

You can only manage what you measure.

And you can’t manage to a goal that you

  • haven’t set,
  • is too low, or
  • is too high

based upon circumstances, resources, talent, and so on.

Goals must inspire, and stretch. But goals must also be achievable, or they will frustrate people.  No human without other resources can jump to the moon.  But the able-bodied can walk up the stairs, and go ever higher, one properly measured step at a time.

The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) recently dumbed down the annual shipment chart, shown below. Ask them “why?”


Because here is the historically used shipment chart.  Notice that MHI’s new one shows much lower top line totals? Doesn’t that’s lower expectations?  Why do that?


Instead, every motivated industry pro must think. What is possible?


Barry Noffsinger and others have said that sales skills have weakened in manufactured housing since the 1990s. It isn’t just the tighter credit standards, it is weaker sales and marketing approaches, and a lack of proper education that attracts more qualified buyers. Graphic from WHA/Ross Kinzler.

We spent a significant amount of digital time in November laying out the true state of the manufactured housing industry, so that people would KNOW what the potential could be.


When the nation needs 8 million housing units right now, and pros connected to the tech giants are saying that only factory home building can close that gap – site builders can’t achieve the needed totals – that means we have an opportunity to hit historic highs.  We need that second, historically used graphic, to remind professionals that MH once approached nearly 600,000 new homes shipped in a year.

If that was done 4 decades ago, why can’t that be achieved and surpassed today?

That 8 million housing unit potential means multiple billions dollar operations are coming to the conclusion MHProNews has touted – and this consultant has stated – for years. We as an industry can do half a million or more new home sales a year.  It won’t happen overnight, but 500,000 new HUD Code manufactured home sales could be accomplished with the proper resources in say 24 months (+/-).


What that Means to Your Location(s)

That would mean 500% or more growth rate.

That means if you are currently selling 4 homes a month, you could be doing 20 with the proper adjustments.

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford


Belief and the basics are the foundation for success.

Virtually every personal email I’ve sent for years has that message below my contact information.

If you were in Texas, – the top manufactured housing producer and seller in the country – that one Tampa auto dealer is outselling every community, every retailer in your state, combined.

There’s no one in MHVille who could achieve that kind of result in a single metro area’s sales centers as those Tampa dealerships do. Bear in mind he’s not the largest in automotive dealer in the country.

Towable and motorized RVs outsell MH by about 5 to 1.

You could realistically increase your performance – not instantly, but over time, say in the course of a year or so – by 500%.

Takeaway #3 – Odds are Your Sales Could Skyrocket with the Proper Understanding, Execution

What does that require?

First. The belief. Think about that Henry Ford quote, above, and another one further below.
Second, the discipline.
Third, honesty with yourself and others on your team.
Fourth, putting the proper steps and resources in place to make it happen.
Fifth, follow-through – the correct execution.

Wishing alone will never achieve that 500% rise in sales.

But the proper motivation, discipline and investments of time, talent and treasure can achieve that goal, profitably and sustainably, with happy customers.  No strong-arm tactics are needed.

In fact, while we teach sales professionals to ‘ask for the order,’ we discourage strong arming customers. Look at what happened to Palm Harbor Homes, after years of pushy sales tactics finally caught up with them. They weren’t the first.  Do you think they’ll be the last giant to fold?


We encourage you to begin with something easy, and achievable, that may seem unrelated. But it is totally related and vitally important for long-term, sustained success and career satisfaction.



You and your team should begin with last week’s lesson, and make that lesson a total habit. You start right away. It’s linked below.

Monday Morning Sales Meeting, What Warren Buffett & President Donald Trump Profitably Agree On

You must feed and care for your mind, the same as you feed and care for your body, and nourish your soul.


Bonus Takeaway

As a closing thought for this session, the best any location I managed/coached was 50 housing units from a single location in a month.  Not bad. Sadly, sometimes when people achieve that kind of relatively lofty level for MH, they think they’ve arrived. We had a principled disagreement with the company involved, and I wished them well after we failed to come to agree on next steps that could have taken them higher, and more sustainably.

That location maintained that level of sales for some time, but they later fell into serious and utterly avoidable problems.  One this writer predicted would happen, but that company turned a deaf ear.

But the real story is that rise to 50 homes was accomplished in a market with depressed conditions.

We took a weak location, doing only single digits in deliveries, and in a few months, it became a marketing and sales machine, capable of doing 50 homes a month results.

We’ve accomplished similar results in communities as well as for retailers.

So, there are realistic limits, logistical limits, to what your location(s) are capable of achieving.

Experience teaches only the teachable.


There are only two kinds of experience; your own and someone else’s experience. The fastest way to grow is to rely on successful experiences from others, and leverage their proven, successful experiences at your location(s).

But experience tells me and all who will listen that many locations are doing only a small fraction of what they’re capable of achieving.  What are your vacant sites, or lost sales costing you?

Need professional help? Click here, and email or call the phone number on the page linked.

Until you reach out, please follow last week’s tip faithfully! Applying that tip has the power to change you from the Inside Out.  That’s how all real change takes place.

Here’s to learning how to attract and sell more happy customers! ## (Manufactured Housing Business Development, facts, analysis, commentary.)

Notes, Related and Contact:

1) Some things require repetition until it becomes habitual. If you have not yet memorized/made a habit of last week’s Monday Morning Sales Meeting (MMSM), start at the link below.

Monday Morning Sales Meeting, What Warren Buffett & President Donald Trump Profitably Agree On

2) Marketing/Sales/Closing Tools! After you’ve read/re-read last week’s MMSM, read these two linked articles. Learn how and when to properly share those links.

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Researchers Shake Up American Dream? Rent vs. Buy, Ken Johnson, Florida Atlantic University, Exclusive to ManufacturedHomeLivingNews

3) Need marketing, sales, consulting or business development services? Learn More to Earn More, Email or Call – click here.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach – one of the most endorsed, politically incorrect, reality-goals-solution-oriented, and popular leaders in manufactured housing today.