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Mass. School Planning Modular Classrooms to Ease Crowding

February 19th, 2016 Comments off

modular classroom canada  joe bryksa winnipegfreepressIn order to cope with rising enrollment, planning board members in Natick, Massachusetts got their initial look at six modular classrooms that will become a long-term addition to Brown Elementary School, as natick.wickedlocal informs MHProNews.. With a corridor connecting the modular units to the main building, Deputy Town Administrator Bill Chenard, noting the classrooms will be built on permanent foundations, said, “The enrollment issue is not going away and it’s anticipated to get worse.”

The modular classrooms will be built on the site of an existing playground, and according to town staff, drainage from the property will be improved from its current condition.

The planning board will continue its discussion on the project at its next meeting March 9, with hopes that approval will come swiftly so the classrooms will be ready to use for the fall semester Aug. 1. ##

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Fleetwood Poised to take Advantage of Opportunities Down Under

August 12th, 2015 Comments off

australian manufactured home community  intenational to  creditFleetwood Corporation Ltd. (ASX:FWD) of Australia produces manufactured and modular homes and buildings for residential, educational and commercial applications, and has a recreational vehicle division as well, according to

Although the report at the end of 2014 showed revenue had fallen 18 percent due to a weakness in the workforce housing sector for mining, since then Fleetwood has rebounded in the educational area, refurbishing, relocating and storing modular classrooms. Additionally, the revenue drop has also been offset by growth in the offsite residential market.

In May, FWD announced it had entered an agreement to become the exclusive supplier of manufactured homes for Gateway Lifestyle Group’s manufactured home communities (MHC) in Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Fleetwood seems well positioned to take advantage of baby boomers as they downsize and consider relocating into an MHC. In addition, as MHProNews understands, the demand is growing for modular classrooms, which should also improve the bottom line for Fleetwood. ##

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Sunday Morning Recap May 4-May 9, 2015

May 10th, 2015 Comments off

Sunday_morning_recapROC Racks up Two More MHC Co-ops. Legislator Questions HUD Contract. HUD Code Production Rises. Modular Skyscraper Rises Quickly in China. Modular Future Questionable in NYC, as it Gains a Floor in Texas, adds Luxury Complex in Silicon Valley. Cavco Acquires Fairmont. MHCC Seeks MH Multifamily. Google Denied Modular Expansion. Tiny Homes Growing. MH Siting Regulated. UMH Posts Gains. Drew Hits Record Quarter. Ozy Media Draws Fire. Jobs Grow. Rents Rise. Unemployment Falls.

Monday, May 4

Resident-owned Manufactured Home Communities Celebrates 10,000th Homesite

Letter from Rep. Sean Duffy Seeks Info Concerning Manufactured Housing Contract

Modern Modular Classrooms will Serve VA Schools Well

MHCV Scores Better than Dow; Wages Finally Rise

HUD Code Manufactured Home Production Continues Rising

Tuesday, May 5

Cavco Acquires Manufactured Home Producer Fairmont

Modular Skyscraper Erected in 19 Days

Drew Draws Aces, Posting Record First Quarter 2015

Louisiana Pacific Flies, MHCV Moves Up, Drew Cries, Dow Drops 142 Points

Texas Legislature Passes Bill to Elevate Modulars

Updated Rent Stabilization for Manufactured Home Communities due in June

Wednesday, May 6

Borough Establishes Regulations for Siting of Manufactured Homes

A Short Story on the Tiny Home Movement

Chris Nicely Joins Next Step Homes

MHCV Inches Up while Dow Slips Second Consecutive Day

Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee to Consider Multifamily MH

Thursday, May 7

Luxury Modular Complex Rises in Silicon Valley

Google’s Modular Plans Denied; LinkedIn Links Up

Ozy Media’s ‘Trailer House Nation,’ Corrections Needed

Drew Draws Top Gain, Cavco Advances, MHCV Outpaces Dow

Modular Cottages form Small Community in Vermont

ROC USA Facilitates another Manufactured Home Community to Become a Co-op

Friday, May 8

Housing Market Recovery Moving Slowly

CAPREIT Announces Monthly Distribution

UMH Posts Gains in Q1 2015

Jobs Report Sends Dow Up; MHCV Does not share the Joy

Upscale Modular Home is Top Prize in Lottery

Modular Building May be Forced out of New York City

Saturday, May 9

Rising Rents could Forestall Homeownership ##

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Modern Modular Classrooms will Serve VA Schools Well

May 4th, 2015 Comments off

modular classroom canada  joe bryksa winnipegfreepressBroad Rock Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia is receiving a 12-classroom modular complex, and E.S.H. Greene Elementary is getting one with nine classrooms, each unit with two bathrooms, interior hallways and enough space to serve meals, as richmond tells MHProNews.

Both schools are above 125 percent capacity, and while school officials try to persuade city leaders to allocate $30 million for a new school to alleviate overcrowding, the modular units will fulfill the current need. It will also allow the school system to get rid of old single-room trailers that have no bathrooms, have been poorly maintained and do not function well as classrooms.

School board member Kimberly Gray, upon returning from examining modular units at another school system, said the modular classrooms will be nicer than the school itself. It will take about three months to prepare the mods for the Aug. 16 deadline for the next school year, including site preparation.

The project is estimated to cost $1 million, which will include site work and lease of the buildings for one year. The overriding need for additional classroom space became more crucial when the previous school board closed Summer Hill Elementary, a crumbling building but in a district where enrollment was booming. ##

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School Board Approves Six Used Modular Classrooms

April 27th, 2015 Comments off

classrooms__modular__palomar_modular_buildingsFollowing a story we last reported on March 25, 2015 regarding the need for additional classrooms in Licking Heights, Ohio, the school board approved $211,000, by a vote of 5-0, to purchase six used modular classrooms for Licking Heights Central Middle School for school year 2015-2016. MHProNews has learned from thisweeknews Board President Brian Bagley said, We passed the resolution to accept the lowest responsible and responsive bid in connection with the six modular classrooms.

Superintendent Philip Wagner said the cost of installing six modulars at the high school recently cost $392,000, and he expects the complete installation of the units at the middle school to be about the same. Noting the modular classrooms are anticipated to be for seventh grade students, he said the final determination will be made depending upon the number of students enrolled. He added both schools could each accommodate two more modular units if necessary.

The school board also approved participation 5-0 in a tax-increment-financing (TIF) district agreement for a 116-unit apartment complex that will likely cater to seniors who want to be close to family without the responsibilities of household care. The school district anticipates receiving tax revenue from the project but not many more students. ##

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Clayton-Bradley Academy Expanding for Added Enrollment

April 17th, 2015 Comments off

clayton_bradley_stem_academy__thedailytimes__creditEstablished by Innovative Education Partnership, Inc., in collaboration with Clayton Homes and Executive Director Pat Bradley in 2013, the Clayton-Bradley Academy is entering Phase II of its three-point plan. The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) school will be constructing a 35,000-square-foot building to house administrative offices, classrooms, a full-size gymnasium and training center. Plans also call for lower school science and robotics labs in addition to labs for the fine arts program.

Clayton Homes will build eight custom-designed modular classrooms for biology, physics, chemistry, robotics and makers’ labs classes for the high school students, according to Bradley. “Our lead science teacher, Kendall Terry, was instrumental in creating usable, workable labs from the STEM teacher perspective. We want to continue our open-concept design which makes our campus unique,” stated Bradley.

Classrooms are connected by covered walkways and green space, and a creek and natural spring provide ongoing study of plant and animal habitats, according to thedailytimes. The Academy will also add an outdoor pavilion, expand the student playground and provide more parking for staff and students as enrollment continues to grow.

As MHProNews last reported May 21, 2014, Clayton-Bradley established a pre-K program in 2014, and that enrollment is now expected to double this year. ##

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Modular Classrooms will Accommodate Growing Enrollment

March 25th, 2015 Comments off

mod classrooms  kristina iodice the gazette creditThe Licking Heights School District in Pataskala, Ohio, just east of Columbus installed six modular classrooms at the beginning of the current school year, and will acquire six more for the Central Middle School before next school year begins.

MHProNews has learned from newarkadvocate the current high school had just under 1,600 students in 2003, but enrollment has grown to almost 4,000. Voters turned down a bond issue last August to build another high school, so the district has turned to modular units to accommodate the influx of students.

The previous six modular units cost $400,000, and Superintendent Philip Wagner expects the incoming modular classrooms to cost at least as much. Another bond issue was to be placed on the ballot this coming May, but the state will not have the matching funds, resulting in the scrapping of that referendum.

Had the original bond issue passed, the school would have still needed the modular classrooms because completion of the new building would take three years Additionally, two more modular units, this time larger ones, will be necessary to replace the band and choir rooms, because those two music facilities will become needed cafeteria space in order to comply with fire codes.

The district will be eligible for matching state funding again in 2016, but voters must pass a referendum to approve the spending. ##

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Tampa Elementary adding three Class Years, Modular Classrooms

October 6th, 2014 Comments off

classrooms__modular__palomar_modular_buildingsTinker Elementary school on MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida has 537 students, each of whom has at least one parent in the military, sometimes in a war zone, resulting in special challenges for the children who may be anxious about a parent. Add that children may be uprooted and moved once assignments change, according to, which can happen every two years. A group of military parents, with help from an outside corporation, is establishing a K-8 charter school so students may continue grades 6, 7 and 8 on the base instead of going to public schools beyond the gates. The Hillsborough school board gave its blessing and is budgeting $1.4 million for the expansion, including the addition of six modular classrooms. MHProNews has posted several stories recently of schools adding modular units to accommodate a burgeoning student population. ##

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Need for Modular Classrooms Continues

September 29th, 2014 Comments off

mod classrooms  kristina iodice the gazette creditThe Oak Grove High School (OGHS) in the Lamar County School District in southeastern Mississippi has grown by 331 students since last year, the only district to see significant growth in a two-county area. While 18 additional classrooms are under construction, a modular unit with eight classrooms that was added two years ago has been joined by another eight-unit modular unit, both of which are used by the ninth-graders. Principal of OGHS, Helen Price, says discipline problems went down and attendance went up right after the freshmen were separated from the other students. As reports, Business Information Services of Kansas City, Missouri has been accurate in predicting student growth, and expects Lamar County will see an added 1562 students in five years. Interim superintendent Tess Smith says they may need more modular classrooms to accommodate the growth. MHProNews has reported on several school districts that have added modular classrooms this school year. ##

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Modular Classrooms will Accommodate Additional Students

September 15th, 2014 Comments off

classrooms__modular__palomar_modular_buildingsAnother school district is considering adding modular classrooms to keep up with enrollment growth at the elementary level, according to The Natick (Massachusetts) School Committee is considering how planned housing in the city will bring more students into the school system. The district may not be able to wait until Kennedy Middle School is completed before adding elementary facilities. MHProNews has reported on a series of school systems that have added modular classrooms to accommodate a growing enrollment. ##

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