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Private Enterprise Responds to Assisting Louisiana Flood Victims

August 19th, 2016 Comments off

LA_modular_HSTL_Modular_digital_journal__credit_8_2016 postedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsA new and used modular building supplier has low-cost private mobile shelter buildings ready for immediate delivery to Baton Rouge to help start the recovery process for those who have been displaced by the overwhelming flooding.

Many of HSTL Modular buildings have been used as schools and administrative facilities and are air conditioned and have bathrooms, according to digitaljournal. They are suitable as community disaster recovery centers, classrooms, health clinics and short-term shelters, and the smaller units can be delivered, installed and move-in ready in a day or two. The larger buildings may require up to a week to assemble.

The largest single building immediately available is 8,400 sq ft comprised of ten sections each 12 ft X 70 ft when assembled, creating over 20 connected spaces of varying sizes. This building was built in 2006 by Design Space of Georgia for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to use as a school for children who moved north from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

The three sections of the complex are the staff section, the meeting center and the administrative center, replete with ADA bathrooms for men and women, conference rooms, an IT room, multiple offices and meeting rooms.

MHProNews‘ most recent story on the flooding posted Aug. 17, 2016 reports FEMA is considering bringing in manufactured homes for persons displaced from their own housing by the flooding. ##

(Photo credit: digitaljournal/HSTL Modular–proposed used modular school building to assist in flood recovery)

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Modular Builder M Space Files Bankruptcy

June 15th, 2016 Comments off

M_Space__park_city_utah__their_creditFollowing the bankruptcy of modular builder M Space in late May, Gordon Brothers Group will begin the immediate disposition of assets of the company, including 2,400 floors of custom built modular buildings and complexes, as prnewswire informs MHProNews..

Headquartered in Park City, Utah, M Space provided modular buildings for education, government, business, healthcare, laboratory, lodging, manufactured housing, corrections and public safety—permanent and portable buildings. There are also several buildings under lease that can be assumed by the buyer.

We expect this to be a short sale since we have already received strong responses from interested buyers,” stated Robert Maroney, President of the Commercial & Industrial Division of Gordon Brothers Group. “These units have been well maintained and are used in a variety of sectors. We look forward to making them available to buyers from a multitude of industries,” he added.

Headquartered in Boston, Gordon Bros. is a global advisory, restructuring and investment firm specializing in the industrial, consumer products and retail sectors, with offices in select cities across the U. S. and the globe. ##

(Photo credit: M Space–manufactured home.

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Modular Builder in UK sees Profit Grow 29 Percent

March 1st, 2016 Comments off

uk__placenorthwest_co_uk__43_modular_unitsMHProNews has learned from nottinghampost in the UK that modular builder Danzer Limited has reported a record year, having achieved a growth of 29 percent in profit “to September. 2015 with turnover up to £5.38m ($7.5 million).”

Based in Langley Mill, a city in Nottingham, England, the family-owned modular construction company builds modulars for schools, offices and colleges, and received orders worth £1.12m ($1.57M) in an eight-day period last month. MHProNews has learned the staff increased from 24 two years ago to 46 today, a combination of factory and tech workers, and administrative and office staff.

Director Helen Scott said: “Growth in the house-building sector has certainly played a significant part in Danzer’s recent achievements. We work with clients including Taylor Wimpey Barratt, David Wilson Homes and Jones Homes, providing steel anti-vandal accommodation units for use on development sites across the country.”

With plans to create new offices for itself later this year, the company invested £1.3m ($1.82M) in a new steel production facility in 2014 to help meet anticipated growth in the future. ##

(Image credit: placenorthwest–modular housing in the United Kingdom)

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Modular Building Raising the Roof One Floor; MH Related Bills that were Checked

September 2nd, 2015 Comments off

texas_mhaThe Texas Manufactured Housing Association (TMHA) informs MHProNews that both houses of the legislature voted to allow modular buildings and housing to be built four stories high, or 60 feet. Several of TMHA’s members expressed an interest in building modular hotels, multi-family and assisted living facilities in order to compete with other builders. Originally, modular buildings could only go a high as three stories. The governor signed the bill and it took effect Sept. 1, 2015.

In the legislation-that-did-not pass department, Sen. Lucio filed three bills that addressed replacing unsafe and uninhabitable housing. The goal was to identify unsafe homes and subsidize the demolishing and replacement of those homes, using sales tax revenue from the sale of manufactured homes as the funding source. Currently, the sale of manufactured homes (MH) generates approximately $17 million a year.

One of the bills would have targeted half the funds to replace the unsafe homes with MH, while another allowed all forms of housing as a replacement option.

Monthly figures from the Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) indicate Texas is far-and-away the number one shipment state for MH. ##

(Image credit: Texas Manufactured Housing Association)

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Legos on Steroids for Modular Disaster Housing?

August 28th, 2015 Comments off

EverBlock__their_credit_and_wired__adult_legosArnon Rosan is the founder of EverBlock, an adult version of Legos, polypropylene blocks up to a foot long that lock together and stack with raised lugs much like Legos, as wired tells MHProNews. He currently makes them in 14 colors and three sizes with the largest one weighing two pounds, and offers instructions on how to make a variety of items including furniture and modular buildings.

The key is to stagger them like bricks, so one block covers the seam of two underneath it. The blocks have a channel to allow a power cable, reinforcing wooden dowels or LED strips to illuminate or stabilize larger structures. It is a very efficient modular system to have all one size blocks.

Could it comprise the next emergency living structure following a disaster? Several pallets of blocks lowered by a helicopter into an area with limited road access could provide quickly assembled modular housing for refugees. ##

(Photo credit: wired/EverBlock)

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Modular Builder Hires Pete Murray as President

June 16th, 2015 Comments off

pete_murray_prez_and_coo_of_guerdon_june_2015Guerdon Modular Buildings of Boise, Idaho has hired Pete Murray as president and chief operating officer (COO) as the company continues its growth in the western U. S. market, building modular multi-housing developments, reports idahobusinessreview. Murray has been vice-president of western manufacturing operations for Welch Allyn, a medical device maker in Oregon.

Commercial modular construction has been considered a niche approach, but as developers, architects and contractors recognize the value of the process over traditional construction techniques, modular is becoming mainstream,” said Lad Dawson, CEO of Guerdon

As MHProNews reported May 7, 2015, Guerdon was recently honored by the Modular Building Institute’s 2015 Awards of Distinction as best-in-show for its 444 luxury Domain apartments in San Jose, California. ##

(Photo credit:idahobusinessreview-Pete Murray)

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Art’s Way Scientific wins Modular Honor

May 19th, 2015 Comments off

Art's Way ScientificHaving last reported on Art’s Way Scientific May 1, 2012 when it was providing 24 modular buildings for scientific animal research, MHProNews has learned Art’s Way has been awarded a 2015 Award of Distinction by the Modular Building Institute (MBI) for its modular transgenic swine facility. Built for Iowa State University’s Zumwalt Station Farm in Ames, IA., transgenic refers to engineered organisms scientists produce by transferring genes between species.

The two 16′ 6” X 88′ modules include 2,178 square feet of animal housing space to protect a closed herd of special swine used in research. The buildings also include changing room and shower facilities for personnel involved in the research.

Using modular methods, the client realized a 50 percent time savings over traditional construction. In addition, according to marketwatch, foundation and infrastructure costs were 60-70 percent less than that of a site-built structure.

Dan Palmer, president of Arts Way Scientific says, “This project combines the features of our laboratory animal research experience and our longstanding history of agricultural swine production buildings into a complex for transgenic animals. This building is one of a kind. We are pleased that it has been chosen for this prestigious award.

Art’s Way Scientific provides modular buildings for scientific research as well as for calf care and all stages of hog production. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Art’s Way Manufacturing Co., Inc., a manufacturer and marketer of specialized agricultural equipment located in Armstrong, Iowa. ##

(Image credit: Art’s Way Scientific-modular research buildings)

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Luxury Modular Complex Rises in Silicon Valley

May 7th, 2015 Comments off

equity_apartments__credit___444_unit_modularThe Modular Building Institute’s 2015 Awards of Distinction has honored Guerdon Modular Buildings as best-in-show for its Domain Apartments in San Jose, California. As multihousingnews informs MHProNews, the five-story, 444 unit luxury townhouse-style community includes nine-foot ceilings, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, in home washers and dryers and high-quality finishes.

Located next to Cisco’s campus, the complex is in the heart of Silicon Valley with access to light rail and freeway transportation, as well as nearby shopping, restaurants and a green space across the street.

There is a lot of expertise and planning required to build a complex as large and sophisticated as Domain Apartments,” Lad Dawson, Guerdon’s CEO, told MHN. “We’ve put in the time, invested in the necessary technologies, and now we are seeing our hard work pay off. It is exciting to be in a position to push modular construction into the mainstream for large, complex and high-end builds. For us, this is validation that Guerdon’s work is leading the industry in large-scale modular builds.

The modules were constructed at Guerdon’s facility in Boise, Idaho. The only on-site work needed was exterior shear bracing and siding. ##

(Image credit: Equity Apartments–Domain Modular Apartments)

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Modular Builder Going West

April 21st, 2015 Comments off

aries_buidling_systems__mdoular_djc__credit_and_ariesHouston-based Aries Building Systems, which produces modular buildings for workforce housing, commercial applications, government, educational, healthcare and industrial sites is expanding westward to open the Pacific Northwest Major Projects Group in Bellevue Washington. Although temporary buildings comprise 20 percent of the Pacific Northwest’s business, it will focus on permanent structures for healthcare, education and government, as well as temporary construction jobsite buildings.

Kim Neill, who has been in the modular business for over 35 years, and says Aries site-designs, develops, manufactures and installs its product, states the company currently has ten projects valued at $6 million in Washington. It recently provided a school with a classroom 45 days after the initial request, as djc tells MHProNews.

While Aries has a 60,000 square foot factory in Troy, Texas, it has no plans to build a factory in the West. It currently contracts with Whitley Evergreen in Marysville, WA, Blazer, Inc. in Salem, OR, and Advanced Modular in Salt Lake City. ##

(Photo credit: djc/Aries Building Systems–modular building)

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Modular Building Producer Expanding into Northwest

April 7th, 2015 Comments off

aries_building_systems__modular_bizjournals__creditAries Building Systems of Texas, builder of modular schools, multifamily housing and hospitals is expanding into Oregon and the northwest. From its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, the company will have facilities in Bend, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

Aries plans to focus on custom and standard temporary and permanent modular buildings, including remote workforce housing and other commercial buildings. “We’re very pleased to be opening an office to serve the Northwest market, and feel strongly we can play an important role in providing organizations in the region with the space they need to grow,” says Aries president Barry Roman.

Not only does the production of modular buildings produce less waste, but also the units can be disassembled and re-purposed, thereby saving more energy and materials. Aries currently has contracts in western Washington, according to what bizjournals tells MHProNews. ##

(Photo credit: bizjournals–Aries Building Systems modular buildings)

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