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Expose! Why Has Warren Buffett/BH Funded Anti-MHC Activists, MHAction? Why Fund Attacks on ELS, Frank Rolfe, Blackstone Group?

October 20th, 2018 Comments off



Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.


On the surface, it sounds preposterous.

Or even bizarre.

Why would billionaire Warren Buffett, his family, and related foundations make ‘charitable’ contributions of Berkshire Hathaway stocks, cash, and/or grants to a left-wing activist-organizations that in turn paid MHAction, which disrupted HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s address to the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI)?





That’s where the news tip, facts, and evidence point to – in what could develop into the biggest manufactured housing exposé since Smoking Gun 3.

It was a resident group member that tipped the Daily Business News on MHProNews to the statements by the president of the Golden State Manufactured-Home Owner League (GSMOL) that MHAction – Manufactured Housing Action – was getting funding from the Tides Foundation.




Among the donors to the leftist Tides?

The NoVo Foundation, with Warren’s son Peter and his wife as organization’s Co-Presidents. In the year shown, Buffett backed NoVo Foundation gave millions of dollars toward the Tides.  See that new report on MHLivingNews, at the link below.


Manufactured Home Resident Group President Cautions Against MHAction, Surprising Background Reveal to Manufactured Housing Action


The Tides in turn gave to MHAction, stated the GSMOL President Michelle Smith.

Smith blasted MHAction for trying to wrongfully take credit for work that they – GSMOL – had in fact done.

What Smith didn’t say was the “dark money” trail from Buffett – who’s Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate owns Clayton Homes, 21st and Vanderbilt, among several other firms connected to manufactured housing – has purportedly funded MHAction.




But Tides and groups funded by Buffett and billionaire George Soros haven’t funded through intermediaries  MHAction alone.  There are other radical activist groups that have been funded too.

We didn’t want the details to leak before publishing this, but soon plan to ask how

  1. Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS),
  2. “Frank & Dave,” RVHorizons, and Mobile Home University (MHU),
  3. or the Blackstone Group

feel about having Berkshire money flowing into anti-business protests that have been aimed at them?

MHAction, as MHProNews has previously reported, protested each of those groups. See the video above for one example, with more in the related reports, further below the by line.

Further, the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) has elevated Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA-D).  Warren, was a keynote for an MHAction and other radical activist groups address.


Facts & Analysis – Senator Elizabeth Warren re: Manufactured Housing Institute Memo to MHI Members, 10-3-2018


‘Pay More Attention to what People Do…’ and ‘Follow the Money.’ 

You decide if Marty Lavin’s dictum applies.




FollowThe MoneyPayMoreAttentionToWhatPeopleDothanwhatTheySaySpySea72MartyLavinYachtManufacturedHousingINdustryProMHProNews

Ask yourself. Do these Marty Lavin dictums apply in these cases?  Some of the same people who make left-wing protests against ‘capitalists’ are funded by left-wing billionaires.  Can you spell ‘head fake?’  Can you spell ‘con game?’






Where’s the Logic?


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MHAction – through the Tides Foundations, and via other mechanisms – are connected

  • to Black Lives Matter,
  • New York Communities for Change (NYCC),
    AntiFa (so-called Antifascists, who ironically use the brownshirt and violent tactics that fascists used),
  • and other radical – sometimes violent and destructive  – groups.  It should be noted that NYCC and others spun off from ACORN, which was disbanded after allegations of voter fraud, and other illegalities surfaced.

The above facts appears to confirm the oblique links between Buffett’s billions and those of left-wing activist billionaire, George Soros.



GSMOL, Other Resident Groups Should Be Disturbed

It’s no secret that the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association (WHA) and GSMOL are often at loggerheads with each other.

But are each group missing something in this revelation?

How is it that Democrats are getting backers like:

  • billionaires Buffett and Soros,
  • state resident groups are also often backing Democratic candidates?
  • In California, sources say that the WMA backs Democrats too.
  • Who is fooling whom?


MarketWatch Reports Warren Buffett’s Midterm Campaign Contributions


When you look at the pieces of the puzzle, it makes you think back to corruption of Tammany Hall,” said L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, publisher of MHProNews, manufactured home industry consultant, service provider, and expert.




How is it that members of the Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association (DMHOA) failed to realize the import of their own statements? Didn’t they realize that Democrats have the lion share of the PAC money in the U.S., and apparently in their state?



The comment above was said with respect to another recent topic, but relates to this issue too.


Why are there so many cases of both residents and industry insiders backing the same party’s candidates?


MH Communities, Owners, MH Independents Alert – NMHOA and MHAction Next Steps? – Part 1


Paying to Stir Up Trouble…

Manufactured housing is a microcosm of what is taking place in other parts of the national scene.  There are paid agitators in Washington, D.C. and other places. There are organizations that have formed with money from billionaires and others that are organizing the protests that disrupted



More on this in the days ahead. But suffice it to say for today that the billionaires are paying to stir up trouble for the members of the industry on several levels.

Part of the image issue of our industry is fueled by the protests of MHAction and others.  That impacts not only those who are being protested, but arguably, the industry at large.

And the party that Buffett and Soros backs are the Democrats.  The Democrats are the ‘beneficiaries’ of AntiFa and related groups, that operate similarly to how MHAction are being used in MHVille. In fact, as a prior report revealed, MHAction attends other leftist groups protests, and vice versa.

Where is MHI on this?  Oh, yes, pardon me.  They are being funded by Berkshire Hathaway too.

On MHProNews, we follow the leads, evidence, tips, and money.


Clayton Homes and 21st Mortgage’s Manufactured Housing “Spies”


So that manufactured housing industry professionals can be alert to the kinds of purported schemes that cost thousands of professionals their businesses, that either sold for a discount, or were closed and lost. See the related reports, linked further below. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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Related Reports:

GIGO, Esther Sullivan, Clayton Homes, Boston Globe, GSMOL on ‘Manufactured Insecurity-Mobile Home Parks and Americans’ Tenuous Right to Place’


“Results vs. Resistance,” Cutting Fog with Facts for MHVille

Truth, Trump, Tragedy, Triumph, Affordable Housing, and Manufactured Homes

Danny Glover, Presidents Barack Obama & Donald Trump, Promises Kept, and Affordable Manufactured Housing

“I knew right from the beginning.” When President Trump, First Lady Melania, VP Pence Toured Manufactured Home Community




RVHorizon/MHP Funds Investing/Mobile Home Univ Communities Leader, Frank Rolfe’s Hidden Gem

April 30th, 2018 Comments off

Before diving into RVHorizon’s/MHP Funds leader Frank Rolfe’s hidden gem, an acknowledgement ought to be paid to his partner Dave Reynolds, and others in their rising enterprise. No one person in an operation of that size does it all solo.


When we say Rolfe’s “hidden gem,” it’s an insight that’s been hiding in plain sight since the video below was first produced.

This preface is warranted. It’s difficult to solve any problem(s) or challenge(s) that are not fully understood. Is that self-evident?

For example, even if a doctor has a guess as to a patient’s condition, a good MD does tests before proposing a diagnosis.  Only after tests does the physician suggest possible treatments. Treatments ideally are evidence and fact-based. “Clinical.” That’s the scientific way, and it fits business too.

Thus, the same should be true for Manufactured Home (MH) professionals and investors facing an obvious but often overlooked or ignored challenge.

Frank Rolfe says several things in less than a minute in this video. We’ll focus on only one. It’s this. Most people have little or no clue as to what manufactured housing truly is.  Because so many in the news media doesn’t get it about MH, neither does the public.

In front of dozens of pros, Darren Krolewski of MHVillage made a very similar statement in Tunica. Darren said that when talking to the general public, it takes them time to explain what a manufactured home is.

Both described a similar problem.

That’s an important initial step. Namely, understanding a root issue.

But the solution?

Has the solution to this challenge been clearly proposed or articulated? If so, please show me. Because what we often see is a search for things like a higher volume of traffic. Traffic is important. But the reality is that often, the traffic level is fine; what’s needed is a better method of converting the existing traffic you already have into more positive action-steps by possible buyers.


Modern Housing Options

The vast majority of adults in America know what an apartment, duplex, townhouse, rental, condo, or single family house is. People know what a tiny house is. Many if not most understand RVs.

By contrast, millions may know ‘something’ about manufactured housing. But what they think they know is often inaccurate. Others are ignorant, as Frank and Darren said. We know this from our own years of public engagement experiences.

That lack of knowledge or misunderstandings about manufactured homes (MH) are the opportunity in disguise for MH Industry professionals and investors. Learn the correct systems, apply them properly, and watch sales rapidly rise.


Candor and Compelling Facts over Fiction and Emotions

There’s plenty of excuses, self-delusions, and false-beliefs floating around MHVille. That’s not uncommon in America in general today.

But realities like those that Frank and Darren raised ought to be acknowledged. Then, the root cause(s) of those realities must be addressed. Only when that occurs can opportunities and profits be pursued and maximized.

This is one of the most fundamental challenges that individual MH locations must face. Because change occurs at the person and business level.

As the publisher of the industry’s top two trade media, and as a multi-decade professional services provider, we’ve dealt with this at a pragmatic level for years. is a specific part of the solution.

That’s a foundational start. But there’s more needed to tie that specific foundation to individual businesses and locations.  Those that properly have, see positive results.

James McGee and Chet Murphree say something essential near the end of this video. They’re spot on with their point. What comes before it is useful and interesting, but the punchline – the best – was saved for last in the video montage below.



How Serious Is the Challenge Frank and Darren Stated?

In our professional visits to communities and retail centers, often similar problems to what Frank and Darren pointed to are spotted. A property or sales center may be okay to wonderful, but still isn’t performing as well as local market conditions suggest they should be.

Among the core problems at the location level? Low conversion ratios of lookers to buyers.

For some years, before we travel, before we’ve charged potential marketing and sales clients a dime, we ask very specific questions.

Among them, will you as a client be open minded about addressing challenges that are found? Will you take constructive advice in a positive way?

We’re not in the hurt feelings business. Like an MD, we as publishers and as business growth service providers strive to deal in evidence-based realities.

Our goal is always to objectively identify the good, as well as what can or must be improved. Most successful locations are doing far more right than wrong. The good stuff remains unchanged. But when there’s a big fall off rate between visits and sales, there’s an obvious disconnect.

Most pros who hire a consultant or business development service provider get the reality that one must do something different, to achieve a different outcome.

That said, there are some who want a magic pill, a solution involving no practice changes. But isn’t that self-contradictory? If there was no change needed, then there would be no challenge.  Nor would there be a wondrous disguised opportunity that to correctly addressed, can yielded positive change. We tell those prospective clients who want magic without a sincere willingness to make any needed changes, thanks but no thanks.


The Sheer Size of the Problem Points to Immense Opportunities

Data publicly self-reported from MHVillage is useful in making this point. I’ve know Darren for well over a dozen years. He’s intelligent. Darren and his colleagues have a successful operation. So what follows shouldn’t be taken as a slam or a critique. This is an going to be a fast-based, objective look at their self-stated data.  Because frankly, it’s a common MH Industry issue. I applaud them for stating this in public and in writing.

The problem at retail centers (a.k.a. ‘Dealerships’) and communities is mirrored – not equal to, but suggested by – the MHVillage statistics.  Here are the impressive numbers on their website.  25 million unique visitors in a year, equaled about 80,000 sales.

MHVillage’s own data set says they convert only about 1/3 of 1 percent of shoppers.

You read that correctly, that’s .0032 percent (just a fraction less than a third of one percent) visits to purchases. Furthermore, their average sales price demonstrates – and Darren confirmed – that the vast majority of those purchases are used homes, not new ones.

While industry giant Clayton Homes doesn’t publish their data, anecdotal statements from their team members to the Daily Business News, and some known data suggest their results are similar to MHVillage’s, only they are more new home sales focused.

What do facts like the above mean to a business like yours?

I asked Darren, publicly on stage, and face-to-face afterwards with several standing nearby. He politely admitted, he doesn’t know the answer.

Ok, let’s lend him, and all others a hand. Here’s the logic of it.

  • Millions of people are looking online for housing.
  • Some come in, and shop in person.
  • There’s obviously two big fallouts or disconnects.
  • The first is drop-off is online, the next one is on site.

These bullets point to unsolved challenges, unresolved concerns, that the home shopping public has.  But when the home shopper’s concerns are properly understood and dealt with, they are far more likely to buy.  That’s why the data also points to huge opportunities. When there’s an 8.3 million affordable housing unit shortage in the U.S., that’s a wakeup call for our MH Industry and investors.

Just as consumers approach manufactured housing with some ignorance and skepticism, prospective business clients come to us with a similar, but different mix.  Some doubt they can sustainably grow sales at their business several hundred percent. But its true.  We don’t reveal client data, unless we both mutually agree to do so.  Here is a link to a client interview that freely stated how rapidly they grew.

Once properly begun, clients see the sales totals rising, the logistics of growth is often the greatest challenge. But businesses have to make those initial steps to get started to realize that change is possible, and the logistics can also be navigated, in honest, ethical, sustainable ways.

Real Estate Conversions Compared to MH Conversions

Facts are facts.

I spoke recently with a marketer who does both real estate and manufactured home marketing. He candidly said that they have exactly that same experience. Namely, that far more convert – call or message, come in, and buy – in real estate than for manufactured homes.

Restated, a higher percentage of shoppers pull the trigger in real estate to buy conventional housing, than manufactured home pros routinely experience.


Frank Rolfe’s Hidden Gem

Properly acting upon reality is a key part of the secret for increased, sustainable success.

So long as huge swaths of buyers in your market misunderstand or don’t get it about manufactured homes, the conversion ratios will remain low.

The good news is that a professional or investor can deal with this locally.  You don’t have to wait for anything magic to happen in Washington, Omaha, Arlington, or anywhere else.  You can make the difference in your market, by going to the root issues.

We’ll dig into some of the solution for that in today’s episode of the Monday Morning Manufactured Housing Sales Meeting.  That will be posted later this morning just below. ##  (Business development, related news, analysis and commentary.)

(Third party images are provided under fair use guidelines.)

Related Reports:

The Apprentice – Proper Understanding, Planning, and Execution – Monday Morning Manufactured Home Marketing and Sales Meeting

As a related thought, the reported reaction in Vegas to the Ducker Worldwide presentations suggests those backing that plan don’t have a solution useful to the majority. See that in the link here.


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Frank Rolfe, MHU/RV Horizons Protest by MHAction; Nathan Smith/SSK/MHI Flashbacks?

February 20th, 2018 Comments off

ProtestsMHActionAmericanStatesmanAustinTXFrankRolfeRVHorizonsDailyBusinessNewsMHproNewsAfter the MHProNews exposed – via a news tip – the plan by the resident activist group MHAction to protest the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) annual meeting last year, MHAction organizers pivoted and apparently went to ‘Plan B.’

Instead of protesting at MHI – where their element of surprise was lost, due to our coverage – MHAction organized a protest of a Frank Rolfe/Mobile Home University (MHU) “boot camp” held in Austin, TX, in late 2017.


Rolfe’s group and Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS) have been the target of MHAction previously.  Certain claims by the resident group involved were exposed and debunked in the analysis, linked below.


MHAction makes a shrewd use of media to get their talking points out, as the following quotes from local reports will reflect.



What the Mainstream Media Reported…

Inside Austin’s Westin Hotel on Friday, two mobile home investors gathered more than 100 potential park owners for a crash course in how to maximize profits owning trailer parks,” opens the report from the American Statesman.

Downstairs, protesters flooded the Westin lobby with chants and signs, then gathered on the sidewalk for a graduation ceremony mocking the course — complete with a megaphone speech from “Dr. Profit,”” continued the Statesman report.

Austin is the state capital for Texas, so noting that legislators read and watch local media would be an accurate observation.



It was the latest showdown in the tension over Austin mobile home parks [sic], where displacement of low-income residents and vanishing space has narrowed options for those who own a mobile home [sic] but must rent a site for it.”



The Statesman’s article wasn’t all one-side against Rolfe and his colleagues.  The comments section is interesting to note as well.  Because while some torched Rolfe’s group, another praised them.  Three examples.

  • “beachlady1890 Jan 8, 2018

These two individuals buy parks and train people to run them and their philosophy is raise rent and then do no repairs on the park or homes they own. 

The owner Frank Rolfe snubs his tenants all the while acting like he is a caring person. He brings in new homes and forces the tenants to either continue living in the molded and damaged homes or buy one of the new ones from them. The cost he pays is very low and then you are paying back triple what the home is worth. Manufactured homes depreciate the moment they come off the line at the factory. The company talks a talk but doesn’t walk the walk.”


  • “Liza Wood from FacebookDec 2, 2017

Wow. A boot camp to learn to become a slum lord. Just wow.”

  • “TXMom512 17 hours ago

beachlady1890 curious to know which mobile home park you live in? I live in an RV Horizons park and I love where I live. My husband and I owned a home up north and every year our taxes went up causing our mortgage payments to go up from one year to the next. When we first moved to Texas, we moved into an apartment for 12 months. After 6 months they raised our rent and had we not opted to move into a mobile home they were going to raise it again. What’s the difference? RV horizons does a lot for our community. They through the biggest Christmas party for the entire community. Santa Claus was there and RV Horizons gave every child in the community $50 cash. There was close to 200 kids atleast that got $50. It was the nicest thing I’ve ever seen a landlord do for residents ever.

We started off renting a home here in the community and first decided to look at local dealers when we were ready to buy. But for 10k cheaper we could buy the same house directly from the community and not have to pay the setup expenses. We got a great deal from them. RV Horizons has been wonderful To our family so back to my original question. Which community do you live in?”


Highly Edited MHAction Video…

The Daily Business News held this report to today to see what, if anything, the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), their National Communities Council (NCC) or other industry professionals might do or say in response. Opportunities were given for those groups to comment for this Daily Business News report.

Based upon the first few pages of Google results, their public response to the protestors?



But as noted above, local media covered the protests, which were then amplified by MHAction through online posts by their network of affiliates in several states.


Unless these newspapers fold or pull these pages, these reports and others like them will live online for years go come. Without routine responses by the industry, this becomes what MHI award winner Marty Lavin called tongue-in-cheek – the industry’s other image campaign.

Even in a clearly biased and heavily edited video produced by MHAction – posted below – Rolfe acquits himself well.  Short statements, with soundbites that gets in Rolfe’s denials of the charges these resident protestors leveled against him are evident.


But depending on the type of Google query a reporter or other researcher might make, the local media accounts – some 75 days after the event – can still be a page one search result.  The ‘bad news’ impact lives on.


Ironic – Nathan Smith, SSK Communities, MHI flashback

Multi-year-readers on MHProNews will recall that Rolfe blasted Nathan Smith and MHI for “hypocrisy,” and the harm that they caused the industry when resident legal actions threatened to become a major class action lawsuit.

The video posted is one by a Kentucky news channel during that time frame Rolfe was complaining about, during that time-frame.

Perhaps it was coincidence, but after MHProNews published Rolfe’s comments and a pair of reports that referenced the embarrassment of MHI’s then-chairman being sued by residents, reports of the legal action faded away.

As industry attorneys have told the Daily Business News, once a settlement in such matters are reached, a common clause in the agreement is a stipulation not to further discuss, protest, or disclose details about the case.


Rolfe and MHC Improvements

Industry sources tell MHProNews that Rolfe and his partner Dave Reynolds operations routinely do improvements to the properties they associates acquire. The posted comments, shown above, reflects one purported resident’s reflection of the same reality.

RV Horizons reportedly raises site fees (a.k.a. ‘lot rent’) to a market rate fairly rapidly. New homes are often brought in to fill vacant sites.

Positive details like community improvements, or mitigating facts – like moving rents to a market rate – aren’t the kinds of details that grab the attention or interest of local media.  Sometimes, that local media may be grinding an agenda driven axe of their own.

So it is most-often the unhappy residents that get the focus of mainstream media coverage, rather than the often far more numerous happy residents.

Manufactured Home Owners – Satisfaction Survey Redux

That negative spin or activist-hyped effort then may in turn feed into political, planning, and zoning related impacts — not to mention the turn-off of untold numbers of potential buyers.

MH Community developers – doing new or expanding manufactured home communities – have told MHProNews that any negative news, including those that feature Rolfe or Smith, are routinely raised at planning and zoning hearings.


Challenging Realities

It’s a difficult set of realities.  Because MHI/NCC routinely fail to engage local media on such issues, as Rolfe himself has noted and complained, they often go unaddressed.

The bottom line is that the industry often ends up with a black eye from reports, be it justified, over hyped, or not. That in turn shapes public perceptions and public policy.

Perhaps it won’t be until a new trade group supplants MHI/NCC on the post-production side that the industry image will recover nationally.  In the meantime, as the Daily Business News has often reported, there are those who do a good job of promoting the community lifestyle in their local markets.

Such positive local-market engagement is a strategy that almost any community owner, operator or MH retailer can engage in.

The alterative?  Is to continue to take it on the chin. ##

Related: the issue of the impact of media coverage on manufactured housing was widely overlooked in the recent Urban Institute report, see the article below, as one of several related references.

Urban Institute Ask for Correction in Analysis of their Manufactured Housing Research, “Follow the Facts,” “Follow the Money”

Other Rolfe Related Reports:

“No Other Options” – Frank Rolfe’s Pad, MH “Parks” Tug-of-War, Good, Bad or Meh for Manufactured Home Communities, MH Industry?

Frank Rolfe: Pressured into Silence? Manufactured Housing Industry, and Journalism

Sensationalistic ‘Cold Hard Lessons of Mobile Home U’ New York Times article  by Gary Rivlin draws Manufactured Home Industry Ire, Desire and Fire

Meet the Faces, Groups Behind Anti-MH Industry Activists, Protesters

What Happened to Those Anti-MHI Resident Group Protests?

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Frank Rolfe, Manufactured Home Community Pro – Shocking! Or Evolutionary? Video

October 12th, 2017 Comments off

FrankRolfeMOShowMeStateTerminologyManufacturedHomeCommunitiesDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews410The factory-built home industry has struggled for over 40 years with nomenclature. Perhaps one of the better known “offenders” in MHVille – in the view of George Allen, or several other industry professionals – has been Frank Rolfe.

Rolfe has commanded more mainstream media news stories that featured him and his colleagues’ operations than many associations in our industry. That’s just a fact.

As with anyone who raises their head above many of their peers, Rolfe has those who cheer, and jeer, what he’s accomplished — and how he’s done it.

So, in an exclusive discussion arranged by – one that the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) was invited to participate in – Rolfe addressed a series of hot topics.

MH Industry Best Practices?


Frank Rolfe, MHP Funds, Mobile Home University, RV Horizons, Mobile Home Park Store.  Media reports by the New York Times, Bloomberg and others have made him one of the best known personalities in the industry today.

In this first in a periodic series of video, the topic is terminology or nomenclature.  As with any interview, the views are those of the person speaking.  So, without agreeing or disagreeing with Rolfe’s points, MHProNews presents this video as the first in a periodic series of videos that are useful for industry group discussion, as well as for individual professional reflection.

Over the years, MHProNews has heard from the gamut of those who promote their view on this topic.  For those who missed it or need the reminder, a primer on terminology is found linked here.

What’s Coming!

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Tunica Forecast—Terrific for Growth

March 27th, 2017 Comments off

The doors Spring open at the Tunica Manufactured Home Show Tuesday, March 28 at 12:45 PM as attendees are greeted by SCMHI executives.

Frank Rolfe, credit:MHProNews

Seminars kick off promptly at 1:00 PM as Frank Rolfe, one of today’s most publicized personalities in the world of manufactured housing, sparks the Getting Positive Media Coverage, Engaging the Media panel discussion. A successful partner in Mobile Home University and RV Horizons, Rolfe has been featured in The New York Times and Bloomberg.

Joining him on the panel will be Tom Fath, a partner in New Durham Estates, and while a bit more low key than Rolfe, he and his family have nevertheless realized a 400 percent growth in new home sales.


Tom Fath, credit: MHProNews

From 2:30 to 3:30 PM, 30-year + industry veteran, L. A. “Tony” Kovach, publisher of MHLivingNews and MHProNews, will lead a seminar on Attract and Sell more Qualified Customers by Engaging the Public through the Media. With articles and interviews published in numerous mainstream media, including the Chicago Sun Times NewsGroup and The Hill, Kovach will share facts, figures, tips and other strategies to increase your bottom line via positive media.

L. A. “Tony” Kovach, credit:MHProNews

Q and A will follow both presentations.             

From 3:40 to 5:00 PM Leading Manufactured Home Industry Lenders will present their strategies on attracting and selling more well qualified customers—both chattel and home/land– in a wide-ranging panel discussion, with updates on programs that you may not know about.

All seminars will be held in the Magnolia Room at the Resorts Casino.

(Image credits are as shown above.)


Submitted by Matthew J. Silver to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.




All Eyes on Tunica for Manufactured Housing This Week

March 27th, 2017 Comments off

Credit: Tunica Show.

The 2017 Tunica Manufactured Home show officially kicks off tomorrow with in-depth educational seminars, and with information focused on growth for you, and for the industry.

Kicking off at 1pm in the Resorts Hotel Magnolia Room, the “Getting Positive Media Coverage, Engaging the Media” panel discussion features Frank Rolfe, partner in RV Horizons and Mobile Home University (MHU), who has been featured about a dozen times in recent years, in the New York Times, Bloomberg and other news publications.

Frank Rolfe.

This panel also features Millennial and third-generation family-owned community partner, Tom Fath, who will share his experiences at how they boosted new home sales some 400 percent, using the same lending programs they had previously. They increased sales as well as margins on new and pre-owned homes.

This not to be missed panel will be moderated by MHProNews and MHLivingNews Publisher L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.


L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach addressing industry professionals in an educational session.

At 2:30p, Kovach takes center stage with a deep dive into solutions with his presentation, “Attract and Sell More Qualified Customers Engaging the Public Through Media.”

Interviewed and featured in the likes of the Chicago Sun Times, The Hill and dozens of other mainstream media publications, Kovach’s marketing clients have documented growth by engaging the public through media.

He will share facts, figures, tips, and strategies that can create positive media to attract and sell more qualified customers for your location(s).

These proven tools are the key to attracting and selling more cash and well-qualified credit customers.


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At 3:40pm, it’s “Lessons Learned – MH Industry Lenders Panel – Manufactured Home Industry Lenders Share Their Tips on Attracting, Selling More Well Qualified Credit Customers, where top industry lenders will share what their top locations do to attract and close customers.

Expect key insights from lenders on programs that you may not currently use or know about.


If You Go 

All seminars will be held at the Resorts Casino, in the Magnolia Room. This area is located on the second level of the casino. The SCMHI luncheon will be held on the third level at the Resorts Hotel in the “event center” on Wednesday, March 29th and Thursday, March 30th.


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Good idea to take an umbrella this week, with a chance of scattered showers in the forecast.


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Frank Rolfe, Bob Crawford Video Comments on Current and New MH Association

June 13th, 2016 Comments off

Bob_Crawford_and_Frank_RolfeIn a video presentation, Frank Rolfe, a partner with Dave Reynolds in Mobile Home University, RV Horizons and MHP Funds, says he can call his congressional representative in Missouri and find out the chances of legislation passing that could positively affect the manufactured home industry, like altering Dodd-Frank.

Since it is often a one or two percent chance, Rolfe says Congress is like a business, and unless it is a hot-button issue, it is not likely to be changed, as MHProNews understands. He says everybody in the (MH) industry knows that Dodd-Frank is screwed up. If the party in the White House changes, there is a chance that many regulations will be repealed and perhaps that will include changes to Dodd-Frank. Other than that, based on feedback from his congressman, he has rather lost hope for a change.

Bob Crawford, the right hand man for industry legend Dick Moore, said Dodd-Frank was an overreaction on the part of the government, and while he does not envision Dodd-Frank being eliminated totally, he echoes Rolfe’s view that a change in the White House and the retention of incumbents could lead to some changes to the Act.

He says it will take a grass-roots effort for everyone to put pressure on their Representatives and Senators to make the needed changes because it is not in the interest of anyone in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to change.

Crawford says there has long been discussion about a post production national organization that represents retailers and community owners that could bring focus to this issue with representatives in Washington. He says the state associations do a good job looking out for their constituency, but they have to be nice to their representatives in trying to get rulings that benefit the industry and their particular issues.

Crawford envisions the new association as being more able to try and convince lawmakers of the need for change. “It is something that is sorely needed by this industry, and I would line up behind the first person who would take on this position,” he says.

Frank Rolfe says since the housing bubble in 2008 and the ensuing Dodd-Frank/CFPB debacle, he anticipates state associations will be more active in taking on community owner issues.

For the full interview, click here. ##

(Photo credit: MHProNews-Bob Crawford, left, and Frank Rolfe)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

Two Contrasting Interviews – Frank Rolfe, on recent Media Attention – Chris Parrish, former Chairman of the National Communities Council

September 1st, 2015 Comments off

Two Entirely Distinct Interviews and Perspectives on Manufactured Housing Communities, MHI and the NCC are found in what we expect will be “read hot” interviews on

They are both from the MH Communities sector of manufactured housing. They live in different parts of the U.S.. They could readily be described as a study in contrasting styles and views.

As was reported on the Masthead blog, and the Daily Business News earlier today, the new September issue of MHProNews brings you two very different interviews with two very different industry personalities, who have MHCommunities in common.

On the one hand is Frank Rolfe, who has recently garnered more controversial mainstream media attention to MH. That attention brought a series of comments to MHProNews, so we opted to put those questions to him directly. His unedited responses to some pretty tough questions are found at the link below. Warning: some of his comments will be deemed contentious by many in MHLand.

On the other side of some issues that Frank seems to represent in the minds of many is Chris Parrish. The soft-spoken NC community operator has also garnered media and industry attention, but without the cloud of controversy. They take and bring two very different perspectives on MHI, the NCC and other topics. Each has their followers and fans. The Chris Parrish interview is linked below.

15 more Featured Articles are now live on the home page. Expect a record setting month, as there are over a dozen topics that will challenge, inform and inspire.

Industry feedback on these interviews or other topics are welcomed. ##

(Image credits: Parrish Manor, Mobile Home U with text overlay by MHProNews).