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Aptly Named, “Journey’s End,” Manufactured Home Community Tragedies, Wildfires, Video

October 13th, 2017 Comments off

The chared remains of frames are all that remains on many of the factory-built homes in the Journey’s End community in Santa Rosa. The video will reflect that some homes directly across the street, which appear to be HUD Code manufactured homes, look to be intact.

As a follow up to the wildfire fatality story, linked here, an industry source in California, plus ABC7 News have been informed the Daily Business News about the tragic loss of life and property in Santa Rosa, CA.

James Cook, the manager of Journey’s End, says he tried to get everyone out in time but the fire moved so fast. “We were doing a door to door, knocking on the doors, getting people out and the wife and I were both doing it. There was other members of the park doing it,” he said, per ABC 7.

Hundreds are missing, reportedly dozens have died, and cell service is down in various parts of the area.

The posted videos tell the tale.

Surreal,” was the word used by an industry executive about the images in the video below, who sent the information with a request to stay off the record.

While local media misused some terminology, they did note that the fires wee impacting residential and commercial neighborhoods, not only the manufactured home community. ## (News.)

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FEMA setting up manufactured homes in Louisiana near airport, says WBRZ2

September 8th, 2016 Comments off

femamanufacturedhomecommunitybeingsetup-posteddailybusinessnews-mhpronewsIn an update to our reports on the massive flooding in Louisiana and FEMAs response with manufactured housing units (MHUs), WBRZ2 out of Baton Rouge reports on new communities being set up, one in this photo, off Blount Road near the airport.

Their report indicates that “dozens” of locations in the area are sprouting manufactured home communities, which they refer to as “mobile home parks” (sic).

A worker at the community being established was quoted, saying: “After the first two or three trailers (sic) started coming… it became a little more quicker.”

The property has been vacant for years.


The location was also used post-Katrina for FEMA travel trailers.

FEMA reports there are some 63,000 applications for housing solutions. There are also other options that federal and state officials are providing, including ones that allow residents to shelter in place and repair their damaged houses as they live in them.  ##

(Editor’s note – the report is laced with incorrect terminology, which articles and videos like the one linked here can be used to inform the uninformed. Please review and share links like these on often. Note 2, “Sic” defined by Google as – (sic) used in brackets after a copied or quoted word that appears odd or erroneous to show that the word is quoted exactly as it stands in the original,)

(Image and video credits, ABC – WBRZ 2)


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Resident Councilman leads charge for new law that Manufactured Home Community Owners, Industry Professionals say Harms All

August 29th, 2016 2 comments

Dover councilman Fred Neil stands in his front yard in north Dover. (Delaware State News/Marc Clery)

It started last fall when we issued a permit to allow a manufactured home on a regular single-family lot,” said Ann Marie Townshend, director of Dover’s Planning and Community Development. “It got some people upset so we fixed the definition of single-family dwellings so that couldn’t happen again,” reported Mike Finney for the DelawareStateNews.

The “…story out of Dover, DE is yet another example of a blatant agenda and discrimination against our industry,” manufactured home veteran Brad Nelms told MHProNews. “More importantly, this is discrimination against affordable housing and the individuals who live in manufactured or pre-fabricated homes.”

Finney states the city of Dover reportedly recognized that their mobile and manufactured home ordinance was outdated in terminology and in other ways, so an updated 20-page revision of standards and verbiage known as Ordinance #2026-16 was enacted for Dover.

Townshend said the process began in Nov. 2015 and was passed unanimously by the members of city


Ann Marie Townshend.


Marty Lavin, JD.

council at their Aug. 8, 2016 meeting. Attorney and award-winning manufactured housing professional Marty Lavin pointed to Dover’s ordinance as an example of how “the HUD Code has become a deadly “discrimination code,” especially as it applies to manufactured home financing. But it doesn’t end there.”

As most MH industry professionals know, “the HUD Code” are the strict, federally preemptive standards that govern manufactured housing’s construction and safety standards; the trailer house era and mobile home days are decades in the rear-view mirror.

Dover Councilman Fred Neil, a resident of Wild Meadows, active adult manufactured home community near the Dover International Speedway, described the ordinance this way, “It’s a licensing law, and while it’s only $25 per home on a lot, the fact is if [the community owners] don’t do what they have to do, you can lift their license and put them out of business.”

Finney said Neil believes the now-required annual licensing of manufactured and mobile homes will improve things for residents.


This street view of Wild Meadows reflects what many modern manufactured homes look like, with not a single mobile home visible in this picture; image credit, Google Maps.

New Regulation – helpful or harmful in the long run?

A Daily Business News brief in April, 2015 reported that the location’s operator, December Corporation, was denied a site fee increase under the rent justification law, which the company said was necessary to do more than ordinary improvements and maintenance at Wild Meadows.

The experience of rent control in California may provide clues to what’s coming in Dover.


Doug Johnson, credit, Western Manufactured Home Communities.

Doug Johnson, of the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association – which represents manufactured home communities and mobile home park owners in various issues and legal disputes – opposes rent control. “It’s very complicated and it pits the owners against the residents,” Johnson said. “We don’t believe rent control works — it raises mobile home prices and is expensive for the taxpayer.”

Government imposed regulations and fees are leading contributors to why California is the most expensive place to live in


Sheila Dey, Executive Director, Western Manufactured Home Communities, photo credit, PublicCEO.

the U.S., placing homeownership out of reach for many middle-class Californians,” said Sheila Dey, Executive Director of the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association (WMHCA), speaking about a similar scenario, linked here.


MHProNews previously reported a case out of Canada, where CBC TV provided a look at an actual example of rent control’s long term impact on manufactured home residents and owners alike.  That video is below.

Meanwhile, for some residents, it’s the fear of the impact of rapid-rent hikes that spark the concerns and calls for rent control.

Insider Report from Delaware

This Fred Neil has been a thorn in our side for 14 years now,” an informed source in Delaware told MHProNews. “He is now a City of Dover councilman and he has also been active on the state-wide tenant association for years.”

The source stated in confidence that there are a handful of communities in the City of Dover, which are in the early stages of planning a legal challenge to the city’s new


Brad Nelms, MH Industry veteran, photo credit, MHProNews.

ordinance. The tension, it seems, won’t be resolved for either side of the struggle over the new ordinance.

I believe more than anything that these injustices should be motivation for us as an industry to do everything we can to elevate our brand identity,” Nelms, as part of a longer statement on this and a related issue linked here, stated. “If we continue to be complacent, history will continue to repeat itself and we will see more and more zoning laws that harm and hinder our much needed American manufactured home industry.” ##

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Newby Management considered for Fort Meade’s MH Community

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CityDataFtMeadeFlorida-postedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsMayor Jim Watts of Fort Meade, Florida was surprised when only one management firm responded to a request to operate the city’s manufactured home community, theLedger tells MHProNews.  Newby Management was the only respondent.   

While the city has managed the 250-home site MHC over the years, city commissioners thought a professional management firm would be better at keeping up with state laws governing manufactured home communities. 

City Manager Fred Hilliard said an MHCommunity management firm would also be more adept administering the improvement projects at the community and work with the homeowners association.

He will review the proposal, discuss it with the homeowner’s association, and they will take it from there.  

Said Hilliard: “I would have loved to have seen more companies submit proposals, but we’ll work with this group and see where it goes.”

The home owners association’s representative could not be reached for comment.  

MH Community management companies may want to consider using Hillard’s comments for their marketing… ##

(Map credit: City Data)

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