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MHVillage Confirms Data, and Michigan Operational Slide Revealed

June 22nd, 2018 Comments off


In a message forwarded to the Daily Business News, MHVillage (MHV) confirmed troubling data that has been presented in person to dozens of gathered industry professionals.

DarrenKroloweskiMHVillageCoPresidentManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNEwsMHPronewsThe factoids were shared by MHVillage’s Co-President, Darren Krolewski, using a positive-spin narrative.

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, MHVillage Inc. is the nation’s premier online marketplace for buying and selling manufactured homes with more than 25 million unique visitors annually. Last year, more than 80,000 homes were sold on MHVillage with a combined transaction value exceeding $3 billion,” said their promotion of a George Allen event.

Accepting their data claims at face value, the numbers on the surface appear impressive, which is their obvious intent.  They’re claiming they are the “premier marketplace.”

But when the MHVillage data is viewed more closely, what they reveal ought to be troubling to marketers and sellers of HUD Code manufactured housing.

The ratio of sales of homes on their site is a tiny fraction of a single percent.

Specifically, using MHV published 2017 data,

  • it is only about 1/3 of 1 percent of all visitors to their site ends up buying a manufactured home, so,
  • the average sales price of the home listed and sold there would be $37,500.
  • Considering the U.S. Census Bureau said that the average sales price of a new manufactured home was $72,900 in Dec 2017,
  • meaning the average HUD Code manufactured housing unit sold there would be 51.44% – roughly half the value – of the average new manufactured home shipped in December 2017.



More Woes? Michigan Data Reveals Shipment Slide

According to the April 2018 shipment data supplied by a Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) source, Michigan – one of the top 10 states per Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) data – is sliding.


Several questions about the decline and related were posed to the Michigan Manufactured Housing Association’s executive director, over the course of a few days.  Neither Bill Shaefer, nor the association, opted to answer.

What’s going on?  It’s part of a previously reported trend, which can be read in the linked article below after this column is finished.

While Manufactured Housing Overall Rises, Some Slip Sliding Away

Krolewski is on record sharing this view, “I think one of the challenges we have as an industry is that there is not enough positive news about manufactured housing to counter the negative.


It’s a reality check, not a slam to do the math. If MHV is the industry’s “premier marketplace,” then the industry’s image woes are center stage, and Krolewski’s own statement explains why.


Bob Crawford, left, Frank Rolfe, right. Still credit, Inside MH video, by

For years, we have wondered WHY there was so little pro-industry advocacy from MHI to government movements, proposals, rules, etc. that were [often] not in the best interest of this industry,” said Bob Crawford, president of historic Dick Moore Housing, a BBB A+ rated firm.

On the MHU blog, Frank Rolfe has said, MHI – the industry lobby group…what’s with the concept of silence is golden? Negative articles on the industry are met with “no comment”. Positive news opportunities are met with “no comment”. 
I’ve never seen anything like it
.” 1

Krolewski has said at one point that the industry would be getting support from the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) on image building and messaging.  In fact, MHI has an active social media campaign, and reportedly one or two public relations people on staff, and has contracted others at times too.

That being so, where are their measurable results?


MHInsiderManufacturedHousingINdustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsThe industry is slowly crawling back from the bottom hit in 2009/2010. Aren’t new manufactured home sales the final metric that matters?  Isn’t that how the National Association of Home Builders ™ (NAHB), or the National Association of Realtors ™ (NAR) are measuring results?  Don’t sellers see want to know how many housing starts, and how many actual conventional housing unit sales?

We always hear about the tornadoes, flooding, fires, residents getting evicted from their homes so a shopping center can be built, unreasonable rent increases, how manufactured homes depreciate in value, etc,” Krolewski has said. “I think it’s less about the industry not responding appropriately, than it is us constantly having to play defense when we do.”

And all of this from the publisher of the MHInsider?

Rolfe has said, “…it’s my belief that the only way to elevate the public opinion of our industry is to explain to people (who are often full of negative stereotypes from such movies as 8-Mile and television shows like COPS and Trailer Park Boys) the truth about our product and business model.”


Kurt Kelley. Credit: MHProNews.

Kurt Kelley, JD – a colleague of Rolfe’s in the MHR project – pointed out that: “My Dad used to tell me, ‘Perception is the reality of others. So you better make sure you are perceived accurately and positively.’ If you let others define you, you’re stuck with their definition of you.”

Historically,” Kelley said, “the MH industry has been defined by the lowest common denominator, and not by the great value offered by our homes or the excellent living choice MHC’s offer across the country. A recent poll showed that 85% of all Republicans and 60% of all Democrats didn’t trust the media. You can fight back successfully.”

Editorially, we note that Kelly’s point is precisely what MHLivingNews and MHProNews has done, fight back with facts.

So why did MHI, while this operation was still their member, undermine and allegedly attempt to derail our pro-growth industry efforts?  One of hundreds of examples can be found at the link below.


Readers can circle back and check out the article below, which points to facts useful for the manufactured home industry.

The first step in solving a problem is to recognize that it does exist,” the late, great Zig Ziglar said.

The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism,” said the inspirational minister, author, and speaker, the Rev. Norman Vincent Peale, according to BrainyQuotes.

Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things,” said Winston Churchill, per the New Statesman.


Critiques, fact checks, aren’t personal. Rather, they are a professional necessity.

Frank Rolfe, Marty Lavin, Bob Crawford, L. A. “Tony” Kovach and others are among those that have recognized that the industry’s post-production sector – specifically Arlington, VA based MHI – has failed to deliver on image building.

The result?  Historically low sales levels, which have contributed to industry consolidations.


What was accomplished previously in sustainable shipment levels, can clearly be done again.

Rollohome, Creating 60,000 Factory-Built Homes in 2 Years

Having identified the problems, the next step must be to move toward solutions.

The communities sector, after breaking last year with MHI, is launching their own post-production national association.

‘Tip of Iceberg’ – Rick Rand; Marty Lavin, Communities have ‘No Confidence’ in Manufactured Housing Institute, New National Trade Group Announced

What about those in retail, installation, lending, suppliers, and services, etc.? To learn more, see the related articles, linked below. ##  (News, analysis, and commentary.)

(Third party images, and content, are provided under fair use guidelines.)

Footnote: 1) Typo in the original.  In fairness to Rolfe, in England, quotes are placed as he used it, inside the punctuation mark.

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City Decision Sparks Discussion, Should Manufactured Home Communities be Allowed to Lease Sites to RVs?

August 25th, 2017 Comments off

Featured image credits, RVLemonLaw, Renrenpeng, MHProNews.

Should Recreational Vehicles (RVs) be allowed to use vacant lots in a manufactured home community?

That question sparked a debate in the state of Ohio, and elsewhere.

Some manufactured home communities that have a vacancy issue would happily rent vacant lots to towable or motorized RVs, to bring in additional revenue.

Others – generally the more upscale, ‘4 to 5 star’ communities – are often less receptive to leasing a home site in their communities to any RV.

In Bucyrus, Ohio, some communities are looking to be able to share their land with RVs.  But they are running into zoning issues.  Per sources in Ohio to MHProNews, that may or may not even be up to the city council do determine.


John Rostash, the Buycrus Zoning Administrator. Credit, City of Bucyrus.

Genesis of a Controversy

The issue arose due to an influx in temporary workers in the gas and oil industry.  A number of them bought RVs, or they seek  other short-term housing arrangements other than living out of a hotel room.

That’s where the whole thing started, was with the pipeline guys,” John Rostash, the city’s zoning administrator.

According to the Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum, communities that want to lease sites to RVers are located in the city’s manufactured home residential zoning district.  The city does not clearly allow RVs, campers, or any housing other than HUD Code manufactured homes in a land-lease community (LLC).

The city council considered the possible disruption in those areas caused by leasing MHC (LLC) sites to RVs.



Councilman Steve Pifer. Credit, City of Bucyrus.

I can’t fault these guys [manufactured home community owner/operators] for what they’re doing,” Councilman Steve Pifer.

I can understand if we were talking about turning the art park into a campground, but we’re not,” Pifer said. “I’m not sure this is such a horrible thing.”

Pifer said he sees how this could be beneficial to those communities that wish to do so.

But some other council members have raised concerns that the RVs will be vacant over the winter, becoming an eyesore of sorts. Rostash countered that doing so wouldn’t be allowed in the first place.

They’re asking for it to be used as a campground, not as a storage facility,” Rostash said.

OMHC Ought to Regulate?

While the city council debates over whether or not these communities should be allowed to let RVs into their parks, a source in Ohio tells MHProNews that it is the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission (OMHC) that should have the final say on the matter.

The Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission determines what is appropriate or not for MH Parks by law. Zoning a park does fall under local authorities but they do not have jurisdiction within the park to determine what may or may not be allowed in park lots,” per an informed source in Ohio.


Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission. Credit, OMHC.

The Daily Business News has previously reported on Ohio Governor John Kasich’s elimination of the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission. However, as it stands now, the OMHC still has the last say as to what happens within communities until the transfer to the Ohio Department of Commerce (DOC) is complete.

MHProNews is told that will be the case until “the transfer to the Ohio Department of Commerce will take place January 21, 2018.”

RVs Create Controversy for MH Parks Abound

Bucyrus isn’t the only place having trouble when it comes to allowing RVs in manufactured home communities.


Richard Nodel, owner, Nodel Parks, photo credit, LinkedIn.

We have several communities that include RV sites. So long as RV’s are in a segregated area, we have never had any complaints or problems,” said Richard Nodel, owner of Nodel Parks.

We faced a similar situation in Wyoming where the city of Gillette wanted to restrict Rvs which typically were used by construction and coal mine workers. Our argument was that these RV’ers wanted to live in a residential environment rather than the typical local RV Park that catered to overnighters,” Nodel told MHProNews.

SpencerRoanePentagonPropertiesCreditsPostedDailyBusinessNewsResearchDataReportsMHProNewsWe allow them in communities where the local regulators don’t object.  Some regulators, however, differentiate between HUD & RV, and won’t allow the latter in LLCs,” [land lease communities] said Spencer Roane, of Pentagon Properties in an email to MHProNews.

Another Association with Numerous Communities Viewpoint

According to a statement from the Minnesota Manufactured Housing Association, several Minnesota community owners were approached by an entity based in a neighboring state, offering for sale, surplus recreational park trailers or park models, no longer needed to house transient workers. They were marketed to communities as a fast and economical way fill vacant home sites, by either selling or renting the units.”


Minnesota Manufactured Housing Association logo. Credit, MMHA.

In response “the MMHA reminded its community members that recreational park trailers and park models were not a permitted use in manufactured home communities.”

However, Minnesota’s laws do have a solution for parks who wish to accommodate both manufactured homes and RVs.

Minnesota Statute allows for holding a dual license as a manufactured home community and a seasonal recreational campground, with designated sites and requirements for each. There is no reported effort underway in the State of Minnesota to allow recreational park trailers or park models for use in manufactured home communities.”



Bucyrus City Hall and Police Department. Credit, Wikimapia.

Back in Ohio, according to the Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum, members of the Bucyrus city council decided to send the issue to the county’s Planning Commission.  They could put together a list of suggested guidelines allowing the communities to have “conditional use” to rent their vacant lots as an RV “campgrounds” site.

This discussion has been an ongoing one in community and zoning circles for years, and is likely to continue in areas where vacancy issues for manufactured home community operators continue. ## (News, analysis.)

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

JuliaGranowiczManufacturedHomeLivingNewsMHProNews-comSubmitted by Julia Granowicz to the Daily Business News for MHProNews




Federal HUD Fair Housing Discrimination Complaint Case Update 

August 22nd, 2017 Comments off
E:1 SK MHMSMDaily Buisness Newslaw,_scales_and_gavel_Wikimedia_Commons_posted_manufactured_home_marketing_sales_management_MHMSM.com_MHProNews.com_.png

Scales, gavel, law image credit, WikiCommons.

According to a report to MHProNews by the Minnesota Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA), the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) just finished an investigation that set out to determine whether or not community residents were denied the first right of refusal to buy the now-closed, Lowry Grove.

Under Minnesota law, homeowners in a manufactured housing community automatically get the first right of refusal if the community owner wants to sell the property.

That law provides a path for the community to stay together as a cooperative.  In the case of a possible redevelopment, it may mean the difference between keeping your manufactured home, or being forced to move homes to a new location…

…if that alternative locale is available.

The Daily Business News has previously reported on the impact the closure had on residents.

Credits are as shown, to see the latest story on the Lowry Grove saga, click the image above. Note: the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) and their National Communities Council were contacted for comments, and provided none.

Here’s the ruling, per MMHA.

Regarding its dismissal of the disparate impact claim, HUD stated;

To establish a prima facie case of discrimination in violation of Sections 804(a) and 804(b) of the Act based on disparate impact, the following elements must be met:

  1. The policy or practice in question negatively affects a particular protected class to a much greater extent than it affects others; and
  2. The disparity is actually caused by the policy or practice in question.

The first element has not been met because Complainants have not identified a facially neutral, generally applicable policy or practice; rather, they have identified a single act or decision of Respondent Lowry Grove to sell the Park to Respondent Village. Secondly, most of the residents of the Park are non-Hispanic and presumably, low income, thus, in all likelihood, the decision does not have a greater impact on Hispanic residents.

The second element is also not met because there is no policy or practice identified by Complainants. Rather, there is a single occurrence of the sale of the Park.


For the reasons set forth above, there is no reasonable cause to believe that the Act was violated, as alleged. This Determination only addresses the violations of the Act alleged in the complaint and does not address any potential violations of any other provision of law. A determination is limited to the facts developed in a specific investigation and is not a determination of compliance with all requirements of the Act.”


Collage of MMHA images, provided under fair use guidelines.

Interestingly, the investigation closed about the same time as some sort of additional relocation compensation for residents was agreed on by the city and the developer.

If you would like to read the full report from the Minnesota Manufactured Housing Association, click here.


Offical photo, Keith Ellison, (D-MN). TExt and collage credit, MHProNews.

To see a recent and related article on Rep. Keith Ellison’s proposal for avoiding community closures, click here. ##

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

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Top Trends for Manufactured Home Buyers

November 7th, 2016 Comments off

A Clayton Homes kitchen on display. Credit: Clayton Homes.

News from the Michigan Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA) shows the top two trends in manufactured home design are the master suite and the kitchen.

Based on the reactions of people touring six model homes during the recent MMHA Home Showcase at The Novi Home Show at Suburban Collection Showplace, these trends are what homebuyers are looking for,” said MMHA Director, Darren Ing.

The majority of the buying decision comes down to the kitchen and master bath,” Danya Mallad, vice president of sales and marketing for HomeFirst, a manufactured home retailer based in Birmingham.


Danya Mallard. Credit: LinkedIn.

Almost everyone that walks through will comment ‘I can’t believe this is a manufactured home.’ We like to hit them with the unexpected.

Customers are intrigued by the stylish kitchens that use custom colors like chocolates, ash tones, and Irish cream cabinets,” said Mallad.

Mallad is also seeing deeper kitchen sinks, gooseneck faucets, glass tile back splashes and plank-style flooring, along with traditional granite counters and stainless steel appliances.

Additional high-end kitchen features include gourmet islands, pantries full of storage options, smart electronic stations and the continuing popular industrial light fixtures trend throughout the house.

Master suite bathrooms will continue to be spectacular and completely pampering. I definitely see over-the-top showers with rainfall shower heads, body sprayers and full, gorgeous tile all along with shower towers,” said Mallad.


A HomeFirst Home. Credit: HomeFirst.

When people come to an open house at Millstone Pond manufactured home community in Lenox, kitchens and bathrooms are typically the first things they ask about,” said community manager Ken Wendt. “Manufactured homes already come with pretty upscale kitchens, but you can always custom order your perfect kitchen.

A number of manufactured homes were on display recently as a part of the Novi Home Show in Novi, Michigan. The Daily Business News provided post event coverage here. ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)


RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.

MMHA “Show Within a Show” Delivers Results

November 2nd, 2016 Comments off

Novi Home Show. Credit: MMHA.

The Novi Home Show took place October 14th-16th in Novi, Michigan and featured six different manufactured home models, courtesy of the Michigan Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA) as a part of the Suburban Collection Showplace.

Billed as “a show within a show,” nearly 5000 people had a chance to tour models from Skyline Homes, Champion Home Builders and Clayton Homes over a three-day period.

The success experienced at the MMHA Home Showcase demonstrates the increasing awareness and interest of manufactured homes,” said MMHA director Darren Ing. “While it has been a while since the association coordinated such an event as the MMHA Home Showcase, it won’t be the last.

According to the MMHA, the association worked closely with manufacturers, retailers and communities to coordinate the arrival and setup of the home showcase.

Skyline, Champion and Clayton had a variety of homes on display, including Champion’s Athens Park model home, coming in at 400 square feet.


Champion Homebuilders Tiny Park Model. Credit: Champion Homebuilders, Marketwire.

The Novi Home Show is an excellent venue to showcase the beauty and affordability of the homes,” said MMHA member Jerry Ruggirello, of AJR Development. “Team members and representatives from manufacturers, communities and retailers were on site to answer questions and give tours.

The MMHA is dedicated to sharing the benefits of manufactured and modular home living with the pubic and improving the image of manufactured housing.

MHLivingNews featured the Novi Home Show last month. That story is here. ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)


RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.

A Show Within a Show at The Novi Home Show

October 7th, 2016 Comments off

Champion Homebuilders “tiny house” park model home. Credit: Champion Homebuilders, MarketWire.

The Novi Home Show takes place October 14-16 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI.

The show is a “one-stop destination” for home improvement products for every type of project, and will include landscaping exhibits and experienced businesses available to consult or for hire.

The Novi Home Show will also host the Michigan Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA) Home Showcase, which will feature six model homes from member manufacturers, including a “tiny house” park model, under 400 square feet. Industry builders include Champion Home Builders, Clayton Homes and Skyline Homes will be featured.


Credit: Novi Homes.

Each home will be completely decorated and furnished. Representatives from manufactured home communities and retailers will be on hand to answer questions about manufactured home living.

More information on the Novi Home Show including times and ticket prices, is available at the link here. ##


(Image credits are as shown.)


RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.

Sm+RT Homes Teams with Dynamic Homes, mulls North Minneapolis Plant

September 13th, 2016 Comments off

Photo credit, Finance-Commerce, Bill Klotz.

The Skinny: New residential construction company Sm+RT Homes, LLP, based in Fridley, MN is teaming with Dynamic Homes of Detroit Lakes, MN to provide affordable, factory-built houses in North Minneapolis as well as a modular home manufacturing plant in that part of the city.

North Minneapolis has suffered from foreclosures, the fallout of the pre-2008 mortgage/housing crisis predatory lending, along with a tag as a low-income neighborhood.

A home building plant in Minneapolis, MN of roughly 100,000 square feet that could employ 100 plus workers is being considered, writer Brian Johnson states in Finance & Commerce.

Dynamic Homes has, for a number of years, tried to have more of a presence in urban areas like Minneapolis and St. Paul,” said SM+RT Homes Managing Partner Gary Findell. “They are excited about the opportunity.”


Gary Findell.

Dynamic Homes Director of Business Development Phil Swanson agrees, saying that the company is “certainly interested in pursuing


Phil Swanson, photo credit, LinkedIn.

[a production plant] if the volume is there. You need the volume to support the construction and overhead of a plant operation.” But with volume, the shipping costs incurred in the 200 mile trip to the location would drop and new jobs would be created.

Minneapolis City Council member Blong Yang (Representing Ward 5) said that there are upwards of 300 vacant single-family lots in North Minneapolis alone. Yang also shared that discussions have been “very, very preliminary.


Mark Brunner, MMHA.

Mark Brunner, Executive Director of the Manufactured & Modular Home Association of Minnesota (MMHA) told MHProNews that the Union Builders modular home plant was opened several years ago in St. Paul, MN with the goal of addressing the market’s shortage of affordable housing. It appears that plant closed after building some 20 homes.

The idea was to address the urban housing market’s shortage of affordable housing,” Brunner said. “I mentioned to the [Finance & Commerce] reporter that there is one recent example of modular homes successfully being integrated into a mixed use subdivision…some are two story …in a development called Cloverfield, located in the suburb of Chaska.”

A 1,700-square-foot bungalow was completed at 4309 Irving Ave. N. in Minneapolis (see photo at top). It was built in a production center in Detroit Lakes. Construction on at least four more modular homes on currently vacant Northside lots will follow.


Photo credit, SM+RT Home website.

Founded in March 2016 by Findell and Thor Construction CEO, Ravi Norman, Sm+RT Homes was “created to


Ravi Norman, photo credit, BizJournals.

build new and quality housing in Minneapolis,” according to its website. The operation says it can save between 20%-30% off the cost of conventional building, but one of their hurdles is to overcome misconceptions about factory built homes, notably manufactured homes.

Sm+RT Homes says it can build a modular house in 45 to 60 days, or about half the time of a typical site-built structure. Dynamic Homes has produced more than 20,000 modular homes since the company was founded in 1970, Swanson said. The company primarily serves Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin. ##

(Editor’s note: For a related discussion on modular vs. manufactured homes from a modular builder Otis Orsburn, please see the interview at this link.)

(Image credits are as shown.)

rcwilliams-writer75x75manufacturedhousingindustrymhpronewsSubmitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News, MHProNews.

MHLivingNews says Massachusetts is Smacked with Shortage of Mid-range Homes

June 27th, 2016 Comments off

Mary_McBrady__exec_dir_mass_MHA__MHLIvingNews__credit__Chicago_skylineMary McBrady, executive director of the Massachusetts Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA), noting the shortage of mid-priced housing in Mass., and a plethora of schools and researchers interested in housing policy within the state, says, “We, as an industry, need to be part of that conversation and dialogue.”

As in many places, “the middle class is being squeezed out of home ownership,” pressreleaserocket tells MHProNews. A Boston Globe editorial in 2014 noted the sharp distance between the homes of the very wealthy and the subsidized housing of the very poor.

The building trades want to stick with stick-built, says the Globe, and likely jeer when they see manufactured and modular homes on flatbeds passing through their towns, coming in from out of state.

But Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has an interesting idea: “Manufactured homes could be built in Massachusetts factories with unionized labor. Then, as more area communities take advantage of the economies of scale, construction prices would drop even further.” McBrady says when Walsh was a state legislator he sponsored legislation on behalf of MMHA.

The Globe reports that Boston, alone, will need an additional 30,000 mid-priced housing units over the next ten years to meet current demand. Additionally, a family earning $80k annually could afford only 1.7 percent of the homes sold in downtown Boston.

For the interview with Mary McBrady and the link to the Boston Globe editorial, click here. ##

(Photo credit: MHLivingNews–Mary McBrady, exec. dir. Massachusetts MHA)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.


Michigan State Association Conference to Honor Members’ Efforts

September 17th, 2015 Comments off

michigan manufactured housing association logoNew this year at the Michigan Manufactured Housing Association’s (MMHA) 74th Annual MMHA conference in Detroit Oct. 19-20 will be a program to recognize the exceptional marketing and communications efforts of our members, according to news.sys-con. Categories include best community entrance, best model home staging, best community event or activity, best member sales event or activity, best member website and best member advertisement. Winners in each category will receive an award.

Speakers at the conference include Liz Keegan from the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan, Darren Krolewski with Datacomp and Debbie Ostrander from the Department of Environmental Quality. Rick Robinson from the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) will discuss national industry issues, while state governmental liaison Tom Hoisington of Public Affairs Associates will go over important legislative updates.

Additionally, MHProNews has learned a panel session, “Legally Speaking,” will feature two attorneys, I. Matthew Miller and Matthew Paletz, hosted by MMHA legal counsel Bill Perrone.

(Image credit:Michigan Manufactured Housing Association)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

Sunday Recap May 31, 2015-June 6, 2015

June 7th, 2015 Comments off

Sunday_morning_recapIn manufactured housing news, L. A. “Tony” Kovach defines path to revitalize the MH industry, while one MH supplier picks new head, another MH producer closes, HUD Code production continues rising, MHC reverting to stick-built homes, Cavco seeks tax abatement, AZ MHC closing, Sen. Donnelly and MHI’s Jennison defend H.R. 650, MHC refinances, MH industry to target Hispanics, and Sun declares dividends. Meanwhile, students are active building modular homes, homeless gain modular container homes, stick-builder shifts to modular, and container mods become hotels in Canada. Minnesota MHA sets conference, first-time home buyers increase, and interest rates drop.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Magnolia Manufactured Homes Closing

Friday, June 5, 2015

Realtors ® and Manufactured Home Dealers should develop a Symbiotic Relationship

Skyline Regains Yesterday’s Loss while Drew Drops

Keith Anderson Appointed New CEO at Champion

Drop in Down Payment Signals Uptick in First-time Home Buyers

Sun Declares Dividends on Common and Preferred Stocks

MMHA Sets Spring Conference

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Turning Renters to Manufactured Home Buyers

Technology has Revolutionized Manufactured Homes

Dow Drops One Percent; Most Manufactured Housing Stocks Fall

Manufactured Home Tax Statements have been Mailed

Arizona Manufactured Home Community will be Repurposed under New Ownership

Rio Plaza Obtains Refi Package of $5.9M

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Path to the Rebirth of the Manufactured Housing Industry

HUD Code Production of Manufactured Homes Continues Climbing

Nobility Plummets -6.94%; MHCV Again Out paces Dow

Aussie Modular Home is Extremely Green

Burgeoning Hispanic Demographic presents Opportunities for Manufactured Housing

Changing Housing Market Leads Company to Modular Homes

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cavco Seeks Tax Abatement to Upgrade Fairmont Homes

Interest Rates, Median Home Price Falls

Cavco Seeks Tax Abatement to Upgrade Fairmont Homes

Shipping Containers will become Modular Housing for the Homeless in Hawaii

Senator Joe Donnelly Responds to Criticism of The Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act

Canadian Containers become Modular Motels

Monday, June 1, 2015

Numerous Students Built Cape Cod Modular Home

High School Building Modular Homes for Habitat for Humanity

MHCV Gains more Percent than Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P Combined

MHI CEO Richard Jennison Defends H. R. 650

Manufactured Home Sites Transitioning to Stick Built  ##

(Image credit: MHProNews)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.