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Capitalism, Socialism, & Manufactured Housing

July 12th, 2018 Comments off


People are entitled to their own beliefs, but not to their own facts. Which should cause the open minded to ask, what are the facts?


Big government has been among the challenges for manufactured housing (MH) for decades.  So, this is a topic that matters to everyone who makes an honest living in America, including the professionals and investors working in MHVille.

Among the opponents for the manufactured home community sector, and other parts of the industry as well, is the anti-business group, MH Action.  They are often de facto arguing from a socialistic world view. The related report, linked below, can be read later for more depth about that group.

Manufactured Home Community Owner Alert, Rent Control, MHAction Plans Organized Action in Several States

Let’s state that the Daily Business News prefers to use the term ‘free enterprise’ rather than capitalism. Why?  Because the term ‘capitalism’ comes from the pages of the co-father of modern socialism, Karl Marx.

That disclaimer noted, manufactured housing professionals that have hired younger workers are likely to have people on staff who have been led to believe that socialism is good, and that capitalism is evil.

Thus the first video by millennial Ben Shaprio – attorney, writer and TV commentator – destroys the appeal of socialism during the first 2 minutes with a simple proposition that every open minded person can understand.  The rest of the video are useful additional insights, and related facts or logic.  Let’s note that it isn’t just the young that buy into or promote socialism, as Bernie Sanders aptly demonstrates.



Dave Ramsey isn’t a fan of manufactured homes, as the Daily Business News has previously reported. So, he is another example of the importance of selecting the wheat from the chaff, and we all produce both to various degrees.



These two videos are worth sharing with those team members who may have been propagandized into believing something contrary to the decades of evidence that proves that socialism doesn’t works.

Venezuela, Nazi Germany, Communist China or Soviet Russia-  before the later two abandoned pure socialism – are just some of the cases in recent world history why socialism doesn’t work.

It should also be noted that Nazis (“national socialist”) and communists in Russia and China are responsible for more deaths than anything else in world history.

“Death by Government,” Fascism, Communism, Socialism, ‘Big Brother,’ per Williams, Rummel and Owens

Socialism is un-American.  People have the right to believe in it, but they have the same right to believe in the tooth fairy.

People are entitled to their own beliefs, but not to their own facts. With socialism on the rise in America, each of us should do our part to fight off what is strangling Venezuela, Cuba, and other places past and present in the world. Each of us are either part of the solution, or part of the problem. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis and commentary.)

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American Dream of Home Ownership Lives!!

September 21st, 2011 Comments off

TruliaPro says the results of a recent survey show 80 percent of 2,207 American adults polled envision the purchase of a home in their lifetime. Despite the recent housing slump, concerns over employment, credit scores, and saving for a down payment, 65 percent of the respondents maintain home ownership continues to be part of their American Dream. The older the respondents, the more affirmative they were of home ownership. But where do they want to live? The trend for Boomers and for those in the 18-34 year-old category (Millenials) is urban. The Boomers want to live closer to shops and restaurants, and the Millenials closer to work. Within the last year, over 36 percent of those polled showed a declining interest in living in a house larger than 3,200 square feet. As the population expands, the demand for more housing must surely follow. Sarah Stelmok, realtor in Fredericksburg, VA echoed the Dream: “Real estate will always be one of the best investments there is.” But what will happen to all those McMansions? Stay tuned.

(photo credit: TruliaPro)

Developers target Gen Y homebuyers

August 10th, 2011 Comments off

E:\1 SK MHMSM\Daily Buisness News\Urban_Land_Institue_ULI_Logo_posted_Manufactured_Home_Marketing_Sales_Management_MHMSM.com_MHProNews.com_.pngRealDeal reports on a recent study by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) which looks at the market impact of the nation’s eighty million echo boomers. Echo boomers, are age 18-32 and are also known as Gen Y and millennials. This group has 200 billion in annual buying power. Carol Ruiz, assistant chair of ULI’s Residential Neighborhood Development Council said, “It’s been said by experts that if your company doesn’t learn [how] to market to this group, you won’t have a company by 2020.” Leanne Lachman, governor of the Urban Land Institute and president of real estate consulting firm Lachman Associates, said “Its impact on real estate and the economy in general will be as striking and long-lasting as that of the baby boomers.” While many Gen Y’ers are renting presently, a ULI survey of 1,241 18 to 32 year-olds shows that most plan to buy a home within the next three to five years. “Developers realize the limitations [of Gen Yers] and are building smaller units to keep costs down, but are looking at design innovations that make [new] units more functional than larger units built in the past,” said Los Angelas developer Bob Champion, who is doing a Gen Y-friendly project in Hollywood.

(Image credit: Urban Land Institute logo)