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Sunday Morning Weekly Recap Manufactured Housing Industry News July 30th to August 6th, 2017

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WeekOfJuly302017toAug52017DailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsOur new August issue will go live tonight, Aug 6th.  Until then, our  theme for the month: July Justice 2017 – MH Billionaires, Millionaires, and You  Our featured articles will be available on the home page. Our May theme will be available mid-week this week.

 To see the line-up of over 2-dozen featured articles for this month, along with the headline commentary, please click the link above.

Manufactured, modular and prefabricated home professionals know that how a home got to its location should not define a person or their dwelling.

What the Daily Business News spotlights day-by-day are the tragedies, triumphs and struggles for acceptance of the obvious solution for millions for the growing affordable housing crisis in the U.S. and beyond.


When you read the lineup for the month found on the home page, you can reflect on another motto as you chart your own professional path ahead: “We Provide, You Decide.”  ©


What’s New On MHLivingNews

“Po-Dunk” Performer Kid Rock, Eyes Senate Run, Makes Manufactured Home Living Hip


August 5th, 2017


Ross Kinzler, top left. Sophia, top center and Right (credit, Phys) Kinzler credit, MHProNews.

August 4th, 2017


August 3rd, 2017


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August 2nd, 2017


Actively retired minister and factory built housing advocate, Donald Tye Jr. explains the complex web that can cause addiction. Loss of hope is one factor. In a prior report, linked here, Tye explained that public housing – an entitlement – often yields addiction. Ownership vs. renting or living in “projects” leads to integrity, a view similar to those of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

August 1st, 2017



July 31st, 2017



July 30th, 2017

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Happy 71st Birthday, Mr. President, Quotes from Donald Trump

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President Trump and VP Mike Pence have both said they will be in the promise keeping business. Image credit, National Views.

As much of the world knows, today is President Donald J. Trump’s 71 birthday. Wikipedia summarizes key points about Donald Trump on his birthday, as follows.

Donald Trump

45th U.S. President

Donald John Trump is the 45th and current President of the United States. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality.

Born: June 14, 1946 (age 71), Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

Net worth: 3.5 billion USD (2017) Forbes

Spouse: Melania Trump (m. 2005), Marla Maples (m. 1993–1999), Ivana Trump (m. 1977–1992)

Children: Ivanka Trump, Tiffany Trump, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Barron Trump

Education: Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (1968).


Some quotes from his business and presidential efforts are found below.


Image credit, New York Daily News.

What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.


Image credit, Pinterest.

Sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make.


Image credits, Pinterest, Fox News.

In the end, you’re measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplish.


Image credit, Pinterest.

You have to think anyway, so why not think big?


Image credit, the Telegraph.

If you’re interested in ‘balancing’ work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable.



Image credits, Fox News, Pinterest.

As long as your going to be thinking anyway, think big.


One need not look farther than the nearest newscast to hear what opponents of the president have to say. Why do his supporters believe? This meme from Pinterest sums it up for millions.

I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That’s where the fun is.



NFIB and MHARR have both applauded President Trump’s election. MHI has too, but that’s another story for another time, linked here.

Anyone who thinks my story is anywhere near over is sadly mistaken. – Donald J. Trump.

Disclosure: This writer supported the President early in his campaign, and continues to support him. Please see this article, linked here.  Happy Birthday, President Trump! ##

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From Obama to Trump: America Celebrates, Protests and Contemplates

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Credit: CBS News.

It is now official: Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States, and Mike R. Pence is Vice President of the United States.

The Daily Business News has followed primary, election and post election activity closely showing the many faces, and voices of the campaign.

In President Trump’s Inaugural Address, he delivered a strong “America First” message.


Credit: Drudge Report.

The forgotten men and women of this country will be forgotten no longer,” said Trump.

You will never be ignored again.

According to Yahoo News, Trump was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts, reciting the 35-word oath with his hand placed upon two Bibles, one used by his family and another during President Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration. Light rain began to fall as the new president stepped forward to address America.

Also noted was the reception that former First Lady and Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton received when she was announced.




Protests have been taking place nationwide leading up to the Inauguration, including a “gay dance party” in front of Vice President Mike Pence’s temporary D.C. residence, and the strange case of a young man setting a fire on a Washington D.C. street in protest, live on television.

When asked why he did so, the young man had an instant response.

Because I felt like it. And because I’m just saying, ‘Screw our president!’

Protestors also took to the streets of Washington D.C. this morning, targeting a McDonald’s, Bank of America branches, Wells Fargo and a Starbucks.


What’s Next?


Credit: CNBC.

As the nation moves forward with new leadership, the work of creating an efficient government is under way.

American carnage stops right here and right now,” said President Trump.

We must think big and dream even bigger. America will start winning again, winning like never before. We will bring back our jobs, we will bring back our borders, we will bring back our wealth and we will bring back our dreams,” said Trump.

We will build new roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels and railways all across our wonderful nation.

President Trump’s cabinet nominees are still in the process of being confirmed by Congress, including Dr. Ben Carson for HUD Secretary, Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State and Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary amongst others.

You can find more information on the events from this week leading up to the inauguration linked here. ##

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Will Hurri-Kaine Matthew be 2016’s SuperStorm Sandy?

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weatherfl-gascncmap-postedmanufacturedhousingindustrydailybusinessnewsmhpronewsHurricane Matthew has devastated Haiti, has hit Cuba and the Bahamas, and is barreling toward Florida, where Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency. Governors in Georgia, South and North Carolina have issued similar warnings.

What impact will the storm have on MH?  Will it have an impact on the 2016 elections?

FYI – central Florida is the base of operation for MHProNews and MHLivingNews. While the websites should not be impacted, possible power outages could impact the Daily Business News and other articles, delaying new posts.

The fallout of hurry-Kaine vs. Mike Pence VP debate continues.  Hillary Clinton is already preparing for the Sunday night debate.

Headlines from various news and commentary sources from around the web.

NewsMax CNN: Obama Hits Record 55% Approval


NYT Gary Johnson: Moral equivalence between U.S. in Afghanistan and Assad in Syria

‘EMPIRE’ with her…

CNN Who’s worried about America’s $19 trillion debt?


Hillary already in seclusion ahead of Sunday debate…

NewsMax – Trump Likely to File, Release 2015 Taxes This Month

Fallout from creepy Kaine performance continues…


Photo credit, Drudge.

Mediaite It’s on: Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity in war of words

NewsMax – GOP Strategists Hope Trump Learned Pence’s Debate Tactics


Republicans looking at ‘a dozen’ ways to block Obamacare bailout


EMAILS: Clinton Sought Pentagon, State Dept Contracts for Chelsea’s Friend…

There have been hurricanes for centuries before the modern era…

NBC Reporter: UN Climate Deal ‘Designed to Stop’ Hurricanes…

37 million viewers: Audience for VP debate was smallest since 2000, less than half of first presidential debate

Dems reject call to protect Internet news, talk radio from new regulations…



Empty shelves in a Florida store, pre-Matthew. Credit Weather/Instagram.


The next Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump 2016 presidential debate, town hall style, will be Sunday night. Yesterday’s election headline news and shorter video clips from the VP debate are linked here.  “We Provide, You Decide.” © ##

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L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach is the publisher of, and MH Consultant.

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Advantage Mike Pence over Tim Kaine in lone VP Debate, per CNN/ORC Poll

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nbcwashington-timkaine-mikepence-vpdebate-postedmanufacturedhousingindustrydailybusinessnewsmhpronewsThe unscientific Drudge Report’s flash poll reflected a lop-sided victory for GOP VP hopeful, Mike Pence over the Democratic Nominee, Time Kaine.

CNN also showed Pence as the winner, as they reported:

 An unflappable Pence benefited from the contrast and won the night — with 48% of those who watched it saying he had the best night, compared to 42% saying Kaine won, per a CNN/ORC poll of debate viewers.”

A quick tour of some early election headlines, from around the web follow.



Washington Examiner – Pence: ‘Millions more people in poverty’ under Obama…

CBS Moderator Repeatedly Attacks Republican in VP Debate…


More Illegal Voters Surface in Philly…

Hot Air – VP Debate Winners and Losers: Pence solid, Kaine canned and annoying

LifeZette – Most international observers ever to ‘monitor’…


Some said going into the debate that the two VP candidates were ‘boring,’ but the debate was spirited start to finish. Image credit, NYPost.

Politicio – Judge won’t release drafts of Whitewater indictment…

Joe Scarborough Trump has become voters’ default choice

Politico – CLINTON: ‘I don’t recall joking about droning Julian Assange’…


Washington Post – THE DEBATE DEBACLE


Heading into the debate, most polls showed Clinton in the lead. But will evangelicals, conservatives and some moderates be moved by last night’s debate?

Will the sole scheduled VP debate move the needle?

ICYMI – the Daily Business News plans to bring you more VP debate video in our next report.

The next presidential debate will be Sunday night.  For yesterday’s election headline coverage, please click here. ##

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L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach is the publisher of, and MH Consultant.

Submitted by L. A. “Tony” Kovach to the Daily Business News, MHProNews.