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Oil Price Drop not Affecting Manufactured Home Communities in Texas Town

March 11th, 2015 Comments off

mfg home  credit mhpronewsManufactured home communities around Midland, Texas where the oil industry has been bustling are not suffering despite the drop in international oil prices. Chase Gardaphe opened the 171-homesite Stonegate Manufactured Housing Community in Jan. 2014 and filled up in five months. He plans to open a larger community, saying a strong demand for housing in the area continues.

“Regardless of what happens, there’s still going to be — and will always be — a demand for affordable housing that is nicer than you’d expect,” he said. Ninety-five percent of his residents own their homes, as mrt informs MHProNews.

Kelly Autry, manager of the Airline Mobile Home Park said his community is 99 percent full, although calls from potential residents has fallen in recent months. ##

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matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com   Article submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

Texas School District Acquiring Modular and Manufactured Housing

May 6th, 2014 Comments off

On July 22, 2013 covered a story from Midland, Texas where the Midland Independent School District (MISD) had plans to buy modular housing for staff because the Eagle Shale energy exploration in the southwest part of the state was gobbling up housing resources. In nearby Odessa, a one-bedroom unfurnished apartment in 2013 rented for $779, up from $568 monthly in 2011. The MISD purchased 25 modular homes for teachers and their families with rents averaging $750 a month, according to The district is also subsidizing housing for staffers who qualify through the Scharbauer Foundation up to 40 percent of their housing expenses. With competition increasing for housing as the energy exploration expands, MISD is considering purchasing manufactured homes to site on district property for future teachers and staff. ##

Restrictive Zoning of Manufactured Homes may be Lifted

September 26th, 2013 Comments off

Current zoning laws in Midland, Texas prevent updated manufactured housing (MH) from replacing dilapidated factory-built homes because the zoning has been changed since the homes were sited. 1F3 zoning in certain areas only allows for stick-built homes in certain areas. As tells MHProNews, the city says up to 28 homes have been placed outside of zoning compliance. “There really is a sense of harshness that traps citizens, who can’t afford to build a stick home but want to upgrade,” said City Council Member John Love. The city is now contemplating changing the zoning to a Planned District Housing Development which would allow modular homes up to ten years old to be sited.

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School District wants Manufactured Housing for Teachers

June 12th, 2013 Comments off

According to mywesttexas, as housing tightens in Midland, Texas, teachers for the Midland Independent School District (MISD) are finding housing they can afford scarce. The school administration and trustees are exploring homesite possibilities for 50 manufactured homes it intends to acquire and then rent to teachers for $500 a month. Two separate sites are under consideration. All the homes will be 16 feet by 64 feet with either two or three bedrooms, and will be returned under a “buy-back” option to the seller. As MHProNews understands, the trustees have asked for a budget to document the costs of creating a temporary housing community.

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MHC Planned in Housing Tight Texas

June 26th, 2012 Comments off

MyWestTexas reports within a few days of announcing an upscale 185-site MHC to be built in Midland, Texas, the developers received 380 inquiries from interested individuals. Project partners LubbockInvest and Great House Solutions of Odessa, TX, expect to keep the rates between $1200-1500 a month, which will include the site rental, including payments on the three and four-bedroom homes that will be brought in. Due to the lack of available housing, Blake Templeton of LubockInvest says some of the calls were from oilfield workers staying in motels wanting to move their families to town. MHProNews has learned the population of Midland is just under 110,000, having experienced a growth rate of 13.01 percent since 2000. As of last week there were 290 homes listed for sale in this west central city, with a median home price of $125,700. The project is expected to be completed by Feb. 2013.

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Modular in Midland?

March 27th, 2012 Comments off

At a League of Women Voters (LWV) forum on affordable housing in Midland, Texas, it was noted the housing shortage is evidenced in the availability of only 150 homes for sale in this west-central city of over 100,000. A one bedroom apartment now costs $900/month, and the increase each time a new lease is signed averages $250/month. Some apartment complexes have waiting lists months long. MyWestTexas tells a new home can run from $125/sq ft to over $200. Habitat for Humanity homes go for $46/sq ft because of the federal Community Development Block Grants funds to purchase land, but the needs are greater than local organizations can provide, and Midland residents do not want to subsidize housing if it will raise property taxes. LWV program vice-president Mary Smith said the league suggested modular housing 30 years ago. City Councilman John James, noting the importance of planning for the future, agreed modular homes could meet the housing need quickly.

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