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Michigan Rising Shipments, Home to Nine of Top 50 Largest Manufactured Home Community Owner-Operators

May 15th, 2018 Comments off


The manufactured housing industry is poised to have one of its best years in recent history. Michigan is responsible for a significant percentage of that, according to the Michigan Manufactured Housing Association, (MMHA).


Michigan has always been a big proponent of manufactured homes, the communities and the people who reside in them, so it really isn’t unexpected that Michigan is home to many of the largest manufactured home community owners and operators,” said Bill Sheffer, executive director of MMHA.

According to the Manufactured Housing Institute’s (MHI) National Communities Council, nine of the top 50 largest manufactured home community owners and operators in the United States are based in Michigan.

Those larger Michigan-based community operators are responsible for 213,244 of the 693,000 national manufactured home sites; nearly 31 percent of all manufactured home sites in the county that are held by the NCC’s top 50.

There are an estimated 45,000 land-lease communities in the U.S.

As data compiled by the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform reveals, Michigan is in the top 10 states in the U.S. in total shipments.


MMHA members on the list include:

  • Sun Communities: of Southfield, which manages nearly 83,300 home sites across the country;
  • RHP Properties of Farmington Hills, with just over 60,000 reported home sites;
  • Lautrec, Ltd., Farmington Hills;
  • Meritus Communities, Bloomfield Hills;
  • M. Shapiro Real Estate Group, Farmington Hills
  • HomeFirst Certified Communities, Birmingham.
  • Nodel Parks, Southfield;
  • Riverstone Communities, Birmingham and
  • Choice Properties, Troy.

The MMHA community as a whole should be extremely proud of this,” said Kim Scott, Director – Operations (Manufactured Housing Division), M. Shapiro Real Estate Group. “Everyone on that list, as well as everyone involved in MMHA, worked together through the leaner years to do what was best for the communities, their owner/operators and their residents. Being recognized for our successes is a testimony to all those efforts over the years.”

About MMHA

The Michigan Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA) is one of Michigan’s oldest trade associations, founded in 1941. MMHA is a nonprofit association representing the manufactured and modular home industry in Michigan. MMHA works to improve the image of manufactured and modular housing by educating consumers, media and government about the quality, affordability, design and beauty of the homes.  ##  (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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Thousands Come, Manufactured Home Shoppers Attend MMHA’s Novi Home Show

October 31st, 2017 Comments off

ThousandsAttendNoviHomeShowMichiganManufacturedHousingIndustryMMHADailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsIn a release to MHProNews, The Michigan Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA) stated that it “put on its second MMHA Home Showcase and presented six manufactured homes to nearly 5,000 attendees at The Novi Home Show, held at Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, in mid-October,” 2017.


The homes highlighted the various styles, sizes and prices that are available from various MMHA-member manufacturers,” said the MMHA.

The trade association tells the Daily Business News that “The homes ranged from 746 square foot single-section to a 2,100 square foot multi-section home with open floor plans, built-in entertainment centers, gourmet kitchen islands, fireplaces, porches and additional upscale features. Each home was well-appointed and staged.”


Video, stills per the Novi Home Show, MMHA. Collage by MHProNews.

The MMHA Home Showcase, held in conjunction with The Novi Home Show, was the perfect setting to highlight these stylish, beautiful homes,” said Darren Ing, show director for the MMHA. “To hear so many people complimenting the homes, designs and styling was exciting and encouraging.”


The Novi Home Show is located near Detroit, MI.

After the positive responses from manufacturers, community operators and the general public regarding the MMHA Home Showcase last year, the association decided it was definitely worth the time and effort to bring these homes to the public again,” said Richard Winkleman, director of community operations for AJR Development and MMHA board of directors’ president.

Founded in 1941, the Michigan Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA) is one of Michigan’s oldest trade associations, they non-profit group stated. Their event demonstrated their commitment to public education about the value of modern manufactured housing. ## (News, analysis, commentary.)

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Kid Rock’s Unofficial Senate Run, Fighting Fake News and Allegations

September 6th, 2017 Comments off

Featured image credit, iHeartRadio.

He has had a volume of both support and criticism. Kid Rock (KR) had to remind people over the weekend that he has not officially announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat in Michigan.

A watchdog group called Common Cause claim that the country-rock artist has violated election law by not registering his candidacy, and not reporting campaign donations, per the Detroit Free Press.

The activist group has filed complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). They have also written a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions asking him to investigate the matter.

Kid Rock’s reaction to this was what many of his supporters and fans would say was not out of character for the star. In response, KR posted to Facebook, saying:

I am starting to see reports from the misinformed press and the fake news on how I am in violation of breaking campaign law. #1: I have still not officially announced my candidacy. #2: See #1 and go f— yourselves.”

He went on to say, “Everyone else, Have a great Labor Day (I will be spending mine WORKING in one of the greatest cities in America – Grand Rapids, Michigan!!)


Image credit, the Daily Mail.

Why It Matters to Manufactured Housing Investors and Professionals

The Daily Business News on MHProNews has been reporting on Kid Rock’s potential Senate run since he first teased an upcoming announcement back in July. The candidacy is relevant for several reasons, including the fact that he owns a manufactured home, and tilts pro-Trump.


Image credits are from RK’s official music video, and from the website linked here.


One of two music videos he produced about the time of his announcements has had millions of views on YouTube.  The language in the videos above and below might draw a PG 13 or R rating at the movies. While suggestive, everyone in the video is clothed.

The Developing Candidacy?

Since July, he has become the favorite among Republican candidates. Kid Rock leads potential GOP (Grand Old Party) members by double digits.  One poll placed him around 8 points behind current Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI). But another placed the race much closer, and he hasn’t yet officially announced.

There has been support and criticism of his run, as the links above previously reported.  Prior reports include doubts about the authenticity of the potential run from a friend, Ted Nugent.  That doubt from his friend could prove useful, if the FEC investigates Common Cause’s allegation. If Rock’s own friend isn’t sure, how could Common Cause be correct?


Trump supperters at the White House – Kid Rock, left, Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent (right). Credit: Truth Examiner.

As MHProNews has previously reported – KR has only teased his potential run for a seat in the U.S. Senate. A real announcement, he said in July, would come in about six weeks.

It’s been about that long already.  The closest we’ve come to seeing an announcement amounts to more teasing from the multi-millionaire-manufactured homeowner.

The 2018 Political Revolution is nearing…” Kid Rock tweeted.  Such ‘keep your fans and supporters on edge’ tactics are not uncommon among savvy politicians.  As now President Donald Trump’s candidacy proved, even the negative news attacks could prove useful to KR.


Image credit, the Daily Mail.

Fact Checks

However, Rock says that none of this amounts to an official announcement of his candidacy in the U.S. Senate race.  Michigan has been a Democratic stronghold for decades.  But with President Trump’s victory, the opportunity for someone like Kid Rock to run and win looms larger, per numerous experts cited in stories linked above.

The other allegations made by Common Cause, were regarding donations. But the Kid Rock for Senate website’s revenue goes directly to a nonprofit created by KR to encourage voter registration.


Image credit, the Daily Mail.

If AG Sessions, or the Federal Election Commission decides to investigate and finds evidence of the claims made by Common Cause convincing, then Kid Rock could be in for some big fines, per the Daily Mail.  But given that there are clearly reported lines of defense that the super-star has, any such findings – and fines – could prove doubtful.  The fact that clear defenses are evident make the odds of a serious investigation less likely.

There is clear support for the singer.  But until further notice, Kid Rock has confirmed that his run for Senate is still entirely hypothetical. As they say in Hollywood, “That’s entertainment!” Stay tuned for his revolutionary announcement. ## (News, analysis.)

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Manufactured Housing Delivers Hope for Families in Need

May 26th, 2017 Comments off

Credit: Family Promise.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, a long-standing issue throughout the U.S. has been brought to the forefront, along with a solution.

According to WOOD TV, the gap for families who earn too much money to qualify for low-income programs, but not enough to afford the reality of high rents, results in many families falling through the cracks.

This challenge spawned the creation of Family Promise of Grand Rapids, a program to help families in the gap situation. The organization, and its partners in the housing program, are beginning to gain attention nationwide.

We have families who are spending more than 90 percent of their income on their housing. Most of us use a 30 percent threshold as affordable and balanced,” said Cheryl Schuch, executive director of Family Promise.

So that shows you the disparity and the difference in our thinking about housing and the reality of what’s happening these days.”

Schuch also points out just how expensive it is to be poor.

We often say it’s really expensive to be poor, and it’s even more expensive to become homeless. When you start sliding into that crisis, the cost of you [moving] into a hotel or not having a place to cook your meals or transportation to get to and from work or for daycare for your kids all start adding up”, said Schuch.

You might have a little bit of money in the bank you have saved, but when you are trying to solve that problem by yourself, you blow through that savings account. You have nothing left by the end when you actually fall all the way into homelessness.”


Manufactured Housing to the Rescue


Inside of a Family Promised home. Credit: Sun Focus.

Once families in need are through a crisis, they then head into the Partners in housing program.

Family Promise then works with Foremost Insurance to find older, manufactured homes that show potential for being rehabilitated and put back into use. Then a family with no place to stay can move in.

While the family has to pay site rent, in nine months time the home becomes their property.

Most people couldn’t imagine going from homeless to home ownership in a period of nine months. Once they own that home, there’s a different element that kicks in. It helps them build assets and that’s the one way families can actually move out of poverty,” said Schuch.

Family Promise of Grand Rapids says that their efforts are made possible because of a decision West Michigan native Edward Frey made 65 years ago to start Foremost Insurance.

He came back from World War II, then Union Bank and Trust Company and now Chase, four mergers later, was one of the pioneers of financing of mobile homes [sic],” said Edward Frey’s son, David Frey, who was on the board of the Frey Foundation for many years.

At the time, banks didn’t offer loans for manufactured homes because insurance companies wouldn’t cover them.


Making a Difference

The Daily Business News covered a similar effort in Roanoke, Virginia, where the goal is to keep seniors in their homes.

The Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens is looking to repurposed older manufactured homes to create a senior community for the population in the Southwest portion of the state.

We would take these mobile homes [sic] as we acquired them or purchased them,” says executive director Regina Sayers.

We have renovated those; turned those so that they are handicap accessible, and they have ramps and everything on them, and make them a truly much better home than what some of our seniors in our communities are living in.”

The full story is linked here. ##


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TV Star Donates Modular Home, Provides Industry Recognition

May 18th, 2017 Comments off

Credit: Deadline Detroit.

In Detroit, Michigan, Shamayim “Mama Shu” Harris had a dream. That dream was to create a sustainable eco-village in the heart of her Highland Park neighborhood.

I converted my neighborhood from blight to beauty,” said Harris. Another part of that dream was a main building to handle things.

Nationally syndicated TV host Ellen DeGeneres made a promise to Mama Shu last year to help, and earlier this week she delivered.

According to Deadline Detroit, DeGeneres made good on that promise and delivered a $100,000 prefab home to Harris.

Mama Shu stood on her porch and watched as the home, wrapped in white plastic, was hoisted from a flatbed onto the property across the street. Prefab home company Cocoon9 teamed with DeGeneres to make the donation.


Harris sees her home. Credit: Deadline Detroit.

You know how cities have like a city hall?” asked Harris.Well, that’s how I feel about this house. This is like the main building where we’ll handle all of our business and everything. It is really a blessing.”

Harris says that the vision for the village came to her after the death of her son, Jakobi Ra, in 2007. He was 2 years old when a hit-and-run driver struck him while crossing the street.

She wanted to do something to turn the blight all around her into beauty, so she purchased a rundown house on Avalon Street for $3,000 and created a park in the lot next door in her son’s name.

I thought maybe we could put all of this in one block, and basically to respect and honor the things that I think as citizens we deserve, too, to have,” said Harris.

A library, a Homework House, a cafe, somewhere where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables from, things like that. And streetlights! Avalon Village has the very first solar street lights here.”


It’s Not What Many Think…


Millionaires, such as actress Betsy Russell, are living in manufactured homes. To see a photo spread of her manufactured home which listed for two million dollars, click here. Credit: MH Living News.

MHProNews and MHLivingNews have covered the case for manufactured housing as a viable solution to hope for the American Dream of home ownership at a reasonable price extensively, including Bloomberg making a statement to the same effect.

Power players such as former Arkansas Governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee see the value of manufactured housing, along with a number of millionaires, as covered in an MHLivingNews feature linked here.

Imagine engineered homes, that meet or exceed strict federal safety, energy and performance standards, built to the nation’s only preemptive code for permanent homes,” said Daily Business News Publisher L.A. “Tony” Kovach.

By using the same proven systems that keep costs down on cars, smartphones, clothing or other produced products, you save on labor, time, have about 30% less waste, can buy in bulk and thus save money.”

And the U.S. Census Bureau and Government Accountability Office state our homes are about half the cost of conventional construction,” he added. ##


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RC Williams, MHProNews.

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MH Village Announces New Industry Service

May 4th, 2017 Comments off

Credit: LinkedIn.

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based MHVillage, the nation’s number one website for buying, selling, and renting mobile and manufactured homes, tells MHProNews that it has introduced a new text notification feature, MHVfastLead™.

MHVfastLead will allow professional account holders to receive a text message when there is a new sales lead from the site. MHVillage says that this will allow industry professions the opportunity for a faster response when they are away from a computer or email.

Now MHVillage advertisers can get back to prospects more quickly than ever, and have a better chance of qualifying and closing the lead,” said MHVillage Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Darren Krolewski.


Darren Krolewski. Credit: LinkedIn.

We developed this feature for our website because we understand the value of getting a sales lead notification and response in the shortest possible time.”

MHVillage says that email lead notifications will continue uninterrupted regardless of participation in the MHVfastLead program. Leads received via text provide the advertiser with an alert that includes the date and time of the inquiry, the name of the interested person and details on the home being considered.

Citing leading academic and sales research, MHVillage says that the odds of making a successful contact with a lead are 100 times greater when a contact attempt occurs within 5 minutes, compared to 30 minutes after the lead was submitted.

Similarly, the odds of the lead entering the sales process, or becoming qualified, are 21 times greater when contacted within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes after the lead was submitted. The research cited also showed that approximately 43 percent of sales go to the sales professional who was first to respond, and that the odds of a call resulting in a contact with a lead decreases by 10 times within the first hour following lead notification.

As Daily Business News readers are already aware, MHVillage is an online marketplace for manufactured homes with listings for over 28,000 homes, 37,000 communities, and 2,900 retailers nationwide.

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)


RC Williams, MHProNews.

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Michigan Manufactured Housing Association Announces Changes

March 31st, 2017 Comments off

Credit: MMHA.

The Michigan Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA) tells MHProNews that it is renaming the organization’s nonprofit foundation as The Tim DeWitt HARVEST Education Foundation, in tribute to his nearly four decades of service to the organization.

Dewitt originally founded the HARVEST Education Foundation in 1995, and to date the organization has awarded $304,575 in financial scholarships to 569 students, some of whom are interested in pursuing a career in the manufactured or modular housing industries, recreational vehicle or campground industries and the self-storage industry.

Renaming the scholarship was the least we could do to honor the leadership and dedication Tim DeWitt gave the organization over the past 39 years,” said Bill Sheffer, executive director of MMH/RVCA and the Self-Storage Association of Michigan.

As a result of Tim’s vision and passion, he has ignited interest in the business to a new generation.

Tim DeWitt. Credit: RV Business.

DeWitt also spearheaded a HARVEST fundraising effort in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the Detroit Camper & RV Show in 2016, which raised nearly $50,000.

The generosity of our members is wonderful,” said DeWitt. “Their donations are spearheading the growth and development of the RV, manufactured and modular home and self-storage industries.

DeWitt began at MARVAC in 1977, and became executive director in 1984. Bill Sheffer, who has been with MARVAC since 1995, succeeded DeWitt on July 1, 2016.

As Daily Business News readers are aware, the Michigan Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA) is one of Michigan’s oldest trade associations, founded in 1941, and represents the manufactured and modular home industry in Michigan.

For details on how to apply for a Tim DeWitt HARVEST Education Foundation scholarship, contact Kristen Keller at 586.752.6381. Applications are being accepted until April 17, 2017 for the 2017-2018 academic year. ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)



RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

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Manufactured Housing Zoning Decision Reached

March 13th, 2017 Comments off

A home in the Tall Grass community. Credit: FR Community.

In Coldwater, Michigan, a rezoning proposal for the expansion of a manufactured housing community was rejected.

According to the Daily Reporter, rezoning for the 10-acre expansion of Tall Grass Mobile Home Park failed, ending in a 3-3-tie vote after presentation and discussion before the Coldwater Planning Commission.

Residents of the area in attendance were not shy about their feelings regarding the community’s proposal.

Adding the 55 homes is adding more of the same, adding to the problems,” said Paul Lindsley, who, along with his wife Sherry, own a park-style wedding venue across from Tall Grass.

There is a lot of public intoxication, breaking and entering, trespassing, and even meth labs associated with residents in the mobile home park [sic],” said Sherry Lindsley.

There are no sidewalks in the area. People walk in the road.

The Lindsley’s also noted that there would be a potential increase in traffic, and that the expansion did not fit.

This is low-income transient housing not compatible with the (city’s) master plan,” said Sherry Lindsley.


Inside of the Tall Grass community. Credit: FR Community.

For Commissioner Jessica Cole, she sees a challenge with simply enforcing already existing laws as a part of the problem.

How much of a role does this play?” asked Cole during the meeting.

The arguments made by residents during the fight to prevent rezoning of the Fremont School site for apartments was to push multi-family residences to the edge of the city, where this project is located.

But others on the council appear to see this as a class and quality issue.


Inside of a home in the FR community. Credit: FR Community.

I think we need to step up to the plate and provide more middle class housing,” said Councilwoman Maureen Petzko, who objected to more lower-income housing with high turnover rates.

That’s the people we want to attract.

Commissioner Dave Rumsey agreed with Petzko on the matter.

If we continue to approve low income housing, it’s not going to get us where we want to be,” said Rumsey.

For architect Don Westphal, he sees the developer, FR Community, as a good steward.

The developer is sensitive to the neighbors,” said Westphal.

I am confident the new owners of Tall Grass will do a good job.

The proposal submitted by FR Community for the 55 lots on the 10.6 acres is designed to allow for upgrades to larger manufactured homes.

The vote tally saw Commissioners Garn, Cole and Chairperson Aloha Miller vote in favor of the rezoning, and Commissioners Petzko, Rumsey and Rick Stevens vote against.

The vote by the commissioners does not mean an end to the rezoning effort.

The issue could come back for a re-vote by the planning commission when more of the absent three members are present. It could also go forward to the city council, which could deny or approve the rezoning. ##


(Image credits are as shown above.)



RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.

Shuttered MHC to be Demolished

February 23rd, 2017 Comments off

The entrance to Life O’Riley Mobile Home Park. Credit: Life O’Riley.

In Lansing, Michigan, the city has been granted permission to demolish what they consider to be a huge eyesore.

Life O’ Riley Mobile Home Park was closed down in February 2014, and over 200 residents were moved from the community.

According to city officials, it has been a safety concern for people in the area.

Judge Clinton Canady at the Ingham County Court agreed, and ruled the city could clean up the area by tearing down the homes on the lot.

The end is near,” said Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero.

Scavengers just looking for things to steal, to take, you can have the homeless looking for a place to stay.

According to WLNS, the city is now able to move forward with removing 90 homes, and City Planning and Neighborhood Development Director Bob Johnson says by spring the area will look much, much different.


A home in the community. Credit: WLNS.

We could be rocking and rolling, be done with weather like this in maybe a couple of weeks,said Johnson.

Mayor Bernero said that the cost of demolition will be just under $400,000, a cost the city will bear until the owner coughs up the cash.

This is money that is appropriated every year, we set aside,said Bernero.

Johnson said that the demolition won’t tear everything down, as the owner still has property rights to the land.

We’re dealing with the nuisance and the nuisance are [sic] the structures,” said Johnson.

The expenses owed by the property owner total over $600,000, and the city says that if the owner does not pay by next February, the property will be foreclosed and handed over to the county. While Bernero says that the city would be willing to work with the owner to redevelop the site if he was to pay, he’s hopeful either way and believes that the area holds opportunity.

This could be a beautiful, well maintained residential community,” said Bernero.

The Daily Business News has followed the saga of Life O’ Riley and those stories are linked here, and here. ##


(Image credits are as shown above.)


Submitted by RC Williams, for Daily Business NewsMHProNews.





RC Williams,

for Daily




MMHA “Show Within a Show” Delivers Results

November 2nd, 2016 Comments off

Novi Home Show. Credit: MMHA.

The Novi Home Show took place October 14th-16th in Novi, Michigan and featured six different manufactured home models, courtesy of the Michigan Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA) as a part of the Suburban Collection Showplace.

Billed as “a show within a show,” nearly 5000 people had a chance to tour models from Skyline Homes, Champion Home Builders and Clayton Homes over a three-day period.

The success experienced at the MMHA Home Showcase demonstrates the increasing awareness and interest of manufactured homes,” said MMHA director Darren Ing. “While it has been a while since the association coordinated such an event as the MMHA Home Showcase, it won’t be the last.

According to the MMHA, the association worked closely with manufacturers, retailers and communities to coordinate the arrival and setup of the home showcase.

Skyline, Champion and Clayton had a variety of homes on display, including Champion’s Athens Park model home, coming in at 400 square feet.


Champion Homebuilders Tiny Park Model. Credit: Champion Homebuilders, Marketwire.

The Novi Home Show is an excellent venue to showcase the beauty and affordability of the homes,” said MMHA member Jerry Ruggirello, of AJR Development. “Team members and representatives from manufacturers, communities and retailers were on site to answer questions and give tours.

The MMHA is dedicated to sharing the benefits of manufactured and modular home living with the pubic and improving the image of manufactured housing.

MHLivingNews featured the Novi Home Show last month. That story is here. ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)


RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.