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Berkshire Chairman Warren Buffett Announces Support for 2020 Hopeful, Behind the Curtain

February 26th, 2019 Comments off




In an interview with CNBC’s Becky Quick, Berkshire Hathaway’s Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett says he would support Michael Bloomberg for president,” says CNBC’s YouTube page.


Buffett says he thinks [Michael] Bloomberg would be a good president because he knows how to run things and he understand people and the markets. Buffett also addresses where he falls on the political ideological spectrum and how his views have changed over the years,” per CNBC.

Berkshire Hathaway Chairman Buffett, per reports, has been ‘briefed’ about MHProNews tracking of his comments.  If so, that may explain why his comments about Clayton Homes and their related lending units in his 2018 comments and their annual report were muted.

With that same point in mind, it should be noted that Buffett – who has touted his Democratic credentials, in this video interview begins by making his approach seem more bipartisan.  Not so, per federal donations MHProNews reported last year during the run-up to 2018. Those federal disclosures reflected that 100 percent of his giving went to Democrats.  The graphic below, a collage from MarketWatch, summarized that reveal.




Can you hear a Berkshire spokesperson spelling, disingenuous spin?

That’s not to say that he’s never given to Republicans.  It is to reflect that recently, per known facts, that he’s been even more Democratic backing than in other years. Deeper into this interview, he says as much.

In Buffett’s video about the already hot-and-heavy 2020 campaign, he said that he’d support fellow billionaire, and equally leftist pro-Democratic hopeful, Michael Bloomberg.



Buffett’s analysis on Starbuck’s billionaire Howard Schultz in this video is an interesting one. It is indeed logically more likely that, should Schultz run as an independent, that he would pull more votes from Democrats than from Republicans.  At the same time, if Democrats nominate a far left candidate, would Schultz later proven helpful to his favored party by staking out a more moderate position for the future?

The so-called “Oracle of Omaha” said he hopes no third party candidate runs, because they could “thwart the will of the people.”

Buffett has consistently opposed candidate Donald J. Trump during the 2016 campaign – and by various accounts – including quotes from Buffett himself, was dismissive of Mr. Trump in business during the years prior to his successful 2016 campaign.  See related reports below the byline, offers, and notices for more.



The Democrats are not the same party that they used to be. Neither are the Republicans. Democrats have tilted socialist, and many say so openly.


Links to his annual letter and the Berkshire Hathaway annual reports – including the details on Clayton Homes and their related lending – are found below the bylines.

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Sunday Morning Manufactured Housing Daily Business News Weekly Recap – 11.9-15.2014

November 16th, 2014 Comments off

mhpronews-week-in-review-11-9-15-2014-tablet-coffee-559-441-As the name implies, we’re launching a new MHProNews feature that will make it easier for the Sunday morning coffee drinker to pick up their tablet, smartphone or laptop and catch up on news as it relates to the manufactured housing industry.

What that means is we cover manufactured, modular and prefab home-building industry news from a primarily domestic, but including, an international perspective.

We also cover other housing, finance and public policy related news, that relates to factory built homes directly or indirectly.

What this past week demonstrates to industry pros, investors or those who have interests in quality affordable manufactured homes, is the wide array of useful reports covered every week in the Daily Business News.

As regular readers know, we share events from an unabashedly pro-factory-built housing industry lens, even when the news report may seem to be unfavorable. The stories that follow can be seen as evidence why manufactured homes could grow beyond current levels, see more on the opportunities for MH growth topic linked here.

Our regular readers tell us they save time and keep in touch with the challenges and upside opportunities by reading our one-of-a-kind news resource for the factory built housing industry. Our revised news format has seen another growth in readers and page views. All this suggests you’re wise to be reading here and are joined daily by thousands like yourself.

Here are the headlines from the Daily Business News (DBNs) the week of 11.9 to 11.15 2014.

Saturday November 15, 2014

Manufactured Housing and the Freddie Mac deal, revisited

Friday November 14, 2014

The other side of Public Housing and Public Policy on Manufactured Housing

Showdown over Keystone? Dow dips, but Manufactured Housing Composite Value Rises

Discriminatory Mail Service? Postal deliveries resume after service suspension to manufactured home community

Memo asserts HUD Code Manufactured Housing Program “Seriously Off Track”

Howell Utah Violating 4th Amendment Rights of Mobile and Manufactured Home Owners?

Storm Clouds Loom – Neal-Pascrell-Menendez bill – disguised attacked on risk reducing reinsurance?

Thursday November 13, 2014

Deer Valley Spikes, Manufactured Housing Composite Slides

No-frills Muji prefab designed for Tiny Urban lots

Vanishing affordability for housing in Chicago and beyond?

Do Home Resale Slides reported by Realtors ® signal opportunities for factory built home professionals?

Wounded Vet to get free Palm Harbor Home

We the Economy

Wednesday November 12, 2014

Take Profits, says MarketWatch, most Manufactured Housing stocks rise

US Bank Exits from Indirect Manufactured Housing Lending

Home owners, State Association Protest as County seeks to restrict placement of older Manufactured Homes

Michael Bloomberg says Dodd-Frank “Stupid,” slamming it and ObamaCare

American Land Lease Announces Dividend

Carefree Communities closes on 18, says now #5 in MHC holdings

National Law Review report Reveals insights on CFPB Plans for Enforcement

November 11, 2014.

Implementing rules in newly acquired manufactured home community results in resident, media reaction

5th Straight record on Dow, Skyline up 2.5%, but MH Composite value slips

Realtors urged to educate Consumers about Online Valuation models

Veteran Day’s 2014 – Honoring Vets & Offering Manufactured Homes-VA loans to Veterans

AMG’s Sean M Healey to speak to Bank of America/Merrill Lynch conference

ObamaCare Architect Jonathan Gruber – Lack of Transparency needed to pass ACA

November 10, 2014.

NASDAQ says SearchCore’s Wisdom Homes providing alternative for Boomers

Eugene W. Landy Acquires 5000 more shares of UMH stock

New Market Highs, Commodities slide, Manufactured Housing Composite Rise

JDSupra spotlights the 6th Circuit ruling in Bennett v CMH Homes – are manufactured homes a consumer product?

RV/MH Hall of Fame Challenge Advances

Willmar gives Preliminary nod for tax abatement for Manufactured Home Community in Exchange for Improvements ##

(Graphic Credit: MHProNews)


Michael Bloomberg says Dodd-Frank “Stupid,” slamming it and ObamaCare

November 12th, 2014 Comments off

former-nyc-mayor-bloomberg-credit-nypost-posted-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com0Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said harsh regulation on financial institutions are hurting Main Street. Speaking at a conference, Bloomberg lashed out at laws that are arguably helping his own firm, which provides servcies to the financial industry. It’s good for the terminal business,” he said. “Some of these firms have 10 or 15 thousand people working on [compliance]; if that’s not an opportunity to provide software, I don’t know what is.” BuzzFeed tells MHProNews.

CNNMoney reported Bloomberg saying, The trouble is if you reduce the risk at these institutions, they can’t make the money they did. If they can’t make the money they did, they can’t provide the financing that this country and this world needs to create jobs and build infrastructure.”

Bloomberg, is the founder of financial data company Bloomberg L.P., as well as a billionaire philanthropist.

What happens is every little group in Congress has to add something to that bill in return for their votes, and a lot of those things are just mutually exclusive,” Bloomberg said. “Years later now we don’t have the regulations that are required and complying with it is just really impossible.” The same goes for Obamacare, Bloomberg asserted.

The NewYorkPost stated the former mayor said, The world adjusts to stupid laws. They just don’t pay attention to it and you get burned later on. That really is what happens, like a 25-mile-an-hour speed limit.”

Bloomberg sounded off on a range of topics, the NSA, Google and the president being “a wuss” after his party lost the mid-terms so badly.

Google and Facebook and Twitter, they want to collect data on everything you do, everybody you sleep with, every place you eat and what you ordered at the venue, and then they’re going to sell it for their own personal profit,” he said. “And we’re complaining about the NSA?” ##

(Photo Credit: NYPost)

Accessing Washington’s Political Power Brokers? Open your Vault.

October 30th, 2014 Comments off

campaign-finance-2-michael-francis-daily-business-news-mhpronews-2With the mid-term elections just a halfway point to the 2016 Presidential Election, the topic of donations to candidates once again has us in disbelief in the obvious padding of campaign war chests from Goliath donors.

Foster’s Daily Democrat  are among those telling MHProNews  that it’s no secret that poorly funded candidates tend to lose and well-funded candidates often win. $100 million dollars spent in a Senate race in North Carolina can buy a victory with an avalanche of TV, radio, internet and social media ads, glossy resumes and promises in your mailbox while volunteers knock at your door.

A CNN  investigation reported that since lobbyists can no longer give elected officials junkets to exotic lands, the candidates are inviting the lobbyists to lavish parties. Come for free, CNN reported, but the suggested donation to the Senator or Congressperson is $2500.

In the most expensive gubernatorial race this cycle, Florida heads the list, with an estimated $77 million spent to air over 137,000 ads. Florida is followed by Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas and Michigan.

According to the reporting of OpenSecrets, an organization tracking political donations and spending, overall ad spending has broken $1 billion in federal elections and state governors’ races, with the total number of ads exceeding 2.2 million.

Top outside groups

According to OpenSecrets, Team Blue (Democrat) managed to force its way into the top echelon of big-spending outside groups – but Republican-leaning groups still occupy the majority of the slots at the top of the list of big spenders.

The outside group with the highest outlays this cycle is Senate Majority PAC, a super PAC closely affiliated with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.); it has spent $42.6 million. But Senate Majority falls to second on the list when super PAC American Crossroads and politically active nonprofit Crossroads GPS — the tandem of outside groups associated with Karl Rove — are considered together. These two – legally separate organizations, each of which have reported less spending than Senate Majority PAC — work closely; when their efforts are combined, their total spending comes to $46.8 million, giving them the title of top-spending outside organization this cycle. In 2010, this same pair was the top-spending organization, reporting a total of $38.2 million.

The remaining six members of the top 10 outside spending groups are conservative (including American Crossroads/Crossroads GPS). The Chamber of Commerce has disclosed spending $33.5 million this cycle and the National Rifle Association has spent $27.2 million, according to reports filed with the FEC.

Freedom Partners Action Fund, a super PAC that emerged from a network of dark money groups connected to the libertarian political financiers David and Charles Koch, received its first donation just four months ago, but rocketed to eighth on the list of top-spending outside groups, with $18.9 million. David and Charles Koch each gave $2 million to the group.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, he number one donor of disclosed outside money is hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, followed by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has given $20 million to super PACs, of which 98 percent went to liberal or Democratic recipients.

But despite those top two donors, conservative donors dominate the top 20 — 15 of them are conservative. The three other liberal donors are: Fred Eychaner ($7.9 million), George Soros ($3.5 million) and hedge-funder James Simons (and his wife Marilyn), who have given $3 million.

The top conservative donor to outside groups is Paul Singer, of hedge fund Elliott Management, who has given $9.3 campaign-finance-2-michael-francis-daily-business-news-mhpronews-million. Last cycle’s top donor — both to outside groups and overall — was Sheldon Adelson, owner of the Venetian casino in Las Vegas, who with his physician wife Miriam gave $92 million. This cycle, the Adelsons have given $5 million.

Other prominent conservative donors include Linda and Vince McMahon, who have given $2.6 million, and Robert McNair, the owner of the Houston Texans football team who together have given $3 million.

Topping the list of organizations contributing money to outside groups is the National Education Association, which has given a whopping $22.4 million to outside groups. Following the NEA are a slew of other labor unions — the Carpenters & Joiners Union ($11.2 million), the AFL-CIO ($7.6 million) and AFSCME ($6 million). These unions gave almost exclusively to liberal outside groups.

Whether we break it down by Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, a SuperPAC, a labor organization, a Special Interest Group, or just a person with a net worth more than some countries, they all want the same thing. Unfettered access to elected officials at the highest levels: The Senate, The House of Representatives, and most of all, the White House.

You decide if that donation can sway a decision on a crucial piece legislation that hurts the American public but helps those with the keys to the vault. ##

(Photo credits: Shutterstock)

michael-francis-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com-(Submitted by Michael Francis to Daily Business News – MHProNews.)

(Editor’s Note: MH related election commentary at this link.)

A Prefab Grows in Brooklyn, p. 1

December 18th, 2012 Comments off

As follow up on the massive, modular Forest City Ratner project in Brooklyn, NY, groundbreaking is set for today with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Gary LaBarbera, President of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Moskowitz, and Forest City CEO Bruce Ratner. Theatlanticcities says the 32-story tower, made of 930 modules, will be manufactured a mile away and trucked over to be sited. Half of the first round of homes of this $5 billion, 363 apartment project will be affordable housing units at below market rates. As Ratner refers to it, construction company Skanska and ShoP Architects are set to “break the code” of assembling a modular high rise. MHProNews has learned a model of the module is scheduled to be on display at the ceremony. The complex also includes the home court for the Brooklyn (formerly New Jersey) Nets basketball team.

(Image credit: SHoP Architects)


FEMA Homes Coming to NY and NJ

November 8th, 2012 Comments off

The Washington Post reports that the federal government is moving manufactured homes into the New York and New Jersey areas hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Forty prefabricated homes are en route to a staging area in New Jersey from Maryland, and FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate says there are several hundred temporary homes in its emergency inventory. MHProNews has learned NY and NJ officials will decide where to site them. Since the hurricane hit, over 317,000 have registered for financial aid with FEMA, which has already approved $300 million in emergency assistance. Additionally, more than 101,000 people are eligible for temporary housing in hotels and motels, but officials do not know how many are utilizing this option. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the worst case estimate is 40,000 need emergency housing, but he adds half of those will likely have their power back on in a few days, and ultimately only 10,000 people or less may need temporary quarters.

(Photo credit: Spencer Platte/Getty Images)