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Famous designer, Antonio Robbie, PreFab Leader & how Revolution PreCrafted can boost manufactured, modular home acceptance

September 5th, 2016 Comments off

RevolutionPreCraftedYoungGunsLegendsRobbieAntonioTrump-ModularPreFabHomeMHLivingNew-Revolution Pre-Crafted Properties is a collection of limited edition dwellings, ranging from functional pavilions to modular homes,” explains DesignBoom.

The average price for one of these homes or pavilions is US $300,000, which I think is very compelling, because not everyone has access to these architects. And even if you did, you would have to spend three or four million dollars on a house designed by them.” Antonio Robbie told blouinartinfo.

But my price point is a tenth of that,” Antonio said, “I want to make Revolution accessible.”

The man who worked with the Trump family on iconic projects such as Trump Tower in Century City, told MHLivingNews, “The increasing demand for prefab in different parts of the world is solidifying the position of prefabrication in the market.” 

To see more of Antonio’s exclusive comments and the in-depth report, with videosclick here.  ##

(Photo credits, Trump Family with Robbie Antonio, Property Report. Base of Trump Tower, Manila = SlideShare. Revolution PreCrafted Homes (left), their corporate website.) 


L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach is the publisher of and

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Sunday Morning Recap-Manufactured Housing Industry News Aug. 14-Aug. 21, 2016

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MHProNews_Sunday morning recap of week's stories postedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsWhat’s New in public focused Manufactured

Tiny Houses Owners face Big Legal Trouble?

What’s New in Manufactured Housing Industry Professional News

Financial Services Committee says Dodd-Frank is damaging. YES! Communities redistributes assets. Private enterprise ready to supply modular buildings to flooded LA. MHI, MHARR spar with DOE, as MHI takes on Section 8 Vouchers. Claims in wake of flooding in LA rise to 70,000. $15 mandated minimum wage would cost 9 million jobs. Canadian city mixes manufactured and site-built homes. FEMA’s manufactured housing units likely going to Louisiana. Entry level housing may be coming back. Clinton and Trump’s economic, tax policies divergent. Georgia town halts siting of MH. Southwest Louisiana city nixes MHC plan. Pray’s Homes in Maine has new owner. Mandate requires MHC owners give 90 days pre-closing notice. And much, much more in news, views, and information from across the globe you may peruse regarding off-site home and building construction.

Saturday, Aug. 20

MHI, MHARR, Leaked documents and DOE proposal, plus MHI on New Section 8 Vouchers

Friday, Aug. 19

Financial Services Committee Slams Dodd-Frank as Damaging

Private Enterprise Responds to Assisting Louisiana Flood Victims

Skyline Leads Manufactured Housing Sector Amidst MHCV and Broader Market Tumble

Hedge Fund Investors Bustling over Equity LifeStyle Properties

Manufactured Home Community Bordering Google Transforming into Tech Town

70,000 Claims for Assistance Filed Following Louisiana Flooding

Thursday, Aug.18

$15 Hour Minimum Wage would Cost Nine Million Jobs Nationally

New Manufactured Home Retailer Opening in Kentucky

Drew, Manufactured Housing CompValue and Dow rises – Is Fed Easing to Infinity?

Inventory of Entry-level Homes may finally be Rising

Canadian City Allows Manufactured Homes in Area Zoned Single-family Residential

Insiders Busy Trading Patrick Industries as it Joins S&P SmallCap 600

Wednesday, Aug. 17

FEMA’s Manufactured Home Units Likely Heading to Louisiana

Home Sales Take a Tumble in California

REITs beat S&P 500 with Promising Forecast for the Year

Northern Georgia Town Votes Moratorium on New Manufactured Home Sitings

Calcasieu Parish Planning Committee Nixes MH Community Development

Clinton v Trump – Presidential Nominees and their Tax, Economic Strategies

Tuesday, Aug. 16

San Jose CA set to Vote on Modular Homes for the Homeless

Home Construction Continues its Slow but Steady Incline

Residents of Oregon Manufactured Home Community Consider Long-term Leases

Manufactured Homes can be as Modern as Traditional Houses, says Realtor on FoxNews

Pray’s Manufactured Homes in Maine has New Owner

Mon. Aug. 15

Stock Exchange Winners and Losers under a Clinton Presidency

Logan’s Crossing Manufactured Home Community Announces Annual Scholarships

Skyline Up, Manufactured Housing CompValue (MHCV) Mirrors Dow

Eight Modular Homes for Low-income Families Rising in Illinois

Manufactured Home Community Owner YES! Redistributes Assets

Ordinance Mandates Community Owners Give Nine Months Notice Before Closing

Sunday Morning Recap-Manufactured Housing Industry News Aug 7-Aug.14, 2016 ##

(Photo credit: MHProNews)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews

Tiny Houses Owners face Big Legal Trouble?

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TinyHouseFamily-ToledoBladePostedMHLivingNewsTinyHouseBigTroubleThose trendy and cute tiny houses are a potential source for real headaches, says a report by the Toledo Blade. 

Blade’s Janet Stengle tells MHLivingNews that, “Jamie and Kelly Rye and their children, Jonah, 6, and Jane, 3, moved into their tiny home in Spencer Township last month. Complete with a fully furnished kitchen, compost toilet, multifunctional living space, and two lofts, the 360-square-foot house was built by Mr. Rye and his stepfather over the past year.

But on move-in day, a township zoning inspector arrived, asking for a permit. Then, in the days following, the health department also showed up, noting a violation.

ManufacturedHomeLivingNews examines the issue of tiny houses, legality and what manufactured home industry pros say on the issue in a new report at this link here. ##

(Photo credit, Lori King/Toledo Blade.)


Frank Griffin, Daily Business News, MHProNews.

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Sunday Morning Recap-Manufactured Housing Industry News Aug 7-Aug.14, 2016

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MHProNews_3 postedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsWhat’s New in public focused Manufactured

Comparing Tiny Houses vs Manufactured Homes – Function and Value vs. Fashion

What’s New in Manufactured Housing Industry Professional News

Children of home owners more likely to own homes. Trump tells NAHB he identifies with them. Residents of closing community continue trying to obtain relocation compensation. Boston testing mini-modular prototype for city lots. Can MH lenders base loan term on age of applicant, legally? Heartland Estates in Fla. sold. Lowry Grove MHC tests first right of refusal law in Minn. Southern Idaho has 10,000 shortage of homes. California obtains control over use of manufactured homes for fire survivors. Assisted Living homes on the rise. Canadian First People getting modular homes. Comparison: Manufactured Homes vs. Tiny Homes. Philly sees 50-unit modular apartment rise over one weekend. GOP, Dems have different ideas about housing market. UMH posts positive notes. Maine MH community expanding.

Saturday, Aug. 13 , 2016

Living in an Owned Home Young Begets Living in an Owned Home Later

Friday, Aug. 12

Trump’s Speech Plays to National Association of Home Builders

Manufactured Home Community Tangled in Legal Issues, Resident AG Complaints

Cavco continues to lead as Manufactured Housing Composite Value (MHCV) best the broader markets, posting gain

Modular Apartments may Alleviate Boston’s Housing Crunch

Discrimination? Was a Limited MH Loan Approval Legal? MHProNews Investigates

Developers Pare Down Size of New MH Community; Neighbors Still Unsure

Thursday, Aug.11

Cavco Industries biggest gainer as Manufactured Housing CV climbs

Florida’s Heartland Estates changes Hands

Cavco Industries, Second Largest Producer of Manufactured and Modular Homes, Reports Quarterly Results

First Time First Right of Refusal Law in Minn. Will be Tested

RV/MH Hall of Fame Releases Expansion Plans for Northern Indiana Event Center

Is Student Loan Debt Stifling the Economy?

Modular Housing Suggested for 10,000 Affordable Housing Shortage

Wednesday, Aug, 10

Nobility Homes rising, The Carlyle Group slips and Manufactured Housing CV dips

Manufactured Home can Provide Temporary Health Care

FEMA Grants California Control over Distribution of Emergency Manufactured Homes

Drew’s Q2 – Dividends and Insider Trading

Kashechewan First Nation getting Modular Homes following Major Flood

Management Group Increases Holdings in Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS)

Tuesday, Aug. 9

Mainstream newspaper shares the love for MH, compares favorably to trendy Tiny Houses

Modular Apartment Building Rises in Three Day Weekend

UMH leads gainers, Skyline slips as MHCV trails the broader markets

Senior Single-family Market Remains on the Upside

Housing Platforms: Dems say Up the Ante; GOP says Shut Federal Spigot, Throttle Regulators

UMH Properties Q2 Conference Call Reveals a Winning Strategy in Manufactured Home Communities sector

Mon. Aug 8

Maine Manufactured Home Community Plans to Expand

Skyline 4Q Leaps Skyward, MH Composite Index rallies despite Dow’s slide

Media in North Coastal Oregon Advocates Manufactured Homes

Unemployment Rate Tells One Story; Labor Participation Rate Determines Revenue, Federal Debt

Three Delaware Residents of Manufactured Homes Receive Scholarships

Sunday Morning Recap-Manufactured Housing Industry News July 31-Aug. 7, 2016 ##

(Photo credit: MHProNews)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

Sunday Morning Recap-Manufactured Housing Industry News Aug 1-Aug. 7, 2016

August 7th, 2016 Comments off

Sunday Morning Recap Manufctured Housing Industry News Aug 1-Aug 8 2016 postedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsWhat’s New in public focused Manufactured

Loans – Financing – Mortgages for Manufactured, Modular and Mobile Homes

What’s New in Manufactured Housing Industry Professional News

Sale of Minn. MHC challenged by Attorney General. Section 8 vouchers can now but MH. Hall of Fame inducts Class of 2016. NC MH community being redeveloped. Two Conn. MHCs sold. Drew net sales rise 22%. HUD Code sales up 20%. Ritz-Craft expanding. Assisted Living modular homes on the rise. Maine MH community expanding. Muncie, IN gets Tiny Homes for homeless. Texas home sales set record. Patrick acquires electronics firm. Tenn. city bans Tiny Homes. FEMA providing homes for Calif. fire survivors. Texas home sales set record. Plus news and views about affordable housing you can peruse for decision-making as an MH Pro.

Saturday, Aug. 6 , 2016

Modular Container Homes Rising in Edmonton, Alberta

Friday, Aug. 5

Minn. Attorney General Files Brief to Halt Sale of Community to Developer

Class of 2016 Inducted into RV/MH Hall of Fame

Dow Comes Back Strong; MHCV Outgained the Dow, +1.79 percent

Bill to Use Section 8 Vouchers to Buy Manufactured Home Signed by President Obama

Redevelopment of MH Community in North Carolina Approved

RHP Acquires two MHCs in Connecticut

Thursday, Aug. 4

Drew Reports Net Sales 22% Above Last Year’s Comparable Quarter

Modular, Manufactured Homes Coming to Ute Mountain Indians

Skyline Advances +5.02%; Drew Industries Close behind at +4.88%

Production of HUD Code Homes up 20 Percent

Modular Homes Rising above the Ocean outside San Diego

Modular Home Builder Opening Third Plant in Mifflinburg

Wednesday, Aug, 3

Clayton Moving in where Champion Homes Moved Out

Sun Communities Beats Analysts EPS Estimate by $0.03

Dow Reverses Seven-Day Drop; Northstar Realty Finance Tops MH-related Gainers

Housing Affordability Data Suggestive rather than Definitive

Cavco Industries Set to Release Quarterly Financials

MH Community Owner Slapped with Lawsuit, Slaps back at Former Resident

Tuesday, Aug 2

Home Prices in Northwest Nearly Double National Average

Equity LifeStyle Properties, Inc. Yields ROI of 8.40 percent

Manufactured Housing-related Stocks Fall Except Nobility Homes

Assisted Living Modular Homes expected to Rise with Aging Population

Texas Home Sales Set a Record in Second Quarter

Affordable Housing Included in $500k HUD Grant to Oklahoma City

Mon. Aug 1

Tenn. City Bans Tiny Homes

Oil Falls Below $40/bbl again; Deer Valley Shoots Up 15+ Percent

Smart” Blocks Will Transform Our Lives-a/k/a Redefining ‘Blockhead’

Patrick Completes Acquisition of BHE, another Thermoformed Producer

An American August in MHVille – New Feature Articles Alert

FEMA Providing Manufactured Homes for CA Wildfire Victims

Sunday Morning Recap-Manufactured Housing Industry News July 24-July 31, 2016 ##

(Photo credit: MHProNews)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

Sunday Morning Recap-Manufactured Housing Industry News July 24-July 31, 2016

July 31st, 2016 Comments off

MHProNews_3 Sunday Morning recap postedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsWhat’s New in public focused Manufactured

NIMBYism? Debunking Myths About Manufactured Home Communities (aka ‘Mobile Home Parks’)

What’s New in Manufactured Housing Industry Professional News

FEMA moving manufactured homes into four W. VA. Counties. CFPB proposes clarification of Know Before You Owe. Patrick’s revenues rise 35%. Sun’s stock projected to rise 67%. Robot lays brick at super human speed. Desire for homeownership remains strong. MHARR awaits formaldehyde rules. MH industry grows despite negative image. MH Community owner sued by Penn. attorney general. Homeless in IN town get Tiny Homes. Maine manufactured home community growing. Commodore acquires manufactured home builder in Wis. MHARR smells collusion in DOE proposal. Modular container homes going to First Nation peoples in Canada. Lender offering one percent down on home purchase. Sun drawing institutional investors. Habitat for Humanity, air base, team to replace caregiver’s manufactured home. Plus, news and views for yhou to peruse as you make your MH-related industry decisions.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

CFPB Tries to Clarify Know Before You Owe, but Lenders Still See Glitch

Friday, July 29

Patrick’s Sales Rise 35% in Q2; NOI Increases 37%

FEMA Moving Manufactured Homes into two Additional West Virginia Counties

NeighborWorks Achieving Excellence Program Teaches Leadership

Carlyle Group Leads Gainers; MHCV Slips to 1380.4

Sun Communities Stock hits New High, but Projected Higher

Robotic Bricklayer Lays 225 Bricks/Hour. On Tap: 1000 Bricks/Hour

Thursday, July 28

MHARR Braces for EPA’s New Formaldehyde Ruling

Desire for Home Ownership Remains Strong

NorthStar Tops MH-related Gainers; UFPI Slips -0.99 Percent

Singapore Building Four Blocks of Modular Housing

While Negative Perceptions of MH Persist, the Industry Grows says Seeking Alpha

Pending Home Sales Index Inches Up in June

Wednesday, July 27

Pennsylvania MH Community Owner Sued for not Paying Relocation Costs

Tiny Homes Arrive in Muncie, IN to House Homeless

Planning Commission Approves Siting of Two Manufactured Homes

Patrick Industries Moves Up; Nobility and Carlyle fell the Most

Maine Manufactured Home Community Expanding

Site-built Home Sales Looking Good. Can it Continue?

Tuesday, July 26

Commodore Corporation Acquires Canadian American Homes of Wis.

Resident: Site Manufactured Homes on Vacant lots for Hillcrest Neighbors

MHCV Nudges Up as Dow Edges Down

MHARR Continues Tirade over HUD/MHI/DOE Collusion

First Nation People in Canada getting Modular Container Homes

Sun Communities Draws Hedge Fund Investors

Mon. July 25

One Percent Down Could Put You in a Home

Dow Jones Slips; MH-related Stocks Similarly Quiet

Habitat Teams with Air Base to Replace Special Needs Caregiver’s Manufactured Home

Politically Tarnished Philadelphia Prepares for Democratic Convention, Demonstrators

Sunday Morning Recap-Manufactured Housing Industry News July 17-July 24, 2016 ##

(Photo credit: MHProNews)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

Sunday Morning Recap-Manufactured Housing Industry News July 3-July 10, 2016

July 10th, 2016 Comments off

MHProNews_Sunday_morning_recap_7-2016 postedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsWhat’s New in public focused Manufactured

Educator, Builder Compare Conventional House to Residential Style Manufactured Home Living & Quality

Double-Digit Manufactured Home Sales Growth, MHARR July 7 Report

What’s New in Manufactured Housing Industry Professional News

House defeats two amendments that would cripple proposed MH financing. Ohio county pursuing delinquent MH taxpayers. National standards institute approves fenestration program. Foremost Modular Homes ownership disputed. Nonprofits urged to buy MHCs to preserve affordable housing. FEMA may bring in modulars to W. VA. Patrick acquires plastics firm. MH owners eligible for rehab assistance in Oregon. MHProNews contributor Tim Connor undergoes heart procedure. MH production continues climbing in May. MHC residents try to block sale of community. Modulars for seniors due by end of the year. And much, much more in news and views for you to peruse.

Saturday, July 9

Arkansas City to Ponder Factory-built Home Ordinance

Friday, July 8

Lawrence County Targets Delinquent Manufactured Home Taxes

American National Standards Institute Approves MH Fenestration Program

NorthStar Realty Finance Tops Leaders, Advancing +4.84%; Dow Gains 250 Points

Labor Dept: 287,000 Jobs Added in June

House Reaffirms Support for MH by Defeating two Potentially Crippling Amendments

Ownership of PA’s Modular Builder Foremost Homes in Court

Thursday, July 7

Builder Confidence for Single-family Homes May be Stretched

Opinion: Non-profits to Buy Vulnerable MH Communities to Preserve Affordable Housing

Nobility Homes gains +2.63 Percent, MHCV Moves Up +1.02 Percent

FEMA Moving Quickly to Assist W VA Flood Survivors

Home Prices Gain Nearly Ten Percent

Wednesday, July 6

Patrick Completes Acquisition of Plastics Firm LS Mfg.

Deer Valley Plummets -27.14%; Patrick Advances +3.04%

Manufactured Home Repair Program to Assist Low Income Residents

Tim Connor’s heart procedure looms, prayers requested

Manufactured Home Production Continues Double-digit Growth

Scott Parkhurst Re-joins Skyline Corp. as National Sales Mgr.

Tuesday, July 5

Turnkey Tiny Home ready for Occupancy

Modular Homes may House W VA Flood Survivors

Nobility Homes Gains+3.79%, NorthStar Realty Drops -5.24%

Lawsuit Attempts to Block Sale of Manufactured Home Community

MHC Reality Show Prompts MHC Souvenir Shop

Insiders Making News at Patrick Ind. and Sun Communities

Mon. July 4

Modular Apartments for Seniors to be Occupied by Year’s End

Happy 240th Birthday America – Markets Closed for 4th of July holiday

Manufactured Home Growth Still Alive in West Texas

UMH Properties Announces Quarterly Stock Dividends

Sunday Morning Recap-Manufactured Housing Industry News June 26-July 3, 2016 ##

(Photo credit:MHProNews)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

House Reaffirms Support for MH by Defeating two Potentially Crippling Amendments

July 8th, 2016 Comments off

Manufactured Housing Institute loge-credit-Manufactured Housing Institute-postedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsThe Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) and the Indiana MH Association informs MHProNews that in the U. S. House of Representatives, two amendments to the Fiscal Year 2017 Financial Services Appropriations bill were defeated that would have stripped language from the bill that make necessary changes to the Dodd-Frank Act in support of financing manufactured housing (MH).

The defeat of these two amendments means access to financing of MH, as laid out in the Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing measure (HR 650/S 682), remains intact, supported by MHProNews and MHLivingNews  publisher L. A. “Tony” Kovach, see the download here and as noted here.

MHI has been working with Congress to pass the Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act (H.R.650/S.682), dealing with Appropriations Committee members, Committee leadership, co-sponsors of S.682 and state association directors to ensure the MH language is included in the appropriations bill that may be voted on before Congress adjourns.

The first amendment, defeated by a vote of 167-255, would have deleted section 637 from the measure which ensures that manufactured home retailers are not unfairly considered loan originators as long as they do not receive compensation for referrals.

The second amendment, defeated by a vote of 162-255, would have struck Section 638 of the bill that defines the thresholds for which mortgage loans are considered “high cost.” Since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) considers costs as a percentage of a loan, smaller MH loans are suddenly thrust into the “high cost” designation, which increases lender liability. The result is many lenders have ceased making MH loans altogether, while others have stopped originating loans under $20,000, leaving those who are trying to buy or sell MH under $20,000 without financing options.

The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act reports the regulations have caused low balance loans for MH to have fallen by over ten percent, while site built home loans have risen five percent.

This is an important milestone for millions of working families and retirees who are currently being shut out of the market for quality, unsubsidized affordable housing,” said Lesli Gooch, MHI’s Senior Vice President for Government Affairs and Chief Lobbyist.

H. R. 650, the Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act, passed the House in April, 2015, with bipartisan sponsorship. The companion bill in the Senate, S. 682, which also has bipartisan sponsorship, was passed by the Senate Banking Committee in June, 2015, but has yet to pass the full Senate. ##

(Image credit:Manufactured Housing Institute logo)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

Sunday Morning Recap-Manufactured Housing Industry News June 26-July 3, 2016

July 3rd, 2016 Comments off

mhpronews_sunday_morningWhat’s New in public focused Manufactured

St. Petersburg, FL – Misjudging Mobile Homes – Tale of Two Cities

What’s New in Manufactured Housing Industry Professional News

House committee requesting documentation from CFPB. Modular apartments replacing old apartment buildings. Zeman plans MH build in Florida. Maine city gets community development block grant for modular apartments. Kentucky city restricts MH to communities. Manufactured homes damaged moving from closing community to new site. Manufactured housing rEvolution. UMH hits 52-week high. Pending home sales slip. Dialogue results from visit to manufactured home communities. Norhtpoint Commercial Spreads Out. County sets hearing on MH siting. Restricted MH Community planned for Florida. YES! On block for $2 billion plus. MHI slammed for failing its mission. Air Force cadets build modular homes. Twin Cities trying to preserve MH as affordable housing. Much, much more in news, views and information you can use in your career.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

House Committee Pressing CFPB for Advertising Documentation

Friday, July 1

Modular Homes Rising where Irene Destroyed Manufactured Homes

Modular Container Home in High-end Calif. Market

British Columbia City may Allow Manufactured Homes for Foreign Agri Workers

UMH Properties is Top Gainer; MHCV slips, Skyline Falls

Maine City Receives Block Grant for Modular Apartments

UMH Properties hits 52-Week High, Projections Skyward

Thursday, June 30

Zeman Expands its Reach into Florida

Pending Home Sales Slip April to May

Skyline Outshines other MH-related Stocks; Dow Regains 235 Point

July 2, 2016 – the Manufactured Housing rEvolution!

Manufactured Homes Damaged in Moving to other Sites

KY City Restricts Placement of Manufactured Homes

Wednesday, June 29

Tony Prevatte Chosen to Head NC MH Association

Dow, Several MH-related Stocks Recover from Two Day Loss

Northpoint Commercial Finance Expands

Construction Employment Lack may Impact Overall Economy

Creating a Dialogue on Manufactured Housing as Affordable Housing in Seattle

Modular Homes for Dublin Homeless Finally Occupied

Tuesday, June 28

NM County Sets Hearings on Manufactured Home Siting

Skyline Corp. Bumps up +9.95 Percent, as Deer Valley Plummets -30.00 Percent

Singapore Investors Turn Sights on Yes! Communities for $2B+

American Banking News – Key MHI Staff “Excoriated” for Failing Their Mission, Members

Dodd-Frank Continues to be Batted About

Mon. June 27

MHLivingNews says Massachusetts is Smacked with Shortage of Mid-range Homes

Federal Preemption should Allow the Manufactured Home to be Sited

Deer Valley Skyrockets, while Dow Drops -290 Points, NASDAQ Falls -2.41%

Air Force Academy Cadets build Modular homes for Navajo

Twin Cities Trying to Preserve MH Communities as Affordable Housing

Sunday Morning Recap-Manufactured Housing Industry News June 19-June 26, 2016 ##

(Photo credit: MHProNews)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J Silver and posted to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

MHLivingNews says Massachusetts is Smacked with Shortage of Mid-range Homes

June 27th, 2016 Comments off

Mary_McBrady__exec_dir_mass_MHA__MHLIvingNews__credit__Chicago_skylineMary McBrady, executive director of the Massachusetts Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA), noting the shortage of mid-priced housing in Mass., and a plethora of schools and researchers interested in housing policy within the state, says, “We, as an industry, need to be part of that conversation and dialogue.”

As in many places, “the middle class is being squeezed out of home ownership,” pressreleaserocket tells MHProNews. A Boston Globe editorial in 2014 noted the sharp distance between the homes of the very wealthy and the subsidized housing of the very poor.

The building trades want to stick with stick-built, says the Globe, and likely jeer when they see manufactured and modular homes on flatbeds passing through their towns, coming in from out of state.

But Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has an interesting idea: “Manufactured homes could be built in Massachusetts factories with unionized labor. Then, as more area communities take advantage of the economies of scale, construction prices would drop even further.” McBrady says when Walsh was a state legislator he sponsored legislation on behalf of MMHA.

The Globe reports that Boston, alone, will need an additional 30,000 mid-priced housing units over the next ten years to meet current demand. Additionally, a family earning $80k annually could afford only 1.7 percent of the homes sold in downtown Boston.

For the interview with Mary McBrady and the link to the Boston Globe editorial, click here. ##

(Photo credit: MHLivingNews–Mary McBrady, exec. dir. Massachusetts MHA)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.