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Earning More Honest, Honorable Manufactured Home Industry Profits in 2019

December 31st, 2018 Comments off



Every business professional or account worth their salt does a financial analysis.  Serious investors in the equity markets or who want to risk money in a property or enterprise want data and evidence too.


Two articles on varied topics posted today on the Daily Business News each have a kind of lesson learned.  Those lessons could be summed up like this. The opportunities for affordable housing are immense in the U.S. Yet, manufactured housing (MH) is underperforming.


In fact, the MH industry is hovering near historic lows by several measures. This is despite the fact that there have been several generally positive, third-party reports on manufactured housing in 2018 alone.  As usual, we’ve covered those good reports on the Daily Business News on MHProNews, along with hundreds of other topics.




MHProNews has done extensive fact-checks in 2018.  We’ll finish the year with this one more, for the sake of the industry’s business professionals, investors, advocates, officials, and policy wonks.

For the purposes of this report, we are not going to dispute the claims of MHVillage (MHV) shown below.  We’ll simply take their own claims at face value.  The data was pulled from their MHV site on 12.30.2018 at about 3:30 PM ET.




Similarly, for the purposes of this analysis, MHProNews won’t dispute the claims of Alexa.  Generally, to get this level of data from Alexa, as is shown below, one must register a site.  So presumably, MHV and/or their sister operation registered their website.




This reflects several points that MHProNews has made for years, including, but not limited to the following:

  • The vast majority of those who consider a manufactured home never buy one. It is, per MHV’s data, over 99½% that don’t buy from them. Of course, they may buy elsewhere, but other statistics demonstrates that #nettlesome point that manufactured homes are not being bought at the rates or percentages in numerous years past.
  • While that is a problem, it is also an opportunity in disguise for those who learn how to convert lookers and visitors – online, as well as at sales centers and communities – into paying customers.
  • Those that buy a manufactured home on MHV are predominately used home shoppers, MHVillage Co-President Darren Krolewski said as much in Tunica before a live audience of dozens of industry professionals in 2018, in response to a question from MHProNews.
  • Krolewski also admitted publicly at that same event that he doesn’t know why the conversion ratios are so low.
  • As low as MHV data revels its conversion ratios are, if one takes the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) claims seriously about reaching an audience of tens of millions in 2018, their pathetic conversion ratio data makes MHV look like superstars. Sadly, when MHI’s own claims are properly understood, they arguably make MHI “promotional” efforts look foolish at best — or exaggerated, deceptive, and ignorant at worst.
  • In fairness to MHV, they likely are – because they are a predominately publicly-focused website – higher in total traffic than MHProNews, which is laser focused on professionals. Meaning, their traffic data-points and MHProNews would be apples and oranges for those who are targeting a Business to Business (B2B)  vs. a Business to Consumer (B2C) audience.

ICYMI, it is also worth noting that on the last day of the Tunica Show, just shortly before the show closed, the following photo was taken. There are others like it for more racks, as the insert reveals. MHVillage’s “MH Insider has not resonated with the B2B audience. They have advertisers, to be sure, but the readership – based upon the clear visual evidence below – is lacking.




One could go deeper, but this is sufficient to make the following points.

  • Whatever MHI and MHV are doing, it is insufficient to dramatically move-the-needle in new manufactured housing results.
  • The same point could be made about Berkshire Hathaway owned MH industry giant, Clayton Homes. Why they do, what they do, their data for 2017 claims they were 47.7 percent of the industry’s total sales. They’ve arguably spent millions on promotion. But the entire industry is still only going to finish 2018 with about 100,000 (+/-) total sales for the year, as suggested by MHI’s own most recent SAAR forecast.

This leads us to inexorably the following conclusion.


Without Changing the Behavior, the MH Industry Won’t Improve Enough to Achieve its Potential

It is no secret that MHI and some of their surrogates have worked for some years to derail and undermine MHProNews, for whatever reasons one may wish to speculate. That began prior to MHProNews’ serious fact-checks and investigations, which began when an MHI member gave a news tip about Richard ‘Dick Jennison and Lesli Gooch, so one shouldn’t think that MHI tried to derails us to ‘retaliate.’  If anything, MHProNews was frankly slow-to-respond.

The video below could be seen as a mainstream media summary of recently reported scandals.  The video news is from Kevin Clayton/Clayton Homes’ own base of operation headquarters, in Knoxville, TN.



The video above lays out facts, allegations, and federal investigations that MHProNews – and numerous others in mainstream media – have independently reported on.  So, no one can claim with a straight face that MHProNews is making up news, rather, we are the primary news source that can be trusted to report-on and thereby hold the powerful to account.

The Manufactured Housing Institute leadership, and the Berkshire brands operating in manufactured housing, objectively have their own image problem.  While Clayton says they’ve paid no fines lately, they’ve previously admitted in public to paying fines and having to refund money on home loans in the not-too-distant past.



The last MHI chairman who had no public scandals was Don Glisson Jr. MHI’s prior president left with a series of statements that all pointed to similar problems MHProNews has also reported. While Clayton’s Tom Hodges has had no negative news tided to his name, Clayton Homes has had numerous issues reported in mainstream media over a period of more than a decade. See the video posted above as but one example, from 2018.


MHI, MHVillage, and MHInsider are tied-at-the-hip, as the prior related reports linked below the byline and notices at the end of this post indicate.


Data earlier this year, per MHVillage, collage by MHProNews.


If MHI can’t improve its own image, and MHV can’t do a better job than what their latest or prior data shows, then the long-time, proven results from MHProNews’ leadership stands ready to fill-the-gap.



Our publisher’s and team’s work have been:


  • favorably cited in mainstream media, in local media from states border-to-border, and in national platforms too. We’ve routinely defended and promoted the good news about manufactured housing, while acknowledging the problematic in the industry too.
  • Our sister site, MHLivingNews was cited by the CFPB in their White Paper on Manufactured Homes.
  • A document from a news tip that was first published on MHProNews was introduced into the Congressional Record.
  • We’ve been cited by third-party researchers, like the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2018 report on Manufactured Housing,
  • Our publisher and work was applauded in a peer-reviewed, doctoral thesis on manufactured housing.
  • Our pro-industry work has drawn over 1000 LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements, with the vast majority unsolicited.
  • Additionally, there’s the company awards, letters, and videos of recommendation, plus the public and private thanks from individuals across the spectrum in manufactured and modular housing.

So, depending on who jeers and why, the jealous, agenda driven, and skulking back stabbers can become a back-handed badge of honor. Some will buy what a circle of connivers try to sell, but naturally others won’t.  Consider this as part of the praise…





Our sources and readers span the spectrum of all sizes of manufactured housing operations. MHI members, Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) members, and thousands of industry independents and investors beyond those two national trade bodies are among our daily visitors.


Previously provided comments for publication.


Gus’ message came in response to a series of exposes on issues within manufactured housing, as well as tips, strategies, and opportunities.


There are clearly others – like those linked here – fighting for improvement in manufactured housing in the U.S.  Those who have sounded off from the U.S. and Canada in the recent report, linked below, are objectively attempting to correct the record on issues that have for too long hobbled manufactured housing.


MHARR, ROC USA, Canadian Association Weigh-In On Disney “Trailers” Controversy


The evidence should be clear. If you want to grow, then it simply makes sense to work with those who are proven to hold even the powerful in MHVille to account, while cheering on the good that the industry has accomplished.




We at MHProNews/MHLivingNews have earned what one industry leader called “the street cred.”

To take the next step, to invest wisely in your future, click here or call the number below and pick from one or more ways to support the cause of MH industry cleansing and advancement.  Yes, there are honorable, profitable, proven ways for the MH industry’s location(s) and operations like yours to grow. We’ve worked with mom-and-pops, but with billionaires and multibillion dollar operations too.  Let us show you how to grow with honor, and more profits. “We Provide, You Decide.” ©  ## (News , analysis, and commentary.)




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What the Latest Numbers from #1 Manufactured Housing Market Texas Reveals











Tech Billionaires, “Moral Cowardice,” MH Industry, and National Impact

August 20th, 2018 Comments off



It’s “Nihilism,” said Jason Hill, Ph.D., with De Paul University in Chicago.


An attack on reason.”

An attack on rational argumentation.”

What is Dr. Hill talking about?

Among other concerns, he believes there is a growing power wielded by tech giants over free speech. If you think this doesn’t matter to MHVille, then ask yourself: do you want someone else controlling what you can or can’t say?  Do you want Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or others controlling how or what you say, think on line, and try to do?



Various news reports have recently made it clear that Google is working with China’s communist government for a censored version of the internet.  What happened to Google’s motto of “Don’t be Evil”?

Twitter and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg have openly admitted that they are more leftist in orientation.

We need to constantly show that we are not adding our own bias, which I fully admit is … is more left-leaning,” Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said Saturday on CNN.  Zuckerberg made his admission on Capital Hill earlier this year, during his testimony, see that linked further below.

There is a growing trend of shadow banning of views online by these tech titan’s operations.

Part of the essence of the problem of our industry is an informational/educational one. When so much of our communications depends on what happens via these platforms, and their owners are manipulating access to speech, will citizens just accept that as ok?

Hill’s discussion with Tucker Carlson is frankly dark, and goes beyond mere tech.  Tucker in this video clearly suggests that the American people need to react, and say that these types of abuses can’t or shouldn’t stand as is.

Near the end of this video, Dr. Hill finally says that people must stand up and say, “No. This is wrong. Free speech has got to be defended.  I’d go so far as to say that even hate speech, so long as it is not an incitement to violence,” has to be defended.

That was precisely the view of the founding fathers of this nation. Let free speech lead to a robust discussion, which in turn would clarify a truth on a given subject.  By contrast, controlled speech is the vision of totalitarians and demagogues. It’s part of what George Orwell warned his readers about in the classic, dystopian novel, 1984.

While the video above is often framing the discussion as a left vs. right issue, the reality is that it is a control over speech issue. Keep in mind the bruhaha just last week, when a Facebook executive’s talk to news professionals drew shocked responses.


“Work With Us Or Die,” Threat from Facebook’s Brown, per SUN Report

That Facebook executive’s essential point was that independent news media would die if they don’t work with their social media platform. While Facebook denied that’s what they meant, isn’t their raw power being admitted to, either way?  See that report, linked above.


The Solution?

Complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining,” said Teddy Roosevelt, America’s 26th President, per Goodreads.

The answer for this problem that Dr. Hill raises?

Perhaps it is what Scott Galloway, of New York Stern’s School of Business has said.


Galloway believes it is time to break up the tech giants under antitrust laws. Facebook has skyrocketed their lobbying dollars on Capitol Hill this year, hoping to avoid just that sort of outcome. On paper, voices from the political left to the right are among those who think a breakup under antitrust law is just what is needed.  But will there be enough support and moral courage to see that kind of challenge through?


NY Stern University’s Scott Galloway on Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Capitol Hill Hearings

Antitrust laws also arguably ought to be exercised within manufactured housing too, for the same kinds of reason’s Professor Galloway cites.  For more on that, see the related reports, linked above and below. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis and commentary.)

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Kevin Clayton, Leslie Gooch Sound-off; Left & Right Agree? Manufactured Homeland, MHI, & You

FEDs, MHI, Buffett’s Berkshire’s Clayton Homes Moat, Affordable Housing, and Billion$ in Manufactured Home Market Manipulation


The Worm Turns, Senior Corporate Officer Sounds Off on Public MH Industry Disputes

January 18th, 2018 Comments off


A senior manager of a Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) member company complained during the Kentucky Manufactured Housing Institute (KMHI) mixer on 1.17.2018 that they ‘didn’t want to be known as an MHI apologist.’

We want to be able to get along with everyone,” the high-ranking corporate officer told the Daily Business News in a long, off-the-record, set of comments.

What that meant in part is that a perception of their being a company favored by MHI – or one that defended MHI, was apparently in their view – to be avoided.

Even a worm will turn is an expression used to convey the message that even the meekest or most docile of creatures will retaliate or seek revenge if pushed too far,” says Wikipedia.

What some see as an ugly, public feud – see below – others in the industry attending the 2018 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show see in a different light.  One industry veteran recalled a Masthead column that used the analogy that a boil often has to be lanced – an ugly, painful process – in order for healing to occur.


Two Faced, Duplicitous?

At the same KMHI function at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville, a company president told MHProNews that MHI’s President and CEO, Richard “Dick” Jennison had allegedly “lied to me face-to-face.”

I don’t have time for that kind of…” err…stuff, the company president told the Daily Business News, saying he would “waste no time” or support for Jennison, or the group that kept him in his office.

It wasn’t the only case of someone accusing their president of duplicitous, “two-faced” behavior.

Two more sources separately told MHProNews that yesterday on the Louisville Show floor, Jennison publicly referred out-loud to a non-member company president as ‘a despicable human being.’

If true, how does that work as a recruitment tool for MHI membership?  What message does that send to members, and non-members alike?  Why is the MHI executive committee tolerating such unprofessional antics?


“What Happened to Dick Jennison on Wednesday, 1.17.2018? Report linked here.

See the related reports, linked above and below.

The Top Twelve Questions for Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) CEO, Richard “Dick” Jennison

“Feud” Should Stop

There were some told the Daily Business News that they wished the “feuding” would stop.

But others stepped up in person to thank MHProNews, as well as via DMs, text, phone, or email.  There was considerable buzz shared with MHProNews about the Kevin Clayton video interview and related report.

Kevin Clayton Interview-Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, Clayton Homes CEO

Please keep it up,” was a common refrain. “Otherwise, there is no way that the MHI system and the industry’s ability to achieve its potential will change.”

Another example is a team member of a production company that is an MHI member.  “We follow everything you post on LinkedIn.  It’s amazing what MHProNews is doing. Thank you so much.”

If the MHI brand becomes more harmful then helpful – due to controversies surrounding the group or failures to achieve their own claimed agenda – will the ‘worm turn’ against them?

Stay tuned. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, commentary.)

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Soheyla, Tamas L. A. "Tony" Kovach family

Soheyla Kovach, with her son Tamas (center, pronounced “Tah Mash) and husband L. A. “Tony” Kovach, will all be at the 2018 Louisville Show. For a third party profile of the family and business, click here.

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Sunday Morning Weekly Recap Manufactured Housing Industry News, October 22 to October 29, 2017

October 29th, 2017 Comments off

Featured image credit, MHProNews.

Tony, every week there is so much that happens, this [The Sunday Morning Headline News Recap] is an easy way for me to review the news, thank you for this [feature] and your team’s coverage of factory-built housing.

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Manufactured, modular and prefabricated home professionals know that how a home got to its location should not define a person or their dwelling.

What the Daily Business News spotlights day-by-day are the tragedies, triumphs and struggles for acceptance of the obvious solution for millions for the growing affordable housing crisis in the U.S. and beyond.

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What’s New On MHLivingNews


October 28th, 2017


October 27th, 2017


October 26th, 2017



October 25th, 2017


October 24th, 2017


October 23rd, 2017


That’s $36,000 plus shipping. While HUD Code homes are still a better cost per square foot, will growing demand reduce the price of such competitors? Isn’t that the lesson of production – more demand, more production, costs decline – with all products?

October 22nd, 2017

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Sunday Morning Weekly Recap Manufactured Housing Industry News, September 10 to September 17, 2017

September 17th, 2017 Comments off

Featured image credit, MHProNews.

Our new September issue is live. Our featured articles will be available on the home page. Our September theme will be available mid-week this week.

 To see the line-up of over 2-dozen featured articles for this month, along with the headline commentary, please click the link above.

Manufactured, modular and prefabricated home professionals know that how a home got to its location should not define a person or their dwelling.

What the Daily Business News spotlights day-by-day are the tragedies, triumphs and struggles for acceptance of the obvious solution for millions for the growing affordable housing crisis in the U.S. and beyond.

When you read the lineup for the month found on the home page, you can reflect on another motto as you chart your own professional path ahead: “We Provide, You Decide.”  ©


What’s New On MHLivingNews

Manufactured Home Community Survives Hurricane Harvey, Damage Reports, and Relief Efforts

September 16th, 2017


Hurricane Harvey flooding, credit, USA Today.


September 15th, 2017


Photo credit, ABC News Go.


September 14th, 2017



September 13th, 2017



September 12th, 2017


Warren Buffett, right, credit Wikipedia. Tim Williams, right, credit, LinkedIn. Collage credit, MHProNews.


September 11th, 2017


September 10th, 2017


(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

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Are the Blind, Leading Legally? Ruling on Websites, ADA Puts MH Businesses on Notice

June 29th, 2017 Comments off

Collage credit,

That a wide array of private businesses are subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is not a surprise to thousands of manufactured housing industry professionals from coast to coast.

As recently as this month, Fair Housing attorney – Nadeen Green, JD – has published on the subject of accommodations for service animals and the ADA.

But in this recent court ruling, a federal judge in Florida ruled that a business – grocer Winn-Dixie – “must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) because the website is “heavily integrated” with the store’s physical location,” the Ballard Sphar Accessibility [Law] Group (BSAG), tells MHProNews.


Photo credits, BSAG, shown under fair use guidelines.

The legal brief said in part, “This case is notable because it is one of the first, if only, Title III ADA website accessibility cases to go to trial.”


Photo credit, Cliff Davis Homes. See next caption and commentary below.

Title III of the ADA, which applies only to private entities, prohibits places of “public accommodation” from discriminating in the full and equal enjoyment of goods, services, and facilities on the basis of an individual’s disability. Drafted in 1990 before the internet boom, the ADA lists 11 categories of physical locations that fall under its purview,” Ballard Sphar said.

In Gil v. Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc., the plaintiff alleged that the Winn-Dixie website was inaccessible to blind individuals like him,” said BSAG. “Specifically, he alleged that the inaccessibility of the website prevented him from enjoying features of the website such as accessing digital coupons, using the online pharmacy, and finding store locations.”

BSAG elaborated by saying that “The judge found that the online content, including digital coupons, pharmacy, and store locator feature, were sufficiently connected to the physical stores such that the plaintiff was denied the full and equal enjoyment of Winn Dixie’s goods and services.”

The court ordered an injunction, requiring the parties to confer on a timeline for making the website accessible in conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 criteria, an international standard for making internet content accessible,” the legal group said.

The legal precedent could be far reaching.


Does your business have to accommodate the public with a handicap accessible ramp? If so, then that or other scenarios may suggest that this new legal ruling may apply to your location(s). Photo credit, the Building Inspector.

MH Industry Impact?

Among the sources that tipped the Daily Business News to this issue is an industry attorney, who does not specialize in such matters, but felt that it could in fact be applied to a variety of businesses in the manufactured home industry that involves public access that falls under the ADA.  Such businesses would be well advised to see how this applies to them, and if their websites’ ought to meet under the ADA – “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 criteria.”  ##

(News, notice as with any news story that involves the law, no legal advice is being given. Rather, industry professionals that deal with the public in a physical location ought to consider if and how the ramifications for such a case may or may not impact their business.)

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

SoheylaKovachManufacturedHomeLivingNewsManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews-Submitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News for


Company Moves in for the Kill on CFPB

March 15th, 2017 Comments off

Credits: Flickr, CFPB, PHH.

In a story that the Daily Business News has followed closely, mortgage company PHH is taking its battle with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to a new level.

According to HousingWire, the company is asking the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to not simply declare the leadership structure of the CFPB unconstitutional.


It wants the Court of Appeals to completely kill it.

In a new legal filing in advance of a full court hearing in May, PHH declares its opposition to the continued existence of the CFPB in a new filing, where it says, in part, that “in light of the many constitutional problems that plague the CFPB’s structure, the appropriate remedy is to strike down the CFPB in its entirety.

While the CFPB had the support of the Obama Administration, the Trump Administration has had the organization in its crosshairs since the election.


CFPB Director Richard Cordray. Credit: CNN Money.

Digging into the filing by PHH, it’s clear that the company views the CFPB as dangerous.





In creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Congress placed massive, unchecked federal power in the hands of a single, unaccountable Director,” said PHH.

The CFPB is structured so that the Director alone rules over large swaths of the field of consumer finance, subject to virtually no restraints from the representative branches: For example, Congress both strictly limited the President’s ability to remove the Director and surrendered its own power of the purse, allowing the Director to set his own budget and demand funds as he sees fit.

Thus, the Director runs a parallel government unto himself. He need not answer to Congress or the President. That structure cannot be reconciled with the Constitution’s dual promises of democratic government and separated powers.

PHH makes the argument that the very structure of the CFPB “is unlike any that the Supreme Court has ever condoned, in that the CFPB director serves a five-year term and cannot be removed by the president unless it is for cause.

PHH also cites that the term of CFPB Director Richard Cordray cannot be cut short if the President wants a replacement and that the term can “be extended indefinitely if the Senate does not confirm a replacement. The result hamstrings, and potentially eliminates altogether, the President’s influence over this powerful agency.


Credit: Wikipedia, CFPB, HubPages.

With this argument, PHH states that the case for shutting down the agency is clear.

Severance of the CFPB Director’s removal restrictions is not an adequate or appropriate remedy because it would solve only one of the CFPB’s multiple structural problems while creating a new agency structure that Congress likely did not intend,” said PHH.

Moreover, unless this Court vacates the CFPB’s Order on some other ground without any remand, the separation-of-powers question cannot be avoided: There can be no remand to an unconstitutional agency.”

The CFPB and PHH are due back in court on May 24, 2017 for a full hearing.

The Manufactured Housing Industry Speaks


Still from an Inside MH video, reflecting how Richard Cordray himself said that there was never much high cost lending in the manufactured housing industry market.

Daily Business News readers are no strangers to the ongoing saga of the CFPB and the Dodd-Frank Act, with extensive coverage of the impact on the manufactured housing industry.

This information also has indirect ramifications for the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), and others in the industry, as the Preserving Access bill is being floated, which would modify portions of Dodd-Frank.

For more on what the Preserving Access bill means for the industry, check out the latest article on The Masthead.

The full filing from PHH is linked here. ##


(Image credits are as shown above.)



RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.

U.S. Existing Homes Sales Rise in December, MH Industry Response

January 25th, 2017 Comments off

Credit: Housely.

Data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows that home sales continued their growth in December, as more buyers reached the market before the end of the year. The delayed closings resulting from the rollout of the “Know Before You Owe” initiative pushed a portion of November’s would-be transactions into the December figures.

Sales of existing homes rose 14.7 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.46 million in December from 4.76 million in November. After last month’s turnaround, which was the largest monthly increase ever recorded, sales are now up 7.7 percent above a year ago. The Daily Business News covered the record increase in a story linked here.

The increase caps off the best year of existing home saies since 2006.

While the carryover of November’s delayed transactions into December contributed greatly to the sharp increase, the overall pace taken together indicates sales these last two months maintained the healthy level of activity seen in most of 2015,” said NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun.

Additionally, the prospect of higher mortgage rates in coming months and warm November and December weather allowed more homes to close before the end of the year.


Lawrence Yun. Credit: The Business Journals.

The median existing-home price for all housing types in December was $224,100, an increase of 7.6 percent from December 2014. The price increase marks the 46th consecutive month of year-over-year gains.

Total housing inventory dropped 12.3 percent to 1.79 million existing homes available for sale, and is now 3.8 percent lower than a year ago.

Unsold inventory is at a 3.9-month supply at the current sales pace, down from 5.1 months in November and the lowest since January 2005.

Although some growth is expected, the housing market will struggle in 2017 to replicate last year’s 7 percent increase in sales,” said Yun.

In addition to insufficient supply levels, the overall pace of sales this year will be constricted by tepid economic expansion, rising mortgage rates and decreasing demand for buying in oil-producing metro areas.

The percentage of first-time buyers was at 32 percent, matching an August high, up from 30 percent in November and 29 percent a year ago. First-time buyers in all of 2015 represented an average of 30 percent, up from 29 percent in both 2014 and 2013.

First-time buyers were for the most part held back once again in 2015 by rising rents and home prices, competition from vacation and investment buyers and supply shortages,” said Yun.

While these headwinds show little signs of abating, the cumulative effect of strong job growth in recent years and young renters’ overwhelming interest to own a home should lead to a modest uptick in first-time buyer activity in 2016.


Credit: MHLivingNews.

A recent MHLivingNews article covered a National Association of Realtors study, showing the millennial generation’s desire for quality affordable housing. That article is linked here.


A view from the MH Industry 

The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) tells MHProNews that the industry is poised to experience its seventh consecutive year of growth.

While the final shipment numbers for 2016 are not yet available, MHI estimates place them close to the 80,000 mark, up from somewhere between 78,500 and 80,500.

If estimates are accurate, 2016 would be a double-digit growth year between 10-14 percent ahead of 2015.

MHI is working on obtaining more formal statistics from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to determine the final impact of FEMA units.

Credit: MHI.

Conservative estimates for 2017 from MHI show that shipments will be in the 85,000-87,000 range, a 5 to 8 percent increase from 2016. If regulatory constraints are quickly lifted, then that number could rise.

There are many unknowns as the US economy moves forward under a Trump Administration,” MHI shared.

However, the new president’s ‘pro-business, less-regulation’ approach would seem to be in the favor of the manufactured housing industry.” ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)


RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.

Majority of Financial Advisors See Strong Economy Under Donald Trump

November 30th, 2016 Comments off

Credit: FSI.

A new survey from the Financial Services Institute shows confidence from independent financial advisors in President-elect Trump’s ability to strengthen both the economy and the stock market.

Many are also considering expanding their operations.

The survey revealed that 58 percent predicted a strong economy, and 56 percent said stocks will profit from the better economy.

Only 6 percent of the 1,357 polled see the 2017 economy as “weak,” while 49 percent said that Congress should cut spending as part of tax reform.


FSI CEO Dale Brown. Credit: FSI.

Main Street financial advisors serving retirement savers have their finger on the pulse of the lives of their hard-working clients and it’s important that we tap into their perspective,” said FSI President Dale Brown. “Our members have a unique vantage point on these issues, as they work closely with investors of all sizes and means, to help them save for retirement, fund their children’s education and care for aging parents.

Thirty-four percent of those surveyed said that they plan to expand their business, up from 29 percent in July 2014.

The so called “Main Street” advisors the institute represents leaned strongly towards Trump, with 71 percent choosing the business leader turned president-elect and 19 percent supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Advisors also supported a repeal of the “fiduciary rule,” a 1,000-page regulation that is due to take effect in April, and covers the ethics of financial advisors.

Trump and Republicans in Congress are expected to kill the regulation.

Our members, who are Main Street not Wall Street, contributed $48 billion to the U.S. GDP in 2015,” said Brown. “Their call to repeal the DOL fiduciary rule as soon as possible is driven by their clients’ need to access their help in securing a dignified retirement. Last year, the clients of our members sent over 100,000 letters to the Department of Labor, pleading for relief from the rule. It’s time we allow these professionals to serve their clients in a way that they want and deserve to be served.

The View From The MH Industry


Credit: Clayton Homes.

Several of the biggest names in the manufactured housing industry also see significant benefit from a Donald Trump administration.

Jim Clayton (left) with Daily Business News Publisher Tony "L.A." Kovach.

Jim Clayton (left) with Daily Business News Publisher Tony “L.A.” Kovach. For A Cup of Coffee with…Jim Clayton, click here.

Here are some promises and expectations from the president-elect, alongside my comments and thoughts, said Clayton Homes and Clayton Bank Founder, Jim Clayton.

MH Community and Manufacturing Operators – along with others in business – get to expense expansion cost under the president-elect’s proposals. WOW! What a nice surprise!

Dodd Frank and CFPB to be Hallelujah! We bankers can move bloated compliance teams back to the basics – lending and deposit gathering.  Will be so great to close MH loan applicants on the spot and same-day. 

Roads, bridges, and tunnels updated and expanded. A trillion in infrastructure spending over 4 years would boost growth by several percentage points.

The full commentary from Jim Clayton can be found here, and extensive coverage of feedback from the MH industry can be found here. ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)


RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.

Head-to-Head: Cavco Stock Three Times Higher Value Site Builder MDC

October 28th, 2016 Comments off

Credit: Cavco, MDC Holdings, Truck Trend.

As the manufactured housing (MH) industry develops its value proposition as a solution to the waning American dream of home ownership, a recent comparison of company stock value and ROI, sheds light on just how powerful the industry’s potential could be.

According to Capital Market Labs, in a recent comparison of Cavco Industries Inc. (CVCO), a leader in the MH Industry and MDC Holdings Inc. (MDC), a leader in the site-built housing, mortgage and insurance industries, Cavco Industries’ stock price was 3.5 times higher than MDC Holdings as of October 26th, 2016.

Cavco also outperformed MDC in 6 and 12 month return averages. Both companies had negative returns for the most recent 3 month quarter.



Credit: Capital Market Labs.

This comparison shows that:

  • Both Cavco Industries Inc. and MDC Holdings Inc. have negative returns over the last quarter but CVCO has outperformed MDC.
  • Cavco Industries Inc. has a positive six-month return while MDC Holdings Inc. is negative.
  • Cavco Industries Inc. has a positive one-year return while MDC Holdings Inc. is negative.


Image credit, from Cavco investor report, for most recent Cavco
quarterly report by the Daily Business News, click here.

In addition to these metrics, the Capital Market Labs report also looks at revenue for Cavco and MDC from June of 2000 to July of 2016.


Credit: Capital Market Labs.

MDC has generated $2.04 billion in revenue over the last 12 months, while Cavco has generated $736 million over the same period.


1 Year stock trend, credit, Bloomberg.

Cavco is also one of the manufactured home industry connected stocks tracked every business day by the Daily Business News, with the most recent report, linked here. For an exclusive interview with Cavco’s Chairman, Joe Stegmayer, click here. ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)


RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.