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Deaths in MH Communities from Trees Falling, “Get to the Root of It”

September 6th, 2018 Comments off


In Arkansas, and Florida, recent local media reports focused on tragic deaths that occurred when trees fell on what they each news outlet called a “mobile home.1” Meanwhile a West Coast law firm sent out a message announcing an event to discuss the liabilities involved, under the title – “Get to the Root of it! Tree Laws and Driveways.” 

In Russellville, AR, the following video was posted under the headline “Falling Trees an Ongoing Problem at Mobile Home Park Where Mom, Son Killed.”

Fox16 said, “Johnny Hicks, who used to live at the park off Main Street and was visiting family there over the weekend, can’t stop reliving what he witnessed when a rotting tree pinned a mother and her 2 children underneath

There was a little girl screaming and I started talking to her trying to calm her down,” Hicks said. “All the mom was saying was ‘I’m dying, help I’m dying.'”

The tree was so big crews needed a crane to get the family out. By then firefighters say Alesha Huggins and her 9-year-old son died, while the 6-year-old girl was injured and is recovering at the hospital,” said Fox16.

Hicks said he believes what happened was preventable, explaining that falling trees are an ongoing problem that park management neglects. “The family has told them they want this tree checked out, I guess too little too late,” Hicks said.

Meanwhile, “ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WEAR) — Tuesday night’s first storm-related death appears to have occurred in Escambia County.” Here’s ABC3340’s video on that fatal incident.

These are all stark reminders of how something like tree care can have life and death consequences.  Prudent advanced care can avoid injury, property damage, or death, along with avoiding the possible legal repercussions.  See related reports below for other perspectives. ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

Footnote 1.  As regular readers know, mobile and manufactured homes often have terminology mixed and misapplied. To learn more, see this link here.

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MH Communities, Owners, MH Independents Alert – NMHOA and MHAction Next Steps? – Part 1

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There are some things you simply can’t make up.  There are times when you find that the truth is more interesting than fiction.


The following are direct quotes from the Delaware Online, by a gentleman named Robert Weymouth from Rehoboth Beach. He identifies himself as a resident of a Hometown America property.

By way of disclosure, Hometown is not, nor have they been, an advertiser for  So the Daily Business News’ focus is not for or against the allegations made by Weymouth and others about Hometown.  Rather, this is a critical analysis – much like those that we use with Berkshire Hathaway or MHI –  too look at the logic of and core issues the concerns that Weymouth raises in numerous articles, plus a legal action he and another launched.

Note too, that as believers in the First Amendment and the U.S. Constitution as written and intended, we respect the right of Weymouth to express himself in the following fashion. His writing appears to be sincere and respectful, even if one can take issue with his points.


Under the headline, “Manufactured housing tenants: vote Democrat


Note, this photo and the one from Fred Neil were provided to MHProNews by each person, respectively. The critical analysis of their respective points herein is in no way to be construed as a personal attack,  Rather, its a logical look at their own claims. They will be given an opportunity to discuss this in a similar fashion, in the days ahead.

Weymouth begins by saying, “The manufactured housing tenants must unite to effectively stop landowners from continuing predatory pricing practices.”

It should be noted that Delaware is a deep blue state, which BallotPedia identifies as a Democratic ‘trifecta.’ Their state House, Senate and the Governor’s office are and have been held by Democrats.

Weymouth obliquely says the same. His letter to the editor continued, In 2013, then Governor Jack Markell signed the Rent Justification Act sponsored by  Democrat Bruce Ennis and co-sponsored by several others in his party. The law was enacted to finally give over 70,000 tenants in almost 200 manufactured home communities protection from unscrupulous landowners that have been using predatory pricing practices against defenseless low cost/low income tenants.”

Weymouth then laments, “The new law’s intent is to provide protection to tenants from landowners that continue to believe they have the right to raise rents for basically any reason

Unfortunately, over the past few years since the law was enacted, various actions or inaction by our state’s legislative, judicial and executive branches and by some landowners has effectively rendered the law useless. While the law enacted was extremely vague and ambiguous, one thing that was clear was that landowners needed to actually justify their rent increases in writing and that tenants are protected against unreasonable and burdensome rent increases.”

Let’s sum up to this point.  Weymouth says there’s a problem.  Democrats united to legislatively ‘solve’ that problem.  But a Democratic dominated state executive, legislative and judicial process has rendered – in Weymouth’s own words – “…the law useless.”

So the solution this gentlemen says is to do what? Blame Republicans, and cheer on more Democratic votes. What? Are we kidding?  After in his own words, he says the Democratic efforts failed?

Here’s exactly what he said next.

Historically, the Democratic Party has championed the working class while the Republican Party favored big business and the rich. I know some of you actually believed Republicans when they said they would help you. However, if you look at their tax bill, the Congressional Budget Office has said over 80 percent of the savings will go to the rich. So look in your pocket, how much has actually trickled down to you?

If you want legislation that will protect you, you must unite to vote more Democrats into office because they are your best hope for actually saving you money.” ##

Robert Weymouth, Rehoboth Beach.


The Democratic governor of Delaware at the time the measure Weymouth writes about was passed.

Delaware is a state that desperately needs affordable housing. But rent control is demonstrably not the answer. Who says?

UPDATE: MHC Future in Doubt, the Other Side of Rent Control

MHProNews has reported for years, the evidence that indicates that rent control, rent justification, and other efforts to ‘regulate’ site fees backfires over time.

In fairness, as political independents in our analysis and editorial positions, when you violate the common sense ‘laws’ of free enterprise – such as the law of supply and demand – it doesn’t matter if the party label is Democratic or GOP.  When Republican President Richard Nixon attempted ‘wage and price controls,’ that failed, just as rent control by Democrats fails, and for similar reasons.

Business Insider said in 2015, “No, rent control does not work — it actually benefits the rich and hurts the poor…”

Forbes said, “What’s unfortunate is that there is broad consensus among economists that rent control doesn’t work…” in December, 2017.

A leader in manufactured home resident owned communities, Paul Bradley said something similar. He believes there must be a better way than rent control.  Several community owners and associations made similar points to MHProNews over the years.

As a pro-homeowner, pro-business trade publishers, we believe that win-win-win is achievable in an honest, sustainable fashion.

An example of how rent control fails is found in an interesting video from a Canadian province where rent justification exists.  They found out that construction of new sites dried up due to rent control, and existing mobile/manufactured home sites are slowly vanishing, much like they are in the U.S.


NMHOA, MHAction and the Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association

Mr. Weymouth is a member of his Community HOA which makes him a member in good standing with Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Assoc. (DMHOA). DMHOA is a member in good standing with the National organization and MHAction,” said Constance Kinnick to the Daily Business News on MHProNews. Kinnick is shown as the Secretary of the DMHOA, per their website.

Rob is a member of Rehoboth Beach HOA and that HOA is a member of DMHOA,” said William Kinnick, to MHProNews. I the DMHOA President support his whole article.

A DMHOA Special Advisor to the President, Fred Neil also provided insights on Weymouth, and himself. Neil said the following.

FredNeil3rdDistrictDoverCityDELCouncilDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsRobert Weymouth is an intelligent, articulate member of DMHOA, who is a frequent contributor  to  the “Court of Public Opinion” (the news media) on behalf of leased land tenants in Delaware. We in Delaware, as with most other States, are held as indentured home  owners due to inequitable laws and ordinances,” Neil said.

I hope his recent Letter to the Editor appearing in today’s edition of the Delaware State News, inspires home owners to use the power of their votes to support candidates who will protect the primarily low income and Seniors who own these affordable homes,” Neil told MHProNews.

In case you think I am a flaming liberal, you should know that I seek to bring businesses to the City of Dover, and I wish my neighbors on leased land will have the money to spend in those for profits business. They can’t spend it  if the money is taken out of their hands and concentrated in businesses which dilute the local  economy and not add to the State economy,” said Neil, who concluded by saying that For the record, I live on leased land, but ethically I resigned an appointed position with DMOHA when elected to the Dover City in 2015 and re-elected in 2017.”

In a follow up, Neil says he was raised Republican, that city races in his town are non-partisan, and that he “was a register Republican when I served as Press Officer for Democratic Baltimore Mayor WM Donald Schaefer. I didn’t switch affiliations until I was elected President of a Baltimore Democratic Club at the behest of a friend.”

I don’t believe political affiliation should have anything to with protecting the vulnerable,” said Neil. “I believe the culprit in Delaware politics are the campaign contributions which can affect elected officials on both sides of the aisle. The heaviest community owner donations go to Republicans, Frankly, landlords hedge their bets with donations to both parties.”

The only thing that tops money are votes from the public. It is the reason I don’t accept contributions,” Neil concluded.


MHAction – Paving The Road to Hell…

MHProNews published an article about MHAction in 2017 entitled “Paving the Road to Hell…” Anyone and everyone can, has, and does make mistakes. But the mark of character is arguably what happens after the error is discovered and understood.


Perhaps no one in the industry in recent years has done more in depth-analysis of NMHOA and MHAction than MHProNews.

MHProNews reported that Tallahassee FL Mayor Andrew Gillum (D), a self-proclaimed socialist and the Democratic nominee for governor.  Florida has been the number 3 state in the nation for new manufactured home sales, and has one of the higher communities counts in the nation.

Epic Battle for MHVille Mainstay Looms, With “Not the Most Popular Guy” and His Rival

Gillum is supported financially by such big-money billionaire donors as George Soros and Tom Steyer.

Follow the Money – Surprising, Inconvenient Truths Impact Manufactured Housing, U.S. Economy, and More

Gillum is said to have a slight lead in the Florida gubernatorial race, but within the margin of error, over Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

Gillum is supported by Bernie Sanders and billionaire Democratic donors, as noted and linked above.  DeSantis has the support of President Donald J. Trump, and others in the GOP.



This sponsor’s ad is not connected with the story it is posted in.


Summary of Part 1 RE: NMHOA, MHAction, et al…

Manufactured home owners, for whatever reasons, are being led to believe that Democrats are their best bet in the upcoming midterms.  But is that true?

What is obvious, per DMHOA’s Weymouth’s own letters, is that Democrats have postured solutions, but have solved nothing.  So why should NMHOA, MHAction, DMHOA or others support proven failures at the issues they claim to care about?

Rent control doesn’t work as intended, as ROC USA President Paul Bradley and other industry professionals have said.

The solution?  It isn’t to lurch further left, and turn Delaware, Florida, or any other state or parts of the nation into Venezuela. 8 years of President Barack Obama’s administration failed to achieve the kind of economic growth, or growing wages and profits that have occurred in under 20 months of former Democratic-turned-GOP President Donald J. Trump.

MHProNews publisher L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach invited Ishbel Dickens to debate rent control or other issues in public.  She and her successor have consistently ducked that invitation, saying she would consider it, but in fact has not acted on that in some 3 years.  In that respect, she and her successor have arguably done what MHI and the Berkshire brands in MHVille have done.  Duck, dodge, distract, detract, and defame.

NDAs, Warren Buffett, Richard ‘Dick’ Jennison, Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), and MHVille

MH homeowners have arguably been as misled by their associations, as many manufactured home industry professionals have been by MHI.


The logic of this statement can be applied to a variety of cases, including the solution to the issues that NMHOA, MHAction, and DMHOA members debatably care about. The ideal outcome to a robust discussion with those cited above would be for them to realize that their intentions may be good, but their proposed solution has not worked, nor will they in the future.

The solution may be to create a new resident association, which MHLivingNews is going to explore that in the days ahead.  MHProNews will continue to explore the creation of a new pro-independent business association.

MHAction, per our sources, have some level of ties to George Soros.

We’ll close by saying that Weymouth, Neil, Constance and William Kinnick may well have their hearts in the right place. But the solution isn’t to lurch left. That’s proven to fail time and again. The solution is to use enhanced preemption, open up more lending for manufactured homes, and open up more communities and zoning for manufactured home sites.  That would in time keep site fees in check.

Two Great Laws Already on the Books NOW,  Can Unlock Billion$ Annually for Manufactured Housing Industry Businesse$, Investor$

Resident groups need to be informed, reformed and/or supplanted, just as MHI needs to be reformed and or supplanted.

The next 72 hours will reveal some interesting things about the leaders of NMHOA and MHAction.  They’ve been advised of a series of troubling issues that impact residents, allegedly perpetrated by a community operator that’s reportedly in legal hot water. Will they act?  Time will tell soon. We’ll let residents and the industry know. “We Provide, You Decide.”  © ##  (News, analysis and commentary.)

(Third party images and content are provided under fair use guidelines.)

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SoheylaKovachDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsMHLivingNewsSubmitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News for Soheyla is a managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and

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Sunday Morning Weekly Recap Manufactured Housing Industry News August 13th to August 20th, 2017

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Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump, Salon.

August 17th, 2017


Paul Bradley, left, L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, right – still from an Inside MH video interview.

August 16th, 2017


August 15th, 2017


Images on MHProNews are routinely used under fair use guidlines, as is the case with the images in the collage above.

August 14th, 2017


August 13th, 2017


Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Credits, Linkedin, MHProNews



MH Communities Threatened by Toxic Plume, Questions Remain

November 28th, 2016 Comments off

Starlight Mobile Home Estates. Credit: Times of San Diego.

In El Cajon, California, residents of the Starlight and Greenfield Mobile Homes Estates gathered at a local elementary school for a presentation about an underground trichloroethylene chemical plume that they believe causes a threat to their communities and the school.

Trichloroethylene is considered the most serious and concentrated of several industrial solvents that for years were flushed into a shallow hole in the ground at a nearby aerospace manufacturing firm.

Just minutes into the presentation, questions from the audience came.

Have you tested it?” asked one resident.

How are we going to sell our homes?” asked another resident.

According to the Times of San Diego, Sean McClain, a state engineering geologist, told the crowd that in the 26 years the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board has been addressing the contamination, it has never believed it posed a threat to the factory-built home owners who live adjacent to the school.

The reason? Because the plume runs deeper under the homes than it does under the school, and what is measured in the school classrooms is considered acceptable.


Community Residents at the meeting. Credit: Times of San Diego.

We know contaminants in that ground water are volatilizing off the water into the soil column, and in some cases are entering the school buildings,” said Patrick Kerzic, a toxicologist with the Department of Toxic Substances Control. “Our risk evaluations consistently show that we feel the school is safe for use and safe for occupancy.

The story changed when the state sunk wells as close as they could get to the homes without entering them.

10 of the 25 wells failed a screening test, meaning that there was enough trichloroethylene in the soil to trigger an investigation.

That led officials to extend the first offer of indoor air testing to 19 owners in the manufactured home communities.


Image and path of the toxic plume. Credit: Times of San Diego.

Shockingly for some residents, this was the first time that they learned of about the contamination, even though numerous monitoring and extraction wells are operating just feet from their homes at the school.

I’m concerned that I was not offered testing, even though I live in one of the parks,” said Noemi Harris, a mother of three.

Can we volunteer to have our homes tested?” asked Joel Menezes, who was in a similar position.

The answer, apparently, is not yet. And not everyone agrees that the vapors in the classrooms are safe.

Some who attended Magnolia Elementary School dating back to the 1960s, as well as teachers who taught there, are suing over alleged exposure. They hope to win ongoing health monitoring. ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)


RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.

High Demand for Manufactured Homes in Manitoba, but limited spaces in MH Communities

August 23rd, 2013 Comments off

credit-cbc-news-Demand for Canada’s version of manufactured housing is rising rapidly in Manitoba, at the very time spaces in provincial land lease communities are scarce. With single family home sales in the region averaging $285,000, a new manufactured home in Manitoba for $115,000 looks very reasonable. So it is no surprise that sales rose 11% in 2012 over 2012, and sales are up some 20% in 2013 over 2012. However, the sad reality of the impact of rent control measures are playing out here in a dramatic fashion. Manufactured home community (MHC) owners are limited in their options for development due to laws that place a 1% annual caps on rate increases. Choking off return on investment options for MHC owners causes some to sell their property for other uses, which then displaces residents who are unable to find a space in another land lease MH Community. One such community is Kingsway Kort in Brandon, where resident Colleen Weisbrodt is one of 140 households forced to move due to the park’s closure. Weisbrodt can’t find a vacancy in another community, which Glendale MHC owner Kenny Choy, explains to CBC News is common. Choy’s community has 230 home sites on 30 acres of land and has been full for 10 years. Current law creates disincentives to develop, in spite of the market demand for affordable manufactured homes. ##

(Video credit: CBC news)

New Jersey REIT Acquires Three MH Communities

April 19th, 2011 Comments off

According to the Sacramento Bee in California, the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) reports that UMH Properties Inc. (a real estate investment trust, REIT, in New Jersey) has agreed to pay an estimated $13.3 million for a trio of manufactured home communities in Tennessee with an average occupancy rate of about 73 percent.  In all, the acquisition includes 680 sites, adding to the 8,050 sites the New Jersey real estate investment trust already holds in 35 communities in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee and its home state, New Jersey.  The deal is expected to close in the second quarter of this year.