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Tim Williams, 21st Mortgage, elected Vice-Chair during Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Summer Meeting

June 11th, 2014 Comments off

tim-williams-CEO-President-21st-mortgage-corporation-daily-business-news-manufactured-housing-mhpronews-The 2014 Summer Meeting for the  Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) concluded yesterday with Tim Williams, CEO of 21st Mortgage, was elected as Vice-Chair of the industry’s largest national trade association.  Williams, a respected industry icon, was unopposed.

97 industry leaders, plus MHI staff, friends and family attended the June 8-10 event at the Alexander Hotel in Indianapolis, IN.  “On the heels of Congress and Expo, and with a number of state association meetings (taking place), we are very pleased with the number of attendees.” said MHI President, Dick Jennison, to MHProNews.

Pam Danner, HUD’s new manufactured housing program director and Bill Matchneer, who recently retired from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), we’re among the featured guests.  Danner assured attendees that she would listen to the industry, resolve back logged issues and seek to elevate understanding and use of programs manufactured housing at HUD.

Bill Matchneer, who is consulting for MHI on appraisal related issues,  urged members to get the story of MH home  owners who lost financing due to CFPB regs to have their stories told to regulators. See Matchneer’s related guest column here.

Educational, business meetings and networking mixers were all part of the agenda. ##

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Celebs, Public Accepting Pre-Fabs

August 14th, 2012 Comments off

bob-dylan-david-copperfield-wikimedia-mhpronewsMarketWatch tells MHProNews that pre-fab builders such as Home by Vanderbuilt and Cabin Fever are seeing the easing of the stigma of modular and factory-built homes. “Modular homes can provide features that lower energy bills; the materials are factory-made, which cut production costs; and the time it takes to build a property is incredibly short in comparison to on-site construction methods.” said a statement by Vanderbuilt. In addition to cost-saving potential, modular homes are also safer than consumers expect. The report states that Cabin Fever’s products can withstand Florida hurricanes, California earthquakes, provide cool temperatures in the hot desert and stay warm in cold mountain regions. As evidence of the claim that outdated stigmas are easing, name entertainers such as Bob Dylan and David Copperfield have requested prefab homes. ##

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons; (L) Singer Bob Dylan, (R) magician David Copperfield)

Ninth Circuit tosses MERS suit, BoA and other banks pleased

September 9th, 2011 1 comment

E:1 SK MHMSMDaily Buisness Newslaw,_scales_and_gavel_Wikimedia_Commons_posted_manufactured_home_marketing_sales_management_MHMSM.com_MHProNews.com_.pngHousingwire reports that the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s decision to dismiss a fraud suit filed as a class action against the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS), Bank of America (BoA) and countless other financial institutions. The original suit filed by three homeowners as a putative class action, accused BoA, which now owns mortgage lender Countrywide, and other financial institutions of using MERS, an electronic mortgage registry, for fraudulent purposes, according to court records. The Ninth Circuit agreed with the lower court dismissal, saying  the “plaintiffs allege that aspects of the MERS system are fraudulent, they cannot establish that they were misinformed about the MERS system, relied on any misinformation in entering into their home loans, or were injured as a result of the misinformation.”  Lawrence Grayson, a spokesperson for BoA, said, “We are pleased by the ruling, which not only resolves the case in favor of the lender and servicer defendants but also correctly addresses some commonly raised misconceptions about MERS.”

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