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Frightening! Halloween – Monday Morning Manufactured Home Marketing & Sales Meeting

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The Labor Day holiday was still on, but the displays in thousands of retail stores from coast-to-coast were already promoting Halloween. 


Before Halloween arrives, there will also be Thanksgiving displays in stores. 


Christmas is more than 3 months away, but there are holiday promotions underway for that grand date too. Retailers know how crucial that is, but how about in manufactured housing?


There are retailers and communities that do a fine job of tying marketing to upcoming seasons and events. A well known mid-sized midwestern retailer we worked with had, for example, baseball season and related contests and promotions.  

Others arrange for various parties and events. It puts people into a festive mood. In some cases, it will put people into a buying mood. 


Tie-Ins and Connections

Using tie-ins and connections can be effective in marketing and sales. Savvy shoppers don’t want artificial pressures to close now. That’s what a motivated sales professional wants, the deal today, not next month or next year.

But serious home shoppers have their own deadlines and motivations.  

Some of those spoken or unspoken deadlines in a customers mind are seasonal or event related. 


Every year, millions of Americans are on the move. In your market, on average, you can guesstimate that one in 7 (+/-) will be making a housing move in your market(s) THIS YEAR.  That’s a ton of opportunities.  

For some of those making a housing change, they’ll want their family moved into a new home ‘before the holidays.’  


Like your family, the Kovach family does things together.  Tamas and Soheyla, near top right. Shopping, events, and MH inspiration for the muse are all in the mix.

You know what is and isn’t possible with your suppliers that could make that type of deadline possible on a custom order. But if someone selects a home from inventory, that Thanksgiving or Christmas in your new home is a much easier deadline to meet.

There are good reasons to – or not to – use event tie-ins to marketing. But one thing is certain. To get a different result than what you are getting now, you must do things differently than you have been. 

Often, it’s only a modest adjustment that a manufactured home retailer or land-lease community needs to make in order to profitably go from a low volume into a higher sales level.  

The higher your price-point, the more sophisticated your approach ought to be.  The higher your desired target audience, your marketing, sales, and follow though systems will need to be increasingly sophisticated.

There are certain services that we don’t provide. As we mentioned last week, we’d suggest someone else on displays and merchandising. But for those with a budget, done correctly, the right merchandising can be very profitable. 

Manufactured Home Retailers, Communities, Is Your Merchandising Nordstrom’s or Salvation Army? Monday MH Marketing, Sales Meeting

But we can help give operations of all sizes another, objective and successful set of eyes with which to evaluate your marketing, sales and satisfaction follow-ups.  

As or more important, for those willing to invest in their future success, we provide a proprietary that we provide under agreements with our clients:

  Sales Recruiting,


  Sales Coaching/Training Systems unmatched in manufactured housing. 

We do so on a confidential basis. We share specific results only when we mutually agree to do so.

For those who wanted results shared, growth rates many times that of the industry’s have been achieved. 

Yes, there’s an investment. But it doesn’t so much cost, rather, when properly implemented changes occur, it pays.

For those who discipline themselves to follow a proven methodology, we truly can help you Dominate in Your Local Market. See related reports, email sign up, and contact info below.  Call or click to learn more. ##  (Manufactured housing related marketing & sales news, analysis, and commentary.)

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Manufactured Home Retailers, Communities, Is Your Merchandising Nordstrom’s or Salvation Army? Monday MH Marketing, Sales Meeting

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One of the things my husband Tony and I like doing together is merchandising – staging – a home. That’s fun, not a pitch – because there are plenty of pros in MH decorating that you should call before us.


But let’s tell a quick story from this woman’s viewpoint, that can help you sell more manufactured and modular homes.

Some 90 percent of the public, per third party research and sources, that can’t imagine what an empty home looks like furnished.

That’s why good staging – merchandising – is important.


A still from one of the many manufactured home interiors shown in the video below.

Like millions of other women in America, I love shopping. Online or in stores, shopping is a pleasure.

But observing what retail store merchandisers do can be – for the observant and motivated manufactured housing professional – a routine source of useful inspiration and information.  That’s especially true for those who wants to sell more homes.


Nordstrom’s at the International Mall, in Tampa, FL.

I’ve not been to nearly the number of states and locations as Tony has for business. But in a variety of locations, we’ve both seen more homes in various stages of merchandising than the vast majority of Americans. Tony occasionally reminds me that over the years, he’s been to 47 states. Plus, he’s toured manufactured home locations in Canada too. He says the Canadian manufactured and modular homes are impressive.  The point is he’s been to locations from coast to coast, border to border, and beyond.


Even the mirrors behind the mannequins are part of the staging at this Nordstrom’s at the International Mall, in Tampa, FL.

Anyone who’s work takes them to multiple communities or retail centers knows this.  There are some locales – pardon me – that look like the a page out of the Grapes of Wrath.  They may or might not be a step above the look of the Salvation Army stores in merchandising. Not knocking it, because every kind of retail outlet has an audience, or it wouldn’t be in business.

So it is what it is.


Traffic at the mall was busy, and the upscale retailers were busy too. Nordstrom’s at the International Mall, in Tampa, FL.

But there’s also MHVille retailers and communities that are merchandising like you might see at retail stores such as Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Macy’s. Even Kohl’s or Belk has a different, classier look than Burlington Coat Factory does. Again, not knocking less expensive stores, but that’s all to help you visualize and grasp the following point.

Tony snapped some pics while our family was shopping Saturday. The merchandising sets a tone in a store. The store’s merchandising – and pricing – also tends to attract a certain type of clientele.

In the emerging Trump economy, malls and retailers in several markets are making a comeback.

Sears/Kmart may still be in trouble, but other retail-connected sales and stocks are rising. Even Amazon is putting kiosks in malls now. With the change in sales tax online, and more money for businesses to invest due to tax cuts, its common sense to expect some level of bump in retail, at least for a time.

Now, apply those lessons to MH retail and communities.  For those who have the budget and can afford to make the investment, good merchandising – good decorating and displays – pays off.

If you don’t have a budget for staging, at a minimum, you should make sure that your model homes and the sales display surrounding your models are neat and clean.

A properly staged home, combined with the right sales and marketing, will routinely sell faster and for more money. That’s why so many factories invest in décor for a manufactured home trade show.

If you take an entry level, mid-range or upscale home – and all other things being equal – the well-staged home sells faster and for more than an empty or poorly staged one.

This Labor Day or later on, as you shop, ask yourself honestly this question. What does your MH merchandising say and attract? What does your MH marketing or sales methods say and attract?

Sunshine Homes is an example of good merchandising and staging. In the video below, you’ll see a blend of interviewing, but also brief clips of staged homes, or homes being built.

That’s a powerful mix for attracting and selling well qualified customers.

To get more turns every year at retail, the right combination of training, motivation, marketing, merchandising, sales, and follow though pays rich dividends. Want to learn more?  Click this link here. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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