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Supply, Demand, Manufactured Homes, and Land Lease Communities

September 11th, 2018 Comments off


As you listen to this video about blueberries, think about manufactured home community sites, instead of blueberries.


With that understanding, this video is one way to explain to resident activist group members why a lack of new construction is one of the drivers of higher site fees.

But another factor that has to be considered by activists and there supporters is interest by home shoppers in manufactured homes themselves.

When headline grabbing activists make living in a manufactured home community sound less appealing, what that does is arguably harm the values of existing pre-HUD Code mobile homes and manufactured homes. Why? Because the demand is lower, the price will likely be lower.

As noted earlier today, these issues aren’t meant to be a put-down of well-intended followers of NMHOA, MHAction or other activist-leaders.

Rather, reports like this and the one below are meant to give a tool to those on staff who may interact with such residents.

Tim Sheahan, NMHOA President, Controversial Points of Agreement with Marty Lavin, George Allen on Communities

These provides a means to explain to those who may be well intended, but are logically being misled by the leadership of manufactured home activist residents. NMHOA and MHAction leaders are arguably harming the interests of member home owners on several levels.

Maybe that’s why those leaders don’t want to discuss or debate such issues in public?

We’ll plan reports like this on MHLivingNews, but until then, your front line staff need to get their arms around this.  We already have the related report below.

Washington Post – Protests of HUD Secretary Ben Carson, Manufactured Housing Institute, by MHAction, New York Communities for Change, CarsonWatch – An Inside Look

Because there are per sources, hundreds if not thousands in MHVille who don’t know how to explain such issues to residents and shoppers.

To learn more details, please see the related reports, linked above and below. Retailers, communities and others should make sure that your staffs are on top of these types of nuts-and-bolts issues.  “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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Proposal to sell city own manufactured home community defeated

August 25th, 2011 Comments off

Laguna_Vista_photo_credit_SeniorRetirementLivingNCTimes reports that the proposal to consider selling city owned Laguna Vista Mobile Home Park in Oceanside, CA has died. The Financing Authority in February voted 4-0 to instruct city staffers to explore the idea of selling the manufactured home community. The city panel that oversees the land lease community’s financing were deadlocked on the proposal. City Councilmen Jerry Kern, Gary Felien and Jack Feller, sitting as members of the Oceanside Mobile Home Park Financing Authority, wanted to call for proposals from private investors, park residents or nonprofit agencies to buy the park at 276 N. El Camino Real. The plan was blocked by Mayor Jim Wood, Councilwoman Esther Sanchez and Frances Thoene, the park residents’ representative on the authority, who voted against it. Authority member Bob Neal was absent. “I think it’s wise that we keep it.” Wood said. Mayor Wood said “the timing is terrible” due to the economy and housing prices. Sanchez said “This is not a financial burden to the city.” Kern said the city should not own the community and should at least ask for proposals for purchasing it. Kern believes park residents could create a nonprofit organization of their own to buy the location. “That’s probably the best long-term solution,” Kern said. Alternatives Kern favors are a non-profit or finally a private firm purchasing the community. Laguna Vista is run by Haven Management, under contract to the city. The land belongs to the Ishi Family Trust which the city has a long-term lease on through 2052. Larry Ishi, who is a non-voting member of the Financing Authority, said his family has had “a very nice relationship” with the city. “We certainly would have no objection if it went on but the city has to make the best business decision, we understand that,” Ishi told authority members.

(photo credit: Senior Retirement Living)