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Moratoriums on “Marijuana and Mobile Homes”

June 27th, 2017 Comments off

MoratoriumsMedicalMarijunaMobileHomesManufacturedHousingIndustryReportsResearchDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsThe Herald Leader reports that the Siloam Springs, Arkansas Board of Directors approved a pair of moratoriums on Tuesday to “buy time for city code change on medical marijuana and mobile home [sic] trailer parks [sic].”

The local paper said that “The moratoriums will temporarily prohibit applications from being made for medical marijuana groweries and dispensaries or for mobile home [sic] and manufactured home developments.”



The View From AMHA


JD Harper, Executive Director, AMHA, credit, LinkedIn.

JD Harper, Executive Director of the Arkansas Manufactured Housing Association (AMHA) tells MHProNews that, “Unfortunate headline writing by someone’s editor.”

I don’t believe it is nearly as bad as it appears,” said Harper.

The AMHA executive director has some 20 years in the industry, and said in an emailed statement that, “I was recently contacted by the city administrator of Siloam Springs (whom I’ve known for many years).  He asked for the industry’s input on re-vamping the city’s ordinances and subdivisions regulations relating to manufactured home communities.”

I provided a number of pieces of information, including: a model zoning ordinance and placement regulations; the state statute governing municipal authority over manufactured home zoning; the state’s installation standards; definitions for ‘manufactured homes’, ‘modular homes’ and ‘mobile homes’; an article from our legal counsel; and info about the City of McCrory being sued for discrimination for banning certain housing units,” Harper said.


These and other images on this page are from the AMHA website, and are provided under fair use guidelines.

I feel confident that the City of Siloam Springs will proceed with an abundance of caution.”

Harper has been leading-the-charge in his state to improve the understanding and image of manufactured housing, as some of  the graphics from the AMHA website shown above, demonstrate. ##

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