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Land Bank Pursues Tax Delinquent Manufactured Homes

March 10th, 2017 Comments off

An unrelated home secured by the land bank. Credit: WSAZ.

In Lawrence County, Ohio, the county land bank is making a very strong statement with regard to manufactured homes that are delinquent on their taxes.

According to an editorial board letter in the Ironton Tribune, the land bank is looking to clean up abandoned and run-down properties across the county, but a federal rule is in the way.

There is one area where their hands are tied, and this is on properties with manufactured or mobile homes [sic],” said the letter.

Roughly 30 percent of all properties in the county and a quarter of those properties targeted by the land bank are categorized as mobile homes [sic], and account for $1 million annually in unpaid property taxes.

While the land bank can normally proceed with the process of cleanup, rules with regard to manufactured housing throw a wrench into that process.

Federal rules prohibit the use of federal funds earmarked for land bank demolition to be used on mobile homes [sic], even if they have been modified and attached to a permanent foundation,” said the letter.


Credit: WR Land Conservancy.

Per the Ironton Tribune, former Cleveland City Councilman Jim Rokakis urged the Lawrence County Land Bank to reach out to Ohio senators and urge them to change the restriction.

As a community, the cleanup of these properties that, in many cases, become havens for squatters or drug activity along with other potential hazards shouldn’t be treated any differently,” the letter said.

The only way this will change is through legislation at the federal level, and voicing your opinion or asking questions of your legislators is a responsibility we all share as residents.



Lawrence County, shaded in red. Credit: Google.

Officially created in July 2016 with a $4.325 million grant from the Ohio Department of Housing, the Lawrence County Land Bank secured residential and commercial abandoned, dilapidated or tax delinquent properties with the goal of getting them back on the tax rolls.

More coverage on the Lawrence County Land Bank from MHProNews contributor Matthew J. Silver is linked here. ##


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RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

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Nominations Open for Texas MHA Board of Directors

June 8th, 2016 Comments off

texas_mhaThe Texas Manufactured Housing Association (TMHA) informs MHProNews that it is now accepting nominations for the TMHA Board of Directors. Nominations will be accepted until June 17, 2016. For a nomination form contact ##

(Image credit: Texas Manufactured Housing Association)

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A Bracing Brunch at Milktooth in Indy

August 31st, 2015 Comments off

milktooth_1Daily Business News reporter Matthew J. Silver proudly states his step-son and daughter-in-law, Jonathan and Ashley Brooks, have gained national attention and accolades for their new restaurant, Milktooth, in Indianapolis. Serving brunch six days a week, 7AM -3PM, each dish is prepared on the spot when ordered, using the freshest ingredients from local sources (except for the seafood, which is flown in).

This is not just bacon, eggs and hash browns. Softly scrambled eggs are served with Burgundy truffles and Osetra caviar with pork rinds, or waffles topped with sweet plums and house made ricotta cheese, or sweet tea fried chicken are just a few of the offerings.

In addition to mounds of never-ending local press and TV coverage, Jonathan was chosen as one of the ten best new chefs in the country Milktooth_4by Food & Wine magazine in their April issue, and he and Ashley prepared food at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen this summer, a 32-year tradition for those rich of taste. They will be preparing meals at another F&W gathering in Miami in February.

Moreover, Bon Appetit magazine selected Milktooth as one of the top ten restaurants in the nation, the first time a restaurant not serving dinner was so chosen. There is a brief spread about Milktooth in the September issue, and their “Fine Diner,” as they prefer to call it, will be featured in the October issue.

Next time you are in Indianapolis, stop at Milktooth on Virginia Ave., just southeast of downtown, and tell them Matthew sent you. ##

(Photo credit: Kelly Jordan Photography–Ashley and Jonathan Brooks and son, Roman )

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George Allen Sounds Off in Exclusive Interview on Key MHC and Industry Issues

March 15th, 2011 Comments off Industry In Focus Reporter Matthew J. Silver spoke with land-lease community owner and Industry consultant George F. Allen.  The conversation produced some perceptive insights into some of the most pressing issues in the manufactured housing industry today.  Allen shared his view with that community ownership is one of the best investments to be made today.   Click here to read Part One of the George F. Allen interview today in the Industry Voices Guest Blog on