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Pennsylvania Legislature Weighs Manufactured Home Community Rent Control

June 10th, 2015 Comments off

PA state seal  wikipedia commonsThe Senate of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is considering a measure that would allow residents of manufactured home communities (MHC) the opportunity to challenge a rent increase in their community. Senator Stewart Greenleaf says many MHC residents are seniors on fixed incomes whose rent increases rise faster than the cost of living adjustments to their income, and are less likely to afford the cost to mover their homes than younger residents.

Under SB 852, according to, a majority of the residents of an MHC would have to submit a signed petition requesting arbitration from the American Arbitration Association (AAA), and be willing to bear appropriate costs split between the residents and the community owner.

The residents may also gather a majority of community residents’ signatures and submit a written petition alleging excessive rent increase to the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, and then ask for the AAA to step in and hear the case. Excessive rent increase is defined as, “An increase which is unreasonable based on the manufactured home community operator’s total expenses, including debt service, taxes and a reasonable return on the owner’s investment or equity in the park.

The arbitrator may analyze the rent increase request based upon services provided to the community up to three eyars in advance of the proposed increase. The legislation is identical to SB 26 in the 2011-2012 session. MHProNews knows the Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association (PMHA) led by Executive Director Mary Gaiski opposes this and all rent control measures. ##

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Four MH Industry Members Honored at MHI Annual Meeting

September 19th, 2014 Comments off

mhi_logoFour members of the manufactured housing industry were honored at the recent Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) annual meeting Sept. 14-16 for their outstanding contributions to the industry.

Dick Ernst, president of Financial Marketing Associates, received the MHI Chairman’s Award from MHI Chairman Nathan Smith. A longtime member of the MHI Board of Directors, he has served as treasurer of the organization’s Executive Committee for two terms, is past chairman of MHI’s Government Relations Committee, and in 1998 served as interim president during the search for a new president. Serving on MHI’s Dodd-Frank Act task force, he has met with Congress and CFPB regulators on numerous occasions, and has helped retailers and communities interpret the complexities of the CFPB regulations as they impact MH sales.

Beginning his manufactured housing industry career in 1972, Terry Dullaghan, Director of National Sales at Senco Brands, Inc., received the Frank Walter Standards Award for his dedication to advancing the professionalism of the federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, and for his long time contributions to the MH industry as a whole. An active member of MHI since 1990, Dullaghan’s company was the corporate sponsor of Miss America 2000, and he has been involved in research for energy efficient home designs.

Andy Gallagher, Executive Director of the West Virginia Housing Institute, Inc., received the State Association Executive of the Year honor, chosen by other MH state association executives for his networking, sharing information and active participation in industry events. He created a simple, four-page quick reference brochure for dealing with the Dodd-Frank Act that became a national template, helping sales centers deal with the complexities of the measure. Gallagher was instrumental in the passage of state legislation that provided an exemption from the SAFE Act for an individual who sold no more than three manufactured homes, so they would not be classified as a mortgage originator.

Mary Gaiski, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association (PMHA), received the Jim Moore Excellence in Communications Award. Presented by the Manufactured Housing Executives Council (MEHC), Gaiski worked with Jim Moore–for whom the honor is named–for many years, and identified him as a mentor. She has been a tireless promoter of the industry, knowledgeable of its history, and specifically savvy in dealing with transportation issues, especially since the state is a vital link to homes headed for the northeast. Appointed by the state’s governor, Gaiski served as Secretary/Treasurer of Pennsylvania’s Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee.

MHProNews sends hearty congratulations to these four outstanding industry activists. ##

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PA Retailer expanding, with another planned expansion to follow

October 25th, 2011 Comments off

Wyoming Homes Dale Valenti credit CitizensVoiceCitizensVoice reports that Dave Valenti, owner of Wyoming Homes, says sales are up in Plains Township, so he is expanding and adding 10 new employees, including truck drivers, sales people and laborers. Valenti also plans to open another sales location and a warehouse center on outside Pottsville in early 2012 that will add another 15 jobs. “We had seven stores at one time. We’re down to one,” Valenti said. “Although we have downsized, there are less dealers now than there were two years ago. Most of our competitors are gone. We are doing better by default.” Mary Gaiski, executive vice president of the Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association, could not provide a number of how many manufactured homes retailers in the area have closed, but she said, “We haven’t lost as many as other states.” Valenti, 58, of Moosic, has been in the manufactured home business since he was 18 and ran Wyoming Homes since he was 21. Venenti’s son, Marco, 18, now works with him. Among the locations previously closed, Valenti operated a manufactured home community and sales center in Exeter that is now the planned location for a Wal-Mart Supercenter.

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PMHA board makes their decision about HOMExpo for 2012

August 26th, 2011 Comments off

HomeExpo 2011 logoPMHA reports that based on the decision of their board, they will suspend HOMExpo 2012. HOMExpo 2011 had good reported trade days attendance and a more modest result on public days. Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association (PMHA) Executive Vice President, Mary Gaiski, said: “We appreciate all of you who supported HOMExpo 2011 in York, PA.  And though it resulted in a negative number on the association’s balance sheet, those who volunteered time and energy to the set up and teardown of the show … those who displayed … and, those who attended did so with enthusiasm and faith that the economy was improving!  However, the economy continues to struggle and the housing industry remains in survival mode.  The association understands and respects that fact.  Therefore, due to the lack of sustainable improvement in the housing market the PMHA Board of Directors voted to suspend the 2012 Pennsylvania show.  We continue to be faithful that the economy will improve bringing with it a rebound in the housing industry.  At that time, PMHA will be positioned to respond. Meanwhile PMHA will continue to meet the needs of its members by being the legislative, regulatory and educational voice of the factory built housing industry.”

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PMHA Announces Board of Directors Make-up

July 13th, 2011 Comments off

In a communiqué to, Mary Gaiski, Executive Vice-president of the Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association (PMHA), announces the following board members who will return for an additional two-year term, and their positions: Sean Dalton, Insurance Director; Tracy Kirby, HUD Manufacturer Director; Mark Bowman, Modular Manufacturer Director; John Fanelli, Southwestern District Director; Mark Roman, Northwestern District Director; and Dale Yingst, Central District Director.  Current board members include Ray Broderick, Michael Sienkiewicz, Marcia Murray, Scott Weisser, Michael Bradley, Jeff Zimmerman, Jeff Chalk, Dale Walker, Jr., Dee Eisenhart and Jim McDonald.

Pennsylvania House Throwing Water on Sprinklers

March 4th, 2011 1 comment

As reported on, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is on the verge of passing a bill rescinding the sprinkler mandate that came into effect January 1, 2011 for all new homes constructed under the 2009 International Residential Code.  Mary Gaiski, Executive Vice-President of the Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association (PMHA), says once the bill passes the House, it will move on to the Senate where it is virtually assured of passing.  Governor Tom Corbett has said he will sign the bill.  Manufactured housing is currently not covered under the sprinkler mandate because HUD Code preempts local and state jurisdiction, and does not require sprinklers.  Rescinding the law will save Pennsylvanians thousands of dollars and help remove the threat of it applying to manufactured housing.