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PBS & NPR Reporting on Manufactured Housing News, Pulling Back the Veil

January 29th, 2019 Comments off



For some years, PBS and NPR have covered numerous stories that directly connect to the manufactured housing industry. The screen captures further below will reflect just two of several.



To be polite, those reports have not been flattering for the manufactured home industry.

To be blunt, those publicly-funded (in part) reports have arguably been a factor why millions of Americans don’t consider manufactured homes or manufactured home community living.




Some of those PBS and NPR programs have been deemed spin, or ‘hit pieces’ by professionals within the manufactured housing industry.  Of course, that viewpoint depends on the reader’s/viewer’s perspective.  For example, some consumer groups cheer PBS or NPR reports that manufactured housing industry pros groan about.




It will be recalled, for example, that the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) asked Dick Ernst, an association award winner, to speak on behalf of the industry in a PBS news item by Stephen Fee.  See that screen capture below.




Note that MHProNews’ reports and analysis for that search rank immediately below PBS’?  This is a tiny example of why then Tim Williams MHI Chairman was arguably right in saying there is a good case to be made to respond to every problematic report, even though MHI themselves routinely failed to do that…

unless the matter involves a mainstream report about Clayton Homes or their affiliated lenders.  MHI seems willing to respond to certain Clayton-criticizing articles — but that’s not the focus for this analysis, PBS and NPR are.

Starting with the headline, the PBSBad Bargain” report was about financing for manufactured homes, casting the industry’s lending in a negative light.  PBS and NPR have each done news reports on the HUD Code manufactured home industry, which in hindsight, have regularly been unfavorable.



Which begs the question, why?

When there is an affordable housing crisis, why is publicly supported radio and television often seemingly slanted against the interests of manufactured homes?

As an email to a public official from MHProNews’ publisher stressed today, a proper full implementation of existing laws would arguably save HUD billions a year, while fueling up to $2 trillion dollars a year in new economic growth, essentially without taxpayer funding being needed.


Upcoming Exclusive

In a fresh Daily Business News (DBN) on MHProNews  readers learned that no less than 10 positive reports were produced about manufactured homes and manufactured home living last year. Actually, there were far more, but those 10 cited were routinely from third-party groups, such as Bloomberg, the Urban Institute, or the National Association of Realtors. That same DBN report said that positive third-party studies about HUD Code manufactured housing have been going on for no less than 20 years.

So, if third-party researchers find manufactured homes to be so positive, why has NPR or PBS focused on seemingly negative items?

This report will begin the process of pulling back the curtain or veil on that question, which is timely, as an upcoming exclusive report planned for tomorrow will make clear.

But a new, related analysis and fact-check report of NPR will reveal some surprises tomorrow.

Let’s follow the facts, claims, and the money-trail on PBS, NPR, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), private funding and what others have said about these quasi-public media sources.

But first, let’s set the table.




Public TV, Radio, Digital Print – Background, Facts, and the Money Trail

PBS is a private, nonprofit media enterprise owned by its member public television stations. PBS distributes programming to nearly 350 locally owned and operated public television stations across the country and is funded principally by these member stations and by CPB.” says the Corporation for Public Broadcasting FAQ page. 

Wikipedia says that “PBS is funded by member station dues, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, corporate contributions, National Datacast, pledge drives, private foundations and individual citizens. All proposed funding is subjected to a set of standards to ensure the program is free of influence from the funding source.” Seriously? If some mega-donor has an obvious interest in a news item, is the seasoned thinking viewer supposed to believe that donors have zero influence over how a story is covered?

Forbes said on Oct 16, 2011 that “NPR and PBS offer some of the very best news and programming on television and radio today, even if some shows slant to the left.”

By contrast, TruthOut said in an article entitled “The Corporate Dictatorship of PBS and NPR” that “PBS is blowing it, and their decision not to air a documentary on the Koch brothers is pretty horrifying proof of it.”

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) receives federal funding for public media, which also receives private donor support.

CPB invests limited funds in the production of innovative, diverse content that aligns with public media’s mission—to provide universal access to high-quality educational programming in the United States, especially to underserved audiences,” says the CPB’s website.

Stations leverage each $1 of federal funding to raise over $6 from other sources — including state and local governments, philanthropic foundations, private businesses, and universities — a tremendous return on the taxpayer investment,” per the CPB.

Individual contributions are the largest source of revenue for public media entities, which primarily come through membership donations to local stations. CPB also supports local public media stations. In fact, by law, 95 percent of CPB’s appropriation from the federal government goes to support local television and radio stations, programming, and improvements to the public broadcasting system.” The CPB website also says that “The programs that you hear and see on your favorite public broadcasting stations come from a variety of sources including PBS, NPR, American Public Media, the National Minority Consortia, local stations such as WGBH, WNET, WBEZ and WNYC…”


Initial Takeaways?

Forbes is considered a right of center media outlet. TruthOut is from the opposite end of the spectrum, self-described progressive media.  But the reality is that you can find conservative criticism of NPR and PBS, and left-wing praise too.




But what initially emerges are these points.

  • There are absolutely those voices – including from mainstream media – the believe that PBS and NPR do have a bias, and that they can be influenced by their donors.
  • As MHProNews has noted for years, these outlets seem to have a bias against manufactured housing professionals but are okay – for example – with Resident Owned Communities (ROCs).
  • The screen captures above reflect what other recent MHProNews reports have documented, that the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) or the Berkshire brands in manufactured housing have not defended the industry from negative attacks that even Tim Williams/21st President and CEO said could make sense.

With this backdrop, tomorrow we plan an eye opening report that may rock some boats in the manufactured housing world.  If you aren’t already on our industry-leading emailed headline news updates, you can sign up at the link below.



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One point that billionaires Warren Buffett and Donald J. Trump – before becoming president – both said in their own words was this.  It pays to know as much as you can about your own profession, said billionaire Trump.   Buffett said he reads 5 to 6 hours a day. Both believe it pays to know about the various forces that impact or influence your profession.

So, for savvy professionals, it pays to read and share with your circle reports like this – and the revelations that will follow tomorrow, as we continue to pull back the curtain on PBS, NPR and how it influences manufactured housing. Stay tuned.

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Positive, Uplifting Third-Party Reports Favor Modern Manufactured Housing, So What’s Going Wrong?

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“The Illusion of Motion Versus Real-World Challenges”







USA Today Network’s Naples Daily News Hyperventilation – “East Naples Senior Community ‘Unliveable’ After Irma

September 18th, 2017 Comments off

USATodayNaplesDailyNewsDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews410The putrid smell of rotting fish wafts through the air at West Wind Estates in East Naples, and it’s made all the worse by the relentless sun beating down upon the decaying corpses. Still, sun is better than rain since most of the homes in the community have roof damage, if they even have a roof at all,” dramatized Lisa Conley, with the Naples Daily News.

This type of “Selective Target Reporting” has a recent Harvard study saying 65% of Americans don’t trust the media. Gallup’s similar poll said only 32% trust the media now,” said factory-built homeowner, the Reverend Donald Tye, Jr. to MHProNews, adding the word, “Sad.”


Conley’s ‘reporting’ bias/ignorance is reflected by a photo and video in her same report. Her story shows smiling home owners – just days after the storm – who are living in the same community. See that photo, below. Perhaps Conley needs to go to the ‘school’ that RC Williams reported on? — linked here.

West Wind Estates, a neighborhood composed of trailers [sic] and manufactured homes, is just north of Marco Island, where Hurricane Irma made landfall on Sept. 10. The community, which is exclusively for residents 55 and older, took a sharp blow from Irma and is now finding it difficult to piece it back together,” Conley wrote in her story.


Publishing hand-picked information can be worse for the impression it makes on manufactured homes and our industry than stating entirely false information,” said Brad Lovin, of North Carolina Manufactured Housing Association, previously told MHProNews in a similarly biased report.


The smiling faces of residents belie the dramatized headline that the Naples Daily News ran, which said the community was ‘unlivable.’ Where there dead fish, debris and power outages elsewhere, not just in this senior land-lease community? Is Conley’s column and that of the editor reflecting bigotry? Bias?  

Conley’s column also stated that, “The roofs of many houses are now nothing more than twisted hunks of metal laying on the side of the road, and like many neighborhoods in Collier and Lee counties, the homes in West Wind are still without power.”



The Society for Professional Journalists Code of Ethics begins as follows, “Journalists should: – Take responsibility for the accuracy of their work. Verify information before releasing it.” Clearly, the use of the term ‘trailer’ is not accurate, nor appropriate. To learn more, click the image above or see the video interview ‘Walk Down Memory Lane,’ at this link here.

The Naples Daily News writer need only look at the stills and video of her own story to know that much of that twisted metal was in fact carports and other add-ons, not the roof of manufactured homes at all.

Residents clean up West Wind Estates in East Naples on Sept. 16, 2017. The senior community was hit by Hurricane Irma on Sept. 10, 2017,” reads the caption of a photo with Conley’s name by it.


From this camera angle, the metal roofed home nearest the workers seems to be intact. Further, the metal held by the one resident appears to be part of a add-on, not a home’s roof.


Still from video, Most of these roofs appear okay or intact. Debris from car ports and other add-ons are visible in this video. To learn more about a similarly flawed mainstream media report, click here, or click the graphic below.  


Collage by

That damage occurred is not in question. Damage and destruction occurred to conventional housing too, by the billions of dollars. While photos alone are not conclusive, some of those metal roofs could have been retrofits, and some of the twisted metal was from car ports, as a close look at their own video reflects.


To see a prior report on the facts about hurricanes in Florida, click here. ##  (News, “fisking” = analysis.)


(Editor’s Note: The two previous comments from manufactured housing industry veteran’s below need to be considered as MHI prepares its ‘campaign,’ because without responding vigorously to such stories, the sheer volume of negative news could counteract whatever they try to do.)


To see that report, click the graphic above.


In view of the history on this thing, it is logical to be skeptical of the entire process,” says a dubious MHI award-winner, Mary Lavin, who expressed his doubts about Richard “Dick” Jennison’s announcement, potential and timetable. Lavin refers to the mainstream media’s reporting as the industry’s ‘other image campaign.  Until MHI addresses the underlying issues, Lavin says such efforts are a waste of time. The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Logo is there property, and is used here under fair use guidelines. Collage credit, MHProNews.

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

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Glass Shattering, Thoughts of Chairman Zell, Terror and New Issue

December 2nd, 2015 Comments off

Sam Zell, chairman of Equity Group Investments, speaks during the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly HillsThe December 2015 Featured Articles on MHProNews’ home page are scheduled to go-live late December 2nd, or early December 3rd. They will include:

  • Thoughts and comments of real estate and investment mogul – ELS and EGI Chairman – Sam Zell. These will include vintage, unfiltered comments by Mr. Zell on hot topics for investors, MH Pros and American business professionals.
    • Glass shattering. There are many women in manufactured housing, but how many can you point to in the top spot of a manufacturing facility? We’ll bring you the exclusive, glass-ceiling -shattering plan for a successful, independent HUD and MOD producer’s operation to have a woman take over the top spot.
  • Terrorism targeting businesses? Paris and Mali terrorists targeted privately owned businesses. We’ll bring you exclusive comments from a terror expert, and his report that should be must-reading for c-suite and owner-operators across the country. UPDATE.  This article went live just hours before San Bernardino terrorist attack, which makes the link above all-the-more urgent for MH business and community leaders.
  • Associations. MHI and MHARR will both have featured articles in this month’s new issue, on very different topics of interest to the manufactured housing industry.
  • New Inside MH Video Interviews. Check back to see what your industry colleagues and peers are saying, on camera and on the record.

There will also be our usual sampling of legal, financing, marketing, sales, inspirational, reputation management, communities, RV MH Hall of Fame, what’s new and coming to Louisville, the image issue and other articles.

As regular readers know, our new issue typically goes live on the first to the third day of the month, sometimes on the evening before the month begins. Thousands logon daily here at the #1 trade publication in the manufactured housing industry. You’ll also see this month what top industry pros have to say about why they do logon here and on our sister publication – – all that and more are in the December to Remember issue of MHProNews. ##

(Sam Zell photo credit, Reuters.)

Celebrating Independence Day, Happy 4th of July

July 4th, 2015 Comments off

happy-fourth-of-july-GodBlessAmerica-inspiration-blog-mhpronew-com_001MHProNews wishes everyone a joyous 4th. For those manufactured housing professionals and enthusiasts who are looking for meaty news, thoughful MH reading or MH viewing, the new featured articles for the month of July are live on the home page. Or you can read the full line up of new videos and articles along with some American independence and MH related commentary at this link.

A Politically Incorrect 4th of July is linked here. ##

(Image credit: Happy Daily Images)

Robot Builds Brick House in Two Days – Will it Impact Manufactured Housing?

July 3rd, 2015 Comments off

hadrian-robot-968x596-brick-laying-robot-credit-digital-trends-posted-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com-People have been laying bricks for about 6,000 years, and ever since the industrial revolution, they have tried to automate the bricklaying process.”

So says inventor Mark Pivac to PerthNow DigitalTrends tells the MH Industry’s Daily Business News that a brick-laying robot has demonstrated how it can build a house in two days.

FastBrick Robotics says that a robot named Hadrian reduced construction time, because it works 24/7, can lay 1000 bricks per hour. This allows for more flexibility and time/cost savings to builders and their customers. Operators, they say, will likely still be required.

The implications on the house-building industry in general are many.  But what might this looming development signal for manufactured housing? 

Last summer, MHProNews featured a report entitled The High Cost of Low Volume Sales in manufactured housing.  In the wake of that report, the industry witnessed the withdrawal of U.S. Bank from the manufactured housing finance space. While some factories are advancing, others have closed or have been bought up by larger firms. The combination of regulatory burdens and low volume were cited by U.S. Bank in its exit message. The regulatory side of that equation was cited by numerous other MH lenders in the article linked here as to why thy withdrew from the man lending space.  

The Wisconsin Housing Alliance’s Ross Kinzler has cited statistics from his state that clearly show that local MH lending has been dramatically and negatively impacted since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations began hitting manufactured housing about 18 months ago. 

How much could robot housing or other technological developments like 3D housing potentially impact manufactured or modular home building?  The precise answer is unknown. But what is certain is that greater sales volume is the best protection for manufactured and modular home builders. More sales equals potentially greater efficiencies of scale. Thus the need for regulatory relief sought by the industry in the face of what looks like conflict of interest between the CFPB and CFED, and the tandem need for growth projects such as the MH Alliance/Partners in Manufactured Housing Progress become more evident. ##

(Hadrian brick laying robot photo credit, Digital News)

H. R. 650 will Lead to More Jobs, More Quality, Affordable Housing

April 13th, 2015 Comments off

manufactured-home   archerland2005 back slash FlickrWriting in Manufactured Home Living News, MHProNews  publisher L. A. “Tony” Kovach says those opposed to the passage of the Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act, H. R. 650, which is scheduled to reach the House Floor for a vote this Tuesday, are fueling the mainstream media with misinformation about MH lending and the MH industry in general.

Manufactured housing does have traditional mortgage lending through the VA, FHA, USDA and other sources.  These loans perform about as well as other mortgage loans, a fact that many MH naysayers do not know.

The other form of lending for manufactured homes is personal property loans, often called “chattel loans,” unique to MH, and that is a core issue of H. R. 650. One of the reasons manufactured home loans carry a higher interest rate than a car or boat is because moving a 20 to 50+ ton home once installed is expensive and requires expertise, if repossession becomes necessary. They are no longer “mobile homes,” a term that expired when the federal government began enforcing production standards on June 15, 1976. Modern MH cannot be hooked up to a trailer hitch by a pick up truck or car and get pulled away.

Contemporary manufactured housing is stronger, safer, more energy-efficient, greener and less costly than conventional housing,” says Kovach. Models run from entry level styles of 400 square feet up to custom-made two-story residential styles, but all are durable, made to HUD Code standards, and often exceed the quality of conventional houses, per a video interview with prior federal MH program director, Bill Matchneer, JD.

Just like any other business in the U. S. economy, lenders must be paid for their service and need a profit. However, even with somewhat higher interest rates on chattel loans, monthly payments on MH are lower than site-built homes. The U. S. Census Bureau states a manufactured home costs half as much as an on-site built home. As noted and linked above, former head of HUD Code for the MH construction and safety program, Bill Matchneer, says new MH is as well-or better- built than moderately priced site built homes.

Large banks and small community banks that once made profitable loans on MH have stopped due to current federal regulations under the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). MH retailer Alan Amy said his business has been curtailed by 30 to 40 percent due to the regulations.

Kovach cites estimates from MHI that each new MH home built would create one additional job, so changes brought about by HR 650 could yield about 22,400 new jobs. 

One of the inadvertent effects of the Dodd-Frank Act, as later pointed out by co-author and now former U. S. Representative Barney Frank, is its limiting of MH sales. As Kovach says, “Due to regulations and processing expenses, the cost to ‘originate’ or make a $50,000 loan on a factory-built home is about the same as making a loan on a $250,000 site-built house. There are little or no closing costs on an MH home-only loan. When you factor in the tax, and other money-saving factors, MH personal property lending is more competitive to land-home than a mere interest rate makes it look.

Additionally, the SAFE ACT prevents MH retailers from even suggesting the possibilities of lending options, where to turn for lending. “Consumer protection” in this case is a misnomer. Most people who own older, low-cost MH likely do not know they cannot obtain a loan for $20,000 to $25,000 because of CFPB regulations. These are the most affordable homes, and, in many cases the most vulnerable citizens. The same “consumer protection” likewise forces lenders out of a market they want to serve.

The National Association of Realtors, the Mortgage Bankers Association and the National Association of Credit Unions have all signed on to H. R. 650. This measure will help millions, create jobs and provide for more quality, affordable housing. Don’t be misled by the misguided mainstream media. For Kovach’s full report, see this link here. ##

(Photo credit: archerland 2005/flickr–manufactured home)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com  Article submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

Sunday Morning Recap – February 15, 2015 to February 20, 2015

February 22nd, 2015 Comments off

sunday-morning-weekly-manufactured-home-pro-news-recap-1-4-to-1-10-2015-mhpronews-com-It’s Sunday morning again and time to review the MHProNews articles for the week. Articles include discussion about decline in oil rig counts and how that may or may not affect manufactured housing sales. A teenager in England purchased his first manufactured housing community.  Down Under in Australia, “Caravan Parks” are catching on. Realtors are looking forward to using drones to photograph properties, and some folks down in Mississippi won an award for having the best manufactured housing communities in the state.  There are lots of other interesting things to read about, so have another cup of coffee, and read on!

Friday, February 20

N. Idaho mobile home park owner fined $100,000

Possible Presidential Candidates – Carly Fiorina

Mississippi TV Station Features More Balanced Report About Tornado Safety and Manufactured Homes

U.S. Stocks Rise Slightly; MHCV Stocks Barely Inch Up

Information Alert! Former HUD and CFPB Official Gives His Opinion Supporting Manufactured Housing

Will the Decline in Rig Counts Affect Manufactured Housing?

Shrinking Population Contributes to Decrease in Home Sales  

Thursday February 19, 2015

Dow, S&P 500 Go Down; Nasdaq Goes Up; MHCV Values Dip

Mississippi Manufactured Home Community Receives Statewide Award

Mississippi Manufactured Home Community to Expand

Inmates Learn to Build Modular Homes in Nebraska

Universal Forest Products, Inc. Releases Positive Report for 2014 4th Quarter

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Investing in MH Communities Pays Off for Australian Entrepreneurs

U.S. Stocks End Choppy Session Slightly Lower; MHCV Stocks Go Up

New York MH Community Closing Because of Arsenic in Soil

English Teenager Buys Manufactured Housing Community

Calgary’s oil-driven housing sales predicted to plunge 50% this year

Manufactured Home Residents Displaced by Flood Want to Return to Town They Love

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Affordable Housing MH Community Owner Soars to Success

Dow Went up 0.16%; MHCV Values Surged 7.95%

Is There a Drone in Your Future?

Manufactured Home Owners Adjust to Changing Times and Situations

Monday, February 16, 2015

Manufactured Home Replacement Program in Oneida County, New York

Study Reveals Trends and Attitudes of Millennials and First-time Homebuyers

Stock Market Is Closed Today in Observance of Presidents’ Day

Reporter’s story brings correction of shoddy repairs to senior veteran’s manufactured home

Spend the Night in a 1940s Grain Silo

Carlyle Group Beats Earnings Estimates

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Morning Recap – February 8, 2015, to February 13, 2015



Article submitted by Sandra Lane to – Daily Business News – MHProNews.

Stock Market Is Closed Today in Observance of Presidents’ Day

February 16th, 2015 Comments off


U.S. Markets are closed today in observance of Presidents’ Day and Washington’s Birthday. We will have results of selected Manufactured Housing Composite Values and other stock information after the market closes at 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday, February 17, 2015. ##


Article Submitted by Sandra Lane to – Daily Business News- MHProNews.


Sunday Morning Recap – January 18, 2015 to January 24, 2015

January 25th, 2015 Comments off


Welcome back to those of you who attended the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show this week.  No doubt, you are still thinking about all the interesting people you met, new homes you viewed, and numerous ideas you learned at the show.

Now, it’s time to put your feet up and read some of the stories in our Daily Business News that you missed during the week.  We hope you find some that you like.


Friday, January 23, 2015

After 4-1/2 Years of Effort, Residents of a Montana MH Community Celebrate the Purchase of Their Community

Nasdaq Leaves Dow & SP in Dust Friday. All Three Gain for Week. MHC Values See Slight Increase

Houston, You May Have a Housing Problem

New Home Sales in 2015 Expected to Increase and Focus on First-Time Homebuyers

Universal Forest Products Acquires Majority Interest in Australian Packaging Company

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rep. Pascrell Wants Better Plan from NJ Gov. Christie to Help Residents Who Lost Manufactured Homes in Hurricane Sandy

Dow Jumps Over 250 After ECB Announces Stimulus. MHC Values Continue to Dip

UMH Properties, Inc., Announces New Acquisition

Two Manufactured Home Communities in Bradenton, Florida, Sell to Different Buyers for Total of $13 Million

Older Model Manufactured Home Leads to Debt-Free Living

Home Sales Expected to Surge in 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

HUD Secretary Castro Believes More Americans Will Be Able to Buy Homes in 2015

DOW Gained a Few Points on Wednesday as MHC Values Continued to Decline

Aggressive Turkey Entertains Some Residents and Frightens Others at New Hampshire Manufactured Home Community

Residents of Calgary Manufactured Housing Community Being Forced to Move Out. But Can They Afford It?

New Upscale MH Community Joins Upscale Neighborhood in New Jersey

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Dow Went Up a Few Points on Tuesday as MH Composite Value Dipped

FHFA Director Wants to Step Up Efforts to Increase Affordable Home Ownership

HUD Secretary Julian Castro to Answer Housing Questions in Live-Streamed Fireside Chat

Drew Industries Announces Acquisition of MH Related Technology Company

Gateway Lifestyles Going Public as MH Living Becomes More Popular Down Under

Monday, January 19, 2015

Have Fun While Attending the 2015 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show

Stock Market Is Closed Today in Observance of Martin Luther King’s Birthday

Church in a Modular Building? Not in Our Neighborhood!

Manufactured Home Communities Becoming Emerging Investment Trend

Manufactured Housing Proves to be Popular at Numerous European Resorts

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cavco Industries Stock Rises 5.22% According to Russell 2000

Sunday Morning Recap, January 11, 2015 to January 17, 2015


Article Submitted by Sandra Lane to – Daily Business News- MHProNews.






Another Manufactured Housing Industry News Announcement Pending

November 19th, 2014 Comments off

pending-mhnews-credit-flickrcreativecommons-mhpronews-com-Just as MHProNews heard about the plans for U.S. Bank to exit from manufactured housing direct lending in advance of the announcement, so too we’re hearing from informed sources about another planned announcement expected as soon as this week. In fact, we’ve been hinting about the plans for this anticipated announcement since late summer, as it was expected by year’s end.

There is also yet another development anticipated in early December that looks significant to manufactured housing – if it plays out the way our sources tell us it will occur.

The manufactured housing industry’s most informed readers stay tuned into the Daily Business News and the other MHProNews  resources – such as Industry in Focus Reports, Industry Voices guest blog and our ever-popular The Masthead blog – to keep in touch with industry and broader developments as it impacts careers, capital and companies in the world of factory crafted homebuilding.

Industry Impacting News


News is constantly occurring that impacts the manufactured and modular home building industries. 15 minutes a day during your coffee break – or any other time here – is an investment in advancing your career or organization. 

As one of the tools to make it easier to ‘keep up,’ please see our new feature, the Sunday morning weekly recap report, click here. To sign up for our industry-leading free emailed updates, click here. ##

(Top Image credit: FlickrCreativeCommons/MHProNews, iPad coffee image credit: Shutterstock/MHProNews)