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Looking for Holiday Manufactured Housing Industry Focused Reading?

December 25th, 2014 Comments off

susan-ipad-sam-howlett-flickrcreativecommons-posted-daily-business-news-mhpronewsIs the wrapping paper off the presents that are no longer under the tree? If you’re an MH pro looking for holiday business reading, then grab your favorite drink and check out some of these options.

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UMH bags 3 in Tennessee, MHCs that is

September 9th, 2011 Comments off

UMH_Properties_LogoCostar reports that UMH Properties, Inc. acquired three manufactured home communities.  Trailmont is located at 1341 Dickerson Pike in Goodlettsville, TN; Shady Hill located at 1508 Dickerson Pike in Nashville, TN; and Countryside Village at 200 Early Rd. in Columbia, TN, for $13.3 million, or about $19,200 per home site. The three manufactured home communities consist of 110 acres and total 693 combined home sites. The properties are located in the West, Rivergate/Hendersonville, and Maury County submarkets.

(Editor’s note: UMH Properties is a publicly traded company tracked by the market reports in our Daily Business News here at

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GE completes 8+ Mil Refi for Manufactured Home Community

September 7th, 2011 Comments off

TheOaks Amicorps -DeLand FLNewsJournalOnline reports that Florida-based Amicorp Inc. secured an $8.25 million dollar refinance on their 207 home-site manufactured home community, named The Oaks. Amicorp’s plans for The Oaks include having new homes built and installed on 7 vacant sites, as well as other improvements.  “We were able to get a better deal with a lower interest rate. We want to make some general park improvements, and add some homes, slowly, as the market comes back,” said Marie Jefferys, an officer with DeLand-based Amicorp Inc.  Amicorp owners, Kent Titcomb and his wife Leyvi, secured the refi from Chicago-based General Electric Capital. The cash infusion paid off the remaining $5.47 million balance on an old mortgage, according to Volusia County records.  The Oaks was transferred to a newly created subsidiary, The Oaks-Amicorp Inc.  Creating the single-purpose entity as the community’s new owner was a loan requirement, said DeLand attorney Kirk Bauer who represents the Titcombs.  The Oaks was built in 1989 with site fees of about $488 a month, according to several online information. Site fees includes cable TV, lawn watering and mowing, night security and use of the community amenities that include a pool, hot tub, tennis and shuffleboard courts and a clubhouse.

(Photo credit: Amicorp)

UMH presenting to Philadelphia Securities Association

September 6th, 2011 Comments off

UMH_Properties_LogoPRNewswire reports that UMH Properties will be presenting to the Philadelphia Securities Association on Wednesday, October 12, 2011.  The presentation will be at at the Union League of Philadelphia, PA. Eugene W. Landy, Chairman of the Board, and Michael P. Landy, Executive Vice President, will present an overview of the company followed by a question and answer session. It is a luncheon meeting that planned to start at 11:45 AM.  UMH Properties, Inc. is a publicly owned real estate investment trust owns and operates thirty-eight land-lease manufactured home communities located in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Tennessee. In addition, the Company owns a portfolio of REIT securities.  UMH is a firm tracked by our manufactured housing Daily Business News stock market report.

(Graphic credit: UMH Logo)

Sun Communities shares tops residential REITs in Debt to EBITDA Ratio

September 6th, 2011 Comments off

Sun_Communities_Logo_posted_Manufactured_Home_Marketing_Sales_Management_MHMSM.com_MHProNews.com_.pngZacks reports that among the following five companies in the residential real estate investment trust (REIT) industry, Sun Communities shares ranked the best in their Debt to EBITDA ratio.   The measure of a debt’s pay back is the the Debt/EBITDA.  According to this metric, the longer the payback period increases the risk.  The metric ignores tax expenses, though those are cash payments paid first.  Among the 5 residential REITs measured, Sun Communities has a Debt/EBITDA ratio of 10.13x based on total debt of $1.3 billion.  UDR has a Debt/EBITDA ratio of 9.97x based on total debt of $3.7 billion.  Apartment Investment & Management has a Debt/EBITDA ratio of 9.32x based on total debt of $5.4 billion. Essex Property Trust  has a Debt/EBITDA ratio of 8.63x based on total debt of $2.3 billion. Home Properties  has a Debt/EBITDA ratio of 8.42x based on total debt of $2.5 billion.  Sun Communities is one of the largest land-lease community operators in North America in the manufactured home community business.

(Graphic credit: Sun Communities logo)


Norris advocates balance responsing to Gov. Bentley’s Manufactured Home storm shelter plan

August 17th, 2011 Comments off

AMHA Executive Director Sherry Norris posted Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management AnnistonStar printed a letter from Sherry Norris, executive director of the Alabama Manufactured Housing Association in Montgomery. Norris responded to Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s proposal to use Community Development Block Grant funds for use in shelters for all forms of housing, not just in ‘mobile and manufactured home parks.’ “Rather than discriminate against citizens who live in mobile-home and manufactured-home communities, the fair solution would be for local governments to provide storm shelters for all its citizens for when tornadoes hit any type of housing, business or schools.” Norris wrote. “As shown in the horrible tornadoes of this year in Alabama, all types of structures can be destroyed.” Norris emphasized that “Evidence from Hurricane Charley and Hurricane Katrina, when winds exceeded 145 mph., has shown that manufactured homes built to the new wind standards of 1994 withstood those hurricanes when site-built homes and businesses were destroyed.”

(Photo credit: AMHA)

Manufactured Housing Industry growing market share? MHI says yes, pros question it

August 4th, 2011 Comments off

Graph_of_MH_Shipments_1991-2010_courtsey_of_MHI posted MHProNews.comRealEstateRama picked up a press release yesterday from the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), issued by their president and CEO, Thayer Long. The article was likely aimed at the public, and thus within the scope of the ‘protect and promote’ mandate that associations correctly hold dear.  Comments to from readers have come in from Industry professionals about the MHI PR piece.  Most have been ‘off the record.’ But the following quote from an MHI ‘Man of the Year’ and RV/MH Hall of Fame inductee, George F. Allen was shared on the record. “Hey Tony; you, Ken (Rishel) and I make a living, keeping our trade journalist fingers on the pulse of the manufactured housing industry. Well, here’s an unexpected conundrum, showcased by the Manufactured Housing Institute in a recent piece titled: ‘Market Share on Rise for Manufactured Housing Industry.’ The riddle? How can this statement be true, when  our industry’s annual new home shipment levels, during the past three years and this one, have hovered around the 50,000 level, down 86 percent from (1998)? MHI’s answer? Sale of new manufactured homes has declined at a lower rate than site – built homes, increasing our national market share by default. Geesh! What a sorry way to make the case for buying one’s product. And know what? There’re no fewer than four additional such anomalies in this article. Did you identify them?” GFA.” Allen has a featured article in’s new August issue, entailed “Shots Across the Bow of MHARR and MHI.”  Another industry professional wrote, “It isn’t that MHI’s facts are per se wrong in their (new press) release.  The problem is their puff piece makes things sound rosy when in fact our Industry is in a sad state of affiars (sic). What we need is a bold national plan to advance our cause.  Will an article like their’s help sell more HUD Code homes? Will it help us (team up) with other associations and consumer groups to modify Dodd-Frank, which is coming at us like a Mack truck?”  (Editor’s note, parenthetical comments in the quote added).

(graphic of Manufactured Housing’s shipment slide since 1998 courtesy of the MHI)


New manufactured home retailers have rebate program marketing opportunity

August 4th, 2011 Comments off

NC_graphic_courtesy_of_Wikimedia_commons posted MHProNews.comFayettvilleObserver reports the North Carolina State Energy Office announced Wednesday a $1,500 rebate to home buyers who purchase energy-efficient manufactured homes through the end of 2011. An earlier rebate plan was for $500. “We’re making it even more attractive for consumers to buy energy-efficient manufactured homes,” said Nicole Dyess, residential program manager for the Energy Office. “But the rebate is only the beginning of the savings.” Dryess said, “In addition to the cash back, homeowners in North Carolina will save an average of $74 a month, or just shy of $1,000 a year, on utility bills compared to homes of the same size that are not Energy Star-qualified. The N.C. Plus Program for Energy Star manufactured homes provides an incentive for homeowners to purchase a home that may have a slightly higher monthly mortgage, but more than makes up for it each month on their utility bill.” North Carolina Plus program for Energy Star homes is rooted in the 2009 Federal Recovery Act. “It allows us to do about 800 rebates,” Dyess said.

(map graphic credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Top REIT stock? Manufactured home community giant Equity Lifestyle Properties

August 4th, 2011 Comments off

Equity_Lifestyle_Properties_listing_at_Quail_run posted MHProNews.comZacks reports that Equity Lifestyle Properties (NYSE:ELS) is the best performing REIT among the top five Real Estate Investment Trusts. Equity Lifestyle Properties (NYSE:ELS) gain of 1.77% makes them the current leader. Education Realty Trust (NYSE:EDR) ranked number two gaining 1.64%. Apartment Investment & Management (NYSE:AIV) ranks third, having lost 0.08%. Camden Property Trust (NYSE:CPT) follows with a loss of 0.17%. Associated Estates Realty (NYSE:AEC) completes the top five with a loss of 0.18%. readers know that ELS has recently completed another phase of its acquisition from Hometown America of manufactured home land lease communities.  ELS ranked number 1 in the most recent Allen Report as the largest portfolio operator of manufactured home communities. ELS also has RV properties such as Thousand Trails in its portfolio.

(photo credit: ELS’ Plant City FL listing)

Manufactured Home Community Rent Decontrol Activists Paid to attend Chula Vista meeting

July 27th, 2011 Comments off

City of Chula Vista CA logoSignOnSanDiego alleged that owners of a “mobile home park” packed a meeting of the Chula Vista City Council meeting by paying activists to support rent decontrol.  The City Council voted to allow rent to be raised when a home in the community is sold.  The change in ordinance impacts future residents, not current ones. Reportedly 100 of close to 300 attendees in a July 12 meeting were paid $20 each to support the revised ordinance.  A group of young people were paid to wear green “Yes on Rent Decontrol” stickers.  Perhaps 50 attended a second reading of the ordinance July 19 were paid $40 each.   The president of the Chula Vista Mobile Home Residents Association, Penny Vaughn, expressed outrage.  The executive director of the First Amendment Coalition, Peter Scheer, said paying people to attend is “sleazy in the extreme.” A principal of the manufactured home community, John Wainio, was in Martha’s Vineyard and said he paid no one. Matthew Donnellan, president of the San Diego County Young Republicans reportedly explained that paying people to attend meeting was not an uncommon practice by Democrats or Republicans, adding he was not aware of such payments regarding this meeting.  Resident Ray McMurty, 62 and on social security, said $40 goes a long way in helping with groceries.

(Image is City of Chula Vista’s logo)