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Facts Matter! Improving Your Manufactured Home Location(s) Conversion Ratios, Monday Morning Sales Meeting

January 22nd, 2018 Comments off


Facts Matter. 

Reality is what is, not what we wish or hope it to be. 

Every successful business uses numbers to measure their success, such as profit and loss statements.  These are black and white issues, not a matter of subjective opinion.  A few quotes and four bullets from ‘the man’ may help.

1)    “All professional success comes down to learning and applying systematic behaviors that result routinely result in a positive outcome.” – L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

2)    “Once you learn what works, you keep doing it, while you refine those processes for ever greater effectiveness.” – L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

3)    Part of what the quotes above imply is that records must be kept, and results must be measured.

4)    In marketing and sales, results are measured by “call ins,” “arrivals,” “conversions,” and “closed business with happy customers.”  You can’t manage what you don’t measure.  You can’t improve, what you don’t measure and determine how to improve it.

MHVillage makes their statistics available, which is useful for an example of this lesson.  They’re the biggest at what they do, so this should not be construed as a slam.  Rather, it’s a look at the cold, hard facts that they themselves have produced, and what those facts might mean or imply.

And what they imply are low conversion numbers.


The industry needs to wake up to reality.  It’s not the total numbers of visits, its how many of those visitors end up buying.  

Millions” of visits occur a year, says MHVillage.  But only several thousand actual sales take place from those visits.  Doesn’t that clearly indicates a disconnect between an interest by shoppers, and closed deals?

We’ve spoken with retailers who unlock homes, and let people wander.  For those that keep a head count, they routinely report very minimal sales results; for example, one retailer self-reported that 1 out of 70 walk-ins is sold.


Consider these facts.  Something like 80 percent (+/-) of shoppers have checked your location out online before walking in the door.  If you use the National Association of Realtors ™ (NAR) data, its closer to 94 percent have visited your website, and/or have done other on-line research, before they call you or come in.

The fact that they walk in means they are ‘half way sold.’  So using the example above, if only 1 out of 70 bought, that means something didn’t happen for 69 of those guests that the customer was expecting.  How many millions of dollars in lost sales volume did that cost that MH retailer?

#5 If you can’t write up at a minimum, at least 1 out of every 4 or 5 such arrivals, isn’t something wrong?

We teach our own proprietary sales systems, so we won’t dive into that today.  If you have a sales system that is doing #1 to #4 above and giving you solid results, that are routinely improving, then stick with it.  If not, then give us a call to discuss how that could be improved.

Our research and experience suggests that many MH retailers and MH Communities could increase their sales by up to 850 percent in the markets they are in.  It’s a process, it won’t happen overnight, but for those who understand and commit to the process, the results are impressive.

Our system isn’t high pressure, it’s all about attraction.  The guest wants to do business with you with our system, you’ll invite them to do so.  So you get a nice steady stream of referrals too, so long as you service the customer well.

What we will do today is share a video with a client who self-reports that their sales grew over 400 percent as a result of using the very basic parts of our system.

We have more advanced methods than what they are currently using.  But they’re doing so well with their current results, and getting product from the factory has restricted them to their currently high levels.  So, they are just fine where they currently are, based upon all those factors.

Anyone can take out a smart phone, and turn on the video function, and do an ‘interview.’  But not everyone gets to have a third-party media outlet come and do that interview for them.

Client results and third-party research indicates the impact of our approaches are tremendous.  This is something no one else we know of in MHVille is doing as we do it.  Even if they started today, we have the advantage of years of content that validates the visitors’ impressions and those interviewees experiences.

When you’re ready to invest in your own business to take your results to the next level, click here to give us a call or send a message. We’ll show you where you can maximize what you are doing now, and work with you to improve whatever is needed so that your systems become more productive and profitable. ## (Industry results, marketing, sales, tips, analysis, and commentary.)

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Field Reports – Clayton to Continue Push for Industry Dominance

September 26th, 2017 Comments off

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The Daily Business News (DBN) on MHProNews has been told by informed sources that Berkshire Hathaway owned Clayton Homes plans to increase their industry dominance in the retail sector.

Strategies to accelerate their dominance will be accelerated in the coming months, per sources in the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), among independents and those within Clayton’s team.

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In Tulsa, Oklahoma’s ‘manufactured home row,’ the majority of the HUD Code retailers there are now corporate stores, instead of independents.  The buyout by Clayton of award winning Home Mart is just accelerating the process that the Atlantic projected in a story that sparked controversy a few years ago.


A growing number of retailers are selling out to Clayton Homes, as MHProNews has been reporting.

Now those concerns and report comes on the heels of word that Clayton’s manufacturing ‘doesn’t have a choice,’ per high level sources within Clayton Homes, but to provide homes for disaster relief to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


Bob Crawford, Dick Moore Housing.

That says award-winning retailer Bob Crawford, “…all of us independents are going to feel that hit and, depending on your suppliers, that could be a BIG hit,” the message to MHProNews read.

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There are several reports of how independents are planning to – or already are – adapting to the growing “threat” of Berkshire Hathaway’s dominance of the manufactured housing industry, including at the retail and production levels.


MHI has been dominated by Berkshire Hathaway owned units, along with former Clayton executive, Joe Stegmayer led Cavco.  The Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) has published a list of concerns about Pam Danner that numbers over 2 dozen “Abuses” points, see that, linked here.  While MHI claims to oppose Danner’s over-reaches, industry observers note that MHI has dodged the obvious solution of asking for Danner to be removed from her current role over the manufactured housing program at HUD.

Neither MHI nor Clayton has yet responded to MHProNews about these growing industry concerns.


Warren Buffett, right, credit Wikipedia. Tim Williams, right, credit, LinkedIn. Collage credit, MHProNews.

That will be the focus of upcoming reports on the MHProNews. ## (News, analysis.)

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