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Kitimat B.C. Council Extends Notice Date for MHC Redevelopment

November 25th, 2015 Comments off

canada_bc__Sage_Creek_MHCResidents of the two manufactured home communities (MHC) in Kitimat, in the far northern reaches of British Columbia (BC), are on track to receive more security should their communities be repurposed, according to what northernsentinel tells MHProNews. The proposed policy of the Kitimat District will establish time frames and remuneration from the community owners.

Under the current B.C. Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act, the owners have to give 12 months notice and compensation equivalent to 12 months rent if the community is to close. The proposed regulation would require a 24 month notice of intention to develop, but the relocation/compensation plan has yet to be decided.

Options discussed included payment under the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act, value of the home, or a straight dollar amount. Councillors suggested payments ranging from $10,000 to $25,000, but ultimately decided to have staff research the issue and come back with suggestions. A relocation plan also needs to be established.

Meanwhile, the owners of the two communities—Jed Stumps Estates and Vista Village—both essentially said the city does not have the same land development issues as the lower mainland, and that the policy is not needed.

The Manufactured Home Park Owners Alliance of B.C. suggested Council should discourage redevelopment altogether.

The Council adopted the policy at their Nov. 23, 2015 Committee of the Whole meeting, and included in the motion referral to staff for suggestions. ##

Photo credit: Sage Creek manufactured home community, British Columbia, Canada)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

MHC Residents: Incomes Chasing Rents

June 5th, 2013 Comments off

MHProNews has learned from castanet in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada residents of SunRise Village MHC are concerned that rising rents may force them out of their homes, especially seniors on fixed incomes. With annual rent increases that include two percent above inflation, rents are rising faster than incomes, and residents are concerned site rents may rise $20 a month. A petition with nearly 400 signatures will be taken to the legislature with hopes of amending the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act (MHPTA) so the increase would be two percent land rental and 1.8 percent maintenance to allow for inflation. Residents contend four percent per year is too high. Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Steve Thompson says a balance must be struck between what residents can afford and the return for owners sufficient to prevent the land from being developed for other uses.

(Photo credit: castanet–Sunrise Village, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada)

Regulation will Require Replacing Older MH with HUD Code Homes

April 8th, 2013 Comments off

The carrollnews informs MHProNews the Hillsville (Ohio) Town Council has changed several town codes, including the following that applies to non-conforming manufactured homes (using non-conforming spelling): “Removal and replacement of a manufactured home which constitutes a nonconforming used on an individual lot or within a manufactured home park ore removal of any manufactured or mobile home unit which does not conform to current Federal Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards and not Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved and manufactured in 1980 and prior and replacement of such unit with a manufactured home which conforms to said standards shall be permitted provided the replacement takes place within 60 days of removal.” Replacement must be within 60 days of removal of the old home.

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Triad, US Bank and Digital Leveling praise MMHF’s Show

September 30th, 2011 Comments off

purple cow show home credit has learned that praise for the Midwest Manaufactured Housing Federation’s show continues. “I was pleasantly surprised at our attendance at the 2011 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show…I knew the 50 year history of the show and the spirit of our industry would bring us back.” said Darrell Boyd, with Triad Financial Services. “The traffic at our exhibitor booth was brisk and it seemed the renewed positive attitude of the attendees was infectious and spilled over during the show. I talked to many other exhibitors and manufacturers and they agreed with my sentiment. With the 2012 show approaching, I’m eagerly looking forward to our continued renewed growth.” Boyd stated.  Scott MacFarlane, Vice President of National Sales Operations for U.S. Bank Manufactured Housing Services echoed the sentiment by saying,  “In 2011, we were very pleased with the results we achieved at the Louisville Show and all my account executives who attended in 2011 responded on how happy they were with the retailers they were able to talk to at the show. We are very excited about attending the 2012 Show.”  Triad and U.S. Bank will both be part of a free workshop planned for manufactured housing community operators, developers and retailers on new and updated finance programs that will take place during the 2012 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show.  “The drive and resourceful nature of Dennis Hill (at Showways Unlimited) and the MMHF once again amazed and inspired everyone with the success of the 2011 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show.” said Mike East, with Digital Leveling Systems.  The Louisville Show “…is simply the official “kickoff” of the new year each season. It’s like opening the door and turning the lights on for the new year and saying “OK, We’re Open For Business-Let’s Get Going.” East explained, adding: “To miss the Louisville Show is like forgetting to flip the “OPEN” sign over in the front window. It’s just not right and leaves you with that gut feeling you missed something. So don’t miss a thing in 2012!”

(Editor’s Note: More information about the 2012 return for the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show at the indoor Kentucky Exhibition Center is found at the link above.)

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