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What is Marketing? What is Selling? Succeeding with Manufactured Homes in Your Local Marketplace(s)

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Stating the Obvious can bring clarity to an issue.


Housing is one of the essentials of life.  Those are often defined as: food, fluids, clothing, transportation, and shelter.

Notice that technology, toys for all ages, and entertainment aren’t mentioned? Note too that social, spiritual, health, and political items aren’t in that essentials of life list; but should be.

The first point is that housing in general – done properly – can be a fine field of endeavor to pursue.

To be successful at anything, someone ought to be aware of reality.  Fantasies are fine in their place, and day dreaming can be useful, even in business. The Creator gave humanity the ability to imagine.  As with any gift, that can be used properly, or it can be abused.

Noting that, many in housing become ‘successful’ to the extent that they pay their bills, have a good or even a great lifestyle. But ignoring realities or trends contributes to what later causes upheavals that can cause the once successful to suddenly find themselves doing without. That’s been the case for literally thousands of manufactured home professionals in the last 15+ years.  That’s noted to express the following.

  • Reality can bite.
  • But reality can also pay handsomely.
  • Ignore reality at your peril, embrace reality and act upon it to your potential reward.

This trade media – MHProNews – is in its tenth year of business. Increasingly in recent years, we’ve dug beneath the surface stories, to pull back the veil on details that few dared do in our manufactured and modular home industry. That’s useful because reality can bite, but it can also pay. Every crisis is routinely an opportunity in disguise.

To navigate reality, one must look at topics that are uncomfortable or even unpopular.

To truly understand the marketplace, it helps to grasp what impacts people’s perceptions and moods.

  • The economy and economic drivers,
  • politics,
  • social trends (including spirituality, patriotism, etc.)
  • jobs, income (including retirement), employment,
  • investing,
  • local, national, global events,
  • public policies, including taxation, regulations, trade, immigration, land use,

there are a host of issues that one doesn’t have to be expert in, but ought to be mildly or broadly familiar with.

Some of my colleagues in publishing, marketing, recruiting, sales training, or consulting avoid these topics.  Why?  Let’s be charitable. They’ve said things like, ‘I’m a merchant and not a crusader, and I want to do business with the maximum number of people.  I don’t care about social trends, ethnic groups, politics, religion, the latest fad, etc.’

It is frankly a common, and thus understandable perspective.  Some of it may seem wise.  For example, in housing, it would be illegal to discriminate based on any protected class. It would also be impractical to do so. We as trade media and consultants have professionally advocated for social justice, even for groups which may hold views that we may disagree with. There is a risk involved in violating the rights of a protected class.  There are risks involved in any form of discrimination.

So, if someone walks into a retail or community business seeking housing, and they hold the polar opposite of my views on almost everything, does that mean I should not sell them or lease them a house? Of course not.  As noted, that’s risky and frankly not good business.  But let’s be clear.  My – or any seller’s – knowing something about a social or political trend makes it easier for me to do business with someone that has the opposite of my views.

Knowing is routinely an advantage.

So, our publishing on issues on MHProNews or MHLivingNews that others avoid – while it may be controversial – is healthy and useful to ALL of our readers, regardless of what background or beliefs they happen have.

In the video below, Lindsey Bostick says several things that are spot on.  While the viewer doesn’t know it without being told, we don’t script these videos.  When we first produced them years ago, we showed everything on MHLivingNews, glitches and all, to establish the credibility of that point.  Why?  Because people outside of our manufactured home industry largely don’t trust our industry. That’s a sad, but true reality that must be navigated.



Let’s underscore that point.  People outside of our industry largely don’t trust manufactured housing, and largely don’t believe in our products and services.  The proof is in your face. Already low and declining shipments for the past 7 months are but two examples. All of this is relevant to sales and marketing.

Let’s give some examples:

  • Are you in the land lease community business? A properly run property should be at 100 percent occupancy almost all the time and should have a waiting list.
  • Are you selling new manufactured homes at retail? There should be a strong, steady stream of well qualified prospects calling and walking into your place of business every day you are open. Your website should be busy with prospective shoppers considering housing in your market. Rephrased, if more people in your market understood manufactured housing’s realities vs. what is commonly believed, you would be overrun with customers.
  • Are you selling or brokering pre-owned (in real estate lingo, ‘existing’) manufactured homes? The above bullets are true, depending on a market, perhaps more or less so, but the principle holds.
  • Are you a producer (a factory builder) of HUD Code manufactured homes and selling them wholesale to others? If you properly understand the federal law (the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000), grasp at least broadly the marketplace’s dynamics, and you are giving your distributors (retailers, communities, developers) the information they need, you should always be at or near capacity, and working to bring more production centers online.
  • Keep in mind that when the National Association of Realtor’s (NAR) Chief Economist Lawrence Yun, PhD said that the nation needed some 8.3 million housing units, that gap can only logically be closed by factory-builders. That’s why the tech giants and other smart people are fawning over prefabricated housing.  That’s also why billionaires like Warren Buffett or Sam Zell – who politically are often quite different – are both strong believers in the manufactured housing industry.  This industry is plain common sense. Which begs the question, why does it struggle in recent years? While relevant – we’ll answer that question only in passing, further below, because that question of why manufactured housing is underperforming isn’t the focus for this article. That noted, back to our bulleted list…
  • Are you in some facet of financial services? Lenders, insurance companies, ought to be doing land rush business with an every growing number of qualified customers. 8.3 million housing units, if only half of that need was going to be satisfied by selling a new HUD Code manufactured home (MH), then some 4.15 million housing units would be needed NOW.  Keep in mind, people still have babies, people still pour across our borders, and new households are being formed.  The housing demand is outstripping the supply. That’s why housing prices are rising, said Lawrence Yun and HUD Secretary Ben Carson.
  • Suppliers, transporters, installers, service people of all types, brokers, attorneys, marketers, website builders, home furnishings, those installing or connecting utilities – everyone that is involved in those facets of or others in the MH industry could witness a growing demand IN THEIR LOCAL MARKET – given the proper marketing and sales approaches.
  • Investors who grasp the realities vs the illusions or delusions could also watch their investments soar. But it is all predicated on grasping reality, and dealing with it appropriately.

Among the comments and feedback that we get about our content – especially on MHProNews – is some variation on this.  ‘Why do you (MHProNews) bother to keep pointing out the misdeeds or manipulations of so-and-so, or that company, or association X? Simple. They are either part of the solution, or part of the problem.  If a person or organization aren’t getting to the industry’s core issues – especially if they are publicly denying or deflecting from those core issues – then to some degree they are de facto part of the problem.

Someone who said for years that he considered me a friend, and I him, told me at the Tunica Show to my face with others around us that he took offense at the following published quote.


Dealing with the industry’s internal issues is a must. But several items can be dealt with successfully at the local level, so long as it navigates those same core issues.

That person is a smart dude, talented, savvy. He thought that statement was a dig at him personally, because he uses those in his business. I explained, not at all. Rather, it is a statement of fact.  If the shoe fits, someone can wear it or not, but the summary above — properly understood — makes it self-evident that the HUD Code manufactured home industry should be soaring, and not snoring.

It is inconceivable to the normal person that the industry is doing so poorly, compared to 20 years ago, unless something is wrong.  In a certain sense, that is true.  Something IS wrong.  But it isn’t the homes! Nor is it selling homes on a land-lease!

While ‘market manipulation’ and ‘image’ are issues, there is evidence that one can beat the odds at the local level. To do so requires a disciplined approach to sales training, and a unique form of marketing that compliments it. Some thing sales training should be a few hours, once a year, and you’re done. Or some take one hour a week. But if it takes more to forge a carpenter, why would a savvy manufactured housing professional believe it doesn’t take some serious time to train a good manufactured home sales agent too? Doing so routinely pass off with lower turn over, more sales, and more success.  Training is a cost that when done properly, pays.


We have advantages that frankly none of our competitors in marketing or sales coaching have.  This will sound like bragging, but it is common sense. We engage with the public routinely.  We engage with investors, public officials, and perhaps most importantly, with people who are shopping for a home, or may someday be in the market, or who have a friend or family member shopping for a home.  That means that we have a general pulse on the marketplace, grasping numerous national trends.

We don’t claim to know every nuance in YOUR specific market. I don’t keep track of the latest paperwork change, or some twist in how that screw anchor could better be installed. Nor is it necessary for me to do so. That’s why every successful marketing and sales project that we do is ideally collaborative.  Among what you bring to the table is knowledge of your market and business. You tell us what you are encountering. What we do – based upon decades of experience, in often challenging circumstances – is look at what’s occurring, and we prescribe specific remedies and then market and train based upon those specifics.

While much is similar from coast-to-coast, there are clearly local nuances.

Years  of front-line work, and decades of successful experiences are summed up in the report linked below.




Success in any effort that involves more than one person demands team work.

Given the proper mutual commitments, often challenging circumstances in manufactured housing have been profitably reversed. There are scores of third-party endorsement on LinkedIn, in letters from clients, and third party evidence that prove it. Already successful operations have watched their results soar. Working with businesses to help them profitably grow are an element of what sparked out odyssey into publishing. The fact that thousands of industry professionals will read this post, and others here today, are a silent testimony that witnesses to Al Cole’s quoted statement above.  For those seeking growth, you’ve come to the right place.  Those who’ve worked with us, know.




Frankly, there are people in our industry that think that marketing and sales are a form of manipulation.  While that may be too common, that’s not so.  There are others who simply let customers wander around, and they don’t do much to actively engage that customer in order to earn their business.  Purported market manipulation aside, all success comes down to processes that can be readily duplicated.  No one sells everybody.  But if you can routinely engage a steady stream of often well qualified buyers who can write the check or get the financing, then the key elements of true marketing and sales are at play.

Those who’ve scouted us may not know about years not years of success in manufactured housing, or documented results in RVs, or trade shows, but also proven performance in the telecom business.


Years ago, we developed a marketing and sales process based upon research first established by giant AT&T.  We adapted that successfully in a proprietary way to manufactured housing.  We’ve used elements of concepts from several industries, in forging a marketing and sales system that attracts the more qualified customers in a strong, steady stream. So while others teach and preach items that get some success, our methods routinely result in a high level of client, sales professional, and management satisfaction.



Tony Kovach doing a presentation in a packed room of industry professionals.


The biggest compliment we have, though, comes from those who opposes and slander us. Those that fear sustainable industry growth that can be achieved now at the local market level, they give us the backhand compliments that ‘never quit’ winners should cherish.  We ask for the order, we follow up, we do the basics of good marketing and selling, but we do so in a unique and proven way that customers routinely find enjoyable.  That’s why referrals come in when those customers are properly dealt with, before, during, and after the sale is made.


That’s a plug, but its newsworthy in an industry that is struggling for traction. When only some 8 percent of housing shoppers, according to Zillow, considered a mobile or manufactured home, that’s both a warning, but also an opportunity in disguise.  If your marketing and sales method fails to take reality into account, it will easily be outperformed by a marketing and sales approach that considers reality, and deals with it as it is.


Only 8 percent of housing shoppers considered a mobile or manufactured home, and many of those did not buy one. That’s both a challenge, but also an opportunity in disguise for those who have a sales and marketing system that deals with that reality. The shopping time line chart above also reveals that one must stick with a prospect that doesn’t make an immediate decision to act.

Housing is a necessity. Manufactured homes are more affordable.  The industry is misunderstood.  With a marketing and sales system that helps navigate those and other realities, success is routinely proven to be attainable. What we do requires ongoing discipline, because ‘easy doesn’t pay well.’  Discipline, commitment, collaboration, and our proven methods are the elements for ethically dominating a local market.


So who else will you find with the same level of commitment, endorsements, and track record that we’ve got? This plug is the latest edition of manufactured home “Industry News, Tips, and Views Pros Can Use” © where We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, marketing, sales, commentary, and analysis.) ##

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Not Renaming Manufactured Homes, Redefining Manufactured Homes – Tiny House Lessons Learned

May 7th, 2019 Comments off



Let’s be clear. Tiny houses are a fad or trend that provides numerous lessons for the factory-built housing industry.  That doesn’t mean that we have to rename everything as a tiny house.  It may be useful to use that phrase on a truly smaller HUD or other code factory-built home.


But this report is about more than ‘what’s in a name?’

Tiny house videos break all kinds of norms that numbers of manufactured home marketers mistakenly believe in.  Rephrased, that means there are lessons to be learned from this video specifically and generically.

We aren’t going to give away and unpack every detail from this video. But in the first day or two, this specific video had outperformed every Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) video made to ‘promote’ manufactured homes combined. It blows away the results from Clayton Homes new, costly “Prefabulous” campaign.  Ouch, but again, there are lessons to learn.

It may look cool, but it is also a house on a trailer frame. Think about that for a few seconds, and hundreds of thousands of people think this is cool!



It took the couple in this video 6 months to build this Do It Yourself (DIY) tiny house on a trailer frame. The couple was unemployed at the time, so they took that time to do the work, but also had help.

Now think about the value of the monetary value of that time.  Then think about the fact that they could have gotten a job and earned money during that same timeframe.

Here in the U.S., they could have purchased a far larger HUD Code manufactured home with the cost in time, talent, materials, etc. that was required to do that same DIY tiny house.

Millennials are among the age groups that think that tiny house living is cool.  We aren’t going to spell out every detail or nuance in this column, but let us say this.  Manufactured housing is underperforming.  The indicators are all around us, historic, other industry trends — including videos like this one posted above.

How can you break out of the trap of low volume sales? First, by being willing to learn the common sense lessons, ponder how it may apply, and be willing to think and do differently from the pack.

“Out-Performing the Market” Robert Robotti, Value Investing, and Manufactured Housing

You are at the right place to start.  For professional growth and business development services, click here or below.  To sign up for our industry leading email, click here or below.

There are common sense indicators that manufactured homes could be 5, 10, perhaps 20 times or more higher sales levels in local markets like yours than the industry is achieving today. RVs outsell MH 5 to 1. MH used to outsell RVs 3 to 2 in 1998.

Our publisher and industry consultant, L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach has said that bit of marketing lore, “You either define yourself, or others will define you.  If you allow others to define you – your product, service, business, industry, or you personally – then depending on the motivations of those others, they may define you to your disadvantage.  Learn how to define or redefine yourself and your manufactured home products or services in your market(s).”

The blend of historic and other lessons learned are all part of the path to increased success.

Clayton Homes and the trade association that they purportedly dominate, MHI, either know what they are doing or they don’t.  Either way, they too are underperforming, aren’t they?  Why not learn that obvious and valuable lesson? Why follow the leader that takes you to a dead end, or declining sales?

That’s this morning’s first look at “News through the lens of manufactured homes, and factory-built housing” © where “We Provide, You Decide.” ©



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Work, Life Balance and MHVille, Monday Morning Manufactured Housing Meeting

November 12th, 2018 Comments off



It goes without saying that life is a series of marathons, not just a single sprint.



  • first home sale,
  • that first business deal,
  • that first new client,

are important. But once isn’t enough.  Repetition is critical for learning.  Systems that can more routinely produce the desired outcome are important too.  That’s a form of repetition too. How do you keep from burning out, and balance your life for long term sustained success?  We’ll take a brief look at that question via the new-for-you graphic below.



Work Life Balance

The work-life balance is a topic that gurus have talked and written about for years.

What our manufactured housing industry’s history sadly highlights is a trend that other industry’s have endured too.  There has been a long-standing, multi-decade struggle between larger firms attempting to ‘rig the system’ against smaller operations and the masses of Americans of all backgrounds.  They’ve done that by misusing politics, media, foundations, and other resources.

That’s not to say that everyone in those sphere’s are evil or corrupt, that would be as untrue as those who want to ignore the obvious reality that there is a level of corruption or “rigging of the system.”

What’s the solution?  Part of it is education, and a good work-life balance.


The Difference Between Free Enterprise and Crony Capitalism

Stop and think for a few moments. Why is it that some of the richest people in America claim to support candidates who often openly support socialism?

The idea of ‘free stuff’ is tempting to millions who have not learned the lessons once taught in junior high school.  “There is no such thing as a free lunch,” or TANSTAFL.

If socialism worked, North Korea wouldn’t have a basket case economy next to that of South Korea.

If socialism worked, the old USSR wouldn’t have fallen.

Warren Buffett and several of his peers know the value of history quite well. The free enterprise system helped make the wealthy, but they’ve also arguably abused the free enterprise system to get an edge over other smaller companies.


How is That Unfair Advantage Unwound?

The answer in part is educational, but it includes the proper work-life balance.  Some get nervous about talking about spiritual, faith-based or political matters.  Why?  It wasn’t that long ago that it was a common topic. Why was it turned by those who pull-the-strings behind the scenes into something that was “politically incorrect?”

The work life-balance wheel posted in this tip can be download, and posted in frame in your office.  There may not be another quite like it.

Every business needs a short, medium, and long-term strategy. For example, if political, civics and historic understanding is a once every 2- or 4-years brief event, then expect those who make it part of their long term strategy to gain an advantage.

As a business person or professional, you have to make your monthly overhead. That’s short term.  Miss that overhead often enough, and you’ll be out of business or bankrupt.

This week, several new reports will be mixed in with other news items that will underscore the need for a sustained, short-medium and long-term work-life balance.  Get a jump on it.  Your sustained success depends upon it.

BTW, if you look at the first ‘related report,’ linked below, and scan our headlines, you may notice something.  Virtually every week offers some level of ‘work life balance’ in our reports according to the principles spotlighted shown above.

That’s MH “Industry News, Tips, and Views that Pros Can Use,” © where “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, Commentary, and analysis. – Notice, the right to share this unedited, with a link back and proper credit, is hereby granted).

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LATonyKovachGoodBipartisanshipShouldalwaysBepredicatedBenefitallhonestindustrymembersnotslectfewquoteBy L.A. “Tony” Kovach – for

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Celebrating Manufactured Housing! Protect, Educate, Promote, and “the Ground Floor”

October 15th, 2018 Comments off



When you or others know the truth, and act upon it, then the truth will set people free.


There are principles and ideals that are timeless.  The above is a paraphrase of such a principle.  What follows are also tried and true principles that when applied, can be a cause for celebration today and for years to come.

We’ve all seen articles, heard radio or watched reports on television that ‘if you had invested in company X when it first started, here is what it would be worth today.’  That’s referred to as ‘the ground floor’ opportunity.

Of course, people don’t know when something is

  • the leading edge,
  • the bleeding edge,
  • or the next big .com flop.

So, some get in on the ground floor, while others don’t.  That’s life.

Here’s a real world example of X. Amazon. Per Investopedia on Oct 10, 2018: “When Amazon first went public in 1997, its stock was priced at just $18 per share.

From that modest beginning, the online retail giant has seen its stock skyrocket, despite a rocky period during the dot-com crash. The company’s shares hit a new high of $2,050.50 a share on Sept 4, 2018, before dipping to $1,870.32 on Oct. 10.

If you had invested just $100 in Amazon’s IPO, you would have received 5 shares. What is beyond impressive is that investment would have been worth nearly $120,762 at the Aug. 31, 2018, close price of $2012.71/sh. That would yield an increase of more than 120,000% on the initial $100 investment.”

Those are impressive numbers.  But among the challenges with that kind of investment is the lack of control.  When you own your own company, and/or when you are selling for a company that rewards performance, there is a much higher degree of control over how something performs.

That’s motivation.

  • When Lawrence Yun, the Chief Economist for the National Association of Realtors says that the nation needs 8.3 million housing units, and that builders alone can close that gap, that spells opportunity.  That’s a cause for celebration.
  • This year, manufactured housing will only produce roughly 105,000 (+/-) shipments. Compare that to 20 years ago, when this industry achieved 372,000 + shipments.  The RV business grew significantly since that date, why not manufactured housing?  RVs are often a ‘luxury’ item, homes are a necessity of life.

Retailer Alan Amy said on camera that manufactured homes are the future of housing.  That’s why the billionaires are buying it up as much as they can.


If manufactured housing went to ten times its current sales level, it would be shipping about 1,000,000 new homes a year. Sound impossible? Even at that pace, it would take 8.3 years to fill all of the needs that Yun has said exist.  Don’t forget, the population will continue to grow too.

That sounds suspiciously like a ground floor opportunity, doesn’t it?  Only there is a twist.

This opportunity is a proven one.

What are the hurdles or road blocks?

We won’t go through every detail, there isn’t time.  But we will sum it up with three words.  Protect, Educate and Promote (PEP).  Inside and outside of our industry, those same 3 letters apply.  One must PEP inside MHVille, and PEP outside too.




PEP, Me and Thee

At a meeting of industry professionals, this writer used those words “Protect, Educate, Promote,” and people in the room lit up. I’ve never heard it put that way,’ said one corporate leader. ‘That’s a program that makes sense.’

Keep it simple, smarty. KISS.

It is my goal to give credit where it is due. That PEP came from a state association executive. He demurred when we offered to give him credit, saying its standard association thinking.

It may be standard for him, but it isn’t as clear to many others in MHVille.

Trade media like MHProNews is not a trade association. But we do similar things. Ideally, trade media is working in collaboration with trade associations and companies of all sizes to get the right words out at the right time. PEP.

The right words, properly and timely presentation are what education is all about.

  • Take the right words, and they will protect your operation.
  • Use the right words, and they will promote your operation.
  • PEP.  The right words, the right way, at the right time.
  • Then, keep repeating.



MHProNews is celebrating today the completion of its 9th year of MH trade publishing. Put differently, we are beginning our tenth year of serving manufactured home – and other factory-built housing professionals – in this fashion.

Many forget, or didn’t realize, that publishing is just part of what we do, because we offer business development services like marketing, sales coaching, recruiting, speaking that inspires people to do their best, videos, consulting, PR, content creation, and much, much more that all spells profitable business development.

But years before we began this trade media adventure, this writer was already doing business development and contract services for MH:

  • Retailers,
  • Communities,
  • Financial Services firms,
  • Factory builders,
  • Investors, and
  • Other service providers involved in manufactured housing.


Time, Talent, Treasure, and Vision 

When we launched this trade publication, the industry was down to two other privately owned operations that either blogged or printed items for industry professionals.

One of those two has since closed, and along with others, we tipped our hat publicly to Jim Visser. He left on his own terms. He could have sold the Journal, had numerous offers, but turned them all down. Jim had built a certain legacy. His legacy is thus intact.

The other is a monthly letter and a blog that’s often, but not always, weekly. There’s been another monthly blog too, by another duo.

After we had been publishing several years, others have jumped in, especially in the last few years.  If we can do it, they reasoned, they can too.  That’s fine.  But as their leaders have said privately, they don’t try to compete with MHProNews.  They try to cheerlead for specific causes, which is their right. We respect their rights.

But we have more visitors in a single day than others may have readers all month – or in three months. That claim is based upon third party data.  We way out perform the competition.

As one competitor put it to me privately, ‘Tony, thousands of manufactured housing pros talk in bars and restaurants about industry topics like monopoly that you alone publish.’

From a competitor, that’s a compliment.  But we don’t publish things simply to be sensationalistic.  We publish it because only the truth, followed by the correct action, will set people free.


Serious Research, Plus Genuine News with Analysis Equals Being #1 in MHVille 

That success formula is one that you could be doing in your market(s) too. We’ve done it with others, why not you?

When you make the case with PEP properly, then growth occurs. It’s not passive, its active.  It takes some change, but its smart change in a ground floor opportunity.  Manufactured housing done right.

Some want to do that on their own, and that’s fine.  But others realize that they are writing a check to – and/or investing their time – Google, Facebook, and other media.  They get a result.  They are in a habit, as one manufactured housing marketer frankly told me.


We have been, are, and will continue to be different.  Because feel good, cheerleading DOES NOT set people free. If cheerleading was the answer, then our industry would collectively be at a half-million or more sales a year.  Nor is it isn’t a mere cold recitation of the facts that moves minds and hearts.

People have to be met where they are, and then they have to be convinced.  That’s a process.  Processes are part of how companies like Amazon became fabulously successful.  Its a process of engagement.  That process requires good service. Happy customers. That’s training, motivation, and information combined.

The truth well told sets people free to buy what they at some level want to try. They want a home.

  • There are millions curious enough about what they may call a ‘mobile’ or manufactured home to be doing millions of internet searches every year.
  • But only a few are buying.
  • That’s opportunity in disguise.  That’s better than a ground floor, because this industry is proven.

When some 17 million cars are sold in a single year in the U.S., that tells you the potential of the automotive industry.

When RVs outsell MH by 5 to 1 today, but 20 years ago, MH outsold RVs by 3 to 2, that tells you how far MH has fallen behind.  But that spells opportunity in disguise.

We know from field experiences how to unlock those opportunities at the local market level.  We’ve been doing it for years.

Celebrate with us today, as we head into our 10th year of serving the manufactured and modular housing industry .  We take on the tough challenges, and thank the Lord, we are not only standing, but growing. Come grow with us.

My sincere thanks to all of those who have been sending messages via LinkedIn and/or in other ways for helping us celebrate our 9th anniversary of publishing what we’ve called for years, MHProNews.

But keep in mind that the original name was  Those are elements of success, like PEP.

Success is routinely collaborative.  Together with our clients, sponsors and those who see the value of the truth well told, the best is yet to come.

Because the numbers tell us that we are on a very special ground floor.

MH “Industry News, Tips and Views That Pros Can Use© is more than a slogan. You are either standing still, going backward, or moving ahead.  “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (Manufactured housing related marketing & sales news, analysis, and commentary.)

(See Related Reports, further below. Third-party images and content are provided under fair use guidelines.)


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By L.A. “Tony” Kovach – for

Tony is the multiple award-winning managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and

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Time, talent, treasure. Put your money, as we do, where your mouth is. Need professional services? Please consider calling us. Nobody does it better in MHVille, no one. Click here to learn more.

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Attracting and Retaining Sales Talent – Evidence and Data-Driven Potential in Manufactured Housing

Proper Planning, Manufactured Housing, Marketing and Sales, Monday Morning Meeting


“Family Owned,” a Formula for Outperforming “Big Boys,” Monday Morning MH Marketing Sales Meeting


Sustainable Success. Your Best MH Investment? Monday Morning Manufactured Housing Sales and Marketing Meeting


Becoming a Standout Performer, Monday Morning Sales, Marketing Meeting


The Apprentice – Proper Understanding, Planning, and Execution – Monday Morning Manufactured Home Marketing and Sales Meeting

April 30th, 2018 Comments off

Do you want the welder with one class worth of experience, or do you want the welder trained under and expert, and who’s been an apprentice for several months, or a year?  Doesn’t more training produce better work and results?

Let’s summarize what clear data (facts), Frank Rolfe, and MHVillage’s Darren Krolewski statements should be informing all manufactured housing professionals, owners and investors.


Modern manufactured homes are widely misunderstood. If this weren’t true, you’d be selling many times more manufactured homes at your location(s) than is currently true.

That summary is an important element to understanding how to grow sales in your local market. For the details per Frank, Darren and the relevant data, click here.

Because the problem – ignorance, prejudice, bias, NIMBY, and misunderstanding are well known – the highly profitable solution becomes clear. It’s simple, yet profound.

The solution is market-based, local-level educational efforts. 

Education must be on two levels. Professional education, plus the education of the public including  opinion influencers. 

Well qualified home buyers, which routinely describes those buying conventional housing, shop for weeks or months (sometimes, years) before making a decision.  They may only call, message, or come out to look after they’ve been doing their homework online or doing drive-by-looks for weeks or months. That means your online strategy must account for that reality. 

For the personal engagement with consumers, if you handle them professionally, they may make what seems to be rapid decision. But remember – in fact, they’ve been shopping for quite some time.  If they come to you, that often means you have to screw up to not sell them. 

So don’t screw up.

Every location that wants to grow sustainably needs one or more apprentices. 

The investment in the correct online, video, and sales coaching/training is tiny compared to the ROI.  It’s common sense.  It’s honorable and ethical, and thus sustainable. Once understood, its less stress than many current sales models. To learn more, click or call.  To see the relevant data and comments from Frank, and Darren, click the link below. ## (Marketing, research, educational, data, analysis and commentary.) 

(Third party images are provided under fair use guidelines). 

Related Reports:

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FactoryBuiltCarsClothingAppliancesElectronicsCellsSmartPhonesHomesItJustFollowsLATonyKovachC2017MHproNewsBy L.A. “Tony” Kovach – Masthead commentary, for

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Self-Eval, Team Performance Evaluation – Manufactured Housing’s Monday Morning Sales Meeting

January 29th, 2018 Comments off



There are some retail and community locations that are a true ‘one-man band,’ where manufactured home sales (and/or leases) are performed by a single person, and everything else is contacted out.

Then there are the more common locations where a team of professionals are at work.


Both types of locations – single person, or a multi-person team – have a need for objective assessments; otherwise known as performance evaluations.

One of the most common complaints heard from sales professionals in our industry nationally is this.  “We need more good leads.”

The emphasis is on the word, “good.”  It’s one way of saying, yeah, we get internet leads, call-ins and walk-ins all right.  But there are not enough good prospects.’

When you dig deeper, probing those statements with questions, one discovers that the sales professional:

  • may not be doing a great job on following up on most leads,
  • may not be doing a great job on qualifying those leads that he or she gets,
  • may be spending a lot of time (often, most time on the job) doing non-productive activities with respect to sales – meaning time wasters that fail to develop more sales,
  • CRM is not present, or is used hit-and-miss,
  • that the professional’s candid definition for “a good lead” amounts to someone that walks in the door, and is begging to be written up, and just happens to have good credit and the down payment or cash,

and the list could go on.

There are many elements to having a successful sales professional. Periodic evaluations are an important tool to making sure that the standards that your firm has are being met.

Beginning with having the proper motivation and attitude, are questions that an owner, executive, or manager must answer about every team, and each location.  These must be ‘the cold, hard, sometimes brutal facts,’ not a white wash or a feel good.

There are numerous evaluation systems and services (including those services performed by our own factory-built home industry’s services firm).

If you are in do-it-yourself mode, begin with this.

1)    Look at your market.  See how what population base you have within your targeted trade area.

2)    How good a job are you/your team doing at generating leads from qualified housing seekers?

3)    Do you/your team have the ability or a system to take a housing shopper, who may not yet be considering a manufactured home (MH), and create interest in the MH product?

4)    Are you depending on luck, or do you have a plan that is being measured, analyzed and truly adhered to, including performance evaluations?

An ongoing problem in the factory-built home industry at large is that expectations are often too low. Those expectations are based upon How many leads or walk-ins occur, rather than setting a higher standard that asks – how do we get more of the residential housing market to consider doing business with us, here?

Reality Checks

Numerous industry pros agree that 500,000 or more new home sales a year are possible.  Accepting that premise, if the industry finished 2017 with 92,000 (+/-) new home sales, that means that the average sales location could grow by over 500 percent.

What Zillow and other third-party research reveals is that only a tiny fraction of those looking for housing even consider a manufactured home.

A Look at Today’s Home Buyer, Analyzing Zillow’s Consumer Housing Trends Report

What MHVillage statistics reveal is that only a tiny fraction of those who consider a manufactured home are buying.

Facts Matter! Improving Your Manufactured Home Location(s) Conversion Ratios, Monday Morning Sales Meeting

Then, what an honest evaluation of many locations reveals is that there is a:

  • lack of standards,
  • discipline, and
  • education/training,
  • motivation,
  • in short – systems that routinely result in sales to customers who end up very satisfied and will refer other customers.

Opportunities in Disguise

All of the above are wake-up calls.

All of these are problems that are actually opportunities in disguise.

A recent caller asked about opening a new location.  After a few minutes of discussion, it was easily determined that their current location was far from being as productive as it could be.  Why not save a bundle, and improve your current performance?  Once the current location is humming, then and only then consider adding an additional office/sales center.



  • office,
  • model homes,
  • if you are a community or development – the curb appeal,
  • website,
  • other marketing efforts,
  • and most important of all – your people and yourself – are all among the what needs to be evaluated routinely and their performance needs to be assessed.

You can only manage what you measure.

CoachingAdvisingTrainingSkillsMotivationDevelopmentWordCloudHandMarkingSalesManageemntConsultingDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsIf you aren’t objectively assessing all of the above, including your people, the odds are excellent that you’re missing out on dozens of possible sold customers monthly in a typical market area.

It is almost certain, based upon national numbers and experience, that your location could increase sales by several hundred percent in a profitable, sustainable fashion.  Again, if the industry could do 500,000 vs. 92k annually, that implies growth potential that is over 5x the current level.

When you realize that over 8 million new housing units are needed nationally, that means that dozens to thousands of new housing units are needed in the market area.

Those who are exceeding the industry’s average growth rate are doing exactly that – they’re taking a new look with fresh eyes at what’s possible.

Have the wisdom and courage to take that new look at what’s wrong and what right, and then allow the facts to guide you into making the needed adjustments that better allows you to meet those housing needs in your market(s).

Do the Math

You do the math on what X number of more home sales monthly can mean for your bottom line.

When you realize what is being lost, it often becomes easy to justify the investment in having a third party evaluate, and then coach, recruit and train as needed. To learn more, click here. ## (Business and professional development, marketing, sales, and management.)

NOTICE: for professional business development, training, coaching and other consulting services tailored for manufactured home retailers, communities, investors, producers…click here.

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

SoheylaKovachManufacturedHomeLivingNewsManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews-Submitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News for

Soheyla is a managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and

9 Quick Tips, Plus Your Website – Monday Morning Manufactured Home Sales Meeting

January 15th, 2018 Comments off



We’ll start with the website insights, and then move onto the 9-quick manufactured home marketing, training, educational, inspirational, and sales tips.


Over-simplifying, there are in manufactured housing today, 4 kinds of websites:

  • Non-existent. As hard as it may be to believe some 2 decades after the websites came into being, there are still some manufactured home companies – notably among communities – that have no website presence. They may be on someone else’s site, but have no website of their own. If you have vacancies, or are selling wholesale or to the public, doesn’t it make sense to fix that oversight?
  • Outdated. Websites can get dated within 3 to 5 years. It isn’t just a matter of adding new content, that’s obviously needed. Research shows that you only have 5 to 10 seconds to win the interest of a website visitor. After that, many are gone. An outdated website lowers your odds of having a visitor beyond those 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Modern, Cool, but Missing Something. Hundreds of websites that we see fall into the category.  This type of website will land that first-time visitor.  But they may not attract back the repeat visitor, which is critical if you are trying to sell a big ticket item, like a new or not-cheap pre-owned manufactured home.
  • Engaging, Appealing, and Informative Websites. These do what bullet 3 does, but have certain features that attract back those better qualified buyers.  If you see us in Louisville, stop and ask for details, or call us the week following the show for a complimentary website review.

Now, the 9 Tips 

It’s a federal holiday, right? So if you’re checking these out,

  • your either one of those operations that are open, or
  • you are a go-getter.  Either way…

The tips are found in the 9 different articles linked below.  If you’re new to the Monday Morning Sales Meeting, or just realize that you need a refresher on a topic, click a link below and dive in!

Atmosphere, and Super-Charging Results – Monday Morning Sales Meeting


Clayton Homes Praise for Pro-Industry Trade Media – Monday Morning Sales Meeting

Manufactured Housing’s “Duh!” Monday Morning Sales Meeting

Only 2 Choices – Media Engagement, Manufactured Homes, & You – Monday Morning Sales Meeting

Only 2 Choices – Media Engagement, Manufactured Homes, & You – Monday Morning Sales Meeting

Powerful Takeaways from Automotive, RVs for Manufactured Home Professionals, Monday Morning Sales Meeting

Monday Morning Sales Meeting, What Warren Buffett & President Donald Trump Profitably Agree On

Monday Morning Sales Meeting, What Warren Buffett & President Donald Trump Profitably Agree On


Monday Morning Sales Meeting – Living the Dream by Serving Others Well

Monday Morning Sales Meeting – Living the Dream by Serving Others Well


Manufactured Housing Monday Morning Sales Meeting: Finance & Industry Facts, Figures, Sales Tip$ Improving Best Practice$

Manufactured Housing Monday Morning Sales Meeting: Finance & Industry Facts, Figures, Sales Tip$ Improving Best Practice$

KYPs, and the $64 Billion Dollar Question-Monday Morning Manufactured Housing Sale$ Meeting

KYPs, and the $64 Billion Dollar Question-Monday Morning Manufactured Housing Sale$ Meeting

My smartphone will be on silent mode in Louisville, but I will check messages and return calls, as possible.  832-689-1729Or email me at this link. If you’ll be on the road, safe travels and prosperous travels. ## (Sales, marketing, management tips for manufactured housing professionals.)

Services Link – Click here.

ThereAreOnly2WaysToLearnOwnOthersExperiencesLATonyKovachManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNews-575x235By L.A. “Tony” Kovach.





Connect: @LATonyKovach


Atmosphere, and Super-Charging Results – Monday Morning Sales Meeting

January 8th, 2018 Comments off


Have you ever walked into an office or store and ‘felt’ the atmosphere?

For example, it might feel:

·        upbeat, or
·        …oppressive.

Shoppers and visitors to your location can often detect or ‘pick up’ on the atmosphere of your business.

If you are a retailer, does your office ‘feel’ high pressure? Or does it feel disengaged? 

Balance is essential in life, and in an office. Either extreme – the high pressure, or the disengaged team member(s) – can be perceived as a turn off to a savvy shopper.

Another quick example.

If you are working in a manufactured home community, and a few residents were stopped at random by a visitor, would the report or feedback they give the guest be:

·        positive,
·        neutral, or
·        negative? 

What do you do when you have issues like those noted above at your location?  (Hint: there are proven ways to turn most negative community residents over-time into happy, cheer-leaders. Some people, frankly, you may never make happy, but you should still try).


MHMarketingSalesManagement provides high ROI contract services you can turn to in these and a variety of other industry-expert areas.  

Today – and at no charge to you – let’s oversimplify with the following tip, and focus for the final few moments of this session on just your team members.

Because your team members are an elemental part of what creates a good, bad, or indifferent atmosphere a your location. 

When you have a problem with one or more team members, there are fundamentally three choices. 

  • 1) Terminate. If this is the option you pick, then questions that remain are how, and when –> and what you do to replace them with someone better.
  • 2) Education/Reform/Mold them.
  • 3) Do nothing, and expect the problem to continue.

While you can have a combination of the three above, can you think of an option not covered by those three?

Spotlighting point #2, above.  All types of education, formal and informal, should always – always – be supplemented by follow-up reading and/or related videos, when available. 

MH industry field reps tell us they see a common problem in manufactured home retail and community locations.  It’s a lack of training and motivation among the industry’s team members.  Ouch.

But there are locations where the reverse is reported, and that’s equally revealing.  Well-trained teams not only perform better, but they tend to create a great office atmosphere.

Under performers can be costly to you, while performers pay in a variety of ways.

ThereAreOnly2WaysToLearnOwnOthersExperiencesLATonyKovachManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNews-575x235Formal training – be it in person, or via webinar based education – can super-charge your bottom line, by putting your team into the right balance between pressure and disengaged. Your team has to be able to “read” each prospect, and give them the tailored, individual support that particular prospect merits.

Done properly, prospects love it.

When you team earn commissions, they like earning more commissions too. Several big commission checks can do wonders to get their ‘serve the public with excellence’ juices flowing.

Third-party research reveals that educated, properly-engaged, and well-formed team members routinely outperform those who lack that same training.  Research also reveals that companies that invest in their team see less turnover too.

Let’s close today’s session with a tip that links back to a prior – and popular! – Monday Morning Sale Meeting theme.  Not only are readers, leaders – but those who read – and view the right videos – tend to out-perform their peers too.

Monday Morning Sales Meeting, What Warren Buffett & President Donald Trump Profitably Agree On

The combination of formal training and reading can transform the atmosphere at your location. 

As a closing thought, even if you have a formal trainer at your location – and sadly, not many in manufactured housing do – when your contract trainer works with management (instead of undermining management), that makes trainers better, and the results improve for all involved.

If you’re looking for training and inspirational presenters in 2018, give us a call. Our reviews suggest you’ll be glad that you did. Because we know manufactured housing, from a 360 degree perspective that can be profitable to your location(s). ## (Marketing, Sales, Management, Training, Recruiting, Development, Commentary.)

ProperPlanningUnderstandingMotivationDisciplineTimeTalentTreasureExecutionPreventsPoorPerformanceLATonyKovachManufacturedHomeMarketingSalesManagementBy L.A. “Tony” Kovach.

Connect: @LATonyKovach

Ph. 863-213-4090.

Services LinkClick here.


Manufactured Housing’s “Duh!” Monday Morning Sales Meeting

December 18th, 2017 Comments off

$100HundredDollarBillOnTwoArmsMondayMorningSalesMeetingManufacturedHousingMarketingSalesManagementMHProNews579The Urban Dictionary and others sources tell variations on the following classic blonde joke.

In one variation, the woman has a cooking accident, which sets her kitchen on fire; in another, there is a barn that is mistakenly set ablaze.

Per the JokeYard, is the following version of the politically-incorrect yarn. 


This blonde called 911, screaming “Help me, Help me my house is on fire.”

The dispatch said “Mam, please calm down. I need to get some information from you.”

Again the blonde yelled “Help me, Help me my house is on fire.”

The dispatch said “Mam calm down, How do we get to your house?”

The blonde replied “Duh… In the big red truck.”


Manufactured Housing’s “Duh, Big Red Truck” Moment

Humor can be an interesting way to start – or keep – a meeting, discussion, or talk going.

But humor and serious discussion can work hand-in-glove.

For years – but with increased intensity in recent months – MHProNews has documented the opportunities in sustainable, ethical, manufactured home sales.   Bad news for conventional builders in the report below can be good news for you, and your operation’s location(s).

NAR’s Yun – No Quick Fixes Spell$ Manufactured Housing Opportunitie$

The opportunities to increase retail sales in a local market by a factor of 10 is clearly evidenced by proven results, and by third-party data/statistics; including, but not limited to, the report linked above. 

While some large operators in the industry are spending 6 to 7 figures a year on marketing and sales growth, family-owned community partner Tom Fath in the video explains how applying two lessons and far more modest sums helped them profitably increase their sales by several hundred percent. 

In a Q&A Discussion video intended for this year’s Tunica Manufactured Housing Show’s attendees, Fath names two key concepts, and gives examples of just how the investments in time, talent, and treasure performed.

Others we’ve worked with professionally have done similarly.  For example, these proprietary processes have worked to move two other operations from low single digit monthly sales to 25 sales – sales, not leases – a month average for several months in a row.

  • Get out your note pads,
  • watch this video above with your sales team,
  • and then discuss how this can be profitably applied to you and your location. 

Don’t hesitate to call us, because no one else in MHVille is doing it like our clients and we do it.

Video | Marketing/Ads/Web | Sales Coach/Training |Royal Content Creation | Recruiting | Consulting | PR |


Only 2 Choices – Media Engagement, Manufactured Homes, & You – Monday Morning Sales Meeting

Last week’s Monday Morning Sales Meeting is linked above. 

MH Industry News, Tips, and Views Pros Can Use.” © ## (Analysis, commentary, fact checks, news, trends.)

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FactoryBuiltCarsClothingAppliancesElectronicsCellsSmartPhonesHomesItJustFollowsLATonyKovach(C)2017MHproNewsBy L. A. “Tony” Kovach.
Kovach is the award-winning managing-member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC,
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What can Manufactured Housing Pros Learn from Walmart’s Recent, Successful Move$?

November 17th, 2017 Comments off

WalmartCNNMoneyManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNEwsWalmart continues executing well in a generally solid US consumer environment with the combination of offensive market-share gaining moves and defensive inventory and pricing execution,” Cowen & Co. analyst Oliver Chen wrote in a recent note to clients, per a report on Business Insider.

More and more people are dropping out of middle class and dropping into working class; hence the appeal and the growth of dollar stores,” Stephens said. “If Walmart is going to succeed they need to attract higher-income consumers.”

That last point is precisely the strategy that Sunshine Homes, New Durham Estates, and Barry Noffsinger at MH Industry lender Credit Human – among others – have advocated for the industry’s marketing and sales professionals.

Walmart is now going for upscale brands, as the first CNBC video reflects.


Now the middle class is shrinking, and big-box retailers and department stores that once appealed to the middle class are being forced to change their strategies or go bankrupt,” Business Insider stated.



While editorially MHProNews believes – as does the National Federation of Independent Business – that the Trump Administration plans to cut regulations, reduce taxes, grow jobs and the economy can succeed, what have the past several years revealed?



Many independents are searching for a strategy that can work against the growing number of corporately owned manufactured housing retail outlets and huge community operations.  Those independents that have learned how a disciplined, systematic method to reach out and attract the more affluent home buyer have discovered a proven pay-off.


Rising Renters Nation, Pew Research, Overlooked Affordable Home Ownership Solution, plus Infotainment Videos

In an upcoming segment planned for next week – perhaps as soon as Monday morning – in our State of the Manufactured Housing Industry in November 2017 series, the Daily Business News will look at how those more upscale buyers are attracted.

Manufactured Housing Monday Morning Sales Meeting: Finance & Industry Facts, Figures, Sales Tip$ Improving Best Practice$

Noffsinger’s take on that same topic are linked in the report above.

A snapshot of the industry’s potential is can be found from the linked report, below.

Inside MH – Not Every Democrat, Not Every Republican – Politically Incorrect, Factually Accurate

We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, commentary, preview.)

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

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L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach addressing industry professionals in an educational session.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach, managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC – parent company to MHLivingNews and MHProNews.